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Teen Wolf

A great cartoon classic I loved as a child!
It is one of the best cartoons based on a movie, right next to The Real Ghostbusters! I really wish I could find copies of this somewhere. Or better yet, the series should be released to DVD! Here is summary and recount of the series and characters. Okay a young teenager named Scott, lives in a town obsessed with werewolves called Wolverton. The have everything with wolf and werewolf in the name. Little do the town's people realize, that Scott and his family ARE real life werewolves.

That's because they have keep the family secret under wraps, or be persecuted like witches, or worse; become lab experiments. However, that doesn't stop them from wolfing out during the full moon, or when they get angry sometimes.Both Scott's girlfriend and his scheming best friend are the only ones who know about their secret. The grandparents tend to let their wolfish forms hang out all the time in the house, with or without the moon's help.

The grandfather always tries to chase the neighbor lady's cats next door, and she is always trying to snoop and spy on them. She suspects something strange is going, and thinks one day she'll expose the truth. Lupey, the younger sister in the family is always wanting to become a werewolf, but she is just a child; and she has to wait until she is in her mid-teens. She makes up for it by wearing a werewolf costume and plastic fangs, and running around howling.

Though many fans of the original movie might disagree, I think this is a vast improvement on the movie of the same name, with the addition of these characters. The show also has the crappy high school bully and his stupid girlfriend, who are always trying to make Scott look bad. Together, the whole family and friends have exciting adventures, with comedy in tow. I recommend showing this to your kids, over some of the garbage on CN and Nick Toons are currently showing. 10/10 stars!

The Brothers Grunt

What in the world was MTV thinking?
How in the world did this tripe managed to even get on celluloid is also beyond me! I knew there were serious problems, when they started canceling music video shows to show junk, like Road Rules for example! And when they watered down the classic animated show, Liquid Television with mild crap. How could they allow this to be animated, thinking they could bank on the success of Beavis and Butthead? They started showing various music videos through out with the ugly creatures farting and grunting, or staring for no good reason. None of these creatures were ever funny, not even when they made chicken like noises! They also seemed to try and bank on the success of Ren and Stimpy, with gross out gags and dung jokes. But alas it didn't work! The animation was too crude and poorly done, the plot didn't go anywhere (if there ever was really one), and none of the characters were likable. The mutants were bad rip offs of The Killer Clowns From Outer Space, which shows the cartoon also lacked originality! Why didn't MTV simply stick with Liquid Television and leave it alone, instead of toning it down for kids? I hope they won't do something like this ever again. I give it a zero!

Mac and Me

Why this wasn't on MST3K when it was on Sci-Fi channel, is beyond me!
This is ONE those movies, that as a kid the trailer tricked me into thinking it was going to be good. I'm sorry to say, that after I finally saw it in my fifth grade class, I was truly appalled and disappointed in it after seeing it.Please bare with me, because I had not seen it since 1989.

I think the teachers did it to get back at many of us for misbehaving in class. Here is my somewhat short summary about it. It all starts on a distant planet, where the aliens use reeds as straws to sip a drink in the ground. I'm not sure if they are supposed to be a race of stretchy, elongated cows or goats, but thats what they kind of looked like to me.

A satellite sent to space, lands and starts collecting dirt and rock samples, but when the aliens get too close, it decides to collect them too. It arrives back home at the (NASA I think ) space station, and when the scientists open it, they escape. While trying to escape to the desert, the baby, alien calf gets lost. Now, all that I've told you so far may make the story seem great, but it starts to take a nose dive once they start the overkill; with product placement.

If this is what they were going to do, why didn't they simply make fun of product placement in movies, in this movie? It could've been a true cult classic right there, and possibly a landmark movie. I'm not sure how they would've worked those aliens in there, but someone with creative talent could've pulled it off. Maybe in order for Mac and Me to truly be saved, someone like Frank Oz needs to rewrite the script.

Just like he did with Little Shop Of Horrors. Now that movie was turned into gold. Really, it needs a better script without it being bogged down with the said product placement, a better middle without the dorky dance scene, and a much better ending. As long as they don't pollute it with gross out toilet humor, like most so called crappy kiddie films out there.

That is the only good thing I can say about this turkey, it don't have flatulent jokes in it. Or evil bratty kids for that matter. Also the look of the aliens needs a lot of work. They not only look like they are half asleep, but the adults look absolutely creepy, like something you might see in a carnival fun house. They could use better colors too, not look like dried out leather. Maybe make them look like green martians or something. Really, it is so bad it makes Pod People almost look good! Unless you plan to do a truly excellent remake, don't bothering watching.

Let your kids watch Flight Of The Navigator, Batteries Not Included and E.T. instead.

Little Shop of Horrors

Someone took a cheesy, 1960s movie a turned it into gold!
And what a great concept it was! The original version was lame, along with the ending leading to disappointment. Frank Oz obviously felt the same, and decided to do a beautiful, SF musical version you see before you! Rick Moranis stars as a nerdy guy who works in florist's shop, and has a crush on a beautiful girl named Audrey. He fantasizes about being happily married to her in a suburban home, with a picket fence, and two adoring children.

The problem is she don't know how he feels about her, and to top it off, she's stuck in an abusive relationship with a scummy boyfriend named Orin. And the shop isn't selling and thing at all, causing his boss, Mushnik to be hard on him.

It seems like his dreams will never come true, that is until he finds a strange plant during an eclipse. He thinks its a type of Venus Flytrap, so he takes it inside and calls it Audrey II. He later discovers that its no ordinary, bug eating plant one day, when it wilts and he tries everything to revive it. He accidentally cuts his finger, and when it bleeds the plant starts making sucking noises. He figures out that it needs blood to eat, and he feeds it this everyday.

This just suits Audrey II just fine, until it grows excessively large. Thats when it suddenly speaks to Seymour, and demands him to feed him something much more gruesome. Steve Martin does a fine job as Orin, the sadistic and amoral dentist, whose dental gear resembles medieval torture devices. He also has an obvious addiction to laughing gas. Many of the memorable songs from this movie are: Mean Green Mother From Outer Space, the title song and Be A Dentist!

This movie is also seen as something of black comedy as well, with many of the dark things going on in this movie. It is a fine classic,(and dark) remake you won't soon forget. If the Broadway version shows up in your town, make an effort to see it!

