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South Park: Board Girls
Episode 7, Season 23

Matt and Trey getting their groove on
This is what I always loved about South Park. Take an issue and throw a well placed spanner in the works. This time it was about an iconic character of wrestling fame: Randy 'Macho Man' Savage identifying as a woman and entering into contests where he would gain a decisive advantage. PC principal was grappling with the idea of his own being intolerant to Trans Savage and hilarity ensues.


Different than anything coming out of L. Aaaaay
The banter is often witty and quick though sometimes cryptic and confusing. The low hanging fruit Near-puns seems to be just padding for between the actual jokes and witty repartee. This is a unique show with like a rural Shakespearean dialogue in its often 'off-english' semantically loose yet literate dialogue. It is very stylized...that is one of the many things I love about it. I hate to say it but some episodes seem phoned in while others are finely crafted works of comedic art. The "set-up comedy with the punchline ending" episodes are my favorite. I just watched the Halloween special and that ending had me almost literally rolling on the floor.

Another Life

Oh? It's not a comedy?
Another Life seems to be a comedy about a bunch of idiot Millennial stereotypes and the one actual adult who has to deal with them.

The "Crew" take 'Orders' as suggestions, have no common sense, and believe everything they think to be true without a second thought. Each episode has an example of one or more brain farts the "Crew" hold up to get the best "Participation Award" for that each of these idiots believe to be a nobel prize worthy move, and at least one person ends up dying for it.

There's nothing that happens that should have happened if everyone was playing with a full deck of common sense.

It's like the 3 Stooges except with Millennial stereotypes. The leader Niko (Played by Katee Sackhoff) is one of the few genuinely capable and mature members of the crew. She, however, caters to her crews outbursts, drama and snap judgments rather than shut them down. She does her best to lead by example, doing some of the most hazardous tasks herself to attempt to earn the respect of these disrespectful misfits. You get the feeling that If she was accepted into the ranks of "The Young and Beautiful", she wouldn't have to work half as hard to get twice the respect. This 'Narcissistic' vibe permeates the entire season 1.

This show is either set to appeal to the egocentric youth or mock them. Maybe a little bit of both. I find it enjoyable enough. I just don't take it too seriously.

Into the Badlands

A good fiction overly padded with nonsense
This could have been a decent SciFi action film if they focused on that rather than the endless violence and fighting. Most of the fighting is excellent but then someone decides to completely defy the laws of physics like having one Suriken kill an entire room of people. Even The Shadow Warrior didn't try that and he had portable nuclear missiles.

Eventually you start to wonder how much of the actual fighting is doctored. That isn't fair to the actual martial artists. Honestly, it feels too much like a fight generator like Lets Get These Two People To Fight and the plot gets hacked together to make that happen. I was honestly there for the main story but it moved so slowly in that regard.

I started suspecting that the Narrative was whatever was convenient rather than logical with Quinn and the things he did and didn't do. Toward the end of Season Three, this absolute Jealous psycho who enjoyed killing the weak and innocent, died himself. Given the emotions at the funeral as well as the background music, it was indicated that the viewer should feel for his passing with sadness. This guy killed more innocents than Charles Manson and I'm supposed to feel sorry for him. What a pile of garbage. I think maybe what happened is that the narrative was supposed to give this guy more of a human side. more of a dramatic snap but that didn't happen and they didn't bother to change the ending for him. Somehow all the Little People dying everywhere else in this production drowns out all the subtlety.

In all Three seasons they had enough for maybe two hours of actual fiction. Not good enough.


I'm In Love with this Show
Back in the day I loved "Angel". The idea of portraying a supernatural being in a more human context. Lucifer does the same from several different angles. The opportunity to tell a story and reveal character aspects seems to be approached with vigor. Battles are never overdone which leaves more room to craft humor and character development. I can't seem to get enough and have been binge watching this series on Netflix. I have to say, though, its a shame when they show a seemingly significant character like Reese and then drop him. Though, I suppose, that also adds depth to the other characters in this series.

I normally don't give a 10 star review to anything but, if there is any show that deserves it, it is this one.

Game of Thrones

I am deeply divided by Season 8
Everyone complains about how Dany's arch. Personally, I think the personal story to be the best. She stopped examining herself and decided that everything she did was good and right. I don't have a problem with any of the acting or directing. Even the writing was spot on (and I know people have problems with it) . I only wish they put at least half as much thought into the ending as they did for the creation of those characters. The issue I have with the show is the HORRENDOUS lack of respect for LOGIC. Did ANYONE in this show CONSULT ANYONE who knew even a thimble worth of strategy!?

