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Some good family flick humor
This is basically a monsters movie with the combination of a lot of the "Goosebumps" monsters coming to life. For the most part I was entertained and if I saw this as a kid in elementary I would have loved it. Mainly because the "Goosebumps" books was really popular when I was in elementary. And a movie that combines a lot of the monsters would have been awesome. I can however still see kids having a fun time sitting through this one. Because it isn't full of trashy and overly corny dialogues that even kids would cringe at. Instead the humor for the most part works for a family film. What would have been great is if they delved more into the monsters background and how it effects the lead characters. Maybe such as if they have to go through a haunted house or had one of the characters put on The Haunted Mask which effected the group. Instead of just running around and hiding from the the "Goosebumps" monsters. I still think this is a good family flick that had potential to be really good. At least the humor for the most part hits it's mark.



Overly nihilistic and cynical animated zombie movie
This is another Sang-ho Yeon's animated movie that takes on a dark, nihilistic, skeptical and overly cynical direction. That tries to mainly show the negative, selfish and manipulative side of human nature. How just about everyone does things out of their own motives and agenda. While the good intention people get wiped out very quickly. This is shown in one scene where one guy tries to save a girl hanging on a wire and ends up paying for it. But what makes this film work is that the overly selfish and angry banters works when it comes to the context and scenarios of the setting. And I did find it unique how it delved into status in society and how the poor is treated worse than dogs in Seoul. And how people show their real face depending on the circumstances and situation. To my surprise this animated movie wasn't as apocalyptic and chaotic as I expected. Instead I found it more subtle and plays out more like a drama. Since it's animated I thought Sang-ho Yeon would take advantage of it and would have put in a lot of chaotic effect which would have cost way more for a live action. One of the main disappointment comes from the animation, which looked very cheap. I am not a fan of cel shaded animation and it just appeared like they cut back a lot when it came to the animation. I think I saw better cel shaded animation on a PS2 during cut-scenes when it came to certain parts. Also if you are expecting some sort of connection between this and "Train to Busan" you won't be getting it. Overall, this is a depressing zombie movie that is a social commentary on society's injustice.


Hacksaw Ridge

Incredible story about conviction, family and honor.
This is a film about prejudice against sensitive men and their conviction. Which is thoroughly shown through the mistreatment of Desmond Doss. Who is a stand up guy that wanted to do good for his country by being a medic for the wounded soldiers in battle. The mistreatment came from Doss being a pacifist and for him sticking to his conviction not to kill but to save lives instead in battle by being a medic. Which leads to Doss facing hatred, trials and hazing from the other soldiers because they all think he won't be able to protect them in battle. This is based on a true story of conviction, family and honor. And it's directed very well from the build up to the convincing and engaging violent battle sequences for the second half. Andrew Garfield plays a lovable character as Desmond T. Doss. Garfield did a great job playing Desmond T. Doss as this dorky, lovable, kind and honorable guy. I am going to be very honest though, during the whole film he reminded me of Fix It Felix Jr. from "Wreck-It Ralph". As a matter of fact if Fix It Felix Jr. came to real life in human form it would be Andrew Garfield in this film. This is a powerful movie about a man standing up for his conviction at all cost. And the brutality of war and the incredible and inspirational will power a honorable man had when it came to saving lives. It's a film that I can highly recommend to just about anyone.