Galaxy High School

An all around great Saturday morning cartoon,that was sadly cut off too soon.
This cartoon was one of my childhood favorites,along with Muppet Babies,Garfield,Dungeons and Dragons,and The Real Ghostbusters.There is many others,but it would take too long to list.Here's why I like the show so much and what I remember about it.Its about two teen, exchange students from Earth,named Aimee and Doyle.They are going to attend a highschool on another planet,called Galaxy High.Doyle was a cool, blond headed student on Earth,and very popular.Aimee was kind of a wall flower,who was quiet and kept to herself.I guess she wasn't really anything special to the human students on Earth.And Doyle didn't seem to care too much about his grades or learning,just about girls and basketball.Well,the next thing you know,the red, royal carpet is rolled out for Aimee and she's treated like a queen.She is well liked by everyone,and she even gets a brand, new space vehicle.Doyle on the other hand,gets treated like crap by most of the aliens,including many of his teachers.All he gets is a stupid,wussy space scooter for kids.And many of the aliens laugh and make fun of him because of it.He finds out later from Milo De Venus,a six armed nerd with glasses,that they treat the girls better here than they do boys.Milo is one of the first aliens to become friends with him.The whole "We treat only certain people better,because of their gender",is a sexist idealism that has existed in a lot of schools for many years;most treating guys better than girls.Which is where the show got its idea from,reversing the roles so to speak.But you can't help but feel sorry for Doyle,because he's being treated unfairly by the school.It makes you wonder why he didn't try to go home,but then there wouldn't be a show.He does need a kick in the a%&,to make him do his school work though.Aimee also gets the last and only talking locker,that likes humans.Doyle gets stuck with a rude,human hating locker that gives him a hard time,and b@#$%^s about every little thing he despises.Man,I kind of thought that locker really needed some Midol and Prozac,it was so irritable.Doyle decides to make the most of it by having to work at Bouncing Luigi's Pizza,and saving the money to get a real space vehicle;eventually.Aimee on the other hand joins a cool clique of female students,named Wendy,Buoy,and Gilda.Wendy Garbo is a vamp female alien,who looks like your modern,stereotypical martian; complete with green skin and pointy ears.She's pretty though,with a suave sounding voice.She wears a long fur stole,that resembles a Siamese cat thats actually alive!Then there's Buoy Bubblehead,who isn't the brightest person in the world.She's more or less the dingbat of the group.She looks like a fluid filled,yellow balloon with her brain showing.She has freckles on her face,wears a big ponytail,and she's kind of a plain Jane.And last but not least there's Gilda Gossip, who as you can tell by the name,gossips.And gossip away she does wether it involves a breakup,or a love triangle.She looks kind of like a pink octopus,only in reverse.Her tentacles are on top with her head,with red lips on them;I guess so she can talk away.They take her to this place in the space mall,to help her get an updated look,starting with her clothes.Some of the clothing the machine put on her, including the leopard costume,made me laugh it was so hilarious.Then she got a cool, metallic, blue dress that's real short and looks New Wave.She also has her long, brunette locks cut for a shorter hairdo,that looks chic.She even gets sprayed with a blue color,making Doyle I think jealous.All Doyle gets is a run in with the bullies,Beef Bunk and the Bunk Bunch.Beef is an ill tempered rooster,who hates Earth and has a chip on his shoulder about lots of things,including Doyle.He gets a thrill out of making Doyle miserable,and threatening him.His two buddies,Rotten Rolland and Eric Euucchh join in the browbeating.Rotten Rolland is an ugly looking,overall wearing,blob that has a thing for rotten eggs.In fact he does look like rotten scrambled eggs..And Eric is a grouchy,slimy space slug that always gets stepped on by Doyle.Beef has a crush on Amiee,but she always tells him off.Some of the other characters include,the Creep who looks like a puffy, white cloud with big feet,wings,and the voice of a lounge singer.He always seems to sing many times about people,and stuff going on.He too has a crush on Aimee,and she nearly got stuck with him, because of his chain of love.Thankfully,the hairstylist cut it off for her.Don't stare at the screen like that,its not what you think.Its an actual chain made with hearts on it,not anything dirty.Then Ms.Mcbrain is a gigantic, green brain with eyes,who has kind of given Doyle a hard time.She's the school principal,and has punished the Bunk Bunch for their evil deeds.There's coach Frogface,who croaks a lot,and catches flies.He looks like the creature from the Black Lagoon.Then there's the female coach who's a Centaur,and I can't remember her name.There's Professor Iceinstien,Doyle's science teacher,who has to have the room at freezing temperatures or he'll melt.He's made of frozen water,and hasn't been too harsh on Doyle.Everyone has to wear jackets or coats because of the room being an ice box.Then there's Flat Freddy,a red headed, freckle faced boy who's flat.He too becomes one of Doyle's good friends.He can flatten himself to get out of tight places.Then another character who was very popular with the students,but was gone on a long hiatus was Reggie;a half human half motorcycle.He maybe rich in money and looks,but he's really whiny and immature.He not only develops a crush on Aimee,but acts like she's a possession that can be bought and owned.Another alien creature,who's name I can't remember was a large, cat like creature who wore glasses and Hawaiian shirts.He came to Galaxy High because of being expelled from other schools,as a result of playing pranks.He also became one of Doyle's good friends,but it was short lived because he had to leave.Then there's the mutant bulldog,who looks like a puppy,but changes into a giant monster when angered.Then there's the wacky, married couple that Doyle always runs into,who has tubes connecting to each other.They always fight and argue.Last but not least is Bouy's crush,the famous alien rockstar who's like Mc Jagger.His name even sounds like Mc Jagger,but I don't remember what it is.And the least memorable is Bouncing Luigi,who owned the pizza place,bounced and yelled at Doyle.And not much else.It's a real shame that the show didn't get a second or third season,it was a really good show.I have many favorite episodes,like Martian Mumps,Pizza's Honor and many others whose names I can't remember.As I said before,not everyone was mean to Doyle.He and Aimee are some what friends.Gilda Gossip has a crush on him,and loves smooching on him.And I don't think the others in clique hate him,I think they kind of treat him like another classmate.And so did the Creep.I'd like to say I wish they have a new series to put it back on,but it wouldn't be a good idea.It might be overrun with toilet humor,something this show never had.They might do a hack job to the characters,and their personalities.They might make the show too nice and saccharine sweet,and make Doyle and Milo too hip and perfect.I wouldn't mind finally seeing a movie made based on the show,as long as they don't do what I mentioned above.Tim Burton,if you ever read this here is an idea for a great movie.Making one based on this show,because I know you'll add the right touch.Please Mr. Burton,do it for the show and do it for the fans.

