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I wasn't sure or even thought very much of this movie when it was announced. I especially wasn't going to pay 30 bucks to watch/rent it, so I kind of forgot about it. Well while my little one was out, I saw this on Disney plus and thought, why not? I'm so glad I did!!

The acting - so good The set(s) - loved The storyline - revamped and interesting The costumes, oh the costumes (esp when Cruella outshines The Baroness) *chefs kiss*

Both Emma's knocked it out of the park!! I loved the little side kick dogs, too. CGI and all! I want a Wink!

Can't wait for the sequel!

No Escape Room

Karen - the movie
Drinking game alert! Every time you hear the name "Karen" take a shot! Just kidding, do NOT do this, you will most likely get alcohol poisoning.

This movie had potential, but it was completely lost with no real answers, explanation and plot holes galore.

Were they dead the whole time? Did the tea kill them? But if they were dead, how did future chick call current chick on the phone?

Who's hand does Karen see when she climbs out of the room? Who is stalking her and growling and dragging something loud around while she hides?

What drags the good looking guys out from the tunnel?

Who is Josie? Who is the inventor? He is back? Is he in control?

The painting/chain scene...?

Did Karen and her dad start the escape room at the diner and that's why they went back? When did they die? ARE THEY EVEN DEAD!?!?

I could keep writing out questions that will never be answered. You get the idea. Maybe you should drink every time someone yells "Karen" may help you not care that nothing makes sense in this movie.


Just couldn't fully get behind it...
Overall, per usual, the graphics and message (which lacked even) for a Disney movie was decent. I just felt there was so much lacking in character development, the after life/beginning of life concept and the overall characters, that even them trying to really connect with us as the audience didn't do it for me.

To start: we barley get to know "Mr. Garner", we see he is a music teacher, doesn't love it, but obviously music is his so called passion, or is it wanting his big break? He "dies" goes to the great beyond, but he is the only one in centuries to fight it, apparently. Goes off the beaten path and gets paired up with a "soul" that never has been able to find its way. Why? Even after being matched with the "greatest and most best" the human population has had to offer. Apparently bc this soul is just a spoiled, doesn't care/and or get it kind of...thing? Soul? I don't know. The soul is empty enough in its care free persona that you really don't care about it either. Long story short, they find their way back through to "earth/life" from some bizarre backwards journey with a hippie soul...But, what?? Mr. Garner is put into some random cat bc he is in a coma? I guess even though his family hasn't been notified, it's been long enough for animal therapy? Anywho, this lost soul apparently finally realizes life is great, just bc of the most simplest stuff. The lack of caring for this character doesn't make you care this annoying thing now wants to live. Overall the character development was so lacking you barley cared about either party, it was just more fun to see the cat/man navigate around NYC. "22" aka lost soul was probably my least favorite character I've seen yet in a movie. I got what they were getting at overall, but the last 10 min ruined the whole movie, way too out there, and real no connection between our apparent "Hero's" of the story. And the random ass Jerry's let Joey live again? Bc he helped some selfish soul live for 4 hours ?? Overall: boring movie that tried to be deep, but the lack of caring of the characters, plus a way too weird after life, really missed the mark for me.

You Should Have Left

Meh. Boring and undeveloped characters.
Was not impressed by anything about this movie. The acting, the plot, the scenery. Nothing.

Other than just being overall boring, this movie was lacking every other aspect of a movie that draws you in.

The characters? They aren't developed, therefore you don't care about them. Not to mention they are flat and unrealistic. Why would a seemingly successful 35 year old, beautiful Hollywood actress want to be with a 65 year old ex-banker that was up for murder charges at some point? When did they meet? How? Why? Their daughter is probably 7-8? So she was in her mid 20's when she met this old man? Don't buy it. The age gap, by their looks alone is too forced. It's strikingly obvious. Kevin Bacon has never been a hunk in any way, in my opinion, and if she is successful in her own right, why would she be with, and stay with and just SO in love with this old geriatric man. But she's cheating? I never got a clear answer on that either? How long can you pull off 2 separate phones when you've been with someone for years and years? That's some stealth ninja stuff right there. Eye roll.

The scenery. Boring. Wales? Mmmk, sure. There was maybe 2 scenes, the town, and driving to the house, that could have been filmed in Wales. Everything else looked like a set, and was drab and boring.

The "bad guy" that you see in the first 5 min of the movie in the "bad dream"...were they trying to make it obvious it's Kevin Bacon just doing a weird voice? Thought it was very corny and far from scary.

The twist? Meh. It was ok, had the movie been set up better. Why is he being punished now? Why now after at the very least a decade later is he being punished? Why is "Stetler" Kevin Bacon doing a weird voice? Why did he have a walker? Is he the devil? Pretty underwhelming comeuppance if you ask me.

I give this movie 2 stars for the only interesting scene. Where Kevin Bacon goes to turn off the lights the first night and was gone for hours without knowing it. That was well done. The rest is a boring snooze fest that we all could have done without.

Bad Times at the El Royale

What happen?
I was under the impression this was going to be a more of a "who dun it" kind of mystery. I wasn't expecting a wanna be Tarantino film, not knowing what it wanted to be.

The movie started off great, the characters trickling in and their interaction (mainly by Jon Hamm) was entertaining. There was enough mystery behind the characters and their reason to be there, plus the hotel itself was its own interesting character.

