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Lovecraft Country

Cheese but entertaining
So much false negativity towards this show. Wonder why? Because of the racial element I presume. So many of the reviews sound like they are coming from people that seem triggered or butt-hurt by the premise or story telling. As compared to most of Hollywood white washing of every subject its nice to see a show thats not cookie cutter pretty white ppl saving the world. Its ab enjoyable show if you watch with an open mind.

The Old Guard

Could been great!
Typical Hollywood. Coulda been great but lazy script. Corners cut, camera angles, lighting wardrobe. Just misses the mark.

Hangar 1: The UFO Files

Not ready for prime time
All speculative opinions and re-enactments. You can get better ufo info on YouTube.


Bad tuna
Part wakanda, part Avatar part Tron. Straight cheese factor 10/10. Jason Mamoa is the only redeeming quality of this debacle.

Three Days of the Condor

Was expecting more...
Maybe I am from a different era but I really expected to be on the edge of my seat. Instead, I found the acting stale and the suspense lacking. The villians seemed cartoonist and the CIA was nothing of what I expected from that specific time. Ultimately, I found that it fell flat.

Spies in Disguise

Better than expected
Went into this movie with my kids with zero expectations and was pleasantly surprised. It definitely wasn't your typical Disney, Pixar type movie. It was entertaining even for grown ups and very funny. People giving negative reviews must have expected the movie to be an oscar contender or something. It was a step above what most animated movies are today.

Altered Carbon

Rambling mess
Over the top silly violence. Story all over the place with no logical point.

Angel Has Fallen

Fugitive? Not..
Like a Nick Cage straight to streaming movie. Was hoping for a better story but just silly retread. 4 stars for the action but not much else.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Rock fatigue
The Rock needs a break, or we do. Entertaining but very long. Edris Elba wasted on this. His character was a joke and the mastermind villain was straight out of Austin Powers.


Van Wilder as DeadPool
Another film where RR revives His Vanwilder persona to be shticky and silly. Somehow it works in this movie. More than it did the other dozen times he was Van wilder in a movie.

Accident Man

Another C-list action movie
This guy can have his own redbox kiosk full of all the straight to dvd drivel he's constantly churning out.

Blade: Trinity

Van Wilder meets Dawson's Creek meets Blade
So bad on so many levels compared to the previous 2. Reynold playing his same tired Van Wilder character & Jessica Beils one dimensional acting. I feel bad for Wesley Snipes he could have taken Blade out with a bang, instead of going down with this cartoonish cast. Hopefully, the reboot will stay true.

Mile 22

Great action, but.
Looks likes they were planning all along to make a sequel, but why. The movie was thrown together with no cohesive plot. Next for Mark Wahlberg? Co-staring with Nick Cage & Bruce Willis.SMH.

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