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While She Was Out

So bad that it was hilarious!
The title of the movie really makes you expect something interesting and mysterious, but what you get is just incredibly hilarious. Everything is so exaggerated and taken to ridiculous unreal measures. Della seams to be really thick in the safety department. Because we all go to an abandon place where no one can see us or call for help when 4 people are chasing us. right? The plot is just ridiculous. Running around with the red tool box through the woods while they try to find her and slipping on rocks and banging the damn tool box, making noise, and the thugs going "there she is!". So funny. Then what comes next is just plain ridiculous. If you want to laugh at failure watch this movie. It's been years since I saw this movie and I still remember it. I was laughing about it for a month since I saw it with my friends. I would definitely watch it again.

Nemesis Game

Excellent, just excellent
I have seen many many movies and this just totally blew my mind. The trauma, the suspense is just amazing. I ended so wound up in the psychological fear and Philosophy of it, and relating it to reality. Movies that play and challenge your mind are movies you don't forget, those that make you doubt your reality. A problem could be the quality, but that doesn't bring down the essence of the movie.

The idea it self is brilliant and the ending leaves you just completely shocked and with the question for you to seek the answer. I just totally loved it! So many clues and twitches and puzzles. One of the best movies ever, hands down.

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