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A Great Surprise
I recently had the pleasure of viewing the horror web series "XKWX". Normally, I am not a fan of the horror genre, as many titles prove to Be formulaic and paint-by-the- numbers. Generally, they are filled with carbon copy characters of other horror movies, and encompass plot twists you can see coming a mile away. Thankful, that was not the case with "XWKX".

The characters were realistic, complex and fully formed. The writing was intelligent as the plot told a complete story and didn't rely on jump scares to push the script forward. The cinematography was incredible. The film was quite beautiful to watch and the lightening was top notch.

I would recommend this to horror, sci-fi, mystery and general film fans alike. With so much content it is rare to find something worthy of your time. This proved to be the exception.

The Confines

I recently watched the movie The Abandoned. Scary! Normally I am not a fan of the horror genre as it is just not my thing. This film I am a fan of. It is about a female security guard's first night in the graveyard shift patrolling an abandoned Wearhouse. I know at first mention it sound very cliché and like the basic plot of any horror movie. The Abandoned is the exception. The directing, acting, writing, cinematography and the sound was on par. The characters seemed like real people and not the carbon copied stereotypes you see so often in this genre. The dialogue was realistic and the plot easy to follow.

I recommend this film to any movie lover. There were a handful of actors that I recognized, but most were unfamiliar to me, which actually helped in believing the story was really happening. Definitely check it out.


Funny Comedy
I recently had the pleasure of viewing the first episode of the comedy DeCODED Sexes. The show is made up of a bunch of people's SnapChats and videos speaking about issues pertaining to the different sexes. The first episode focused on the honeymooning stage of a relationship and booty calls.

All in all the show is both interesting, entertaining and hilarious. Many of the contributors are real characters and breathe life into what could overall be boring topics. I liken the show to a battle of the sexes type of vibe.

I would recommend this show to anyone, male or female, that has been in a relationship and can relate to the topics being discussed. It's a great view for couples as it is sure to spark conversation or even debate. There is definitely going to be lots of laughter during and after the viewing.

This is a must watch.


Traded is an Ace
I recently had the pleasure of viewing the film traded. The 19th century Western stars Kris Kristofferson, Tom Sizemore and has an appearance by Quinton Aaron. I was happy to see Quinton Aaron of whom I wondered what he would appear in after starring in The Blind Side.

The film was fun and entertaining. Normally I am not a fan of westerns as I find them repetitive with the same characters, theme and action. Traded is the exception to the rule. Intelligent writing has caused interesting and believable characters. The dialogue is unique and not sleep inducing. The plot is well thought out and unfolds on screen seamlessly. I could not take my eyes off of the screen.

I recommend Traded to anyone who is a fan of good film. You will not be disappointed.

Milk Men: The Life and Times of Dairy Farmers

Eye Opening
I recently had the pleasure of viewing the film Milk Men: The Life and Times of Dairy Farmers. This documentary about the lives and business practices of small dairy farms was eye opening.

Little did I know about the business of dairy farming before watching this film. In recent years dairy farming has become a multi-billion dollar industry fueled by large production and corporately owned massive organizations. Gone are the days of the small dairy farmers with a few cows, the way most Americans visualize it.

The filmmaker was well educated in the issue and obviously did their homework. The story is easy to follow and the interviews are top notch. I recommend this film to anyone. You do not necessarily need to be a film lover or even well versed on the dairy farming industry. This film will teach you all you need to know.

Vigilante Diaries

Good Movie, Good Talent
I recently had the pleasure of screening Vigilante Diaries. It was a pleasant surprise. The action, script and acting was superb.

Seeing notable talents like Michael Jai, Rampage Jackson, Michael Madsen, Jason Mewes, Paul Sloan, and Jacqueline Lord was a treat. I also enjoyed the performance of Kevin L. Walker who I thought was under utilized in the film. He really held his own with the other talents and really put on a captivating performance that made you yearn for more. I would love to see him in another film that would utilize his martial arts talents even more.

All in all it was an entertaining movie. I recommend this for anyone that is a fan of good film. You will not be disappointed. I will be on the lookout for a sequel or another film starring Kevin L. Walker.