Basket Case 2

Don't watch this turkey,unless you want DEEP HURTING!
**(WARNING,SPOILERS CONTAINED IN THE COMMENTS.READ AT YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE!)**Why isn't this on the bottom 100 with the rest of the cr*p?I mean this was so bad,it caused my brain to hurt and bleed.Here is how it began.It picks up where the first left off.Duwayne(spelling correction)and Belial have taken a steep fall from the hotel,and the paramedics pick them up; and place them on the ambulance.They arrive at the hospital to be treated,but they don't stay for long.A person disguised as a hospital worker kidnaps them both,and puts them in a van.She turns out to be Granny Ruth,and both she and her Granddaughter,run a boarding house for freaks.They're introduced first to a three armed gargoyle,with a really bizarre laugh.They are soon introduced to other creatures who are disabled in the "looks" department.One of them looks like it had an xylophone crammed up its mouth.Why does another one look like the symbol for "The Morton Downey Jr.Show"?Its basically a really large mouth that can sing opera,as Granny Ruth demonstrates.One looks like a giant maggot with glasses,another one looks almost like Swamp Thing.There's another one that was really hairraising,and one has to ask questions.What exactly did they do to Mac Tonight?He was a half moon man, that used to be shown on older McDonalds commercials back in the late 80's and early 90's.Was this supposed to be funny?Did they have something against him?It looks like they washed his face with a cheese grater,or an SOS pad.How rude!Then Belial is introduced to a female,reptilian freak named Eve who's an invalid.They later fall in LURVE with each other.Granny says she found her lying beside the road one day.I dunno,but I think she accidently backed over Eve with a Van,while she was crossing the street.Never mind.Duwayne develops a crush on Ruth's granddaughter,Susan,but she refuses his advances.We later see three other freaks,not introduced earlier.Two of them show up in a scene,where Duwayne is examining his scars.The male freak looks like a mouse,and his wife looks like something ripped off from "Troll".Another freak that really takes the cake is the frog one.This crossed eyed thing,is seen secretly looking at the reporter.Enough about the freaks,here's what I detest about the movie SO much.First, the freaks and monstrositys look down right stupid and poorly designed.Maybe it was intentional to be funny,or maybe the costume designer has the creativity and skill of a broom handle.Second,one has to question how some of the human freaks came to be;especially the ones like the mouse and frog.The story is weak with some plot holes,and scenes don't make any sense.The mouse freak says "Uh Oh!" when he sees Duwayne staring at himself.Why?Belial laughs wickedly after Duwayne explains about wanting to be normal.Again, I ask why?Sure, they had a nosy reporter trying to expose them,but not much else.Gore and violence seems like it was just thrown in, to keep the audience awake.But even the violent scenes are poorly executed.The one liners thrown in by Duwayne after a violent act,made me groan in pain.I wanted to throw rotten eggs at him.At least Freddy Kruger knows how to throw in funny oneliners.Then there is the scene that made me cringe(BRRR).If there's something I never want to see in a movie,its this.I never want to see ugly people naked or have sex,and I never want to see ugly monsters naked or have sex.It had belial and Eve having sex,ARRGHH!Eww, that was something I can live without.I'd rather have my toes cut off!And that painful excuse for violin music sounded like it was played by a dog.Woof!The musical score is Laurie Anderson bad.When Duwayne tries to get it on with Susan,we find out,(SURPRISE)she's a marsupial.And she has a disfigured sock puppet pop in and out of her pouch.The biggest pisser of all, is the fact this was a ripoff of "Nightbreed",a much a better movie that came out a few years earlier.The freaks in that movie were better made,plus the story and plotting were well written.Watch "Nightbreed" instead of this dreck.0 stars for this junk.


Was this supposed to be like Hungary's version of The Glacier Fox?
I know this is an animated movie,where the animals talk and not a documentary.But I wonder if maybe it was made in response to it.I saw this on cable a long time ago,when I was 10.The movie is about a little fox cub,named Vuk, who decides to wander off from the safety of his den.He lives with both his mom and dad,and shares the den with many young,sleepy siblings.Before he even returns home though,he is greeted by his uncle,who has some unsettling news.While he was gone,an evil farmer and his two stupid mongrels killed his entire family.His uncle helps raise him,and they have some fun and exciting adventures.Later on when he is grown up,he and his uncle rescue a vixen named Panny from a cage.The farmer had caught her and put her in there to kill her,or trap Vuk and other male foxes. Together, he and his uncle decide to settle the score with him and his mongrels,by taking something really important to them.The two dogs are humiliated and made fun of by the other neighborhood dogs.This is a great family movie with both sad and funny moments,especially with what happens to the dogs.Watch what becomes of two geese,who are drunk on wine.They're so busy laughing up a storm,slurring their speech and being clumsy,they don't know what will hit them.They had stolen the wine from the farmer,while he wasn't looking.All around great movie,I give it 91/2 * out of 10.Was this Hungary's version of a sequel for The Glacier Fox?Just asking,so please don't flame.

Jaws 3-D

Something stinks like dead fish!
And its not coming from the garbage bin behind Long John Silver's. *(WARNING,THERE MAYBE POSSIBLE SPOILERS.DON'T READ UNLESS YOU'VE SEEN THE MOVIE ALREADY)*This movie got a low voting from me for a good reason.Everything is screwed up in this movie,including its facts about sharks.It's just really cheesy and stupid,with gross out special effects to make it look cool.Not to mention a thing called 3-D from the eighties,mainly used to doctor up movies with bad plotting,terrible acting,and a lame script.And this painful sequel is no exception.It opens up at night under the ocean,with theme song on cue.The unseen creature is stalking prey,but it's not a human.Instead it decides to go after a Moray eel,chasing it into rocks.Here is where the movie starts to mess up,letting us know it's going to be lame.It shows us a camera shot of the shark's POV,getting ready to snap off the eel's head.But,instead of the lower half of the eel floating away,it's the head even though we saw the it get bit off.And was this seen REALLY necessary,just for shock value?Couldn't the shark gone after bigger prey,like say an elephant seal?Why would something that large bother with something that's nothing more than a crumb?And I didn't know eels could bleed that much to dye the ocean red.Enough about that,now about our heroes.The story centers around Michael and Sean Brody(spelling correction),all grown up and working at Sea World now.Everything is fine for them,one is a dolphin trainer and the other I'm not sure what he does.Probably rehabilitating animals or something.I'm sorry,I haven't seen the movie in a long time,so I don't remember every detail.I also remember that they're falling in love with two girls,one of which is an animal rehabilitater for sure.They are looking forward to the opening to a new attraction called Undersea Kingdom,which the tunnels go under water so tourists can see tropical fish and other animals. What they don't plan on is a greedy,Great White shark terrorizing the theme park,or menacing the people.Like I couldn't have figured that out by myself with the title.It's called Jaws 3-D isn't it?The first victim ends up being a guy who is repairing the dolphins' pens.He is suddenly attacked and pulled under water,and isn't seen again until much later.No one at Sea World bothers trying to find him or put out a search party,not that I can recall.A shark is seen trying to cause trouble,and attacks some people before it is captured.They put it on display,thinking they've stopped the attacks.But while the guy and girl are being lovey dovey and yaking,they forget to rehabilitate animal.The shark isn't used to being in a tank,so it starts to suffocate.Despite their attempts to save it,it turns over and drowns in front of a group of tourists.This was so stupid of them.If something like that happened in real life,the big cheeses at SW would've had their jobs.They soon discover that the shark that they had in captivity was a baby,and the mother is really mad they took it.A few days later,a badly decaying body swings side to side in front of a window,where tourists look at various wild, sea creatures.Upon examination of the decaying corpse,they discover the shark is twice the size of the one they caught.They assume it was the little shark's mother.They assume this from the way the skin and muscle was ripped cleanly off the front half of the body.First of all,how do you know that the killer shark is the mother,and not the big brother or sister?Second,if that had been a real decaying corpse,it would've been picked clean by scavengers; like crabs for instance.Third,the body would've been swept out to sea,and would've turned up on shore many months later.And the huge gaping wound doesn't even look right at all,it looks like something sawed off the flesh and muscle.Was the corpse/mannequin stolen from the set of Texas Chainsaw massacre 2 or 3?And since when did a mother shark ever cared for its baby?The shark pups are on their own after they're born.Did they get their information from a 4 year old?What a waste of film.The characters are never fully developed,so we don't have a reason to really care about them.The 3-D effects without the special glasses,look cheaply done.The scene where it is crashing through a large TV monitor,makes it look like a large, rubber shark head that smashes through;and stands still.It just looks so obvious that the shark is fake,and someone had tossed the glass right beside it.Not worth my time I wasted on this stupidity.Watch it for only the scene with the water skiers doing the pyramid,and the shark going after them.That,and the scene where the people get scared of the monstrosity, trying to ram shatter proof glass in a restaurant.

