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La fille de Dracula

The beauty of Britt Nichols shines, the movie don't
A women is murdered in her bath by a sinister individual dressed in black. In a manor-house near the scene of the crime, Baroness Karlstein wakes up with a start. She is gravely ill and is only awaiting the arrival of her granddaughter Luisa before dying. When Luisa arrives, her grandmother tells her of the curse that has haunted the family for generations, revealing that the first Baron Karlstein was a vampire, and gives her the key to the chapel. Luisa decides to move into the manor with her uncle Baron Max Karlstein and her cousin, Karine. The only fly in the ointment is the presence of the highly intelligent caretaker, Cyril Jefferson...

This movie was more improvised than well done. It is a very curious film and also very boring. Howard Vernon, as a sort of count Dracula, is only here to justify the title of the film. His scenes are too short, just lying in his coffin, eyes open are showing off his teeth.. Fun in a way...

Britt Nichols is very beautiful as always, and her lesbian scenes with Anne Libert are the best you can get from LA FILLE DE Dracula. But, there are too many tight close-ups to really enjoy it! Some captivating unreal atmosphere kept me watching from beginning to end... But, as always with most of Jess Franco films, you must be a bit of a masochist to enjoy these piece of...cinema!


For Jennifer, the real pussycat in the movie!
Garfield is a really bad movie. I loved the comic books, very funny. This film is not funny at all. The CGI effect are as good as it was for SCOOBI DOO, so pretty ugly to see. And the storyline...what is that? Do you call this a story? Come on, people! The movie was obviously made for the little ones, but the creators of the movie focuses on the cynism of the main character... Do they really think that a 3 year old kid can understand what the hell is going in the head of this fat cat?

Casting Breckin Meyer as Jon was also a pretty bad move too. He does not fit the role at all. As for Liz, Jennifer Love Hewitt is pretty cool to look at, despise she can't act at all. But, throughout the movie, she's very hot and wears sexy outfits that is indecent in the kind of movie! Just loved that!

No matter what you do, i'll always love you, Jennifer! What a silhouette! Garfield has some work out to do!

Nachts, wenn Dracula erwacht

Dracula by Franco
This movie claim to be the closest to the novel by Bram Stoker. It absolutely is not! But that doesn't matter. It has enough atmosphere and a great casting to be enjoying!

El Conde Dracula is a low-budget movie with very cheap art direction and costumes but that doesn't matter. It gives lots of charms, like (most) any other Franco movies. If you are familiar with the "Franco Cinema" you know if you can enjoy this or not because the Franco touch is all around this movie. It has also the magnificent Soledad Miranda as Lucy and the always great Christopher Lee as the sinister count!

Enough to give me a guilty pleasure of a film!

Ginî piggu 2: Chiniku no hana

Banned for over 15 years
A defenseless woman in kidnapped. In a very bizarre place, someone is going to torture her. He will cut off her hands, arms and legs before taking off her head with an axe. He will add her in his collection.

This is Guinea Pig, a serie of torture films, nothing more nothing less! The history spreads an horrifying legend about how hideous and disgusting this movie is. I think this is quite gory with extreme graphic violence but not so horrible. The special effects are obvious but very well made in fact...but not too much realistic to called this a snuff movie!

Finally, Guinea Pig is an experience to live but only for the hardcore fans of this genre of film. The audience not aware of what it is will be shocked to death and very offended. If you like this kind of movie, watch it with a couple of hardcore friends, it may turn in a funny kind of sick show with laughs and horrifying thrills!

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Lord Of The Rings IS The Greatest Film Ever Made
The only thing that must be said is :

Thank you, Peter Jackson!You're the Greatest....

A Special Achievement Award must be created to honor all the people involved in the creation of this Masterpiece of Cinema! For the moment, honor them by seeing this RETURN OF THE KING over and over again in theaters...