Mou gaan dou III: Jung gik mou gaan

Incoherent and boring finale to tie up loose end
You know how the 3rd installment in "The Godfather" trilogy is hands-down the lower rank installment compared to the previous 2? Well it's the same here, this is a very bland and boring sequel that tried to milk the story as much as it could. I thoroughly enjoyed the first "Infernal Affairs" and the second one was okay. But this third one just added in bunch of elements and characters to milk the story into a franchise. With the ending for the first one, I know it can be very difficult to expand the story. But they went for it anyways and the results are disastrous. So what this is, is a prequel and a sequel to the first one. So they can bring back some of the deceased character that don't have all that much to do within the screen time. Chen Wing-yan was one of my favorite character as the ballsy undercover cop. But in this he has almost nothing to do, so it focuses in on his relationship with his friends which was already settled. And more on the romance between him and his psychiatrist. And let me tell you, the romance between the two is boring to sit through and just seemed like a muddled mess. The psychiatrist is just there for plot device when it comes to the ending. I did like the cat and mouse game between Lau Kin-ming (the mole from the previous one) and Superintendent Yeung Kam-wing whole plays Lau's rival as his equal. When it comes to his methodical planning and clever ways to out think his opponents. I think they should have played more with this instead of skimming over it. Because it sort of reminded me of the confrontation between Walter White and Gus Fring. I wouldn't be surprised if "Breaking Bad" borrowed some of the cat and mouse elements from this film. However some of the dialogues are so corny despite the characters trying to deliver it in a cool fashion. Overall, this is a incoherent and boring finale to tie up loose ends.


Mou gaan dou II

Unnecessary but competent
I didn't feel that this was a unnecessary prequel but it's still competent. So if you liked the first one, this won't ruin this franchise for you. This prequel delves into how Chan Wing-yan earned the trust of the Triad bosses. Lau Kin-ming affair or one sided love with Hon Sam's wife. His work and his cunning executions while working for Ngai Kwun a Triad Boss. This prequel builds some sympathy for Hon, his grief and his rise to power. It further delves into some unnecessary subplots but it did a alright job of showing insight to the two moles younger years. Some parts did not seem all that consistent when it comes to the narrative and some parts did come off a bit corny. But overall, it's a competent prequel that came about thanks to the first one's huge success.


Mou gaan dou

Clever Hong Kong cult classic
This is an enthralling and riveting crime movie that is thrilling from beginning to end. There is investigation and quite a bit of mobster talk but it's fast paced and for the most part gets to the point. I remember watching this for the first time in theaters and was blown away at how cool and clever the execution was. The plot revolves around a ballsy undercover gangster that is basically a mole within the triad gang. And a cunning and meticulous triad gang member that is a mole in the intelligence on the other side. And how they are trying to figure out each sides plans and sniff each other out before time runs out. It's actually a clever premise and executed quite well. I really enjoyed the cat and mouse premise in this, with each side trying to track down the mole on the other side while trying to out-think one another. It's not a action packed Hong Kong thriller but it's a thriller with a lot of clever elements. This is a engaging film from start to finish and it's a film that I want to watch again later down the line. It's basically a cult classic from China and for good reasons that I can highly recommend.



Harsh and yet heartfelt film
I personally think this film is getting the praise it does because of the subject matter. I think it's a really good movie, but not something that is mind-blowing or amazing. When it comes to the acting and the character development is solid. I thought the actors that played the character Chiron all put a lot into this role. Everything, when it comes to the characters to the interactions all seemed very believable. All 3 actors put on amazing performances as a character that is withdrawn and sensitive. Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris, Janelle Monáe and André Holland are all fantastic in this as these. What hit me the most was how it showed how very sensitive people are treated in a insensitive world. And how having sympathy and empathy for others can be tough when it comes to being in a harsh environments like the hood. Despite the film taking place in the hood, it has orchestral scores instead of gangster rap music which fits when it comes to the context of the story. It's a coming of age movie of how the environment and relationships can have an affect on someone. How struggles and obstacles can shape people and how sometimes people try to hide their sensitivity in order to survive. Overall this is a harsh and yet heartfelt movie that I don't regret seeing.