A Frontal Assault by "A" Class Irregular cavalry against a MASSIVELY larger group of, essentially, steady infantry who NEVER suffer Morale issues? Why not just have them ride off a cliff!?

Speaking of Dothraki...or, maybe call them the "Wile E Coyote" because no matter how many time we see them all die, they always come back.

They died to a man in that "Dramatic Effect" charge. A bunch of them showed up at the Funeral. 1000s died to almost a man when the Iron Fleet attacked. Then Several thousand show up at the gates of Kings Landing!? I don't get it... when they die, do they multiply!?

Speaking of obscene perversions of logic. How did a handful of people left alive in Winterfell become an army that could besiege King's Landing!?

What happened to Cerci's plan to have Winterfell fight to a man against the Night King and the sweep up the remains with her army. It would have made perfect sense except for the Dracaris-ex that could destroy the world with enough bean burritos. That whole thing wreaked of a hasty (and highly illogical) plot change. It's Sloppy. It's practically Fan Fic in this regard.


Great Lines...Now work on enunciation and pausing between words
Selina Meyer is massively Narcissistic. She is the only protagonist I know that I actually hate more and more with each episode. Early into the series you may believe her to be a genuine crusader for good. Later in the series, she is more harshly contrasted to her devotion between appearances and the act of doing good...and even basic empathy.

The arc isn't so much in the character but in the perception of the character by the viewer. Those of us who choose to see the best in a person internally downplay our perception of the awful things that she does due to the charisma of the character. It kind of the real POTUS. I see this as a high level of artistic genius. It seems that they made this point quite clear about Selina but seem to keep going with it.

The word bullets in this show are flying everywhere. Most of the best lines are spoken too quickly with not an increased level of enunciation. Then someone else shoots out a word bullet burst smearing the moment. I enjoy that they use small sentences to craft a situation like an artist uses small brush strokes to create a painting. Yet, unlike a painting, we experience this art form sequentially so it is important to appreciate the detail of art by being able to hear it adequately. Most of the actors in this show articulate just fine. Several of them still don't...and it's really a shame because I do enjoy their characters. cc doesn't help this situation as much as those words flash by too fast as well.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is amazing. She is a National treasure. What I love about this show is that so much of the acting communicates non-verbally. For instance; when Jonah talks to a couple of women at a wedding, you don't have to know anything about what he says to understand what is going on. When the non-verbal acting seems so genuine then the situations seem that much more real. This is very organic and allows for a greater sense of immersion.


No Transition
I watched all 3 seasons and each episode kept me hanging on with just enough decent content for me to want to know what happens next. Unfortunately the interesting content is spaced out with far too many road apples. How many times do we have to hear Karen or Foggy be upset about the duality of the daredevil?

The end of season 3 was almost like the end of season 1. Fisk is in Jail because Daredevil couldn't bring himself to kill him even though the Kingpin was responsible for the death of practically a village worth of people. Daredevil didn't want to kill him because or his religion...and how he would feel later. Boo Frickin hoo! You would shoot Hitler if you could go back in time, wouldn't you? We know the drill. Season 5 Fisk comes back doing more bad things and Daredevil chastises himself yet again saying "I should have killed him when I had the chance".

Karen was very charming in the first season. In the 3rd season, I don't think I ever had seen her without wet eyes. She was crying because she was happy. She was crying because she was sad. She was crying because she was grateful. Basically? She was ALWAYS frickin CRYING!

This is the problem with the Marvel series on Netflix: nothing ever seems to be changed or resolved. There is no arc. All the personal problems stay the same and we have to watch the same overly dramatic moments again and again. Season 1 had it right. There was some gentle moments between bouts of absolute drama and violence. There was a juxtaposition where the characters just got to be people. There were a few moments like these but it honestly felt contrived... not natural. The chemistry is all wrong. The wording is just plain weird. The only exception was the chemistry between Matt and Karen before Elektra swooped in on her skinny ass wings and made it all about her.

