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The Road to Mandalay

Very powerful and evocative
The Road To Mandalay is one of the piercing artworks of Asian cinema. It tells the story of two people who sneak into Thailand from Myanmar in search of a better life. What makes it so impactful is its simplicity and rawness. The narrative doesn't try to accentuate the throes of poor migrants as they struggle to eke out a living. It follows a rather disinterested, albeit plaintive, subtext as the protagonists move across the border multiple times and explore different ways to work things out.

As days go on, one can feel their optimism dissipate and anguish build up. The cinematography is breath-taking, particularly the countryside scenes which tend to be highly evocative. There are a few stellar moments with subtle background score which underscores the intensity of those scenes. There's a scene where the couple travel in a jeep as it passes through a dense mist of clouds and fog. The scene had a strong imprint on me and lingered on long after the movie was over.

The movie carries an ominous overtone without making the plot over-dramatic. It does a good job of retaining emotive elements without compromising on realism. The characters are real and so is their pain. All in all, an unforgettable movie.

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