The Adventures of Beatle

A Nice Surprise
I recently had the pleasure of viewing Guns For Hire. Before watching I had never heard of the film before, so I was a bit skeptical with low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised when the film exceeded every expectation I could have had. The movie was an absolute treat to watch. The writing was superb. Often little known films have a slew a problems which all start with the writing. The story easily flowed and the plot unfolded naturally. The characters were fully developed and seemed more like genuine individuals instead of plot devices. The dialogue was naturalistic and the verbiage was contemporary. The acting was top notch. The cinematography was stylistic and the direction was fluid.

I definitely recommend this film to anyone who is a movie fan. You will not be disappointed as it is an easy watch.

A Little Heart

A Little Heart Packs A Big Punch
I recently had the pleasure of screening the film A Little Heart, and I must say I am quite pleased after my viewing. The story about a college student who once again finds her love of music was incredibly beautiful. It actually made me want to go pick up the violin again.

Annette Prieto serves as both the writer and director of the production. The writing was heartfelt and the direction caused the story to unfold seamlessly. I checked to see what else she has done and it appeared to be other shorts. I look forward to viewing a feature created by her, if and when she decides to do so.

Brianna Baker plays Gabby, the lead character and supplies fabulous talent to the film.

I recommend A Little Heart to any film lover. You will not be disappointed.

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

Simply Awesome
I recently had the pleasure of playing the game Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China. Many World War II games in today's market place offer the same regurgitated game play and story lines. Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China is the exception.

The game play is simple and not overly complicated. As a user it was refreshing to not have to watch hours of instructional simulation before delving into the entertaining parts of the game. The graphics were superb and had a sense of realism while still being playful and imaginative. The storyline was complete and was obviously written by professionals as it kept me glued to the chair.

I would recommend this game to any gamer or war enthusiast alike. It was a great time!

Soaked in Bleach

Not My Cup of Tea
I recently viewed the film Soaked in Bleach (2015) about Kurt Cobain. I was really excited to watch this as I had seen many documentaries about the artist and his controversial death. I will preference this by saying while he was active in music I was not a huge fan. It wasn't until after his passing that I became interested in his story.

I will say that there are documentaries available that were more complete than the movie being reviewed. As the premise was there it was just missing certain emotional beats that would have greatly enhanced the viewing experience. A story like this with possible betrayal, tragedy and suspense should be the perfect ingredients for an Oscar nominated productions sadly Soaked in Bleach fell short in several areas.

I recommend anyone to see it for yourselves but for me it was not my cup of tea.


Drake is Great!
Recently I had the opportunity to screen the film Drake (2013). I was pleasantly surprised by what I witnessed. The story and plot are well thought out and the production is executed marvelously.

The London story about an underground fighter trying to decipher between fantasy and reality is a killer tale written by Leon John and Azi Rahman.

Rahman who also directs does a great job maintaining not only the quality but also the pace of the film. At no time was I looking at my watch waiting for the ending.

Rahman also works well with lead actor Cengiz Dervis who turns in a great performance as the fighter in this suspenseful tale.

I recommend Drake to any fan of quality film.

London Hood

Two thumbs up!
I recently had the pleasure of screening the short film London Hood. The story of a journalist researching a former fighter is a delightful yet powerful piece of cinema.

Writer and lead actor Cengiz Dervis does a wonderful job portraying the former fighter who may have left the sport due to underhanded gambling. He has written a tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire way through.

Director Sean Cronin masterfully pieces together a film that is short enough to keep your attention in this movie that runs a little over 20 minutes.

Definitely give London Hood a fighting chance.


A Worthwhile Bunny
Recently, I had the pleasure of screening the film Bunny. Bunny is a film about two people pushed together to fulfill a task all while circumstances have them dressed in a bunny and fox costume. To say I was presently surprised by the film would be an understatement. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Annika Glac serves as both the writer and director of the film. Annika does a marvelous job creating believable characters speaking realistic dialogue. Many times the viewer is taken out of the film but dialogue that would never be spoken by actual people, or by a characters that are underdeveloped. This is not the case with Bunny.

Tomasz Borkowski and Katia Mazurek star as the two main characters and do a fabulous job telling the story.

I recommend Bunny to anyone who is a fan of good film. Definitely a pleasant surprise.


