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Well Made Indie
I came across Chameleon at a film festival this last year. It's a cool take on the thriller genre, especially if you're looking for something different than the Hollywood norm. They may not have had the biggest budget imaginable but there's some very clever filmmaking backed up by strong direction. The camerawork brings a lot of tension and energy that really plays along well with the pace of the story. I'll definitely be looking for other projects by this team.

The Dinner Party

Very Polished Indie Film
I've always been a sucker for a well plotted thriller. While this film definitely crosses genres, boasting plenty of horror for gore fans, it doesn't sacrifice its intelligence. There's nothing more rewarding, for me, than a story that slowly unfolds and allows you to play along with the storyteller. Information rolls out as you piece the mystery together scene by scene.

There are some very strong performances here as well as beautiful cinematography that seems based around Baroque period style paintings. Loved the color palette and visual choices. If you're looking for something off the beaten path that also provides a strong since of polish then you should very much give Dinner Party a watch.

The Droving

Really Well Made
This was a really awesome find. If you like moody thrillers you should check out the Droving. There's beautiful camera work with a real sense of atmosphere and surroundings. It keeps you on your toes til the very end. I'm a big fan of films that slowly unravel information to you and this one definitely does that.

Hey Diddle Diddle

Very Nicely Done
I found this film really engaging. The story was something that felt really fresh to me. Whether you watch tons of hollywood or indie movies it's hard to find stories that are relatable but at the same time something you haven't seen a million times. Hey Diddle Diddle has some really strong acting and touched on the expectations we set up for ourselves as humans. I highly recommend checking it out. I'm looking forward to seeing more from the filmmaking team.

Perfect Feet

I have to admit that I wasn't sure what to expect going into this one but I really enjoyed it. The conversations within were really interesting. Shoe companies, social norms, what's beautiful and what isn't. It was really intriguing. Even if you aren't normally into documentaries I think you might find this one entertaining and educational.

She Walks the Woods

I've always been drawn to found footage movies. This one has a naturalness to it that I liked a lot. It doesn't feel like it was plotted out as a screenplay, but instead has a very organic flow to it. Totally worth checking out if you like thriller/horror found footage flicks as much as I do. :)

All I Want

Enjoyed it
A very sincere indie drama that deals with the different types of relationships we hold. The filmmakers did a nice job giving us different perspectives on what it's like to "adult" in this crazy world that's filled with complications and trials. I enjoyed it a lot.

Nowhere Mind

A really nice exploration into the human psyche. This film was wonderfully directed/constructed. The pace allows you to really sink into the characters. Lovely photography and coloring too. I can't wait to see what this filmmaking team comes up with next!

Purgatory Road

Purgatory Road
If you're looking for a story that's different then this one will do the trick. It's a cool indie thriller/horror film that delves into religion on an old testament level. Some truly suspenseful moments in it with tight direction. I'd heard about this one for a while and was glad to finally get to watch it.

First House on the Hill

A cool 70s/80s style throwback horror flick. I enjoyed it a lot, especially with it being Halloween season. The direction may not be for everyone but if it's to you're liking you'll probably enjoy the heck out of it. Interesting use of color in their stylized lighting too. Fun watch.

This Is Meg

Fun Ride
A fun look at the real life trials of actresses and those that pursue a career in the crazy world that is filmmaking. I enjoyed this one a lot. It was really professionally done while maintaining a unique indie voice. Lots of familiar faces pop up as well. :)

Nineteen Summers

This was a really solid movie! You never know what to expect with indie films, and I mean that for both the good and the bad, but this one was deeply emotional and had an extreme sincerity to life's struggles. Definitely worth checking out!

Ab Negative

Cool Indie Thriller
A really interesting premise that I haven't seen before. It really sets the stage for the "cutthroat" nature of people as they try and survive. If you're into post apocalyptic stories then this one is definitely for you. There's also some really nice visuals and a lovely backdrop for the film.

Tag Team Truckers

Fun Ride
An indie film that's a really fun ride. If you're looking for a different type of comedy then you'll be in for a treat with Tag Team Truckers. This lovable loser takes us on a zany adventure. It isn't a film with a million dollar budget but it's clearly made with a lot of passion and that can go a long way. Check it out for yourself.

Einstein's God Model

I really enjoyed this independent sci-fi film a good bit. It was very creative and had an engaging and interesting story. I was pleasantly surprised with how impressive the visual effects were in the film. Sci-fi is a very difficult genre to pull off with a limited budget but the filmmakers did a really nice job.

I'd definitely recommend for someone to watch if you're a fan of the genre or of films that are different than the industry standard.

Sunset Blvd.

Very Impressed
This move had gotten by me over the years, but I finally saw it and I was very impressed. The story of a former superstar trying to hang onto the glory years was fascinating.

The young man's struggles were extremely interesting as he tried to find his own path in this crazy world we live in. It's most definitely worth a watch and the final scene is something I can definitely relate to more now that I see where the famous quote actually comes from. If you have the opportunity to give it a watch I most definitely recommend it. In some ways, it isn't for the faint of heart, but it's a very solid movie.