Sadly this movie started to go down hill once Jon Hamm was suddenly killed (and his affairs never mentioned again). The sisters and the cult? The woman and her singing...over and over and over again? Ugh. Don't get me wrong, she has a beautiful voice, just not sure why she had to have so many solos in this movie that seemingly had to do about nothing.

By the time Chris Hemsworths sexy self showed up, the movie was a complete snooze fest. I actually drifted off for about 10 min when he tied everyone up. The feral sister did nothing for me, and I couldn't care less about her and her sister and this cult leaders "back story." The 5 min scene of action hero and sniper ace of little Miles was too little too late and just there so he could then kill everyone for our two "main characters".

All in all, the 4 stars are for the first 45 min -1 hour and Jon Hamm. But overall, this movie was completely random and didn't need to be made. They couldn't decide what they wanted this movie to be. An FBI/secret agent crackdown? A Manson/cult storyline? A robber/fresh out jail inmate finding his lost fortune? A cover up for 60's senators? A singer wanting to hit it big solo? Why and how did they just happen to all come together on this random day in this forgotten hotel?

Who knows.

Secret Obsession

Ah hahahaha. Good times.
I saw someone post the trailer for this movie on FB after I watched this, had I seen it before, there would have been no need to see it!! Why would you give away the whole plot and supposed "twist" in the trailer? Why? Not like this movie was stellar even knowing the twist, but c'mon.

There are so many laughable, eye roll moments in this flick, let me go over some of my fav (all spoilers):

  • Guy obsessed with girl from work, a guy that has basically model looks, and obviously very wealthy and could/would have his pick of women, is just SO obsessed with this woman. He is willing and ABLE to kill multiple people for her and that is not even to say he will be with her! Why? Who knows. I mean, she's cute, seems nice. But WHY? They don't ever say. You just see the typical "him creeping in the background" flashback scenes and dirty looks of when they worked together, but no other reason or connection there. KAY.

  • Woman is rushed to ER, nobody calls husband, but husband shows up within minutes?? The typical "sir, you can't go back there" as he GOES "back there" aka a hallway and starts yelling "Jennifer??" Is she going to say "oh yes hunny, back here, Operating Room 406!!" Why is he rushing to the hospital anyways? He just tried to kill her, what if she didn't loose her memory?? WHAT WAS HE GOING TO DO?? How was she released into his care?? He brought a photo album. Ohhhhhh, ok. Bc I was wondering. PLEASE. What about her medical insurance?? Who paid for her extended treatment and "bonding" scene with him while she jokingly wheeled down the hallway?? Who knows! How long is was she in there anyways?? Good thing a photo album with one pic of you guys form your wedding day and some random office party pics will do the trick! Oh! And the tattoo. Right.

  • Tattoo. Detective goes to whatever fill in the blank parlor to find out EXACTLY what this tattoo means. Good thing he flashed his badge, guy would have never helped him otherwise and good thing he had that EXACT same "A" and meaning in "the book of all tattoos ever", phew!

  • Did you know that you can type in a name as easy as "Jennifer Allen" and get an exact address right away! Cool!

  • Oh no! Parents are dead! Let's go all alone to go find this creep in his secluded mansion!

  • How long has this storyline been now? From accident to her finding her CHARGED phone in her car??

There are so many ridiculous scenes and gaping plot holes it's just too much to write, pretty much from the beginning scene to the end. Here are some honorable mentions:

  • Guy in leather jacket a "witness" brings flowers. Bad for him "hubby" just happen to be standing in ear/eye shot when he does so. Detective shares w hubby days later, he has a witness. Oh no! Hubby just so happens to know where this stranger LIVES! So what is he to do other than go murder this 6'4 229 lb man in his FRONT yard. Eghhh. Good thing he has the perfect spot for a shallow grave to put him in a couple feet from his pool when he gets home! Not like there is a huge forest right behind their house!

  • So fortunate that Jennifer and Russell's pictures are still adorning the front hall of their former work place from the retreat last year! There's old stalker in the background too, what are the odds!

  • Does this hospital have any other nurses/receptionists other than the blonde lady??

  • Next time you need to escape a murderer for the 4th time in one day, make sure you grab the DUCT tape out of the kitchen full of KNIVES.

I can't, I'm done. G'night.

Black Summer

Interesting with flaws
I am 5 episodes in and think I have a pretty good feel and understanding of the series. Note: my review is only from what I've seen thus far.

With how many million zombie shows and movies there are, I barley ever watch a new show and am quite bored with the whole genre. This show has kept my interest, although I am now starting to get a little bored with it, but I like the way this is filmed and they move around enough to keep me intrigued. I also like how they switch to our different characters each episode. My favorite mystery books do the same thing, to keep you interested and helps keep it fresh and invested. I also think the actors do a pretty decent job.

Now for the meh:

I have to agree with the majority of the negative reviews I've read about this show. The characters choices are painfully stupid, over and over again. The little kid in the school. Ridiculous. Some little kid keeps running from you, only to stop and stare at you a distant away, several times in a row, only to run again. Obviously that's a trap. Spears should have said peace out to the dummies wanting to find this kid. If the kid wanted help or needed you, he wouldn't KEEP RUNNING. The curly head dud, that has a zombie on his trail for, what, hours? Stupid move after stupid move. Let's calmly go "grocery shopping" for beer and cereal, la dee dah. Oops, zombs found him. Instead of throwing something to the other side of the store and quietly escaping, let's jusy stare at him till you get his attention and run out! Nobody ever shuts a door behind them either! Then he gets on top of the bus, lays down for awhile till zombs is calm at one side and immediately tries to get down vs wait it out longer till it wonders off or something else gets its attention. Ugh.