La La Land

This is a musical that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finished. It's a very vibrant and colorful film that mixes the thematic elements from the old fashioned musicals and themes in the present. And the collision of all the enrollments works together really well. Usually I get bored of musicals, because the songs aren't all that catchy and gets boring to listen to despite the characters emotions sometimes. However in this, just about all the songs are catchy and exciting and some of it even heartfelt. When the song "Another Day of Sun" started off as the intro, I just had this had this giddy smirk. Mainly because the song is so darn catchy and old fashioned while having that present suave take to it. The main core aspect of the story is about 2 passionate people trying to achieve their dreams. While the romance parts is basically the secondary aspect of the story. The two actors was great choices for the lead. Ryan Gosling is just really good at bringing about this suave and charismatic jazz pianist. He was the replacement for Miles Teller, as good of an actor Teller is I think Gosling was the right choice. I also heard that Emma Watson was first conspired for this role which might have worked as well. But Emma Stone seem to hit the right notes when it came to the singing scenes. Overall, this is a colorful and marvelous musical that I thoroughly enjoyed. However some overly cynical, jaded or nihilistic audiences might not enjoy this movie as much. But for those that still have hope, dreams, passion and believe in love and romance will fall for it. It's the perfect date movie that couples can sit through.



Existential sci-fi film about humanity and time
This is one of those films that I have a lot of appreciation for but probably wouldn't watch again. It's a artistic, existential and symbolic film that doesn't try to go in a pretentious direction. Instead most of the cryptic messages and symbols can be understood after some deep thinking. This isn't a sci-fi action movie or a sci-fi film with a lot of tension and thrills. Instead it's a very quite and slow paced sci-fi film that focuses in on humanity, universal language and the concept of time. So yeah I have respect for the director Denis Villeneuve to make a symbolic and artistic film that doesn't get pretentious or overly ambiguous. Overall, this is a impactful film that will keep the audiences thinking about existence, time and the importance of love and relationships because it's fleeting.



Dreary and boring film with few cool scenes involving Jean Reno
Because I enjoyed the film "Leon" very much I was expecting a gripping and cool flick when it came to this. So when I read the summary, which is about a teenage junkie and delinquent getting hired to be an assassin to be cool. But it's shown in a very boring manner, with boring training sequences that got very tedious. I was expecting more thrilling and stealth elements but it got even more ridiculous and boring as the film progressed. The actress did a fine job when playing a junkie and a delinquent, but I just couldn't buy her as this sexy and alluring femme fatale. They should have focused more on bringing about more interesting and alluring aspects to her training. Like how she learns to use her femininity and sex appeal during the training. This is a dreary movie that fails to entertain and has very poor pacing and structure. It would have done better as a television series with Nikita using her street smarts and other assets. While she goes on different missions while bringing about more development to the settings, missions and characters. Overall, this was a distracting and disappointing film from Luc Besson. The best parts are the scenes with Jean Reno playing another hit-man.


The Eyes of My Mother

Messed up and yet sympathetic film
This is a gruesome and yet abstract movie that will be difficult for some audiences to sit through. Not because it's overly full of gruesome scenes, but because of the psychologically disturbing parts. As a matter of fact, this film surprisingly changes scene before a violent and gory parts are about to take place. The black and white cinematography actually adds to the visual effects and make the film appear more ethereal and psychotic. This film delves into the mental instability of a girl that witnesses traumatic and messed up stuff. And has to deal with seclusion and loneliness that overcomes her. From the beginning the film appeared very psychedelic and brought about a very creepy vibe. What stands out about this film is some of the unexpected turn of events. And how it builds sympathy for the protagonist because of her longing to be loved. Overall, this isn't a film I would see again, despite the very short run time it did feel a bit tedious after a while. However if you are in the mood for a short disturbing, psychotic and ambient horror movie.