The first season was done well. The character of Foggy was portrayed incomplete as if the actor wasn't getting into the part or the director wasn't giving the right feedback. This could be forgiven in the first season but even in the third season Foggy appeared whiny and not properly engaged. Wilson Fisk, on the other hand (played by Vincent D'Onofrio) was magnificent and present. There was a duality in this character (which was ruined in season 3). The Yin and Yang of an honorable man locked in the mind of a monster. The power of his lady friend, Vanessa, who could give enough power to tip the balance toward the good. If she had her way, she could have made Kingpin a serious force for good. In Season 3, she turned out to be not so good, herself. Kingpin's goodness was definitely not in control of his actions.

A series based on a comic book doesn't have the same artistic Carte Blanche to develop the characters since it doesn't have exclusive rights to do so. This is the limitation of the genre in series form.

Random Acts of Flyness

Well Worded Half Thoughts and Mistruths
This show is very dangerous. It cultivates racial hate speech based on presumptions which are not fully supported. It draws one faulty conclusion on another like 'Religious Science'. As an instrument to encourage dialogue between races of men? That would be a worthy goal. Yet, how do you address the 'Fifth' level of flimsy when it would take a month to explain why it doesn't even make sense. The show very cleverly uses advanced philosophical concepts yet cherry picks them for purposes of selling it's product. The product is indulging hatred among those who feel that they are a victim against their perceived oppressor. I don't mention 'Categories' because it is irrelevant. If you want to fight a disease, you have to attack it directly and not they symptoms. This show feeds the disease. The disease is Racism. This show profits from that. We need to stop judging and hating for everyone's sake.

Dark Matter

Binge Watcher's Bonanza
This isn't a SciFi where you sit and brainlessly watch the shiny lasers. Much like all good serial shows these days, there will be a lot of references to what came before in the series. Remembering names and faces is key to getting the most enjoyment out of it. That being said, I think that might be what brought it down. Linking with the past and continuously adding more but mostly from the past gives the show both dimension and baggage (I honestly had enough of those doppelgangers 2 episodes after their introduction). Eventually, the show seemed a little incestuous the way it was turning in on itself all the time. It also seemed a little egocentric like the whole galaxy revolved around the heroes who could never really be killed. I mean even Game of Thrones killed off Sean Bean's character! The drawing upon itself as its own resource must have made the show inaccessible to the casual watcher. I binge watched this on Netflix. I loved the characters. I will miss not being able to see any more episodes.

Mad Max

What's his motivation? He wants a big engine for his car. Apparently all full sized pick-ups fell into a black hole or something. Weak. The story is awful. The game is massively grindy, the bases are confusing and the bosses aren't all that hard. What is the point of having most of the better 'Archangels' right at the end of the game!? If I'm a stone's throw away from the end, why would I grind 'Pink Eye' rep down to zero and spend 16 thousand scrap to build a few template cars that I would only really ever use in a handful of races!? It's pointless. Though there can be all different modifications of the same car, there really only is one version that truly makes sense going into the late game. What else? The driving is janky and tends to over or under steer. Good points? The world is large. None of that 'Rage' limited driving. The voice acting is pretty good. Combat is flashy and fun until it gets tired and you've seen everything Max can do. I enjoyed the enigmatic 'Griffa' encounters.


Great Game with a LOUSY Story
Seriously starting off as some legendary warrior gifted with the powers of a Seraphin (or some such c**p). Seriously...the story was better starting me off as some grunt with a pistol and not saying anything. Does anyone at ID know how stories work? You have to build. Where is there to build to if your very presence causes Satan to soil his black loin cloth!? The game, mechanically, is excellent! I love the Easter Eggs and the retro levels! Arcade mode is fantastic. I also love that you can switch your loadout and play in slightly different ways. Why would you employ a story teller who is useless? Seriously a story this bad is worse than no story at all. Just give me a pistol and say nothing. You wouldn't hire a amateur coder. writing is, at least, equally important.

Trump: An American Dream

It is a perfect view of one of the most brilliant and yet broken people in America. Each episode is well rounded and contains thoughtful elements to help lead to a better understanding of Mr. Trump. Everyone in the US, heck, everyone in the world, needs to see this series. It is a reflection of us all as a people. That well packaged 'Snake Oil' can be sold as 'Cream of Caviar'. That we have lost our ability to critically think to favor what is easy and comfortable to believe. We have done too much of this in the past. Turn the mind to the facts. Watch the show. Whether you are a die hard Trump fan or a staunch opponent, it will not be comfortable to watch. That is not "Fake News".