My main "problem" with this show thus far is the Asian woman. EVERYONE CAN JUST HOLD BORDERLINE CONVERSATIONS WITH HER????? What!?!? She doesn't speak ENGLISH!!!!!! It is so ridiculous, as she screams in the car with the map, they somehow know what she is saying. The one guy acts like he can fully understand her by the diner. It's beyond ridiculous, SHE ISNT SPEAKING ENGLISH OR ANYTHING CLOSE TO ENGLISH!!!!!

I think I will try to finish this, since the episodes aren't too long and there aren't many of them. But each episode is getting a little harder to watch.


No. No. No. No.
I'm so glad I waited for this movie to come out onto Redbox for $1 and some change vs seeing it at the theatre. I still think I paid a $1 and some change too much.

Where to begin? The storyline.

We've seen this storyline before, it's such a cute concept and can be done to make it not only very endearing and cute, but also really funny! This was not the case here. This movie was horribly edited and the acting was either over the top or pure cringe.

All the worst below:

One of the biggest scenes for a movie with this premise is when our main character wakes up/discovers they are in a different body, right? Nope. Not in this case. Our main character who is an extremely rich and scheudled woman, who wears HEELS while getting meticulously ready, just so happens when she wakes up in her new body the next day, doesn't look in the mirror ONE time and immediately goes downstairs to leave for the day. IN HER JAMMIES, no less??? Once she does she her reflection, her reaction left much to be desired. After heading upstairs and runs into her neighbor, the woman calls CPS. Bc why? Ummm, bc the woman thinks our character doesn't have a child. Period. How did that phone call go? "Um yes, hi. I'm neighbors with a woman who is really mean and a 12 year old girl just walked into her apartment." KAY. But not only does she call CPS, but there is a social worker there WITHIN THE HOUR. Now I'm not familiar with CPS and it's dealings, but I do know that there would not be someone at the door that quickly on the information provided. No way, no how. Ridiculous. Just a "reason" for the girl to go to school. I won't even go on on how ridiculous the social workers "visit" was. Most unrealistic, stupid scene of the movie and that's hard to do!

The bully girl/middle school scenes. Let me get my best Chandler Bing..."could it BE anymore corny and unrealistic??" First of all, what school has a "special" seating area for NERDS? You think a school is going to segregate children?? What!? The bully girl. Who in the heck decided this girl has free range at any given moment? She's is clearly and awful bully (making fun of the new girl openly infront of the teacher, I'm sure it wasn't the first time). So, let's let her be in charge of the entire talent show?? The auditions? Just her and her minions, no teachers or adults to oversee and help judge the children/potential acts. The talent show itself? Yep, just her calling the shots from the stage. Cringe worthy.

My biggest complaint of the whole movie was the wardrobe. WHO IN THE HECK DRESSED THESE PEOPLE???? Every. Single. Outfit. Was AWFUL. Hidious! I couldn't even believe it.

The scene in the restaurant of them out of the blue singing "karaoke" WTF??? How did this swanky restaurant have a Mary J. Belige song from the mid 90s ready to go?? Did it play randomly? Who asked for it? The whole scene made my head hurt and when it was over myself and my friend looked at each other like we just saw Bigfoot. Completely out of place and stupidly random.

Nothing in this movie was funny. I think I smiled during the scene where the little girl flirts with her teacher. I never laughed and was borderline irritated throughout the entire movie. The children doing the "floss" dance and the other 2 or 3 "dances" that are so played out was like nails on a chalkboard.

This movie was bad. Bad. BAD.

Rim of the World

Lazy writing, cliche characters...just no.
Movie sounded cute, started off ok, then slipped into madness.

My issues: The token black kid, was beyond irritating, not funny in the least, and I was embarrassed for the kid. His over the top persona was too much and became unbearable before the movie even really took off.

How about the camp counselor in her skimpy outfit telling him to "put it in her box"? Please. I think I rolled my eyes so hard I actually saw part of my own brain.

The "handsome" kid swooping in our of nowhere to stick up for our token white nerd? This kid is in the middle of Big Bear, clean as a whistle and dressed up and yet he just got out of juvie? I didn't know the system presses your pants when you are released! I also didn't know they would release a juvinelle without parental supervision or signature. Where is this juvie? Up the street from the camp site?

Token white nerd knows everything about this alien, ya know, bc he is a nerd? Duh! He can regenerate, he stuck his (you know what) in the kids mouth, he is stalking them bc they are the last to come in contact with the astronaut, blah, blah, blah.

The girl character was probably the "best", which can be said Bc she didn't say much. She was the insightful Asian, quiet, but full of wisdom and a well meaning heart. Oh, and she can also drive a stick shift. KAY.

The alien(s)? Or should I say, ALIEN. Yes, only one of them. LA has been distroyed in the matter of hours, yet there are no aliens to be seen, except for the one stalking our group to get the key (thank you once again nerdy white kid for knowing that, somehow). There are no dead bodies, and only a small military presence in one part of some random downtown street...and once again NO OTHER ALIENS.