Tenchi Muyô!

A fine example of why many fanfics should never become a tv series
I watched this after the Tenchi Universe had ended,thinking the next series was going to be great too.After all,one good turn deserves another,right?Well,I'm sorry to say this series brought on nothing but grief.What did they do to the characters?The story about Tenchi leaving to Tokyo for school was a pretty good start,but it begins to go wrong there.He is suddenly treating Ryoko and Ayeka like crap,instead of treating them like long time friends.That especially includes the way he acted horribly toward Ryoko.Suddenly he was too good for them to be seen by his new friends.How did he get to be such a snob and a jerk in this series?He wasn't nasty and mean in the earlier series.He didn't even want them visiting his dorm no more.Funny,I remember him being somewhat smitten Ryoko in the Universe series.Then there's that chirpy,empty headed tramp written to the series to be Tenchi's girl,named Sakuya.She's a fine example of a Mary Sueism in many bad fanfics out there.She's an annoying,brain dead, goody two shoes type with a shrieky voice and bug eyes.Tenchi's new friends push them to be together,and Sakuya was always dropping in unexpectedly for breakfast and lunch.Or she was making plans for them both to go somewhere,even though he barely knows her to do so.He couldn't say no or resist?Obviously she's the fanfic author's work,the author being Sakuya. The author is obviously a immature teenager who wishes she could be with Tenchi,even though he really knows and likes Ryoko better.Sakuya is too perfect,too pretty and too well liked by the school to be believed.Obvious Mary Sueism mistakes,not to mention common ones in fanfics.At least Ayeka and Ryoko,hate her and aren't fooled by her charms in the same way.Too bad Sakuya is too dumb and blind to see why they hate her. If it wasn't students that were trying to push them,it was the demons which should have been a dead giveaway to him and others.Speaking of demons,the monsters popping up in various places look horribly done.They look like puppets,marionettes,or clay figures that were rotoscoped on,the effect being poor as a result.They couldn't create better,scarier monsters?Whats with different objects like cellphones becoming monsters anyways?It's stupid.I thought the dating scene between Ryoko and Tenchi was botched up to make her look horrible and wrong for Tenchi,which in itself was wrong.When Sakuya saw Tenchi and Ryoko together,and started crying she should have stayed away.But she came back and pestered him like a little dog.When Ryoko saw her and Tenchi hold hands and kiss,it broke her heart.I felt so bad for her being treated like s#$% and all.It's too bad she and Ayeka didn't kick her sorry,stupid @#$ earlier.I would've liked to brain her one myself,and give those stupid kids a wake up call as well.Soon the everyone is going their separate ways,except Ayeka.She tries to tell Tenchi what has happened,but he acts like he is having a friendly phone conversation instead.*(WARNING,SOME SPOILERS ARE AHEAD.DON"T READ UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN THE SHOW)*We soon discover that all this mess including Sakuya is caused by a vengeful girl,named Yugi.She wants to destroy the Juri family, for imprisoning her in a tomb so many years ago. Washu discovers Sakuya is a fake,but Tenchi has already fallen in love her,(Yugi's shadow).Feh,just like the love struck author wanted.They try to make us feel sorry for Sakuya,by revealing she has no parents and no memory of her life.Like we care?Then her friends she was so popular with,don't remember her at all.When Tenchi discovers but doesn't accept the truth,Yugi shows up before he can save her.She kills her and leaves Tenchi bawling, like a blubbering baby.This is what happens to many Mary Sueisms in bad fanfics.When they're too pretty,too popular,too perfect and too many characters like them,they are killed off.And the characters commonly found in the TV show or a movie,are left crying and sad over that Mary Sueism's death.In this case, the author had people forget about her and had Tenchi crying about her instead.Forget about how it ends,because the series was pulled before Cartoon Network could complete it.Probably because so many fans were disgusted,and abhorred how the popular series was mutilated like that.And before I forget,*(END OF SPOILERS)*.Their are some other things going on in the series I have questions about.Why did they give Ryoko a boyfriend,that looks remarkably like one of the characters from Hell Sing?That blond headed space pirate dude,with glasses looks cute.And what was up with the beginnings of how they met?Did said author of this hellish fanfic,ever bother watching the first and second series? Another movie I can think of that's like a fanfic,is the Inspector Gadget movie.This one has been skewered a bit too,it's not at all like the series.I hope we don't have anymore bad fanfics become TV shows,because they suck.There are some fanfics I wouldn't mind seeing become TV shows,as long as it compliments the series and not ruin it.Avoid this defiled version of Tenchi,and stick with the other two series.Watch this only to learn how you shouldn't write a fanfic.

Tarzan the Ape Man

Should have called it "Bo, The Exhibitionest."
Because that's all she does through out this whole movie,is get naked for no good reason.When Tarzan is bitten by a snake,she suddenly removes her clothes.Since when is a boa constrictor poisonous?How did Tarzan get poisoned by the way ? This whole movie is screwed up.They couldn't get the species of animals for this movie right.Whats an Orangutang doing hanging around those chimpanzees?He must have wandered off the set of a much better film.The group of cannibal tribe's men look caucasin.Why?And why was Bo and her dad painted,if they were going to be eaten later?It was probably just a lame excuse to show her breasts and curves again.Her dad while hunting, approaches and acts stupidly around a bull elephant while standing too close to it.Any real African bull elephant that wasn't from the circus,would've stomped this moron's butt.Any smart hunter would've started shooting the minute he saw it.And I can't help but wonder if the camera was on LSD,because it kept showing various scenes that went in slow motion, for no good reason.It didn't make good sense at all.The boa constrictor that Tarzan wrestled with in the water,looks like one of those 12 Ft rubber snakes you can buy at a local Spencer Gifts.Tarzan was strangly speechless in this film,maybe from Bo flashing herself so much.I'm sorry,but this is a rip off of a classic Black and White Tarzan movie,with a similar but better story.Not To mention plotting .There's one scene in that I saw that everyone forgot to mention.*(SPOILERS ALERT)*The scene where he is trying to rescue Jane and her dad,has him standing too close to a running water spout.It made it seem like he's urinating on someone below him.Eww!Also, him and Jane are fooling around on a beach,with perverted monkeys jumping and clapping.She sure did take her dad's death real well.*(END OF SPOILERS)*There should be a Surgeon General's Warning on this film.That seeing Bo naked too much in this movie,will make you go blind.