Deadly Intent

Nicely Done
Deadly Intent is a nice suspense story. Things go bump in the night as you hope they will (or hope they won't depending) and the family angle keeps you engaged throughout the film. I enjoyed the visual style of the film and the hard work the filmmakers put into it. The music helped set the tone early on and I always love when we're fed story hints as it goes along.

Independent films always have some kind of limitation or another, but the director did a nice job crafting a rounded film. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. It's a good film to check out this Halloween season so grab some popcorn and curl up on the couch. Lights being off is optional. ;)

Diamonds to Dust

Give it a go
An interesting tale of what the world expects from its famous figures. It says a lot about our society and the entertainment business in general. A well crafted film that was clearly put together by a team of passionate filmmakers.

The general public will generally never know just how much goes into making even a super short film. Give this independent film a look and see what these guys were able to accomplish with a limited budget. The film makes you take a true look into a life that you might otherwise not have noticed. That alone is a worth while endeavor.

Go indie films! Looking forward to seeing what they make next!

In the Hell of Dixie

Old School Horror
If you're a fan of old school horror then this is a flick that you should check out. The visuals, performances and music give it kind of a 70s vibe that works well for the indie flick. It's amazing how much work goes into making a film of any kind so I always have a lot of respect for anyone that can take an idea for inception to completion.

The southern backwoods setting is one that several viewers will enjoy, given that it has become somewhat of a staple to the horror genre.

It won't be a film for everyone, but those that dig the style will most likely enjoy the heck out of it. Grab some popcorn, plan yourself on the couch and dig in for some independent horror filmmaking fun!


Indie Film Fun!
Rows is a heart pounding horror flick that's well filmed and crafted with lots of care. It's amazing just how much work goes into any movie at all. The setting made for a very claustrophobic environment. I'm a sucker for a good run through a corn field so that always catches my attention (maybe it's my love of the movie Signs).

The film gives you the twists and turns you'll want as well as enough thrilling moments to satisfy someone looking for an entertaining flick to enjoy on a night on. Keep an eye on these filmmakers as they continue to advance in their careers!

Grab some pizza, plant yourself on the couch and enjoy some indie filmmaking fun!

Nightmare Code

Nightmare Code
Nightmare Code is a very interesting tale of man's attempt to predict the unpredictable nature of human beings. It's ambitious in its stylistic approach of using technology as a means to cross communicate with its characters.

I'm a pretty big sucker for ensemble type stories. Something about watching all these pieces move around one another fascinates me. Maybe that's because how life works in general. The film has some cool scifi usage if that's your thing in particular.

Give it a shot and see what you think. It's always nice to take a look at an independently made film for a change. They tend to have more passion behind them versus some of the copy and paste work we see out of Hollywood.

Happy viewing!


Rebound is a film about a woman whose life falls apart before her very eyes and she makes a choice to restart things by moving back to the mid-west. I'm a sucker for psychological thrillers so the trailer got my attention with it's pace and effectively moody score.

If you're a fan of indie films you should give this one a watch. It's an exercise in watching for the dangers that surround you. We all know what it's like to have things go wrong, so the idea of running away from one horror only to find yourself right smack in the middle of another one is something I feel we can all connect with.

I look forward to seeing what the filmmakers come up with for their next project.

The Aviation Cocktail

Very Ambitious
The creators of Aviation Cocktail do a good job creating a thick atmosphere for their story to take place in. It's obvious that a great deal of care went into creating/obtaining the time period specific costumes, props, automobiles, etc.

As a huge fan of independent movies I always respect someone who takes on the burden of not just making a film (let alone a feature film) but also of tackling a period piece. The acting is engaging and the music compliments the story.

If you're a fan of noir films, or just suspense thrillers in general, you should give it a go and see what you think.

The Eve

Interesting take on the genre
As I write this it's Halloween. To keep the vibe of the spooky season going I've been watching a lot of horror flicks, many of them slashers. I was pleasantly surprised to see this film, given that they took a different approach to their setting in general. One can always say that suspense/horror films take a similar formula, but I greatly appreciated the filmmakers shaking things up with their locations and time of year.

It's a well pieced together film that takes a look at the personal relationships we all deal with on an every day basis. The trailer and poster pulled me in right away and I wasn't disappointed. I'm personally a big fan of independent filmmaking so I had a special interest in this movie. Give it a watch for yourself and enjoy the ride.

Miles to Go

A Glimpse Into Us
An intimate look into relationships and how we crazy human beings try to coexist with one another as well as ourselves.

Films like Miles To Go are interesting because the in depth look into flawed characters intrigues me to no end, but at the same time it forces us to look at ourselves and see how jacked up we may be as well (tho aren't we all jacked up to some degree?).

You can't help but see yourself in the characters. That can be a beautiful yet scary thing. This is an indie film with direction. The filmmakers know what they're trying to say and the message is one worth listening to. Give it a watch.

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