Westworld: Virtù e Fortuna
Episode 3, Season 2

Almost Fan Fiction with the dumbest battle ever depicted!
What is the dumbest way to assault a fort manned by folk with revolvers cannons and repeating rifles? Well my first answer would be a wiffle bat charge in broad daylight. My second answer would be a handgun charge. The third but very well entrenched in the 'Stupid' zone would be a SMG charge in broad daylight. Of course defense also wants their forces on the outside the walls to catch every bullet fired fired one handed by a running soldier with a SMG otherwise WHO KNOWS how many defenders would have been pelted by crumbling masonry in the FRIGGIN FORT!!! Those 9 mil bullets would have turned that gate to kindling in A WEEK OR SO of constant fire! Oh...and make sure you have 2 guards at the back gate that can't even see a dune buggy drive right up on them. This scene is blatant disregard for physical laws and tactical thinking. The writer altered logical principles for what got in the way of his story and I have no respect for that. Before all you fanboys get on me for this, I'm a fan of the series. Episode 4 was amazing. It is only because the series has so much going for it that I get passionate about aspects that ruin it for me.

I hate the way in which makes the pretty young women such major bad asses. Maeve I can see. She altered her stats . Dolores? She didn't. She 'Chose' to be good because her will is as epic as her 'youth' and 'Good Looks'...like I said "FAN FIC"! The handsome pretty boy gunslingers are gentle to women but brutal to men like some BS Harlequin Romance. If you happen to be ugly and or old and are not one of the main villains then someone could probably kill a full room full of these guys by throwing a handful of marbles at them. I find the logic of that flawed and worthy of the worst shows and the best trashy novels!

Altered Carbon

Good Bones but it gets Lazy
I have to say that I'm passionate about what I love about this series as I am about what I hate about it. The main actor, for instance, couldn't articulate his way into a high school Vid-play. Thank God for Subtitles. I see this too much these days; Actors not using proper enunciation. It seems the better looking the actor, the more they suck at this. The lead up and premise is great. One hell of a learning curve to get the alterations of the world as being presented. A well thought out extrapolation on how these changes would affect all people in all walks of life and society in general. Very interesting! This could lead to some humorous situations like Grandmother Ortega being "Sleeved" into a tattooed criminal's body so that she could come visit the family for a dinner and celebration. I thought that was epic. It was somewhere mid season that I got a shot of something so "Fan Fic" that it practically turned my stomach enough to back out and stop watching. Ortega had just gotten her bionic arm (top of the line) and was able to do super human things with it (eye roll). The bad people had coerced Max Headroom uh... I mean "Carnage" (played by Matt Frewer) to force Ortega and the main protagonist Takeshi 'Mumbles' Kovacs to fight in an arena. They had fought and won against all combatants when the doors were opened to all the audience to tear them apart. Suddenly, some ninja super warrior tore a bloody swath through the crowd and rescued Takeshi and Ortega. It turns out to be Takeshi's sister (Reileen) who has lived all the years by manipulating the rich and powerful until she was a member or their ranks. She does articulate slightly better than Takeshi, so maybe she learned something. It seemed that this whole scene and character were developed "One handed"...much like Fan Fiction. Eventually we find that Reileen is pure Ruthless embodied and cruel beyond measure. She also has 'Wood' for her brother. Takeshi figures it has something to do with all the 'Re Sleeving' that she did that made her crazy, yet she already told him that she had killed the rebel leader and led to the wiping out of the rebellion because she loved her brother and figured they all were not worthy (yeah...just a little crazy). Which happened 250 years previously. I find the plot is muddy and muddled with incongruities like the one above. Stuff that looks good if you don't look at it too closely but, when you do, just doesn't make sense. The good bones are there. The thoughtfulness and imagination. I would suggest for season 2 that they ignore flash that doesn't make sense and bring up more of that inherent humor. Oh...and tell your pretty actors that words Do have syllables.

Black Mirror: Crocodile
Episode 3, Season 4

Okay...what happened there?
I'm a fan of the series but this was the best example of the worst 'Phoning it in' I've seen in years! The acting and directing were terrible. It's hard enough to understand with such harsh accents but it seemed that everyone in this episode mumbled their words and lines together like one giant incongruous blob.

The plot escalates on a very linear track. They even went for the emotion grab of having an infant killed. This had a striking impact for me since it was the one character that I could both believe and comprehend what he was saying. At the end they used the pet hamster to identify the killer using a memory recall thing. I suppose they had memory recall experts that spoke Cricetidae. I wish I had a hamster that told me how badly this episode sucked so I could have avoided watching it completely.