Kita-kitsune monogatari

This is a very powerful and moving film.
I recommend families if possible,to show this to older children only.Some of the stuff in this film maybe too disturbing for little ones to handle.Now that thats out of the way,let me explain about this movie.This is in reality a documentary of a male fox,who in the beginning is protecting his territory and seeking a mate.The beginning with the gorgeous sunrise and music score,is breath taking.You had better soak in as much of the scenery as possible,it'll get ugly later.They gave both the fox and the vixen names,but I can't remember what they are for the likes of me.He fights off this invading male,to win her love.They later on create a den,and the vixen gives birth to four adorable cubs;one of which is blind.There are many happy and playful moments featuring the fox family,but tragedy and bad luck strike all too soon.The first victim is the blind pup,who gets too close to a high tide and is washed away.The second victim is the mother,who while stealing chickens is deceived by a dead chicken hanging on a pole.She unknowingly walks into a foot trap.While trying to escape she rips off part of her foot,causing her to bleed to death.The rest of the fox family is forced to watch her die under a tree.The male is now a single dad,forced to take on the roll of mom and dad.He alone has to teach them the skills they need for life.It later proves not to be enough,when two of the now grown pups meet an ugly fate of their own; thanks to the carelessness and cruelity of man.I won't spoil the surprising ending for you,but it does show the farmer and his dogs close on his tail.And it is a well deserved ending after what the audience and the fox family was put through.I wanted to say that I saw this when it first came out in early 1980s, when we had a thing called Showbiz cable.I was only 4 when I saw it,but I could never understand why they wouldn't let me see all of it.Now I know why,after I secretly watched it when it came on Disney,when I was 9.I felt emotionally gutted after seeing all this evil going on.I was moved to tears.But as dark and ugly as it was,it serves a purpose.To let people what is going to these and other kinds of animals,and why they are endangered.This documentary wanted to get the message across about this endangered species,and I hoped it worked.Its not fake like the True life nature films by Disney,they don't teach about why animals are going extinct.The encroachment of land,the killing off of the foxes main prey,and senseless killing of these beautiful animals;has resulted in them becoming endangered.I wish they would make sequel to this movie,(Glacier Fox 2005)to see if they're being treated better.Maybe have it be about a vixen pup named Teresa and her siblings growing up.This movie also kind of reflects what happens to human families sometimes,especially when one of the parents suddenly dies.The surviving parent takes on the roll of both,and tries to teach the important lessons of life.It isn't always enough to protect them when they're adults,especially when some of their lives becomes ruined.Or they fall victims to tragedy themselves.Best all around soundtrack and musical score I've ever heard.

Alexander Senki

What can I say,except yeach!
They took off Inuyasha and Torigun for this garbage?How horrible!I had to miss the last half of Torigun for this.While the animation may have been somewhat cool,I couldn't get past some of the REALLY creepy stuff going on.The men were all half naked,but this wasn't very sexy at all.They were ugly,girly men wearing cod pieces.They insulted the real history of Alexander the Great,not to mention Alexander himself by making him look like Aeon Flux.He looks like a lady instead of a guy.Then there's the fact that this took place in the 24th century.Why would anyone want to live this in real life?Isn't this supposed to be the same century Duck Dodgers exist in?Never mind.Then there's the fact Ptolomy(spelling correction) looks like Robin from Batman.Did he admire him or something?I just kept on waiting for him to blurt out"Holy hot rockets Batman!" or something similar.And I kept wondering if the Joker was going to pop out of nowhere with Batman on his trail.This is how bad the show was.Now about the creepy stuff.I kind of thought Alexander's mother was a little too friendly with the siamese python.Then the suggestion by the king's advisor of Alexander's real paternity,and showing the scene where the snake was helping his mom give birth.Just what were they trying to suggest?Then there was the creepy, little man that behaved like a dog,yet sounded like Yoda for some reason.What was up with that?He even had a magic barrel which turned into the center of the universe.And he turned himself into a flesh colored bulldog.This is an insult to Yoda from Starwars.And the queen's wicked laugh.I swear if I had to hear her annoying laughter again,I was going to puncture my eardrums with sharp pencils.Her laughter was enough to make me scream.I hope Adult Swim does us a favor,by dumping this in a minefield somewhere.Don't ever take off the really good shows,(even temporarily), for junk like this again Adult Swim!


Some people put down this show for the wrong reasons.
But thats their loss.They shouldn't make be making rude remarks about a show they don't understand.Now about the show.I've come to fall in love with this show back in May, when I first saw it.It both has humor,scifi,action and drama in it.It is very humorous at the beginning,but gets dark later on.But thats the way I like many of my shows,especially anime.With darkness and drama mixed in.Just as long as it isn't too dark and ugly,like Reign:The Conquerer.But I always thought it had some darkness in Trigun some place.Just some people probably didn't notice it before.But it was bound to get that way with the likes of Legato Blues,and his psychotic twin brother,Millions Knives.Vash,the spikey,blonde haired dude,sporting a red coat and yellow shades;is misunderstood by everyone.They think he's a destructive bad guy,out to destroy towns and kill off people.But hes just the opposite.Hes a sweet,gentle,nerdy kind of guy who doesn't want anyone killed,not even the worst of bad guys.Or those who try to kill him.Most of the destuction,disapperances and death have been caused by the likes of other bad guys,like the Gung Ho Guns,demons and even the Nashville Family.As a result of following his mother figure's belife,(that everyone has the right to live, and that no one has the right to take another's life)hes had to pay with deep scars all over his body.It makes you feel sorry for him though.Hes still attractive despite those nasty scars.Its his POV and his philosophy that make him handsome even to Meryl.Rem is the important mother figure that was in his life,when he and Knives were little kids.Her philosophy as well as her sudden death had a deep impact on Vash.Now I did enjoy the humor,especially the episode where everyone was shooting and trying to get him called Love and Peace(correct episode title?).But I could've done without the episode featuring him and that disgusting drunk, or the Arcadia something.The one that was mostly about Millie and Meryl trying to protect some guy's land.Like I really cared,the show isn't just about them to begin with.Anyways, they're insurance girls sent to keep an eye out on Vash,to make sure he don't cause anymore destruction.They're the first ones to discover he wasn't the one causing it.I really don't care for Meyrl because shes a real b@#$* most of the time towards Vash.I won't forgive her for walking up to him,and striking him the face without finding out what actually happened,in Demon's Eye.I like how Vash reacts in certain situations.He can be really crazy much of the time.I love Vash,Nicholas D. Wolfwood,Millie,Rem,Legato Blues even though he,s diabolical.I disliked Meryl because of her attitude,and I also disliked that bratty boy who helped those bandits invade the train.I liked what Vash did to him in pt2 of that episode.It served him right.I don't know about the rest of you,but I felt there was some stuff that kind of hit home for me.It sounds kind of weired, but some of it has to do in relation with that choice of to kill or not to kill;even if they did kill innocent people.This is especially true with the way some people feel about the death penalty today.There are those who feel its wrong to execute someone,and that they should be forgiven like Vash does.Then again,many others like myself belive in eye for an eye,tooth for a tooth like Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

Jaws: The Revenge

I was so disappointed.
I can't belive I actually convinced a friend to let me watch this.I was so embarrassed,I just wanted to wear a paper sack over my head.The mother,convinced that the great white shark was after her family,decides to go to the Bahamas of all places.She's told that sharks don't live there.But,low and behold,a large female shark decides to migrate to the same local.What a lame coincidence,couldn't they have just decided to go to Canada or The Rocky Mountains?What really took the cake was the cheesy monster sound effect, the shark gave off towards the end.It was ripped off of the He Man tv show,from one of its own monsters.Stay away from this and Jaws 3, and just enjoy the first.I give this movie a big fat zero,just for embarrassing me so bad.

