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Freier Fall

Great Script and Acting
It's been awhile since I wrote last review and I'm pretty sure want to write this one. I want everybody know, gay or straight that this film is far more than just "worth watching", but I'll say this film is like one self-mirror, a reality that maybe happen in everyday life.

The acting is great, I called it natural. I really miss a good acting like this since "Weekend" in 2011 nailed it. The poster itself is really eye catching. See that poster remind me of "Brokeback Mountain".

About the script, no doubt, one of the best in 2013. It's great and I love it. I've seen some of gay theme films about gay police or gay in law enforcement environment always or mostly turn bad, but here, in "Free Fall" totally different. The director try to pull every string that guide us to see that love can be happen everywhere, even in a cocky place like police department in natural way. It's not like sexual fantasy like we used to see in porn industry, but it's drama, it's tears, it's life, it's a real drama between two man, in a right place an time love grow.

And don't really care about the ending, or the beginning, or the middle. This film tell us that love always find it's way home.

Getting Go, the Go Doc Project

That was real...
Just saw it and better than I expected. Despite it's super limited budget, almost every aspect well done, the acting, story, editing, and photography.

Interesting to see Tanner Cohen again on screen after his last film was Were the World Mine (2008), he made reputation there, as the film too, one of the top greatest gay movies according to AfterElton. This some kind of good breakthrough. And the acting, no doubt, he's good.

No wonder, the director, Cory Krueckeberg, chose him as the lead. He was the writer of Were the World Mine (2008) and this is a great debut for him as a director.

The most interesting about this film is the story. It made like semi self-documentary, made by the 'Doc' (Tanner Cohen), who happened to be amateur fake director in a tricky way to get close to his favorite go-go dancer, 'Go' (Matthew Camp). He was very obsessed to 'Go' as he obsessed with online cam and blog. A little bit exhibitionist I say. He contacted 'Go' said that he's a director and want to make him and go-go dancing issue as the topic. Luckily, it was approved.

Then, story between the 'Doc' and the 'Go' begin. The shooting begin as their love of each other also begin to grow. Emotional build and love made, but the truth always altered the story.

Another great aspect of the film is the emotion, intimacy, and the bond between the two main actors really strong. We can felt this aspect almost at the entire film when filming the "amateur fake" documentary. At the point, I almost believe that this film was a "real" documentary starring by two "real" couple.

Some might said it's sad ending, some might said not. For me, it's fair ending and I liked it, because made less "Hollywood ending."

Plynace wiezowce

Nothing New
Just watch it and nothing new. Honestly, the first half of the film bored me, the plot running to slow and I don't have any idea what's going on with the story. A lonely yet have a girlfriend fooling around with guys in somewhere bathroom. There is something about Kuba's character just failed to show the audience that he's gay (or depress closet gay with a girlfriend and dominant mother).

The he met Michal and the 70's or 80's of gay life revive. Homophobia seems like the main plot, along with denial, gay bashing (the worst part at the end), and the tricky plot to get over this gay symptoms.

Another failed character is Sylwia. I mean, come on, we live in 21st century and yet she found that her boyfriend is a gay just extremely too long or she just playing dumb because she's just too selfish homeless woman. Oh, and this is another flaws, mom and girlfriend trying to plot a gay son to "normal" life. Seems like 90's telenovela.

I wonder if there was 5 minutes extension at the end. That "end" would the ultimate back through of this film to become "great".

Triple Crossed

No Story, No Acting... Just Skin and Beautiful Male
Seems to me that Brent, oops Sean Paul Lockhart still trying his best way to go mainstream cinema beside porn industry. I've seen some of his film, like Judas Kiss, small part in The Big Gay Musical (2009) and Oscar Winning movie Milk (2008). I have to say this, with honest and respect, still and yet, he found his best acting and fair debut as his first directing.

But, with another honest and respect, this film just far from good. The worst part is terrible story. It's more likely some kind of gay fantasy story, that someone (assassin with military background) would kill you for money and God knows that you would falling in love with someone should be your victim.