The ending, oh no, the ending. The doctor is sending Morse code with his blood, lol...ugh. The general or whoever the heck he was coming on the big screen in the nick of time to talk the kids through how to save the world. How convenient and perfect timing!! The key they saved, has the coordinates to the mothership, how? Who knows!! Why couldn't that be sent some other way from space? I dunno! Wait, the token black kid completely passes out, oh no! Oh wait, he is ok, he wrote down the code for our handsome juvi. Oh no! Now he passed out again before they can both enter the keys. Oh wait, he is ok when the alien comes smashing through the roof and can run away! Awesome! It's also amazing the nerdy white kid made it all the way to the roof with this building that is hanging on by a thread and completely distroyed by the ALIEN invasion.


I disklike this movie now more than I originally did after writing this all out.


I remember the Oscar flub with crowning la la land over this movie accidentally, it def should have stayed that way. I think the only reason this movie won is from the lack of diverse directors/cast and since this was one of the only talked about movies of the year that hit those two aspects, it won so the academy would not be called out.

This movie is an absolute snore fest. They could have made a real, raw, emotional journey with the subject matter(s): a black young man growing up in a tough area, being mercilessly bullied, with a druggie mom and two strong adult "strangers" that were the only characters that help take care of him. All while figuring out his sexuality and what it means. It sounds good when you write it out like that, right? But the way they delievered the story, was lacking any real emotion or strong ties to our lead character, he barley says a word so you don't bond with him and everyone else in the movie is only in it for a small fraction of the movie so you don't bond with them. Juan and his gf were they only two that showed any heart and emotions, but as soon as they were in, they were out. They could have had Juan and his relationship shown, the only father figure he had then be killed or died, but instead this all happens off screen with a time jump. No love lost as a viewer there. Even Kevin, the "love interest" is a superficial feeling friend with sparse scenes and other than their beach encounter, there is also no real connection there to feel.

This movie was incredibly boring on the lack of the things mentioned above, I think they could have made this into and actual Oscar winner vs a default win based on PC reasonings.


I tried....
This movie's description sounded interesting, so I was excited to find a new show I could binge.

I really liked the Arizona backdrops and Native American feel of this movie, they tried to tie in the landscape, but failed in really introducing the Native American background. They could have done something really cool and unique with both of these aspects, but failed.

Show started out good, kept my interest, then slowly, but surely, got silly and boring.

The main actress is as boring to watch as it is to watch pain dry, and her acting ability is as deep as a shallow pond. It was extremely hard to watch her, let alone care about her character.

The story began to lose me once they introduced the "cult" storyline, that houses themselves in a huge expensive modern building??

I actually fell asleep not 15 min into the last episode and didn't even bother to attempt to go back and watch. Didnt even care enough to find out the "conclusion". Once the boring girl somehow completely turned back into the blonde girl, I knew I was done.

5 stars for the first 4 or 5 episodes or so, the show has such potential.

The Prodigy

I remember seeing previews for this movie and then never heard about it again. Should have been a sign when I was then surfing Redbox, but I'm willing to give movies a shot that are basically straight to dvd release, I've been pleasantly surprised before. The Prodigy was not one of those times.

This movie lacked a real "heart" and solid ground storyline that could then be grown upon and shaped into a horror or thriller movie to stand alone on its own two feet.

Issues I had:

The passing/skipping of this movie. We go from birth to 8/evil within the first 10 min. I realize they wanted to show the beginning evil man being murdered/Miles being born to cover the soul jump, but was that 3 min scene really necessary? Could they not have had that be researched and found later on? Or could they not have then showed a progression of Miles being evil throughout his life? With such a time jump and being thrown straight into the movie, there is 0 to none character development. What do we have when there is no character development? Lack of care of our characters and their journey/stories. I could care less about this family. The dad is barley even in it to start, I thought maybe they would make the evil soul be his father, Miles grandfather, explaining the soul jump. But no, it is only alluded he had a POS dad so he could then be absent throughout Miles' transformation. The whole movie is way too choppy, like they rushed at the end and just threw scenes together to make the final cut.

Speaking of, the soul jump. It is completely random and does not make any sense other than Miles being born when the evil man dies. There is no common thread there, complete and utter strangers. None. Zip. Made for no real impact on whose soul was in him or why.

Soul jumping. We go from a therapist to a what I can only assume an "expert" in this soul jumping within a scene. No discovering, no research, no doubt or other theories. "My son has a problem, listen to what he said in his sleep" to "He has an evil soul in him, seen it before, you have to let the evil soul/person finish his business before you can have your son back." Period. The mom does not believe it at first; but what do you know? Within the next scene she is a firm believer, I think bc of the jump scene of Miles having a man head or something. Yawn.

The dog. I am so sick of "scary" moves killing the family dog. It's been done. It's played out. It's annoying. Leave the dead horse alone. The second I saw the dog, I said it will be murdered. Why? Bc it has to. Why? Ummm, I don't know stupid directors, you tell me why? Just to emphasize how "evil" your characters are. Boring and over it, it's actually become a movie pet peeve for me these days. Come up with something new, you dud.

The ending. Was predictable as all get out.

This movie was so forgettable and not well made, I wish I hadn't even spent the $1.49 or whatever Redbox costs these days. Don't waste your time on the choppy mess.

Hello Neighbor

Lifetime Staple..Dramatic & Dumb
I try not to watch lifetime movies very often, they are the same dramatic script over and over again, just with a different below mediocre cast.

So why did I decide to watch this movie? It was starting on a Saturday and I was too lazy to find something else.

This movie is so lame. Could they not have tried a little harder? I always find female murders quite funny in the lifetime realm. They are able to know where and be places before their victims (when it was not scheduled), lurk in the shadows (or broad daylight) without ever being spotted, have the strength to murder multiple people and then cover up/hid their dead weight bodies without leaving a drop of evidence. Why? Just simply bc they are obsessed with someone. They are also always beautiful, young and live in nice neighborhoods, so they have nothing else going for them then to murder and obesses over one person? In this case, a nephew. Right.