Cartoon Sushi

Danny Antonucci,stop in the name of all which does not suck!
Feh!I should've known this wasn't a very good show.Mtv pushed and pushed this show to be great,but it backfired.It too turned out to be a joke like Brother's Grunt.I shouldn't be surprised that no one commented on this show.They made it seem popular,when it didn't last but one season.This shows premise was this:a new variety animation show that was supposed to replace Liquid Televison,even though it was better.Not surprisingly,it followed immediately after the cancellation of Brothers Grunt.Liquid Television introduced some really great animation.Not all,but most.Some of the shorts,even got their own series like Aeon Flux and Beavis and Butthead.What Cartoon Sushi gave us,however,is nothing more than an eye irritant.Its various cartoons included,My Cartoon Girlfriend,Robin,some creepy computer animated ball that said and did wierd things,and other more annoying crap.This included insulting parodys of classic anime shows,like Speedracer,Venus Wars,and many others.None of it was funny,it was the same as being entertained by someone scratching fingernails on a blackboard.Its a wonder if an angry mob didn't hunt these people down,and have the creators fed to the lions.I also think they made fun of Armitage 3,Polymatrix.I remember seeing some scenes that looked familiar.Anyone want to get these b****rds now, and teach them a lesson?Any takers?Also some really sick various animations were in there,like mayflies having pre ejaculation problems,a family dog becomes psychotic and kills his family,poison gets mixed up in milk and kills everyone.Do you find this really all funny now?Yeah,real funny ha ha,NOT!Let me tell you more of goes on in the psychotic dog part to prove my point.It was called Boris The Dog,(what a stupid name,couldn't they name him something better),and its story is about a dog who can't go to the city.His family is doing it for his safety.Instead of the dog simply running away,he starts by using his paw to cut off the boys head.The boys head is flying off still while greeting the dog.The dog then eats his remains.Then he trips the housewife,who breaks her neck and cracks her head open on the stairs.The dog,(LEECH),drinks her blood.It only gets worse people,so I'll spare you the rest of the details.My point is that Danny Antonucci has zero talent.He's only talented in creating in more rancid compost for shows.His latest creation,Ed, Edd, and Eddy isn't an improvment,not that I've seen.Hes probably putting negative stuff about anime in that peice of crap,like he did in his second effort.His shows for the most part ,only encourage kids and preteens to be rude and nasty toward those who love anime.I've seen some pretty rude and spiteful stuff posted around anime fansites by these same brats.I only wish the parents could see the filth being posted by them.A fine example is what two people said in the comments for DBZ 1996.Personally if I could,I'd contact him about this matter because its really getting old with these people stalking and harrassing others about what we watch.They got their programming,we got ours.I think Ed,Edd and Eddy is just a form of poision for our kids minds,just like this crap is for ours.People, steer clear of this garbage,and keep your kids away from his shows.Mr Antonucci,if you can't create better cartoons,then its time for you to get a new career.Theres something wrong when a person finds it funny because Ed said"Buttered Toast".Please burn this series along with Brother's Grunt,and Ed cubed and feed it to the lions!

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

They did it better than Beetlejuice.
Ickus is a cool rabbit like monster,who likes to scare humans along with his friends Krumm and Oblina.Ickus and Oblina however I remember best probably because of the way they looked.Ickus is black with long ears like a rabbit,a big red mouth filled with white teeth.You couldn't ever call him cute,more like evil looking.Oblina was black with white stripes,big yellow eyes,and a large red mouth also.She reminds me of a big, demonic candy cane though.Krumm, I think is a yucky green color.Either ways,hes supposed to smell bad,like rotten eggs or rotting meat.I watched this show when ever I could,because I was always busy;or not at home.Personally,I thought the show was better made than Beetlejuice,and a lot funnier.The stories and adventures he and his friends had, were far more entertaining.This is the direction Beetlejuice should've taken.While it had its moments,is wasn't enough to make the show great.It got boring after while,especially after it was toned down.Aaahh!Real Monsters! was more promising,and had more appeal.While it didn't make sense that the Neither World residents were all against Beetlejuice,(even though many were as gross and mean as he was),at least everyone wasn't against our heros in their world.Well everyone,except for maybe the b*@#$% head school monster,named Mrs Gromble.I think she looked like a large,seriously deformed insect,with four legs.Most everyone remembers about her is those red high heel shoes.And the way she mistreated Ickus and his friends all the time.I guess they were kind of the misfits in their school.And they did sometimes get into trouble.They also sometimes almost got caught by humans,while doing their tasks.I hated the fact that they killed off this show too soon.So far,a lot of crap is stuck on Nickolodeon even now.I think Mr Burton needs to take lessons from this show,if he ever makes a new series of Beetlejuice.The three monsters tried to work with each other,even if its up to no good.The skeleton and the spider never once worked with him,just against him.They were also very dull.This is no way to make a cartoon show.If I see this show anywhere being sold anywhere,I'll more than likely buy it.


