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A Gem!
Very-well crafted and acted series. Totally absorbing story-lines and characters.

Truly enjoyable,entertaining and original! An Irish soap opera on a grand scale.

Nothing detracts from this production. The scenery and locales are great. Excellent casting, direction and acting.

The series starts off with a humorous scene and has very deep character development. The trials and tribulations of the village residents is totally entertaining on all levels.

Total entertainment.

Post-script- I just saw the show where Assumpta accidentally dies. It looks like Dather Clifford is leaving the Priesthood. I don't know if the series can survive without these 2 leading characters. They really made the show and were supported by a strong cast. Alas!

Heaven Help Us

Reflects that period of time
This movie depicts a time that has now become a part of history. St. Michael's School closed its doors earlier this year. The neighborhood which was populated by Irish and Italian kids is now primarily Latino and lower-income,who couldn't afford the rising tuition.

The situations, as portrayed, were actually quite realistic for an inner-city parochial school. Some might say the brutality toward the boys was extreme- but pretty close to the truth.

Actual scenes were used in the neighborhood. The building that housed the candy store is still there, empty and derelict.

The movie caught the aura of the era and is becoming a 'cult classic'

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