Blade Runner

A sci-fi noir cyberpunk materpiece
To sum up this film, it's a classic sci-fi masterpiece that delves deep into existential and philosophical elements. How human's will try to create slaves or beings that will do work that they don't want to do or will not do. How everyone is looking for comfort and how some people will seek pleasure and comfort even if others are affected negatively by it. How people will give up integrity and stop with the search of wisdom for wits and how to take advantage of others for their own benefits. This film might come off pretentious to some audiences with it's visuals and style of it. But I thought the visuals and style of it actually compliments the intellectual aspects of this film. Even if it lacks in dialogue, the visuals really does bring about the grim and dark reality of the future. This isn't a film that I would watch over and over again. But for it's rare watch for me, it's stunning and psychotic when it comes to the characters and the dystopian setting. Harrison Ford was the it adventure and sci-fi adventure guy in the 70's and 80's. And he was almost the perfect choice to play an ex-police officer Rick Deckard. His job as a "Blade Runner" is to track down and hunt for replicants, basically human clones used to serve in the colonies outside Earth. They have a very short life span and is thought of as disposable and expendable by the humans. Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer) is a intimidating, manipulative and violent character that I have a lot of sympathy for. He is a character that is portrayed as a villain because of the setting and situation. And yet Roy Batty is a character that just about anyone can have understanding and empathy towards. Ridley Scott tried to emulate certain aspects of "Blade Runner" into his few other films such as "Prometheus". Other artists, directors and even video gamer designers took elements from this movie. Hideo Kojima being one of them when it came to his work in "Snatcher" was inspired and influenced by this film. Overall this is a sci-fi noir cyberpunk masterpiece that is most definitely worth the watch.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Funny and edgy neo-noir black comedy
I remember renting this movie when it first came out on DVD. And thought of it as a funny and cleverly executed movie that I wanted to watch again later on. It isn't as amazing as I remember it to be but it's still a very clever black comedy with heavily flawed but likable characters. It's a neo-noir film that has a more fast placed and edgy feel to it all. Although the biggest payoff and fame came from Robert Downey, Jr. playing Tony Stark. This is the role I remember Downey the most from. It's difficult to play a thief that is all talk and lack common sense and yet still very likable. But Downey managed to pull it off thanks to his acting chops and because of the writing. And probably his character is someone that can resonate with a lot of people. This is also Val Kilmer's 3rd most memorable role for me. He was just excellent as an overly sarcastic and somewhat pompous private investigator. And what drives this movie is the interactions and banters between these two characters. Overall I thoroughly still enjoyed this film and will probably watch it again in a few years...Maybe.


What We Do in the Shadows

Bloody fun and amusing time
This is a very amusing mockumentary style movie that focuses in on a few vampires that act like brothers. And their dynamics with one another when it comes to doing choirs, when new comers get involved and how they go about dealing with humans. I didn't particularly find this to be hilarious, but I got a few laughs out of it and it was very amusing to sit through. Maybe it's because the actors played their parts so well to the point it just came off very natural. Maybe it's their personalities in real life, but the interactions came off amusing and natural. It really did seem like it's how the actors in this would act like if they were vampires. The executions when it comes to the vampire elements onto screen is very cleverly done. It's like they thought up a lot of fun and creative ideas when it comes to the vampire myths and mashed it all together into a mockumentary. But the thing is, it all works together fluently and it all fits together. To describe this mockumentary, it's like a mix of "The Office", "Borat" and "Napoleon Dynamite" when it comes to the dynamics and vibe of it all. It start to slightly drag an hour in but overall it was a bloody good time.