What?Tim Burton helped create this?
I'm sorry, I find it so hard to belive he ruined his creation.The movie was fun and off the wall.This on the other hand,is nothing but a grossout gag fest.I can't belive I actually watched this show,and liked it back in 1989.But I did,for a while.Then,I saw a much better show called Ren and Stimpy later on in 1992.Lets get one thing straight here.Beetlejuice wasn't the first grossout show like some claim.Neither was Ren and Stimpy.That title goes to The New Adventures Of Mighty Mouse,all though it was slight.Now there are some episodes that were really memorable,like the time Beetlejuice tricked Lydia's parents into going for a trip in the neitherworld.Their world is just the oppisite of the world of the living you should know.So,instead of visiting Mount Rushmore,they visited Mount Grossmore where the dead presidents heads started barfing,blowing out snot,and I think blahing.The dad groaned,then fainted.It was so funny.But then they visted what they thought was Eiffel Tower in Paris.Beetlejuice then revealed that it was the Awful Tower,so named because the living dead king and queen got their heads cut off.And the parents who were now dressed also like the king and queen,were also about to suffer the same fate by an angry mob.Lydia then decides to rescue them by using her car,which can turn into a werebeast.And that was one of the other coolest moments in the show.The fact that Lydia's car,Doomey,can turn into a werebeast.Thats really original.I'd pay to see that over and over again.Anyways,what makes the show so different from the movie,aside from the offcolor jokes,was there were other characters in the neitherworld that Lydia befriended.But it wasn't the ghostly couple that was in the movie.It was a tap dancing female spider,a skeleton,and a fuzzball dressed as a cowboy;with a pet that was half bull half dog.Was it supposed to be a bulldog?Well I can't really remember their names,but I could've done without them personally.I would've rather have seen the ghostly couple in the series instead.Sometimes Beetlejuice would play mean pranks on them,and I thought they really deserved it at times.They were both boring and irritating.Another difference was the fact that Lydia and Beetlejuice are best friends,and after what he tried to pull in the movie.She can also enter the neitherworld through him,by calling his name three times;even though shes not dead.And you had to be dead as originally stated in the movie,in order to be there.The most obvious differance was the offcolor jokes,and there was more than plenty of that.It was more like he had become the king of gross with him farting,burping loudly without excusing himself,picking his nose,having severe bad breath from not brushing his teeth;extreme morning breath;horribly sweaty and smelly armpits;toenail fungus;and much much more.It was okay and funny for a while,but it began to grow stale fast.So did the jokes about,sayings and expressions being real,like monkey wrench being a real monkey.Or the Pat on the back, being an evil elf stuck on your back.In the second season,the show began to go down hill, with it not having the same spark as it did when it first started.Part of the problem was that ABC had tried to clean up some the show,and make it somewhat nicer and funny.They failed miserably and wind up dumping it in the lap of FOX.They censored and cut out what little of the show was left that was great.Then it finally checked into maggot hotel by the time 1993 was halfway over.So personally, I really have a love/hate relationship with this show,me leaning more toward hate.There are some memorable moments in the show,but not enough to be one of my favorites.I could've done without many of the offcolored jokes as well.I think it should've been much more spookier and gothic like The Real Ghostbusters,not to mention funnier.Sure,Lydia was a spooky and gothic teenager,but all that was lost on Beetlejuice's grossness.I also wish that The Prince of Darkness would've been a recurring character,and the witch docter would've been in the series as one of Lydia's good friends.The Prince was just as dark and spooky as Lydia,but he should've been labeled as the Prince Of Depression.He cried at every little thing.The CG were refreshing to see as well.But I can only rate this show***1/2.******for the CG,and *******1/2 for the cool werebeast car.And Mr. Burton,when you make the sequal finally to the movie,please leave out those three annoying characters,add the werebeast car and The Prince Of Darkness; and leave the grossout junk behind.And make sure we see the return of the married couple.Also,please don't add those two geeks from Lydias school,Prunes and Barf.I abhorr them as well.

Dragon Ball Z

How can this be?
How can stupid morons compare a cool show like this,to American made garbage like Courage The Cowardly Dog;and especially Ed Edd and Eddy?No one should EVER,compare rotten,maggot filled garbage like Ed,Edd and Eddy; to any kind of anime!Thats like comparing catapillars to maggots!Heres the problem with it.Ed,Edd and Eddy is just like all the washed up,unoriginal,gross out shows that came out in the 90's.Because alot of those creators were too lazy to come up with something intellegent,and worth watching.Courage is okay to an extent,but its not based on something new.Been there,seen that!And as for Butt Ugly Martians,don't even get me started!I loved DBZ the first time I saw it in 1998.But I do admit that the American version has a lot of problems.It is almost pretty badly flawed.Most of voice actors did a horrible job.They've made many of the characters sound like blubbering idiots.Or they said stuff at times that didn't make sense,or was down right stupid.Some examples of this is when Krillen called Frieza Frosty,or said Frieza was going to go the way of dinosaurs.There are lots of dinosaurs in DBZ,ALIVE!Hows he supposed to go the same way?Or when Jeuice,(is that the right spelling),said to Racoom:"Hurry it up or you won't see TV for a month!"He then replies:"Okay,I like soap operas!"Then a lot of the censorship,(unnecessary that is),that left a lot to be desire.Like, when they drew an ugly towel over Goku's butt in one scene.They used exaggerated breathing to make the deceased Nammeks seem like they were just stunned.They even painted over scenes to conceal the dead bodies.In fact thats what they mostly did in the first series.Scenes,were chopped out,or episodes were missing;leaving important information a mystery.Or it left plot holes, causing some of the show to be confusing.Funny lines were added,when the scene was supposed to be serious.They made Frieza,sound like a girl,when he sounds alot more terrorifying in the original Japanese version.And that poor excuse for music,ARRGGHH!Who came up with that garbage?Kraftwerk?I've heard better from a baby's toy!It sounds silly and idiotic.He**,it doesn't fit the emotion of the scene.It don't make you feel anything.Except annoyed.Despite these problems,(Made In America),it doesn't take away too much from the show.But it should've been on Adult Swim instead.I have come to fall in love with many of the characters like Bulma,Goku,Gohan,Vegeta,Chi Chi,Krillen,Goten,Trunks,the android twins,Cell,Frieza and many more.To me,in my opinion,the show is much more then just punch,kick,punch,or sending out balls of light.To me its about life and death,friendships,fighting for everyones life,putting your life on the line to save millions of others;and sometimes putting your life on the line to save your own.And to keep hope alive,no matter how bad it gets,or when all seems lost.That theres always a flicker of light,even in the darkest of times.If you fight for the good of others,you'll come out a winner.If you fight with hatred and vengance in your heart,you'll come out a loser.Yes, theres a lot to be learned from this show.At least they didn't take that away.There were some good voice actors too,like Vegeta,Android 17 and 18,Goten and Trunks,and Gotenks,Piccalo.You can't ever say that about Ed and Eddy,or Butt Ugly Martians.If they died,it be only to produce a laugh.And no one would miss them.The show has finally come to its conclusion,and I will miss it a lot.Thank you Cartoon Network,For giving us the best anime show around.It opened the way for many other anime shows like YuYu Hakasho.As for the bad hair,its not bad.Its based on the styles of the 1980's.Its pretty cool,and it did start in the 80's.Your hair probably looks like a poodles.This show has a lot of fantasy stuff in it as well.This show is best veiwed in orignal Japanese format,or at least the dubbed.You want to be able to drink up the scenery,and every little thing in the show,including the music.People like the super, stupid ghetto dorks,and the doofuses can go back to watching grossout dreck like,Cartoon Sushi,Beetlejuice,Phantom Investigators,Ripping Friends,Sam and Max,Brothers'Grunt,Space Goofs and the 90's version of Casper.Remember,the hack job done to Sailor Moon is much,much worse.:D