Santo y Blue Demon vs Drácula y el Hombre Lobo

Santo is back!
After facing defeat at the hands of Cristaldi the magician, Dracula is back to seek revenge and rule the world in SANTO Y BLUE DEMON VS. DRACULA AND THE WOLFMAN. With the help of the Wolfman and his legion of followers, victory seems imminent. Professor Cristaldi, a descendant of the magician, is warned about Dracula's plans and calls upon El Santo and Blue Demon in the hopes that they can put the infamous count and the werewolf down for good.

Nice underground entertainment with two wrestlers as heroes. The protect their beautiful girlfriend against a shallow Dracula and a great wolfman. Very cheesy but kind of fun with lots of fights.

Santo y Blue Demon contra el doctor Frankenstein

Mexico's Greatest Super Hero
Innocent women are being kidnapped and used as guinea pigs for a brain transplant experiment in SANTO AND BLUE DEMON VS. DR. FRANKENSTEIN. The diabolical Dr. Frankenstein continues his quest to perfect the brain transplant operation to bring back his deceased wife at any cost - even if it means paying with the lives of others.

El Santo and Blue Demon are called in to help when their friend, Alicia, becomes Dr. Frankenstein's next target. It'll take both heroes to go up against the dastardly doctor and go "mano y mano" with his super strong zombie, Golem.

The is a nice mexican movie with two masked wrestler as heroes. Very cool underground entertainment, like anything you ever seen in the genre. It is a curiosity worth watching!


A Masterpiece!
CAT SOUP is a short anime based on the legendary manga Nekojiru. It won the award "Best Short Film" at The 6th Fantasia Film Festival and also won the "Excellence Prize" at Japan's Media Arts Festival.

When little kitten Nyaako's soul is stolen by Death, she and her brother Nyatta embark on a bizarre journey to get it back. In the surreal dreamscape of the Other Side, they encounter many fantastic characters and remarkable, often disturbing adventures.

CAT SOUP is an anime like nothing you've ever seen. It's Hello Kitty on acid! It is very original, stunningly beautiful and possess a great sense of strangeness and lyricism. CAT SOUP is very surrealistic (there are no dialogue) and sometimes cruel and gory. So it is more an anime for adults than children (they may not understand at all!). A great journey for those who get the chance to see this absolute masterpiece. An must-see!


Casual sex!
Nice opening credits...

A porn flick starring Brigitte Lahaie. The stunning beauty was not a blond yet, more like a red head. Very very beautiful. In this film she got a couple of casual sex scenes in doggy-style way. In one scene she even got the chance to eat cum but in a very shy way...

She got an argument with her husband. To cheer up a little bit she invited all her friends at her house to party...I mean sex party! The husband comes back. Brigitte set up a trap to catch his man making love with one of her girlfriend...

The movie shows plenty of casual sex...very boring in fact! The 70's feeling from it is quite cool (the house is kitsch and the music score very nice) and the stunning Lahaie steal the show but only if you're a real fan of Brigitte! Otherwise...

Le journal de Pauline

Estelle la belle!
Another porn flick by director Fred Copula. A pseudonym, of course! This one is very special because this time the director focuses more on the beautiful Estelle Desanges than his last discovery: Clara Morgane (only here for a lesbian scene). The purpose of the story is more like a remake of Bridget Jones's Diary with more explicit sex! Miss Desanges has a lot to do with girls (astonishing scene with Rita Faltoyano) and also a threesome in a porn shop (the best scene of the film, ending with loads of cum on her nice breasts!). This movie also offers a magnificent scene with boyish Greg Centauro (actual boyfriend of Clara Morgane)and the beauty of Sharon (american) and Miss Fatoyano. Amazing how exciting this scene was! The porn magic of Fred Copula still works and with the marvellous Estelle you will get the hard on pretty fast! Miam...


No Way!
Clara Morgane : The New French porn sensation. This is the first and only (so far!) film that she directed. There are lots of hardcore scenes (penetration, sodomy, lesbianism...) but they are not as exciting as we expected. The movie is incoherent, too slow and pretentious. The main purpose of this kind of movie is to excite the senses,but this one fail on this duty. Don't waste your time watching this (even if you're a fan of Clara!) and concentrate yourself on the works of this little Morgane in front of the camera. Much more interesting!