Interesting Story
I recently had the pleasure of screening the short film Gage. Gage tells the true story of Phineas Gage who suffered a horrible brain injury due to a rod through his head. Taking place in the 19th century brain trauma knowledge was not as sophisticated as it is today and people did not know what to make of his side effects including multiple personality disorder. The movie also follows the doctor trying to help him.

Often short films are under developed and a full story is hardly ever told. That is not the case with Gage. The writing, acting, directing and cinematography are all top notch. It was quite the treat to watch and review this hidden gem.

The Crying Dead

A Nice Scare
I recently had the pleasure of screening the found-footage horror film The Crying Dead. When the idea of yet another found-footage horror film comes across there is always a little doubt in whether or not the viewing will be worth the time allotted. Most in the genre are a waist of time and very paint by the numbers.

To my surprise The Crying Dead was the exception. Though much of the plot is predictable the execution is grand. With good writing and directing the story easily flows from one event to the other. As a viewer I was never bored nor restless.

The acting is above average and the actors themselves succeed in portraying believable characters.

The scares are plentiful which makes for a great horror film.

I recommend anyone into good horror movies to give this one a try.

The Gold & the Beautiful

A Big Surprise
I recently had the pleasure of screening the film The Gold & The Beautiful. I was unfamiliar with the filmmaker and actors before the viewing, but now I can say I am a fan of all. The story about a treasure hunt is well written, directed and acted.

Jack Serino is a gifted director who shot beautiful scenes and portrayed the story at a pace that made watching the film effortless. He also pulled great performances out of his cast, mainly actress Agnes-Nicole Winter.

I recommend The Gold & The Beautiful for anyone that is a fan of new, fresh and great movies. It's definitely a pleasant surprise.

Hit Team

A Hilarious Ride
I recently had the pleasure of viewing the film Hit Team. I must say that to my surprise, this little known movie was a diamond in the rough.

The film follows the journey of two hit men (one woman, one man), on a journey from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to off people on a hit list. The film is full of rich and comedic filled characters from the people on the hit list to the detectives on their trail.

The dialogue is smartly written and the plot moves quickly enough that viewing the film is not a burden. I am a fan of good stories, with fast moving plot actions and Hit Team is certainly that.

I recommend this film for anyone who likes a good action-comedy.

Your Own Way Out

Highlhy Motivational
I recently had the pleasure of screening Your Own Way Out which turned out to be a surprise in all positive ways.

First, it is closer to a documentary than a narrative feature. The film is comprised of interviews with 33 entrepreneurs who all started businesses and have failed from time to time.

For an audience member, seeing the triumphs and tribulations of people who set out to achieve different things is highly motivational in your own pursuits.

The film is well shot and the questions asked in the interviews are interesting. It is edited in a way that makes the 33 separate stories into one cohesive narrative.

This is a film anyone with dreams or in pursuit of achieving a goal should see. A pleasant surprise indeed.

Pali Road

An Intense Psycho Thriller
Recently, I had the pleasure of screening the film "Pali Road". The film is about a woman who dates a young doctor, but after a car accident wakes up to find she is married to his professional rival and has a son. No one in her life, not even her parents remember the original love of her life, causing her to question her thoughts as well.

Pali Road, written by Doc Pedrolie and Victoria Arch is an intense psycho analysis of the human mind and shows the true power of the heart. The script and storyline are complex without being difficult to follow. A true intelligently written story.

Jonathan Hua Lang Lim directs a beautifully told story with sweeping shots and a serviceable pace. The story moves at a rate that causes the viewer to want to stay with it. He also does wonders in the direction of his actors.

The young woman is played by actress, Michelle Chen (Badges of Fury) who I was unfamiliar with before viewing this title. She serves as a great central character who is going through this psycho analysis. Her acting is top notch as she really conveys the beats and levels of love, fear and doubt as the plot unfolds. Pali Road will be a key vehicle in familiarizing this talented audience with a mass audience. Film fans will recognize the two leading male characters as Jackson Rathbone (Twilight) and Sung Kang (Fast and Furious). Rathbone, who plays the former love interest before the accident does well as the romantic lead. Kang, who plays the new husband and father really reaches a depth that was not seen in the uber popular action franchise he is known for. This movie proves as beneficial for the actors to showcase their talents as they prove beneficial for the film.