The Golden Seal

I never want to see this movie again!!!
***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** I'm suprised no one bothered to comment on this movie.They just let the ratings speak for themselves,which they shouldn't.As I said,I don't want to see this again.I'll get into that much later.This movie came out in the early eighties,and I haven't seen it for many years So I'll do my best,on what the story is about.Its about a young boy and his family,who live, I think on an island or the marine land.He doesn't seem to have many friends,as there are no children that he hangs out with.Maybe,there are no other children?Anyways,his only friend is a german sheperd,whos just given birth to puppies.The puppies however,contracted a deadly virus,which kills them.If that wasn't bad enough,the mother dog catches the same virus,which also kills her.The boy is now alone without any friends.The only other people on the island are all fisherman.This all changes one day,while going with his dad on a fishing trip.Its his job to haul in fish,if you were confused.The boy looks down in the water,when suddenly something gold colored jumps by.He tries to tell the others, who think it was just a fish.The old man,however tells him about the legend of the golden seal,a mythical sealion with golden fur.The boy later on one day, finds the same said seal in his shed.He is very shocked to see this animal,I can't repeat what he said.It was pretty funny.Well,he thinks it's sick with the virus that his dog had,because it seems to be in pain.He wraps it in cover,and leaves it in there,until the next morning.When he checks on it,he discovers it had given birth to a seal pup the same color.Some how something passes between them,and the female seal instantly becomes his new friend.How and why this happens,is never explained.He then starts swimming and playing,her as if they had been friends forever.He decides to keep her a secret.But,somehow the cat is let out of the bag,and the fun and games have to end.(Warning, Spoilers Ahead)!!!A bunch of greedy,feedstore yahoos get together to hunt her down.They can make more money with her pelt,than the amount they get from shrimping,and fishing a year.A bounty is placed on her head,that way whoever kills the seal first;will recive a very large reward.The boys dad unfortunetly,decides to join in on the hunt.When he finds out this,he tries everything to keep the seal hidden from veiw.He confronts his dad,before he has a chance to shoot her.Vicious painful,war of words are exchanged between father and son,making this one of the hardest scenes to watch.I think the person who played the dad over did it with the yelling and cussing in that scene.The dad then sees his son's P.O.V,and realizes the harm hes doing to him.He then tries to stop the other hunters,but not without getting into a knockout, dragout fist fight.Personally,I thought the vicious fighting wasn't really necessary.But the damage has already been done.The motherseal and her pup decide to leave for good.No place is safe for them now.The boy tries to get her to stay,but the dad says he'll just try to kill her.Heartbroken,he is forced to let her go.Then,he says one of the worst lines I've ever heard"Want a Pop"?What no,"Gee son, I'm really sorry.Lets go to the petstore or pound,and get you a new friend"?I mean come on,no cheap peice of candy is going to heal the mental,emotinal,and psychological damage caused by his dad.Or those selfish people.Anything done by parents like that in real life,would cause serious issues of mistrust.The child would never open up to his parents for anything again.He wouldn't trust them with anything either.Plus the boy will have to see those people again,and remember what they had done.They should've had a follow up,where the trust between the dad and son has been severed, and he won't talk to him hardly.The seal comes back and helps them somehow, mend the relationship.Now you know why I don't like this movie, and don't want to see it again!:[

Freddy's Nightmares

Most episodes are shot,some others are worth a look.
I first saw the series in 1989,during the fall,when I was in 5th grade.When it premired,I thought that Freddy was going to appear in every episode,like the first one.But he didn't.The beginning episode was a rewrite of the legend, of Freddy Kruger;and how he came to be.The episode concerned a police officer and his blonde twin girls,instead of Nancy and her parents.The twins'dad was allegedly responsible for the death of Freddy Kruger,in this version;(no spoilers being given here).Most episodes of F.M. never feature Freddy,except before the beginning of each story,and before commercial breaks.That may have been one of the biggest complaints,that many people have about the show.That,and the fact a lot of the episodes are crap.Freddy was only in a few of these,like Sisters Keeper,which the twin girls become the main target.He was also in the Halloween one,in which a girl is tormented, by the death of her strict grandmother in the past.These are only a few of the best ones.Another one with him in it,concerned,a witch girl who was obsessed with him,and a boy who wanted to make her into a love slave.Pretty Crazy.You should check it out.Another one I liked in paticulear was the second episode,which was a about a teenage boy,who kept having dreams about his job,at Beefy Boy Burgers.He seemed to have issues about it.There was some hilarious comic moments mixed in there,as well as suspense.You couldn't tell if he was actually being shot by the sniper,or he was just dreaming it.Another one worth seeing is the nuclear one,about a lady whos psychic dreams predict a bleak future,if a nuclear explosion isn't stopped.Look for the scene where Gumby melts into a puddle of sludge.It's pretty cool.Some others are just rancid cheese,scrapped from the bottom of the dumpster,Like the episode about a boy;who thinks his friends are being turned into androids.Or another one about a girl whos worried about being pregnant.Many of these shows had people,die or get disabled in stupid ways.The series later got desperate,and started going after adults,or doing everything to kill off survivors.One thing I should mention is,to look closely in the show.You,ll notice in the background a green and red light glowing,which means that Freddys presence is working secretly in the dreams,to make them turn to nightmares.The lights eeriely match his sweater.Another one I reccomend is the one about a lady who seems to be trapped in a game show.I will not give away what happens in the shows I mentioned.That,you will have to find out for yourself,my friend.If you can,also watch the Valentine episode,about a new teenage girl who's trying to seduce and steal another girl's boyfriend.

The Maxx

The show seemed promising,but the final episode was a joke
I first saw this show in 1995,thinking it was great.It centered around a ecentric character called The Maxx,who dons a purple suit and wears a weired looking mask.He's supposed to be a super hero,trying to stop bad guys,this is shown at the beginning.When a woman is kidnapped on the streets by a couple of sickos,and they try to rape her;he suddenly appears.He then beats them to a pulp,but the cops never see this.They assume he's a trouble maker,and arrest him.They never see the bad guy's bodies,or the poor helpless victim.She is taken away by Mr gone,the psychotic rapist and murderer;never to be seen again.Maxx is introduced to Julie Winters,a social worker;so she can help him.She dosen't belive that he is a hero,or that he's from Australia with bizarre creatures.This a parallel universe, if you should know.She is actually the jungle queen,who rules the creatures with her pet leopard.Things get out of hand when Mr gone unleashes an army of black, shapeshifting Izes,to do his dirty work.*warning,contains spoilers*We are soon mislead,to belive that there is a surprise ending,which sad to say,there isn't.Mr gone is revealed to be Sarahs dad, after discovering his decapitated head.They made it seem like Maxx was going to be revealed as either Julies rabbit, or another creature.This doesn't happen.Julie acts really snobby,about the truth,and doesn't care if the jungle queen dies.Mr gone some how knew them before.This is never explained.The part Sarah finding out that Mr Gone was her dad,was not the shocking we ending we waited for,it had nothing to do with the Maxx and Julie.All in all the show was a let down,making The Maxx seem like an ordinary guy in the end.What about the spirit animals,what importance was this?So many Questions,so few answers.The show had great animation and story line,but a crappy ending.Don't watch, if you hate bad endings.Not for children.Watch the other episodes,ignore the last two.

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