The Matrix Revolutions

A Cinematic Disaster
Here comes the third installment of the Matrix Trilogy. Everything that you believed in the first one was already destroyed in the Reload Episode. This time, the Revolutions leads the audience to a normal, not very well done in fact, standard action-packed movie like any blockbuster that may come from Hollywood. Lots of real ugly fake SPFX, lots of noise and to cover all up, a religious choral score by Don Davis (excellent in fact, but only listen to it apart from the movie!). There is nothing left of what marvellous the first Matrix was: Great characters, amazing SPFX, superb story with a real and interesting mythology. The Revolutions destroy all that and become a real pain in the ass moviemaking experience. And the producer Joel Silver quote in the press about the trilogy "This is the future of movie making". Oh, we're in deep trouble! 1/10


The Best Porn of 90's!
Michael Ninn is probably the most innovative director of porn movies. His films are not just like normal, average sex. There is a universe, an easthetic beyond the conventions of its genre. In LATEX, he explore sex as you never seen it like this before. A huge mind blowing experience. Don't miss this porno masterpiece.

Das fantastische Nacht

Il faut sauver les Blaireaux!
It is a parody of SAVING PRIVATE RYAN made by the belgiums. It's black and white non-sense, a little bit gory (they like to tear up apart the bodies of militaries) and filled with "belgium" humour. It's real fun to watch it and very well done. More, please!


Svetlo means THE LIGHT. It is the unusual adventures of two children who uses an ampoule to have fun with it. The "explode" it and use his "content" once turned on. Cute and with good humour, Svetlo is a nice little short animated with a lot of charms. I think it will please and seduce all kind of people who get the chance to see it. If you have this opportunity, don't miss it!

Shayla's Web

Nice Porn
As you go deep inside the fantasies of Michael Ninn you know that you have a good porno movie in your hands!

Not quite as good as Shock or Latex tough. But the pleasure for the viewer comes most of the casting. Jessica Drake is so beautiful as she drowns a huge cock inside her throat, alexandra nice is astonishing in her tease performance and the always gorgeous Shayla did it again in three wonderful scenes. There are a lot of facial cumshots and sodomy during the entire movie. My favorite part is the facial cumshot on Jessica Drake. Even protecting herself with a pair of black glasses, she cannot wait to suck the cum and taste it and just look at the viewer meaning to say : "Was it as good for you as it was for me?". Sure did!


Porno Revenge
Nice and beautiful porno remake of Tony Scott's Revenge film with Kevin Costner, Madeleine Stowe and the late Anthony Quinn. It is set in Mexico and tries to make of Californian Girls into Mexican women. The chance of success was very thin but it's ok and that's not the point of a porn flick! Here are the beauty of Missy, Stephanie Swift and the gorgeous Liza Harper. The porn scenes are well done and there is a simple storyline. Average scenario but not only sex a la chaine! A good film as always with the director Brad Armstrong.

Le calde notti di Caligola

This is not Caligula!
It has nothing to do with the Caligula of Tinto Brass. This is a very cheap and silly sex comedy. Crappy dialogues, awful acting and art direction. There are lots of nudity in it and some brief hardcore shots (one penetration and a few blowjobs close-ups) but not enough interesting scenes to spend an hour and a half watching this very boring "thing" called a film.

Les week-ends maléfiques du Comte Zaroff

This is not The Most Dangerous Game
Directed and also starred by Michel Lemoine, this movie is not The Most Dangerous Game. The plot is still the same : an insane man enjoy the sadistic pleasure of hunting human beings. But in this one, there is a lot of bad acting by the ensemble cast, silly dialogues, not very comprehensible situations,lots of nudity and enjoyable murders. And this movie get a prize at the Fantasy Film Festival of Stiges in Spain in 1977. If you get the "chance" to see it, I don't want to recommended to anybody but still an experience to watch naked girls touching herself and dancing for absolutely no reason through the whole film.