Snake Eyes

Again. Another movie in the 90's; when we all rented vids or went to the movies; that was a total let down. I remember this movie specifically. It looks like it was shot in one casino. I love Nicolas Cage because no one else is quite like him. I think we all love the iconic method actors. All Nicolas cage years (0 is a number!) of studying at the prestigious "My Uncle is Francis Ford Coppola" school of acting paid off as he both chewed scenery and over forced the portrayal of his character like he was desperately trying to suck a sausage through a straw. He has definitely had better performances.

Once again a 90's movie where you are sitting in the theater wondering when they will get to a part that justifies the budget and finally realizing that you have been ripped off as the ending credits roll.

Fortunately most movie makers realized, like the US Automobile industry in the '70s, if you make a shoddy product then the masses will go elsewhere. Now we have digital media and the passion has come back into TV and movies.

The Fan

All hook and no substance
Take a great actor like De Niro and a cool premise. Mix into a decent trailer to attract the movie crowd. I sit there in the theater thinking 'Where did you spend that money making this garbage. I don't see it." It's almost like the money was spent on something other than making the movie.

I remember this movie as being exceptionally bad to the point where I remembered the name off the top of my head after 20 years. It's really one of those 'Throw away' films. You make it...make money...throw it away. This and 'Snake Eyes' are two of the reasons why I stopped going to movies back in the day. It was just the year before when De Niro was in the excellent 'Casino'. If you observe both performances side by side, you can see how lacking this one was.

Eventually Hollywood wised up. If you sell garbage by putting your name on it, then your name becomes devalued and you put your whole career in jeopardy. If you screw over the consumer, they won't buy your product.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Brilliant Monologue
Back in the times of the Daily Show I didn't care for Stephen. Now I believe him, and his writers to be the best Comedy team on TV. I was so surprised that he didn't win an Emmy (for #69). His monologue beats John Oliver's in both timing and quality of humor every time. Honestly, based on this, I hereby refuse to take the Emmy Award Ceremony seriously anymore.

Colbert and his writing staff are sharp. They are all excellent! He is not as partisan as people think. He has had a good word for many Republicans both Bush and Nixon (comparing him favorably to Trump). I don't think most Americans realize how close they are to getting a pseudo Democracy if they continue along this path.

I see the low ratings some give him and understand how rabid devotees Trump's zealots can be. This is the problem with collective pride without individual merit. Even the unworthy are capable of great hubris. The evidence is clear and available.

Colbert has the timing and the moves of even the very best stand up comedians. I could watch his monologue from last year and still laugh out loud.


The evolution of the action Film
Finally we realize that in acting, even in action films, less is more. No one can get attached to a stick figure character with a bombastic personality (as we all have seen in previous action films). Rambo succeeds in maintaining a delicate balance between 'Knowing' the characters and 'understanding' them as people. I think Sylvester Stallone did a great job as director.

The violence is very visceral and disturbing. This movie is not everyone's thing. I have no idea how they pulled off the level of detail. The technology to produce the graphic detail is awe inspiring.

The plot is fairly simple. This is the movie we've come to know as a Rambo film; taken to the next level of the art. I'm very impressed... and I'm not one to usually enjoy this sort of film but I did this one.

Nymphomaniac: Vol. II

If you aren't easily shocked and have a few miles on the odometer - I would recommend
Wow. This is a powerful drama. I group this with Volume 1 and say that most of the acting is pretty freaking amazing. Christian Slater's portrayal of Joe's father in the Hospital? It was chilling because it seemed so realistic. I've been bed side to that event...I know what it looks like. The calm at times...and uncontrolled panic the next.

I had a feeling the ending may have been what it was. I have to not say too much but; it did wrap it up with a tragic irony.

The movie draws upon advanced concepts within music, religion and art to converse at a brilliant level about metaphor transferable between each and how it relates to the story being told. Genius.

There is some very graphic sexuality though I wouldn't consider it pornographic but more there for dramatic impact.

As much as I loved this movie, if I had been even 10 years younger, I might not have been able to appreciate it as much as I did.

Haters Back Off!

This Show is Painful
If you have ever met someone who believes that their emotions and needs outweigh any other considerations, this show could make you angry. On the show, Miranda sings like she is gargling a golf ball and pretends that she is a Superstar because she put a video of her singing on YouTube. Miranda isn't so much a character as she is a caricature who overtly represents a generation stick figure of delusional self obsessed narcissists. Everyone around Miranda (except her sister) is either delusional themselves or doesn't want to hurt Miranda's feelings by telling her the truth and helping her to grow TF up.

