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The Violation of Gina Ryder

Black and Decker drills put to good use.
Reminds me of being 18 and watching this movie.... oh those were the days..... Classic Stuff with inventive use of power tools and lubricant.... Oh and i wish i'd have played on a soccer team like that when i was young..

8 Mile

This was so bad
I was made to watch this movie by some friends..... they are no longer my friends, it was so bad it hurt me. What was the point in half the film.... just show the rap battles, they were the only good bit. Get rid of MC Bob... whys he even in it? Oh and the script stunk..... the film should have been renamed 8cliches, Did someone write this in their lunch-hour?

The Skulls

Whas up wit dis?...It sucks....
A laughable plot, laughable script and laughable acting... The most unsecret society ive ever seen..... you might as well open up a branch of Macdonalds in their 'secret' house, it would be less obvious than in the film.

Oh and kids, climbing up a roof to steal a weather vane and falling 30 feet into a moat is not funny or cool....But Joshua Jackson should definitely try and fall back into Dawsons Creek.... That show looks like Shakespeare compared to this.

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