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Floor Is Lava

To be a fly on the wall when this was pitched.

Can flies carry weapons of mass destruction?

Alfons Åberg

Classic Swedish children's show
This show is one of the most famous and appreciated Swedish children's shows. I used to watch it all the time 8-10 years ago, and recently decided to pick up the box set with the whole show, because of the nostalgia and not having seen any episodes in ages. It was fun to watch again, but the show definitely lacks originality (which a lot of other nostalgic Swedish shows to me does not), I can see now. For the nostalgic part, this is a solid 9, but watching it again, I realized that this show really isn't THAT good. So a 6 will have to do. But kids will enjoy this, for sure. I know how I used to love it, and I still do in a way, but it's not a great show without the nostalgic part.


Great Swedish drama
As a big fan of Swedish cinema, I really enjoyed this movie. I thought the development of the characters were great and the chemistry between them. For most of the part, the acting is good. There were some actors with smaller roles who could have done a bit better, but it's nothing too big a deal.

The movie follows an overweight girl (Maja) who is very passionate about acting, and more than anything wants to become an actress. She meets a documentary filmmaker (Erika) at a wedding and the two decides to shoot a documentary about Maja's life.

I'm not sure if I agree this is partly a comedy. To me, for the most part this was a pure drama.

Anyway, I would definitely recommend you to check this movie out.


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