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Toni Erdmann

Complete Rubbish and a waste of 3 hrs
Well, I'm amazed by so many of the reviews giving this film such a high rating, bordering on "Master Piece"?? WOW. I endured this film, and really it is an endurance experience, waiting for something of substance to take place but it meandered along, so slow, so boring, so damned stupid, so pointless. I watch a lot of European cinema, and many of these are German films, so I cant be ridden off as a Popcorn kid who only watches Hollywood action. I had high expectations and hung in there to the fizzle ending. Its maybe German funny? The dinner Party at his daughter place, well that was kinda funny, in a very weird awkward way. Maybe if it was trimmed to a neat 90 minutes, but close to 3 hrs. Check it out, tell me if I'm wrong.

Angel of Death

What a piece of Rubbish
I cannot believe the previous comments. This Movie, is rubbish. Although it has some good action and the Zoe Bell character Assassin has a fantastic figure. Each of these qualities deserve 1 star for each. Zoe Bell is apparently a busy stunt woman. This I can believe and she is great at doing this but her acting is terrible. It was like finger nails down a black board, a horrible hard Kiwi Accent & Lucy Lawless's character with the Southern accent, particularly painful. They should be taken out the back and shot. Looks like an el cheapo film made in the warehouse district of Auckland. Nice legs, shame about the...... But hell, looks like somebody thought it was great?

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