Another worst part is the acting. Well, we shouldn't expect mush from mostly "amateur" actors. I'm lost count how many "oh God..." I said during the movie.

Overall, if you enjoy film with skins (sure, there are some explicit full frontal nudity here), beautiful male actor with great body shape, then, this film would be perfect.

Sherlock: His Last Vow
Episode 3, Season 3

I can't wait till next year
"Sherlock", still one of the best entertaining show on TV so far. Well made, great acting, and of course excellent story. "Sherlock" is nothing without good story.

I prefer "The Reichenbach Fall" then this "His Last Vow". I don't know, maybe just this episode just more less in drama and exciting big case. But, still it's great. I have to say that the last two episodes was boring compare to episode 1 & 2 the last two season, somehow Sherlock character just different after his "resurrection". He's more "happy", more "smiling", more "joke", more "funny", less "drama", less "observation", less "bad-ass", less "cold-heart", and less "genius".

And I see it now after finished this last season 3 episode. The whole Sherlock back again and it's really entertaining. It's great to see how he figure out a way go, even though this time he didn't kill himself but somebody else.

I really miss Moriarty, his arc-enemy. This last episode just perfect for Moriarty back from the dead. I just can't wait till next year how Sherlock, John, and new player, Mary, battle against Moriarty. Who will win? Doesn't matter. Great story plot will prove it all.

Dorian Blues

Entertaining but many Stereotypes
Fun movie, well actually, coming out isn't that easy, but this movie bring it up as simple issue, with funny joke, interesting character, and well done actors.

I like the acting. But, sometimes I don't really get Dorian's feeling by his language and tone. Somehow, Michael McMillian didn't get into his own character. There is time to laugh and there is time to cry, sometime he didn't get it, make me feel less emotional. Lea Coco and Steve Fletcher really did a great job.

I really like the script but I have to say full stereotype of gay man/homosexual. Like perfect brother, muscle, and sport. And the gay one, skinny, didn't like sport, always to blame, never done anything well and always the minor in every parents love (less favorite).

Let me make some comparison to some gay coming out theme. "Get Real" (1998) Steven Carter falling in love to John Dixon, school brightest running star while he look like a "nerd" and sometimes get insulted by other student. But, stereotype wasn't an issue here because that differences between them just a story about hard love and actually it wasn't love after all when John Dixon decided to shut up in order to maintain his reputation.

Another shot, "Mambo italiano" (2003), this coming gay movie is completely free stereotype. Even Angelo Barberini falling in love with "macho" gay cop and since school he already called gay, and even his father suggested Angelo Barberini to play hockey because it might be cured him, stereotype wasn't much problem here united family more important than what other people think.

For me, always interesting to watch gay coming out story. Dorian Blues good enough with 7/10.

Mambo Italiano

The Most Refreshment so Far
Well, ten years and finally got this movie. It's really refreshing to enjoy such a great gay romantic comedy. Well acted, great script, and a very interesting story. Bringing up Italian culture, I'm not Italian, but it's just something new and fresh and just great.

I like every character development. And love every funny parts. It's been awhile since I had found gay romantic comedy like "Birdcage".

I read some review and discussion about the "more appropriate" ending. I have to say, this time, on this movie, it wasn't really bother me. I mean, sometimes when the ending too rough to be true or too good to be true, emotion get involved easily. It didn't happen this time, in a good way.

I don't want to be sentimental, after watched this movie, I though that a happy ending always find it's own way.

The 24th Day

Problem with Budget
I have to say that both James Marsden and Scott Speedman did a great job. Both their character growing as good as low and high tension of the plot. I really like Dan character and the opposite character Tom.

Honestly interesting story. I think Tony Piccirillo really did a great job growing a story like "The 24th Day" from HIV?AIDS genre. But, I think the great problem was the lack of emotion developing. It was a great move from the first time they were hitting, back to Tom house, have a little chat and the thriller begun. After that, actually most of it just shouting. I thrilled but just that it. I don't pick up any emotion involved.

I guess it was because bad editing and cinematography, but it's fair enough for low budget film.