I highly recommend any film fans, or fans of its star actors to take the time to view this title. At 92 minutes it is not a marathon to watch as the plot moves swiftly. A really well put together film.

Cold Deck

Cold Deck is a Winning Hand
I recently had the pleasure of screening a Canadian independent film called "Cold Deck". I must say that it is a definite recommend.

"Cold Deck" follows a down on his luck poker player who has time and time again come up short in his underground playing pursuits, so much so that he has wrecked his sick mother's bank account. In an effort to win back his losses, help his mother and leave the game for good, he takes the offer of a boss to completely unravel a high stakes, underground game with a can't lose plan.

Initially, one would liken this to other high stakes card game films like "21" or "Rounders", but "Cold Deck" stands on its own, mostly due to lead actor and co-writer Stefano Gallo. His portrayal as the everyman is authentic and seemingly effortless. Often, an actor playing this type of character would be persuaded to overact or play with an unrealistic degree of intensity. Gallo does not succumb to that pressure. I was unfamiliar with his previous work before viewing this film, but I am definitely planning to seek out ways to watch his other performances.

Gallo is aided by top talent Paul Sorvino, who fans will recognize from "Good Fellas", "Romeo + Juliet" and "Law & Order". Sorvino plays the character Chip, who offers Gallo's character a way to cash in with one last score.

The writing is intelligent, the acting is superb and the drama and suspense is plentiful in this high stakes thriller. I definitely recommend anyone who is a fan of good movies to seek this one out.

Hillbilly Horror Show

All the goods
I had the pleasure of viewing Hillbilly Horror Show recently.

It is a collection of short films connected by a host. A novel idea. I am a filmmaker myself who creates in short film. The idea of making a compilation while connecting different stories via a host is great!

Each short film stands on its own as well made. Together, they form a great viewing experience.

I would recommend anyone looking for a well made horror anthology to definitely check this one out. The writing is superb. The directing is inspired. The acting is top notch. The entertainment is endless. This is a film for any movie fan.

The Oust

Pleasant Surprise
I thoroughly enjoyed my viewing of The Oust. If you are looking for a creepy movie to watch then I recommend this film.

Unfamiliar with the filmmaker I was hesitant to view as all too often unknown movies in the genre can be disappointing. This was not the case.

The story line, actor performances and suspense kept my attention from minute 1. The plot unfolds like a roller coaster with highs and lows but once the credits roll you know you've been on a ride you will remember.

If you have two spare hours in your day give The Oust a try.

House of Good and Evil

House of Good and Evil is a definite must watch. I had not heard of the film before previewing but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Though the idea of a couple purchasing a house with secrets is not by any stretch of the imagination new, the writer and director proved to not disappoint.

The writing is on par with an interesting story line and realistic characters. All too often characters in horror movies either seem cartoon-like or like parodies of characters from other films in the genre.

It is refreshing to view a a film that is not only well-made but entertaining to watch.

Shanghai Story

Good Story
I had the pleasure of watching the film Shanghai Story. Having no prior knowledge of the plot, characters, actors or director I didn't know what to expect.

Imagine my excitement when I was pleasantly surprised by what I had just watched.

The plot was engaging, suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat. A lot of independent, smaller films lack coherent story lines and plot holes are numerous. Shangai Story was the exact opposite. The timeline of events played out smooth and natural. Kudos must be given to the writer.

The characters were dynamic and multifaceted. The dialogue was real and again natural. Kudos must be given to the writer, director and actor.

With a running time of just under half an hour it is not a time consuming experience. I recommend the film to anyone who is looking for an entertaining night in.


Good Movie
I had the pleasure of watching the film Clubhouse. Having no prior knowledge of the plot, characters, actors or director I didn't know what to expect.

Imagine my excitement when I was pleasantly surprised by what I had just watched.

The plot was engaging, suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat. A lot of independent, smaller films lack coherent story lines and plot holes are numerous. Clubhouse was the exact opposite. The timeline of events played out smooth and natural. Kudos must be given to the writer.

The characters were dynamic and multifaceted. The dialogue was real and again natural. Kudos must be given to the writer, director and actor.

I recommend the film to anyone who is looking for an entertaining night in.

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