The kid? He is supposed to be 6? He is almost as tall as all the grown women cast members, has adult teeth and in no way shape or form even resembles a 6 year old. I would say the kid is at the very, very least, 10,12?

The neighbors? Laughable. It's crazy how they can all gather at the drop of a hat to stand around, with their arms folded whispering about someone for whatvever fill in the blank moment. Do none of them have jobs or anything better to do than over the top judge every single thing some woman does, or clearly does not do (the music)? Oh, but once the sun sets and the beautiful 115 lb murderer is out breaking into houses and MURDERING people, it's a ghost town.

I'd also like to know what sound system the main character woman had, it's turned up to "34" yet is so loud, it draws all the surrounding neighbors, you can hear every single word and beat OUTSIDE of doors and walls of the house on a busy afternoon. Good thing only one car of rap listening teens pulled up due to all the flyers that were passed out for this kick ass party!! Whew.

Speaking of this beautiful neighborhood, how does the main character (I honestly don't even know her name, never caught it, never cared) afford this half a million dollar house on a PT salary working at a small gym? Working 3 days a week, I might add. I would guess that is 20k a year, tops.

This movie was so ridiculous, it's actuallu still playing in the background, I have just stopped paying attention. I'm sure coming up is the dramatic showdown between the mom and aunt, mom will say some one liner like "he is MY son" before handing down the final blow. I'm on the edge of my seat, really......

Dead to Me

I hadn't heard a word about this show and just happened upon it on Netflix, decided to give it a whirl. It wasn't bad by any means, but it def wasn't as great as most the reviews are on here.

It is entertaining, and being only a 1/2 hour long, it is easy to watch and keep your interest. I thought it was a decent storyline, and I really liked Linda's Judy. Other than that, it is a forgettable show that neither made me really laugh or cry. I don't think the show showcased any deep or astounding aspects of loss (that I have seen many reviews mention) they did touch on it more with Judy, but then the next scene is almost forgotten, and was more of just two people finding each other through loss, with some twists and turns.

I thought Christina's Jen character was awful, no redeeming qualities whatsoever, which made it hard to empathize with or for her. I realize she is supposed to be a grieving widow, but all you saw was one emotion. It even comes out later that she had been awful and raging long before her loss, so she's just a b***h? She wasn't funny or had morbid/dark "good" thing about her to make her interesting, I mainly just wanted her to not be on the screen.

I also found the approach on the grandma's loss of her son in poor taste. The woman may be awful and unpleasant to be around, sounds familiar (Jen??), but losing a child is way more than they gave credit for. I have known 3 families, mine included, that have lost children from 17-35 and it is a devastating, life changing loss. Not saying losing a spouse, the father/mother to your children is a fairy ride, but the way they portrayed the grandmas loss and feeling of her only son as over the top and selfish took away from yet again caring about Jens loss.

Other than that, I think the show was OK, had some good twists each episode that made you want to watch the rest. The ending was meh, just a way to set up the next season and make the women "fair" so they can be besties again.


Not bad!
I'm not sure about all the horrible reviews on here for this movie. It wasn't great, but it wasn't that bad either. Thought it was decent and a bit different take on the werewolf type of genre.

I don't know if they were trying to keep the fact this little girl was the "wildling" and that "Daddy" was trying to keep her in, vs keeping something out. I thought it was very obvious off the bat by the bars on the windows and the electric door knob on the inside. The one thing I didn't understand is why he shot himself? Did he think she was going to die anyways? It appeared to me it was out of guilt of what he had done to her. Otherwise, his desire and seemingly desperate quest to kill all these Wildlings didn't make much sense to leave her alive. I also wonder, why did he keep her in the first place? Could he not kill a baby Wildling? I wish they would have shown that in the flashback if so.

The movie was a bit slow, but overall I thought it was pretty good. Upper New York is absolutely beautiful and made a great woodland background. All the actors did a decent job and were able to carry the story pretty well. I liked the ending of her saying "goodbye" to Liv and her baby daddy and her trekking to the Northern Lights with a howl in the background at the very end, eluding to that she had found more of her kind.

The only thing I wish they would have done different is not rush her transformation towards the end, and also have some back story on the Wildlings and why these group of men wanted to hunt and kill them all. Were they killing people? Had it been a century long battle between Wildling and Man? Guess we shall never know.

Overall, solid 6 out of 10.

The Ugly Truth

Blah blah blah, it's been done.
Katherine Heigl single, uptight, rich and beautiful? Check.

Lead man a loud mouth, shallow pig? Check.

Hate each other? Check.

Start to fall for each other? Check.

Have a big fight right before totally falling for each other? Check.

End up together? Check.

Miss anything? Didn't think so.

Love, Simon

PG 13, Corney, but pretty satisfying
So I thought this movie was pretty cute and sweet, but that's about the extent of it.

This is now the 4th or 5th movie/show I've seen centering around modern day teenagers and it just doesn't seem believeable, at all. The moody music at all times, from artists nobody has heard of. Not to mention they all are always in their mid-twenties (but they've been making movies like that forever.) Also, their interests and vocabulary is so unrealistic, it's like listening to a group of colllege kids at a bleed blue university coffee shop, taking themselves way too seriously and being almost purposely deep and edgy. Not saying there aren't teenagers like this, but mass majority are not, and that's all they seem to make teenage characters anymore in these Hollywood movies/shows.