Naked As We Came

One of the Best in 2013
Honestly, I think this is one of the best gay theme movies in 2013. Despite it's low budget film, everything run perfectly well. The great part is the casting. Richard LeMay, the director, really done a careful and brilliant job to pick up the only six casts. Well, he is also the writer, I guess he know know pretty much a fit character to his own story.

Like I said, it's low budget. The casts only six and 98% appeared only the fourth main actors and main location just in big house with big garden. But, surprisingly, I didn't get bored, a good cinematography really helped with that problem.

About the story, I have to say that it's not really original. I mean, I have seen some gay interest movie with the same main story, sick mother/father/children, broken family members, guilt, reconciliation, and new future, but somehow, I like "Naked As We Came" twisted ending. Well, I don't really expect that ending and still can't figured it out yet, but mostly I have some in mind. The ending really help with whole plot story.

Love the character. Actually, this movie still a simple story, I figure it out why Richard LeMay picked conspicuous characters for the four main actors. It was great, like to see every character develop as it's be. The only lack is Benjamin Weaver's character as Ted Kingsley. He has the worst acting and likely incomplete character.

The ending? Well, I guess everyone has their own dream ending. One last thing, I think this movie more likely called as family movie than gay theme/interest movie.

I'm highly recommended this movie. I just hope it has bigger budget, could be very promising movie.


Surprisingly a Good Gay Thriller
Honestly, when I first watched this film, somehow it's a little bit boring. Well, I think this is a low budget film, the cast only 5 people and mostly 80% shooting only in the same room of an apartment.

But, I was surprise as the plot growing more complicated. The lead actor, Patricio Ramos as Manuel, played an innocent post-breakup gay and meet Mario Verón as Julio from online chatting. They have a different personality. Somehow, Julio look like the bad guy with tattoo and unclear past.

Interesting life in just one night stand. The whole plot only happened whole night with flash back sometimes. Sex made, emotion build and future planned. But the truth conceal when another truth reveal a lies.

Notre paradis

For Love and Personal Pleasure
Still, is rare to find a good gay theme film with crime and thriller taste, well I think "Our Paradise" nailed it. Interesting romance, stabbing scene, sex, and emotion mixed well. The only lack was the ending. A little bit to illogical. There are dream come true but other doesn't. This film none of that.

The part still bothering me that Vassili did every psychopathic symptoms for love or personal pleasure. Vassili (played by Stéphane Rideau) is an mature gay hustler with killing instinct, triggered if he get mad or insulted. But, look like everything change when found young hustler almost beaten to dead Angelo. He took care of him and eventually they felt in love. Another killed by Vassili intended to secure they're needed fulfill and paradise came true. The last killing was mostly intended the lust for money.

My focus still on Vassili psychopathic behavior. I don't really know it was personal issue or love. But, love really expensive and can't be bought by money, but is worth it when they end up in jail? If it is, I don't see any paradise.


TV Movie Quality
When I saw the opening scene, the script, editing, and cinematography, I thought "Mulligans" was TV movie, then I saw IMDb and I was wrong, this wasn't any, but pretty much of it. Even now I still can't believe it was theatrical movie.

Honestly, the plot really predictable. I could eventually saw ahead from the first 20 minutes and I think the ending a little bit illogical.

Another lack is wrong casting. Dan Payne as father character, came out gay form closet after 20 years married, was too cold, there were any emotions, still he didn't a "father" in most of way. Charlie David as young gay was too obvious to be gay. And Derek Baynham as Charlie David best friends was too old played a straight college student.

For theatrical movie, "Mulligans" looks like amateur work. If you see well, the editing really poor. For example, when Nathan was in his garage and saw Chase passed him with full bag of cloches he looked like surprise, stupidly Jarod was just 5 meters away from him waiting for Chase. Even the beer bong scene clearly was fake and the golf playing too.

But, still, if this movie was a TV movie, didn't really work as good movie either. 6 from 10 will be the highest.


