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Release this on DVD...NOW!
This is a 'B' movie classic! Here in Britain during the 1980's, Empire pictures, Vestron and Entertainment in Video were the undisputed kings of straight-to-video masterpieces, including such brilliant rubbish as 'Robot Jox', 'Rawhead Rex' and...TERRORVISION!

Character breakdown: an alien called a 'hungry beast' that materializes through people's televisions and is 'into metal', another alien called Pluthod who's here to save earth from the 'hungry beast' that just happens to be a friendly pet on his planet, a bi-sexual Greek swinger called Spyros and his beautiful but incredibly dizzy wife, a military obsessed mentally unstable Grandpa and way too young for guns hyper-active mentally unstable Grandson, a Cindy Lauper-a-like teenager, her Heavy metal freak boyfriend 'O.D.', her swinging satellite T.V. and exercise obsessed parents and an alcoholic Elvira-type T.V. host.

I won't tell you the 'plot', but I defy you to put all these characters and elements together under one roof (yes, all the action takes place in one house!) and create a movie!

I had the pleasure of owning this wonderful piece of garbage on video a few years ago and I'm begging whoever owns the rights to it now for a DVD release!

The Incredible Torture Show

In bad taste and proud of it!
I bless the day that I purchased my DVD player and PC, for they have both allowed me to sample rare delights such as this. The BBFC have never taken too kindly to this kind of movie, thus leaving the british fans of exploitation and horror movies with little to write home about...until now!

For those of you wishing to open your minds, scour the web and grab yourself a sense of humour (albeit twisted), Bloodsucking Freaks is probably a good starting point.

Directed by Joel M. Reed and starring Seamus O'brien, The movie is set predominantly in a New York 'theatre of the macabre' Where the evil, yet witty, Sardu (O'brien) delights in torturing young (and often naked) women on stage with various medieval devices, for an audience that believe the proceedings to be nothing more than illusions. Off course, they are not!

The wafer thin storyline revolves around Sardu trying to pass off his 'work' as art, but a disagreable art critic who attends one of Sardu's shows says he 'has seen better' and refuses to review his Grand Sardu plots revenge!

What follows, is about 80 minutes of bad taste, poor acting, terrible special effects, nudity, violence and gore, all polished off in a nice campy 1970's fashion. Basically, everything I enjoy in a movie that cannot possibly be taken seriously!

Bloodsucking Freaks is pure trash...and I mean that in the nicest possible way! Watch for Sardu's killer line..."her mouth would make an interesting urinal"

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