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Almost OK sequel but boring!
It is a cool idea to make a sequel of the fun adaption of Charlie's Angel TV show. And this time it is exactly the same. Fun science-fiction action, humour and sex-appeal... Well, a very delicious cocktail. But contrary as the first, the sequel lose some of its freshness... McG, the director, uses the same formula : very cool music to support very cool images but it's like watching the same movie we saw two years ago.

The cool things is there are a lot of cameos on it like Bruce Willis, Robert Patrick, John Cleese, etc... and a very good surprise by the presence of one of the "original" angel!

And the very one person that lift the movie up is Demi Moore! After too much bad movies, she's coming back more beautiful than ever and in great shape for a great villain character! Too bad that the filmakers doesn't use her much more. We knew that she was the lost angel before the film was out and she didn't get into the action before the very last finale! But what a finale!

Of course it will be another sequel but this time the producers and filmakers should think of more fresh and original ideas for the next sequel, unless their audience for that kind of movie will really drop out.


One of the first great movie of 2003!
I got the chance to see the new x-men during a preview for the journalists. I am also a journalist but working for an internet website.

So what about the movie? Just have to say : WOW! The sequel is better than the first one, that I also like very much. It has excellent scenario, great characters development and of course, spectacular action sequences... but it never loses the emotions and the lyricism that comes from the story. In fact, it is actually very moving... And I don't want to ruin your pleasure talking about the ending...

The new characters (especially The NightCrawler) are great and looks wonderful on the screen. The directing of Director Bryan Singer is the same as the first one and the actions sequences are even better because it has much energy and punch... Don't miss the combat between Logan and DeathStrike!

The movie has also a very interesting message under all the blockbuster and entertainment with reminiscences about politics, socials and war. It can contents all the stuff to fulfill any kind of audience.

For my pleasure, the great composer John Ottman takes the place of Michael Kamen for this sequel and writes a FAN-TA-STIC score... With a large orchestra, chorals and his magnificent direction the music of X2 is both martial and emotionnal... And i don't tell anything about the use of classical music in certain sequences. Magistral!

It's one of the first great movies I saw this year and I just want to say that this summer is going to be supergreat! So, don't wait any longer and go see this movie right now!

Bordel SS

Paris under occupation. In a little quiet parisian house, nazis officers having sex with french girls... Nice little story with a 70's feeling. Shoot in 1978 this porn movie is one of the first Brigitte lahaie films. She's still a brunette, becoming blonde later in this business. Nothing much to say except that is a very rare film to find these days and a great collector for Brigitte Lahaie's fans.

The atmosphere is quite nice but a little more decadence await during the whole movie. That is not what i called Nazisploitation but nice porn movie with SS. Still the "already" great Lahaie and very nice looking girls touching herself through the movie. I kinda like that! The soundtrack is also a great one! Just see it, if you can find a copy!

An Erotic Vampire in Paris

Cheap Cinema
Another variation about vampires with lots of nudity but kind of cheap... That's typical from Seduction Cinema so don't expect anything much.. Slow story, awful actors and actresses but beautiful Misty Mundae got nice sex-appeal on screen (especially when she's naked)

If you like cheap movies or lots of women showing off their body (no great camera working even there!) you might enjoy this but be warned... all the movies from Seduction Cinema is like this one, even if the plot is different... It's redneck cinema...

Auto-stoppeuses en chaleur

A classical french porn
This classical french porn is only good by the presence of beautiful Lahaie. Her scene is fantastic but the rest of it is...classical! Nothing really horny to sink our... teeth into but hey look at the year the movie was made! A pretty good one so!

Le retour des veuves

Hot sequel
Sequel to VEUVES EN CHALEUR. So... It's obligatory less good than the first one and a little bit boring and not very exciting in fact!

But the beautiful Lahaie did it again. Horny as possible, her scene steal the movie entirely. Just watch it if you're a fan of the beautiful actress... Nonetheless only if you're nothing else to do...

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