Speaking of shows, it honestly felt like 13 Reason Why - Hannah Baker's Prequel. Was pretty much the same character, and surroundings (including the moody music from bands these kids would have no clue about.) They even through in Alex, too. It's just 13 Reasons Why without the rape, drugs and suicide. This is the sunshine high school version.

Bullies? Lame and pointless other than to have at least one or two people to be against being gay, since every single other person was immediately accepting and didn't bat an eye. Which is another thing, I'm just not seeing the struggle or battle for Simon. He has a cookie cutter life, family, house, friends, etc. etc. Other than being embarrassed and scared of change, they really didn't hit home with what most young people really deal with when coming out.

Overall, it's a good movie, good for high schoolers. For anyone over the age of 18 and has seen and heard the real struggles of the gay community, it's a little too cookie cutter to be really moved or inspired.

Love the Coopers

This movie had potential...
OK: I think they did a decent job with this movie, it did keep my attention and there were a couple funny moments, along with a few sweet ones. I think they did a good job on the location and feeling of this movie. Plus they showed lots of pooches, which is always a plus in my book.

Meh: One thing I just could not get over was Olivia Wilde's horrible character, I am sorry, were we supposed to like her or even care? The woman was awful. There is no way a guy, let alone a stranger, would put up with her borderline-hate filled comments. Putting down his religion, his service and father. Also, it is hard to care about someone who admits to sleeping with a married man and seems to have no qualms about it. Then the back and forth of the guy "leaving" only to come right back within minutes, after more of her verbal combative and rude comments. I hate it when they make characters so cynical and emotionally cut off for whatever fill in the blank moment, but this ONE stranger can thaw their icy heart in a matter of days/ this case HOURS. Then at the end when she dashes to find him? SHE STRAIGHT UP KNOCKS OVER SOMEONE IN A HOSPITAL GURNEY?!?!?! Runs smack dab into about 7 people, one carrying a beautiful flower bouquet, what if these people were going to see their dying loved ones?? Hated this character and woman, awful, awful, awful.

Few other things I thought were pretty dumb: Teenagers literally slapping tongues together - stupid.

The relationship between the old guy and waitress - what?

Marissa Tomei's character "calling" everything about a total stranger and hitting it all on the head.

Marissa Tomei's character being Diane Keaton's sister??? They are like 25 years about, she could be her daughter, but in the flashbacks they are like 4-7 years apart? Yeah, right.

Diane Keaton and John Goodman's characters that allllllll the sudden in the last 3 minutes decide they are madly in love again because she finally agrees to go to Africa, even though the whole movie is them and their broken relationship. Should have put more effort into that resolution.

The end scene of everyone dancing in the fanciest hospital I have ever seen in my life. CORN BALL STEW.


Huh? Skinamax meets awful Black Mirror Episode
I read somewhere, I think Buzzfeed, that this was a HORROR movie worth watching. I have come to the conclusion Buzzfeed is worthless.

Cam Girl, basically an online prostitute, wants to get to the top of the charts of the other online prostitutes. She of course has her few "avid fans" that help support her lifestyle. Including "Tinker" who she facetimes with and we come to the conclusion he is in IT. She then sees Tinker at the store, she is freaked out and he runs out. She decides to do a video combo with another online prostitute for more ratings. She then wakes up to see her account has not only been hacked/taken over, but is basically a live feed of her, but not. She shows others, nobody seems too concerned or weirded out. She then looks at the top girls and notices Tinker is friends with all of them and that the #1 girl appeared to have died years earlier. OK, now we are getting somewhere, right? Nope. She goes to Tinker's hotel, all that is gained from this is he knows this happens to the girls, but doesn't know how. No explanation of who or what this thing is and who or why it takes people over. So she decided to confront it head on, by breaking her nose and playing a game of Simon says. She gets her password back and deletes account, and therefor gets rid of the duplicate? I mean, duh, of course, that is how it would work....right?

She then starts another account.

THE END. Eff this movie and Buzzfeed.

Red Christmas

WTF did I just watch?
Ummmmmm, wut?

Bored on a Sunday, few weeks before Christmas, plus I love horror movies, so why not try this? WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY?

Firstly, I don't understand how movies like this get funding? Who pays for this? Wouldn't that budget be better spent on like, dog food at SPCA's or something?

Woman gets abortion, but somehow not? Same abortion clinic gets bombed, supposed aborted baby still survives. OK. Sure. Flash forward 20 years, supposed aborted/bombing baby is back dressed as the mummy/grim reaper combo. How he finds his mother in her secluded ranch home in the middle of Australia, yet has never heard of a present? WHO KNOWS.

They invite in the Grim Bombed Mummy Aborted Baby, even though his creep factor is through the roof, give him a jar of peanuts and then kick him out for starting to read a letter. What else is there for him to do, other than murder the whole family!!! Since when can you split someone completely and cleanly in half with an ax? Please, someone let me know. Women argue with accents, over pie and what not, ya know, real deep stuff. Grim Bombed Mummy Aborted Baby then kills every single person, but not before the mom is able to simultaneously able to hang herself/cut GBMAB in half.

THE END. No, seriously. That's the end. Please don't watch this, please? I beg of you.

The Christmas Chronicles

It's Christmas time, pretty baby!
Omg what a FUN Christmas movie!! I will say I am a 32 year old woman, and watched this while I was pretty tired and had a bit too much spiked egg nog last night (if you know what I'm saying) and I STILL loved it!