Another Bad Gay Vampire
Honestly, I couldn't wait any longer to finished this film at 30 minutes running, but I have to and I realized that I had wasted my time.

Everything just bad (awful), acting, story, and directing. Bad, the worst part is story. There is no significant line that can keep you stay up to finish. A man eventually turned to be vampire and messed situation came up. His friends trying to ease that pain, bad situation even worse when emotion and sex involved. Fin.

There is one disturbing scenes, when the lead actor touched and looked at his bloody feces as a sign that he is gonna turned to be vampire. For me, this is highly disturbing scene and not significantly important. I mean that part can be replaced by showing his body chancing, teeth, or hearing progressive, etc.


Today, Still The Best
Almost 2014 and I don't find any gay themes movies as good as "Weekend". And it's still the biggest jump for gay theme movies since "Milk" in 2008 and "A Single Man" in 2009 made it (according to After Elton's ranking) as a year released debut.

Even far more from back, "Weekend" still the biggest jump for independent and limited gay theme movies since "Shelter" in 2007 shocked the world. Even many high rated independent and limited gay theme movies like, "Were the World Mine" (2008), "Patrik, Age 1.5" (2008), GLAAD awards winning "Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom" (2008), and "Undertow" (2009) can't talk much. "Shelter" still in top chart now replace "Brokeback Mountain".

I don't wanna talk about how good "Weekend" is, because everything just perfect, acting, story, cinematography, and emotion just in a perfect shape and I'm sure everybody mostly will agree with me.

I just wanna show that everybody really (REALLY) hungry for a good, no, A GREAT gay theme movie, but unfortunately it's still really rare to find. We don't know when a great epic like "Brokeback Mountain" will exist or worse maybe there aren't like "Brokeback Mountain" no more.

I hope, 2014 will be great again.


No Cut At All!
I found this film unintentionally and really didn't know what kind of "scenes" that I would found. But, I was surprise. It was fun comedy but still I can't describe it as a good film as well. It's okay comedy genre film.

Another surprising me was the film length. Well, it run almost 1 and half hours just and ONLY shooting in one hospital bed, surprisingly I didn't get bore. I don't know it was because the camera angle ONLY focus to the center of male body anatomy or anything else, but the most important part, there weren't any CUT at all.

Well, yes, it was the lead actor's uncircumcised penis as the main focus. He was severely injured and can't walk out from bed. He was trying to amuse himself by calling his girl friends and have sex with them, but it didn't really work out.

It tuned bad because his doctor, a male doctor wanted him too. He ended up cuff by police because he killed the doctor when trying to defense himself.

Plus, make sure don't miss the credits. There are some behind the scenes shooting. Looks fun.

J'ai rêvé sous l'eau

Too Much
There is no new story actually here. A young man, falling to his best friend and eventually dead because of OD. He felt lonely and some guilty too. He begin enter the dark world. He begin to cruising at the park who filled with gay hungry for rough sex. There was no choice to prevent gang-bang.

The begin to be a hustler too. Well, financial problem is a massive problem too. But, somehow an angle came, his own one of a kind young costumer. He even gave him a job.

The part I most hated is Antonin's (lead character) disrespect and unthankfull to friend and offer him a job and warm comfort. Instead, Antonin even falling again (yeah, again) to a girl who also a hooker. Antonin tried to match them, but it didn't work. I hated so much when he choose the hooker girl instead of his kind friend. Only God know what happen next if that girl also dead because of OD.

El cónsul de Sodoma

Well, I don't know what y'll thinking, but 5.4 rating would be disgrace. Even good film have flaws, but flaws here not that bad.

This is a life journey if poet and wealthy man, Jaime Gil de Biedma. There were two version in his life. A good and bourgeois man when sunrise above and become an lustful greedy homosexual man at dark. He was struggling at least to combined that two different world and try as long as he could to assure his family that he was alright. Beside that, he almost captured by communist because he was gay, but his father power help him He was struggling to find love. He travel a round the world to find love, like Philippines and found a boy from public sexual activity. But it just a night stand. When at home, he had a secret boyfriend but didn't last long because his boyfriend can't hold anymore being secret boyfriend.