My favorite hit-man in one of my all time favorite films
I remember watching this film as a kid and being blown away by how awesome it is. From the action, the characters and the chemistry between Leon and Mathilda it was just all so darn memorable and cool. Sure, the relationship between an adult hit-man and a 12 year old girl may sound like it's messed up. But Luc Besson makes the whole thing work by making the hit-man Leon to be so darn likable, professional and yet naive. This is the role that Jean Reno will be known for throughout his acting career. He plays this secluded, introverted and yet sensitive hit-man who is very likable for a hit-man. Maybe because of his naive personality and how he doesn't live a rich and fulfilled lifestyle because of what he does. Maybe it's because Leon is a character that has certain codes and rules that he abides by. And for a hit-man he has some integrity and compassion. Some of it comes from Jean Reno's personal idea to make his character a bit mentally slow when it comes to things that didn't involve killing. This movie was a big hit in Asian countries, especially in japan. And a some Japanese movies, anime and manga tried to emulate some elements from this film. The ideas about the character Leon and his relationship with Mathilda came about because of Luc Besson's personal relationship with a teenage girl who is much younger than he is. Even Gary Oldman puts on a very memorable performance as a corrupt cop. His performance might be a bit over the top, but it stuck with me and it works when it comes to the context of this film. This is Oldman's performance I mostly remember him for despite him being a great actor. It's close the the performance level of Denzel Washington from "Training Day". This is even the performance that made Natalie Portman who played Mathilda into a star. Again it's the performance I remember this actress the most for. She brings about a lot of raw emotions for a very young actress. The first door scene where she is trying to get inside Leon's apartment by saying "please" made me feel for her character. In another words, overall this is the film that I remember all three actors for the most. Mix that in with one of the best script that Luc Besson has written so far and you got one of the best movies from the 90's. What made this film very lasting, impactful and memorable for me wasn't just because of the cool style of it all. And because of the relationship between Leon and Mathilda. But because it has one of the best ending I have ever seen in film. It's explosive figurative and literally when it comes to Leon's final mission. Overall, this is a brilliant film with marvelous acting, characters and direction. This is part action movie, part revenge movie and part controversial romance movie that doesn't take it too far. While having a bit of artistic ambiance to it without it being pretentious. I personally think of this film as a masterpiece.


The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Creepy B movie that carries some elements from Japanese horror
When I started this movie up, I was expecting another exploitation movie. Kind of like "Deadgirl" (2008) with a lot of nudity and sexual tones that leans towards it being controversial. But to my surprise this was more horror and supernatural over it being focused more on exploitation. Sure, there is a unidentified dead girl and she is nude most of the way through. But it didn't seem to exploit the actress with it constantly focusing on sexual aspects of it. As a matter of fact this was like watching a B movie with the vibe being similar to Japanese horror. I wouldn't have been surprised if this was done by a Japanese director. Because it sure seemed to have been inspired by Asian horror movies. So the story is about a father who is a cynical coroner and his son who is his assistant. That work with investigations through autopsies to figure out how some people might have died. And they are professional about their job but bizarre and strange things start to happen when they start to perform an autopsy on a unidentified girl. The actress did a professional job, it must not have been easy pretending to be dead for long hour while being nude. What stood out about the characters is how the father is very cynical about everything, even when strange subtle things starts to pop up. So he is dismissive about every weird occurrences until things start to escalate. The horror elements isn't anything all that new, but the atmosphere is shot very well and the setting is grimy and gruesome looking. The stench of dead bodies seemed like was coming out of the screen. Even the music was creepy as hell, especially when it came to the songs from the radio. It sounded like it was something out of the "Silent Hill" video games. Like one of those happy go lucky songs that sounds very creepy while having that happy tone to it. Overall, this is a okay movie if you are in the mood for a alright horror flick.


Finding Dory

Didn't seem like a necessary sequel but it doesn't take anything away either.
It's not as good as the first one, but it's a nice follow up. This isn't one of Pixar's film that will become a classic. But it's a movie that kids will have a lot of fun with and is watchable for adults. It isn't a Pixar movie with a lot of depth, deep meaning and messages when it comes to the story. But it's a simple and yet creative movie about Dory who has short-term memory trying to find her parents. With the help of her friends and acquaintances. Sure it can get tedious at times and it isn't a movie I would watch over and over again. But what makes this simple movie work is it's creativity and the situations the fishes and other sea animals gets into. And creative ways they go about it when trying to get out of danger and finding their way to certain locations. This isn't a sequel that I felt was necessary but it doesn't take anything away either.