Everything about this movie works and works so well together. I loved the kids, the little girl was so endearing and the brother did a great job perfectly portraying a boredline lost teen grieving his fathers death, but still a good boy at heart. Also loved watching their relationship change and them bond again as the movie and their story progressed. Really felt the love and family between the two characters.

I loved how they portrayed how Santa got around, from the way he goes down chimneys, to his adorable reindeer, to how his toy bag works and especially the North Pole/Santa Headquarters inside! Had a classic, old, homey feel and what it would look like in "real life". I really loved the little elves too, nice to see a change from either little people or children playing them and they were SO cute (loved their little Norwegian style language, too.)

My FAV part of this movie was the remake of the jailhouse Christmas's blues song! So fun! I could see that playing live at a bar around Christmas time and everyone having a blast! I didn't even realize that was Kurt Russell's actual voice. He killed it.

Speaking of, Kurt Russell was the PERFECT Santa! Handsome and cool, yet sweet and endearing. Loved his outfit and the color of his beard. He made Santa his own thing while still feeling the nostalgia of classic Santa.

This movie had a very "real" feel to it, the settings, scenes and characters. Not too corney or cliche, it did have a couple scenes/moments, but that's not surprising it being a children friendly Christmas movie and all. I obviously have nothing but great things to say about this movie and it will now be a Christmas tradition every year!!

Merry Christmas!

The Haunting of Hill House

Highly recommend if you are a horror lover, from one horror lover to another!
Where to even begin??

I do have to say I have watched "Hush" about 3 times, as it is one of the best suspenseful movies I have seen in a long time and all being done without hardly any words at all. So when I saw "Theo" aka Kate Siegel and her hubby, Mike Flanagan, was the creator (who are both the star and creator of Hush), I figured it was going to be well done. My expectations were well surpassed!

I remember the Hill House movie from the late 90's early 00's with Katherine Zeta Jones, Owen Wilson and Liam Neeson. I quite liked it as a kid, even though it isn't the best movie on the planet. In fact, it has horrible reviews on IMBD, but I thought it was cool as a kid and watched it several times. I have also seen the original Hill House movie with Vincent Price. Needless to say, I am somewhat familiar with the story, names and places. I have not read the book, however. I loved hearing names and seeing places in the house that were in the movie. Hugh Crain, Eleanor, the winding staircase, Mrs. Dudley "In the night, In the dark" and so on.

Shows that time jump can be somewhat hard to follow or leave you missing important details, but the way they time jumped and went to everyone's story and perspective of a moment was so clever and well put together. You didn't even realize you were seeing the same moment from a different perspective until that exact moment of crossing paths happened. Brilliant! It was amazing to see one creepy thing that happen to one of them in their memory, was simply another member of the family doing mundane things. The Red Room was clever and remained creepy until revealed.

The way the ghosts looked was superb. Lots of times in shows and movies, once you see a ghost or the monster, it is no longer scary. All the ghost in this were creepy and scary no matter how many times you saw them. They never lost their edge and weren't overdone or shown.

The ONLY thing I could critique about this movie was how the house is presented and preserved in the last episode. The whole show, the house is evil, tainting the minds of those who live there. The mom goes bat $h!t crazy, and has a history of killing people and driving them mad. There are also tons of scary ghosts harassing and stalking these children (into their adulthood), yet at the end it is shown as a loving spot for some of the ghost to be together. Are there pure evil ghosts now with some good ones thanks to the characters we saw? Who gets to dictate what side takes over the house and treats its guests? Again, that is one small critique, I don't think it changed the beauty and creativeness of the show as a whole.

This show was amazing and beautiful, it is a classic to watch again and again! I am sure you will notice more things the more you watch it. Netflix just kills the game with their shows. 10 out of 10!

Seven in Heaven

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda...
The summary of this movie sounded interesting, not to mention it was listed as a "horror, sci-fi" aka right up my ally, so I decided to give it a whirl. All I have to say is: at least it was only an hour and a half long.

I will say the main 2 protagonists did a decent job in acting. There was something very endearing about the main boy and I didn't mind the main girl as well. With that being said....

I think this movie was to teach a lesson of not lying and being true to yourself? Making the most out of this life and not being mean to others? Although they went about conveying that in all the wrong ways or a total lack there of I should say.

They needed to build up to these kids and give more reasons as to why they were actually transported. The kid lying or fibbing to his substitute teacher and the girl having an obvious crush on the main boy, but standing by his bully, did not mean (in my opinion) they needed to be transported to this other dimension to learn a lesson. You could tell they were both good kids, just teenagers. I've seen a lot worse in my day. It would have made a lot more sense if the bully had been sent right away and came back learning a lesson.

I think they also needed a more cut and dry difference between the two dimensions. In one the main kid has lost his dad, but is overall a good, normal kid...kind of a dork with not a lot of friends. In the other dimension, he is a...heavy metal lover/stabs kids in the neck with a pencil? (which would be very unlikely to actually kill someone with btw) Other than his satanic like room, not seeing a drastic difference there, other than his dad being alive of course. Even that fact, the dad being alive, really didn't have an impact and was just glossed over. Pointless. The main girl? Well we don't know much about her to begin with, but in the other dimension, her family has nicey-nice pictures everywhere, but when she goes upstairs her sister tries to kill her. But she says in the real world, they don't get along at all either. Once again, not seeing a huge difference there, not like we were given a lot to work with in the first place.