The last of his journey of love, he met young photographer. But, still didn't last long. Different class between the two was too hard to bear.

I think, the only lack just lame photography and cinematography that made this film look like a work of amateur. The explicit scene didn't really good. I men it looks like a cheap porn made. But, overall it was an interesting story.


Silent Tell You Much
I always excited to watch a silent short feature. Short film always tell you a hidden story behind differently with long feature. Sometime it leave ambiguous ending and even ambiguous plot.

"Bramadero" it's not a difficult film to be solved. Two young man met in a rooftop. One man admit he is gay and the other doesn't. They stayed in awkward silent and they gay man retrieve. But, the the stay in closet man give up an let sucked by the gay man.

Later, they had sex, an explicit sex, fellatio and anal penetration. They both enjoyed it, but eventually the man in the closet wake up and felt guilt and ashamed to himself and killed the gay man.

Sometimes, love really hurt when you don't let it free.


Men's Men's World
This is would happened when earth only lived by male. I'm male, but I though it's too egoistic at first, vanishing women are completely wrong, but I see meaning beyond that later on. It's called acceptance.

Yeah, it's about acceptance. There is no doubt, we live in world full of prejudice. The director when to tell us, the peace (devotion) can be found when there is no difference that made everything so complicated. The director chose a heavy way by creating an Earth that only lived by man, male.

Male took every job, even job that women used to do. Sex is free because everybody same (doesn't mean to be free sex like today, just the freedom to expose sexuality). And the most important part, everybody live in peace like devotion supposed to mean.

The Raspberry Reich

This Is Happen When Gay Porn Enter Politic
I really enjoy almost every Bruce La Bruce film, including this one. He always have different way to tell hidden meaning of chosen themes in his film.

Honestly, I don't really understand what kind of politic was telling here (It's like socialism or communism? Tell me if I'm wrong) but at least I know it's purpose. I have to say that combine politic with gay explicit film somehow really bizarre. But, I found it perfectly matched.

Just other Bruce La Bruce film, "The Raspberry Reich" have gorgeous actors. I really enjoy the sex scenes. Looking hot and I love the teasing part a mask man played with gun while he was masturbating.

The only lack just bad acting. Well, I think almost the actors are porn star and amateur artist. But, if the acting was great, this film would be perfect.

I Want Your Love

Porn that Become Drama
I found this by accident actually. I thought it was porn at first, but I change my mind, it wasn't meant to be porn and it still isn't.

It's really convincing as porn actually because as far as I remembered, this short feature produced by Naked Sword that I know is gay pornographic company.

The story was simple. Two guys hook up and somehow one of the guys never experienced with anal sex before. They chatting and enter to explicit scene (the explicit scene, like real fellatio, anal penetration, and ejaculation made with porn quality standard but more passionate like drama). The morning after they made love, ambiguous meaning hanging in the air.

I have watched "I Want Your Love" (2012), the feature length from this short. I have to say I much more enjoy this one, more realistic instead of porn.

O Fantasma

Fifthy Shades of Obsesseion
I wonder if this movie came from book, that would be like E. L. James erotic novel, "Fifty Shades of Grey". I'm not counting but many explicit graphics that show Sérgio's dark side of obsession.

I have to say, actually, this is a beautiful work of art and I really enjoy it from start to final. I almost curious in every minutes and said, "What another crap that he will do next?". Honestly, I'm excited.

I'm more comfortable to called this movie as fantasy than drama. Because, even it's hard to believe, I don't think that any kind of obsession expose in this movie are real in real world.

Sérgio (played by Ricardo Meneses) was young man working in town street cleaning service. His sexual fantasy begin when he found an cuffed policeman and giving him a hand job. His fantasy become more darker. He dug some garbage bin and found things from it and touch himself.

His biggest obsession was another young man, healthy, handsome, and more wealthy from him, apparently a swimmer. He begin to follow him and "stole" his broken speedo and used it as sexual stimulation.