Soulful film that pierces the heart
This is a film that isn't for everyone, especially if you aren't keen on listening to realistic and harsh dialogues for over 2 hours. This is based on a play after all. It's focused more on the banter and interactions which includes quite a bit of arguing and fighting with some cheers and singing thrown in. It's a movie that shows how the environment and deep past regrets fuiled by anger and really affect a man. And how that hatred and pain can affect even loved ones in a very painful and scarring way. If I watched this movie as just a kid before my teenage years, I would have been bored to death watching this. But as an adult, watching this put more insight and understanding to the human condition. Maybe it's because my father was a angry alcoholic, his past was full of betrayals and the loss of loved ones. He is a good man that has integrity but was full of anger and had a huge ego. Now as an adult I understand that he did the best he could as a father and as a man. Denzel Washington puts on another believable performance, but it's Viola Davis that really impressed me this time around. After playing the mean and intimidating role as Amanda Waller in "Suicide Squad". She plays a beautiful, loving and compassionate wife who tries to see the good in people. Her performance had so much realistic emotions and soul to it. As a matter of fact this is a soulful movie that pierces the heart. It shows the depressing side of reality but it still gives a bit of hope. I am not sure this is a film I would sit through again, but it's a impactful and tear-jerking film.


The Last Boy Scout

Might not be a classic cop movie but it's still a fun ride
This is another fun cop movie starring Bruce Willis. Again he plays a cool, charismatic, smart mouth cop that shoots first and asks questions later. It shows his arrogance as an actor slightly in this. But the character Joseph "Joe" Cornelius Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) is somewhat of a boy scout type cop. Because despite his way of bending the law to get the job done, his heart is usually in the right place. He seems to be trying to hard to appear cool in this but they make a reference to it in this. This is a fun action cop movie that doesn't take the turn for the overly dark and serious tone. Instead it has the right amount of humor that compliments the violent action and explosions. Halle Berry also makes her early appearance in this as a seductive dancer. But the shocker is how Danielle Harris who plays Joe's bratty loudmouth daughter with some charm would grow up to be pretty and sexy as an adult. It shows that average looking kids can grow up to be handsome or pretty. While sometimes cute kids can grow up to lose their looks. Overall, it might not be a classic cop movie but it's still a fun ride.


Patriots Day

Competent movie about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath
I wasn't expecting much out of this movie when I first decided to check it out. To my surprise it's a competently made movie that kept me focused all the way through. I thought this was going to be straight by the numbers disaster movie, which will have some moments that will just drag on an on. To my surprise, it hit the emotional moments at the right moments and focused a good deal leading up the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. And the aftermath when it comes to the people that got effected and the investigation in tracking down the culprits. The narrative is easy to follow and there wasn't any complexity when it comes to the investigation. That includes the simple cinematography that didn't seem to have much techniques put into it. Although some of the characters seemed over-dramatic, yeah it's was a very serious situation but it just felt pretentious at times. Unlike how it was in "Zero Dark Thirty", but this is a patriotic movie after all. However the most effective elements is how it shows all angles and perspective of the people that was involved in the bombing. Including the aftermath and what the people had to go through because of the bombers. Mark Wahlberg does what he does, but it works into this just fine and that includes all the other actors playing the people that was involved in the manhunt. The celebration at the end is one of the things I disagreed with in this film. It was probably to make it a good happy ending while showing the people coming together and not letting the bombings bring them down. But I personally think it should have gone in a more grim and dark direction, which shows the seriousness of it all. Despite showing how although the culprits were either apprehended or killed, isn't something to entirely celebrate about. Yes, it's a good thing that they managed to find the people that was responsible and was able to exact justice. I am glad justice was served and the bombers got what they deserved. And sure, it can be a celebration for some folks when the culprits that committed the deadly atrocity is caught or killed off. But after innocent peoples lives that were lost and the damages that was done by just two lunatics with malicious intents. I personally think it should have taken a more serious approach at the end instead of going on a happy we come together ending. It can work when it comes to fictional movies like "Independence Day". But when it comes to something that is based on a true event, when it comes to just two simpleminded terrorists causing destruction and affecting the lives of others in a negative way. The happy ending with everyone smiling, laughing and holding hands wasn't the right choice in my opinion. Even if life still goes on after the bombing. Which is why I think the ending to "Zero Dark Thirty" worked better.


