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Family Guy: Trump Guy
Episode 11, Season 17

Independent voters opinion
As an independent voter, I can confirm this is just as good as any other family guy episode. Pretty political, but just watch it anyways!


Bond is Resurrected!
Hearing so many rumors before the movie came out, I thought they were going to trail away from the true bond that we all love. I couldn't have been any wronger. Not only did they bring the true bond back, but they continued a franchise and reverted back to the old style bond. They kept to the James Bond references that make Bond, Bond.

I never thought Daniel Craig could pull off such a good bond. I thought Casino Royal was good but more of a entrance for Daniel Craig's James Bond. Great Job Daniel Craig and the rest of the Crew. Stick to the old bond and you will continue to succeed. Go see this and you wont be disappointing.

The Inbetweeners

Great Show!
Just finished the 3rd season and it was f****** funny as s***. It's a shame the show only lasted 3 seasons and didn't show up on American TV tell recently. I really loved the difference in British language. It took me a while to catch on to what some of their words meant. I do have to say that it's a little unclear between the movie and the show what happened because i thought Simon was moving away. The best difference is the drinking age. Wish that was the same in America. The throw up was probably the funny part cause it always seemed to happen when things went badly. Glad to know the British can party hard. Well done!!! Well done!!!

SGU Stargate Universe

Slow storyline, Needs more action like in the previous series, decent
This series of stargate isn't terrible. All those previous comments are far fetched. The series is more of a drama, how life sucks,and a winey guy. It needs more action. This series spaces itself from the rest of the stargate series. Thats what ruins it, people don't want total change, they want stargate. I think the idea that they are on a really old spaceship billions of light years away is cool but thats not really what they focus on in this series. They need more action, discoveries, they need to get off the ship more often and stop have flash backs of peoples lifes. Its still worth watching. I just hope the second season is better and that it focuses more on the story lines of the old stargate series (sg-1 and Atlantis). Hope you watch it!

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