His peak obsession was by kidnap his dream guy from his sleep but the very bizarre part when he left the swimmer guy un-touch. Maybe, feeling guilty, he left home and begin phantasm (shadow) with full dark surfer cloth and live with garbage.

I think his sexual explicit scene, like having real gay fellatio in bathroom with stranger, masturbation that hurt himself, even with almost his full frontal nudity scenes were supposed to mean his sexual liberty from his obsessed man, the swimmer.

Taxi zum Klo

Still, The Best Gay Adult Movie
Found this few years ago and I never get bore when I replay and replayed. Just, great. Everything settle in a perfect fit and match. Classic one but I guess there is no match for this movie till this modern time.

There some aspects that makes this movie great.

The Story It's rare and maybe the only movie (as long as I know) a school teacher exposing his sexual orientation and sexual activity outside his professional being. And it was really well match. Plot ran slowly about lonely teacher, intense up when he pound boyfriend, and higher when his need of boyfriend cross with need of sexual fulfillment. In that part, he tried many sexual activity. Hooking up with stranger, bathroom cruising, and even tried S&M. After that, plot ran slow again and met the final.

The Acting Frank Ripploh, the lead actor also director played his part really good. Also Bernd Broaderup as Bernd. I love Bernd's character growth. He played innocent man very good. He knew his position over Ripploh and made deal with it. At the end, goodness always win.

This is an important part. Many gay theme movies didn't have a very good acting. Somehow, low budget film result low acting quality. That's why I praise this movie much.

The Explicit This the part "Taxi zum Klo" most memorable. Even up to now, I can't find match this movie erotic, hotness, and explicitness. The fellatio was great and the sex scene too. The S&M part really surprising me. At the first time, I never imagine that mainstream movie had bravery to shot sexual urination except in porn.

Well, because it's explicitness, many people said this one can be called as porn. I don't think so. Porn doesn't have what Taxi zum Klo have, but what Taxi zum Klo have, absolutely porn own ones.

Tensión sexual, Volumen 1: Volátil

A Hot Teasing
When I found this movie, I don't know it was compilation at first. I was disappointing but after watched it segment to segment it turns good, even great.

I can't decided what is my best segment. Every segment perfectly great. great writing, great directing, and one of the most important great acting. I don't know if all of the actors are gay or straight but I think it doesn't matter because they played it very well and convincing.

I called it hot teasing because it's highly erotic approaching. They story run well and innovative in every segment. The best part of it, every main story per segment almost we can find in every day life. I like this approaching, make us feel close to what directors and actors want us to know. It could happen anytime and anywhere beyond our consciousness.

The Wolverine

I said, OK
It was fun to read how may people react to this movie. I could sat all day and read all of reviews and smile back. Some people really emotional, some others seem objective, others keep it decent. Well, ti's okay, as well as the movie, still okay.

"The Wolverine", not bad but also not really memorable. Like the classic movie, there are always the good, the bad, and the ugly.

THE GOOD Well, I guess this is the first (I don't really count but I guess this is the biggest yet) box office superhero movie with mostly main location outside US. This is really some kind of refreshment. I mean, I live in Asia and when I was a child I though superhero only exist in US. But, this Wolverine beautifully choose Japan and tradition attached as main location and character which is bring new window that superhero can have a great action outside America.

THE BAD I don't think that Logan sexual relationship with Mariko was important. Even feeling to her for me like forbidden fruit. He loved Jane and always will but she already gone, but it doesn't men that he must have to falling in love and made love with his former "friend" life-in-danger grand daughter. To keep her safe doesn't mean sex involved. That's a really lame connection.

THE UGLY Absolutely the script. I know the screen writer had already taken much effort to balance this superhero movie to Japan tradition, but the worst part actually on it. There are some character's motive didn't really run well. For example, "Viper", there is no truly motive for her to help old man getting immortal life. Even character "Yukio" was completely garbage, and also Minister of Justice was dead character.

The script also predictable. I guess everybody have been guessing about Shingen motive called him back to Japan after his lustful obsession to get immortal life. Well, faking death it's not really wise choice.

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