The Fifth Element

It's like watching an awesome manga or Japanese anime action movie
For what this movie is, I thought it was excellent. When this movie first came out I thought it was one of the coolest futuristic movie ever created. And I thought Bruce Willis was the coolest action hero ever at that time. This is also the first film where I saw Milla Jovovich kicking ass and she does a fine job of it. I also remember there was a lot of marketing that went into this movie. And I remember my elementary school teachers carrying around cups from fast food restaurants advertising this film. And for what it is, I personally think that it still holds up today. It's imaginative and I liked the design of it all as corny as some of it is. It's like watching some of the sci-fi arts from Deviantart coming to life. For a movie such as this some aspects of it seemed like it is ahead of it's time. This is the movie that Luc Besson really got to showcase his directing style and the elements that he likes to bring to the table. It's like watching a really good live action movie based on a Japanese manga or anime. Overall, this isn't a sci-fi movie that should be taken seriously but to just enjoy the fun, creative and stylish ride. It's not a movie that takes on a dark and serious tone like "Blade Runner" after all. Instead it takes on a more witty and comedic approach with vibrant and stylish visuals but there is some meat to the story. Watching this again in 2017 was blast from the past.


Song of the Sea

Stunning and wonderful 2D animated movie
This is a wonderful movie with wonderful artwork that really brought back my childhood. You know those vibrant and colorful story books with pictures that your elementary school teachers use to read to the students. Well it's kind of like that except it's like watching a moving children's story book that even adults can enjoy and be mesmerized with. It's rare to see amazing 2D animation movies that isn't from japan, so this movie was a treat to sit through. This is a stunning and hand-drawn animated folk-lore journey. That encompasses the importance of understanding, bonding and how good intentions might not always be the right choice. This is a wonderful 2D animated movie I would recommend to kids and adults.


The Replacement Killers

Pretty good emulation of John Woo's action movies.
So this is Antoine Fuqua's directorial debut and it's obvious he is a fan of Hong Kong action cinema. And he did the best he could to emulate John Woo's style of action and gunplay or gun-fu. And the results are pretty darn cool, especially for a movie from the 90's. He even hired Chow Yun-Fat as an assassin working for the Chinese mafia. This is a very short action movie, but it's full of cool and stylish gun-fu action while taking on that cinematic flare. So if you want to watch a short but pretty good emulation of John Woo's action movies this might be worth the watch for you.


Stand by Me

Wonderful and yet piercing moving about childhood friendship
This is a impact, heartwarming movie that pierces the heart while delving into childhood friendship. This is a journey about 4 kids that takes on a realistic and yet whimsical tone when it comes to bond and comradery between the 4 characters. Especially the two main leads Gordie (Will Wheaton) and Chris Chambers (River Phoenix). What makes this movie stand out, is the realistic interactions, banters and actions of the 4 kids and other teenagers. They swear, they smoke and talk about girls which might turn off some parents from showing this movie to their kids. So the rawness of the the characters interaction and bonding made me feel more of the characters. And made the whole experience more memorable although it's not really a feel good movie. This is not just a movie about 4 kids going on a journey together but it's also about self revelation as well. And how they are all trying to fight through their struggles. Now when it comes to the soundtrack, the main theme song is super memorable while having that sad and yet heartfelt melody going for it. Overall, this is a great film about childhood friendship that for most people plays one of the pivotal parts in people's lives.


Training Day

Arrogance of power and corruption
This has got to be one of my favorite street/hood movies I have seen. Although this is more from the point of views from a good cop and a crooked cops perspective of things. The narrative is easy to follow but there is street smart and street depth to it. Despite few parts not being all that believable, especially when it comes to some of the decisions and actions of some people in this. So yeah, the story connects really well together even the parts that just look like subplots. And when you throw in Denzel Washington putting on his most explosive, menacing, charismatic and powerful performance. You got yourself one heck of a awesome street/hood/crime movie that pushes towards what street justices is like. Ethan Hawke is even believable playing a naive rookie officer with a good heart. This is a entertaining and yet enthralling experience to sit through, especially because of Washington's performance in this. Overall, this is a movie I can highly recommend.


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