The party that is going on in the real world? Pointless. Other than to get the kids into the closet. Cops called with a whole bunch of 16-17 year old kids and he sees no furniture or adults and red dixie cups smashed on the floor. But, decides to leave because there's "no sign of drinking or drugs", right. I wish this cop was around when I use to party in high school/college. The dragging out of the parents showing up and these kids not letting anyone in was just downright dumb and unnecessary. Until morning I might add, the main kids mom dropped him off while it was still light outside. So these kids, with one keg, sit in this house for 12 hours? THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. IN ANY DIMENSION.

The gateway in general was boring. A closet? A closet in some teenagers house? No back up or explaining as to why this is the location. Also, the playing cards with all the moms. Completely pointless and focused on way to much. Once again, P.O.I.N.T.L.E.S.S.

Gary Cole? Is he the gatekeeper? Why? His only purpose in the movie was to get them out of the other dimension and tell the main kid to go to class in the real world. Rightttt.

The other dimension and people in general were all lacking a reason and drive. Everyone was mad and wanted the main kid caught for killing the bully, but then turns out the bully is alive and well and, well...still bullying! Along with everyone else. Missing what their objective was or what they really functioned off of, meanness? If so, shouldn't they have loved the fact he supposedly murdered someone?

It's nice to see writers think outside the box and not make a total cliche movie, but I think there was some major lacking in creating a full, rounded, well thought out movie. Should have focused on more aspects and cut a lot of other parts out. This movie was more a long the line of an "Are you Afraid of the Dark" episode, but not as good lol.

You Might Be the Killer

Fun, goofy movie!
This happen to come on right when I turned on my TV and decided to give it a whirl.

I liked the uniqueness of this movie. It reminded me a little of Scream and The Final Girls (which if you haven't seen, I highly recommend). It is nice to have a movie not take itself too seriously and have a little fun poking fun of itself and the horror genre in general.

Best: Loved him calling Alyson "Chuck" to help him figure out what was going on. It was an homage to Jamie Kennedy's character in Scream. Someone to call out the cliches of movies, and know where to go or who to trust while a crazed killer is on the loose.

I liked the way they filmed the movie with the counting of how many people had been off'd, so you knew where you were in the time jumps and it was something a little different a fun.

Improvements: There isn't a whole lot I would have changed. It is a campy horror flick making fun of a campy horror flick. You don't expect to walk away with your mind blow or being too picky for that matter...but with that said:

I wish they would have spent a little more time and backstory on why the mask was, and make it a bit more scarier looking. It looked like Jim Carey's "The Mask" when not on his face. I also wish they wouldn't have spent as much time with him struggling to keep it on or putting it back on. The fuzzy in and out of the camera and the whispers got a bit annoying after the 7th time. We get it, it draws him to it but he doesn't want to wear it.

Maybe a bit more character development? I literally didn't care about anyone, not even the main guy/killer, Sam. I did like Alyson's character for more of the spunk and reminder of, once again, Scream's Jamie Kennedy.

Overall I found it a fun, light movie that had a semi new look on the poking fun of cliche horror movies. I could see making it a Halloween tradition!

In Darkness

Guess I am not the only one confused....
Judging by the other comments and reviews on this page, everyone else is confused and disappointed by the "twist" and "turns" throughout the movie.

Firstly, I am not very familiar with the actress that played the main girl. I think I am one of the very few who never watched GOT or The Tudors, with that being said, I think she did an OK job. Wasn't a phenomenal actress, but she wasn't wooden or horrible either. I would say just kind of...dull?

Real Spoilers Below:

I knew from one of her first flash backs when I saw 2 little girls hiding in the closet, that she wouldn't actually be blind and take the one kid who died (who was actually blind) spot. (Also figured that kid died considering they also show in her flashback she is the only one being carried away.) I paid very close attention to see if she ever gave off any clues she wasn't actually blind. As far as I could tell, although me not actually being blind and all, she didn't ever slip up or give up the notion, even while not being watched at all, that she did have sight. Like when slipping the poison into the bad guys drink, why not just break character for 10 seconds to complete your "24 year" old mission?? There's a difference between tricking the audience and misleading the audience.

I am not a history buff and don't know tons about the Bosnian War, but why did the bad guy come and blow away her whole family? Also, did he know that it was his supposed daughter and the woman he raped? Was that why he killed them? Or was it random?

Who was the old man that coughed non-stop and the one that took her away in her flashback? Is that her father? How did the bad guy know that some woman he raped ever had a kid that was blind? Did he follow up on her? Did he love/know her? But also, how do you end up being raped 2 times by the same person randomly? He had to of "known" her? So his real daughter is the one that died in the shooting in her flashback.

One final thing about who was who's daughter. So the woman upstairs that is murdered, bad guys daughter...did our main girl know this before moving in? Or did it just so happen she moved in below her? I am assuming she knew which is why she was so new to the building and had been stalking/wanting to kill the bad guy since she was a small child?

Also, did the identity she stole, was that right after the coughing old guy saved her? Or did she do that recently to better help stalk the bad guy?

What was up with the brother sister combo? Why was the sister hated by the bad guy towards the end? Wasn't she one of his minions throughout? Why did our main girl and this guy act madly in love after only knowing each other, what seemed to be a few days? Did they try to solidify that by the sex scene?

This movie, I think, could have been fairly good, had they not left so many things unanswered and plot holes. Also, I need a drink.....

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