We've all been around the Internet and we've all seen Trolls. There are 2 kinds; Those who will say 'You suck'... and those who display such hateful attributes that it is almost impossible NOT to say 'You Suck'. This show is the latter.

In any show, there has to be something to root for in the protagonist. Yeah...even in comedy. Miranda has nothing except for the belief that she deserves to be treated like a superstar. It almost seems like this is "Miranda Sings" Inner voice. This is the most negative belief of who she is. I've seen the original video of "Miranda Sings". Guess what? Miranda CAN sing. She's pretty freaking good when she wants to be.

I would like to comment on this show by referring to it as a form of Art and how observing it meant to me. It's not Salvador Dali but.... The thing about it is that it made me want to hate. It cut through the flesh and pressed to the bone the very lucid idea that a delusional person just doesn't spring into existence. They are brought up from a dysfunctional environment. With trends toward isolationism in society where people arrive to the world from separate reality bubbles and pick and choose what they believe to be real...which I've, personally, seen as a trend in society. The show doesn't take me to a very happy place. Is that the point? It's a hard (Scorpion) Truth. I respect your efforts for that but it is no where close to funny.


I usually say 'Story First' no matter what - but, with this movie, I reached my limit
I don't know who they got as their 'Military expert' but it must have been some homeless guy in fatigues who wandered into the studio after a fresh haircut.

I like that they portray the gritty realism of war. My grandfather was in the first World War...and the stories that I heard? You don't want to know. This was during the ugliest time of WW2 when Hitler and his coterie of goose stepping goons were throwing women, children and the elderly in the path of trained, seasoned soldiers. The arm of instigators who were responsible for brutally enforcing this order was the Waffen Schutzstaffel (SS; Elite troops). Anger toward the SS meant that, Generally, a surrendering SS could, at most, hope for a quick death. Of course an elite soldier who knows that, for him, there is only victory or death, is going to fight like hell.

The movie falls apart in the ridiculous amount of tactical and physical flaws regarding the hardware.

-A whole SS division isn't going to be marching down the road toward a battle scene in close formation.

-A Panzerfaust uses a shape charge. Though impressive penetration at it's optimal range (given no other factors), the effect on the armor is localized and should not 'Blow Through' the other side.

-The Fury obviously has a 76mm High Velocity gun. It could have killed a Tiger at 1000 yards...no problem.

-The crew waits until the SS close marches to right on top of them before engaging. They could have engaged them at 200 meters with 2 .30 Cal. MG's a .50 cal MG and a 76mm using HE. They could have gotten 3/4s of them and bugged out using smoke...before they even got close.

-American Grenades explode on impact but the German grenades give Brad Pitt enough time for a Soliloquy.

-Even a 75mm could pen a Tiger side max armor in 250 meters. You don't have to get right behind it.

-The tactics the SS employ make them look like absolute idiots. Did the real SS change clothes with some Civies!?

It is like someone who was supposed to do proper research that didn't know anything about the subject matter or even basic tactics. Who thought the knowledge came as easy as watching some Youtube video (and I think I know which one)...without cross referencing the data. There are plenty of people out there who know this stuff intimately. It just reeks of Laziness that the producers didn't find one!

Halt and Catch Fire

It's like Dallas with old Tech
Honestly, the state of the art has moved past the Dallasesque like a 286. It was great for its day but the world has moved onto better things. I just watched an episode where one of the minor characters messed with one of the regulars. It was an unprovoked attack and happened in the last 5 minutes. This isn't a deep drama...this is a 'Soap' with more elaborate consequences. This isn't a show that expands the mind. It's a show that occupies the mind (sometimes only barely) for an hour. I know you guys can do better. It's what got me hooked in the first place. Show me you're more than an night time 'Soap'... Give me the heavy metal components.

Mr. Robot

It's either for you or not for you...
Some people will hate this show. It requires some effort and it requires that you pay attention while watching it. Often, and to be honest; the part that bugs me, there will be something that happened 3 or 4 episodes previous. You will have to remember it to really get the most out of the story. Much like an independent or European film, sometimes very subtle things can say so much. Unfortunately, when you put something subtle 4 episodes previous (or even in a previous season), things get a little tricky.

Apart from that? I love it! The situational drama can be intense! The story is enigmatic and amazing. It's not everybody's cup-of-tea I get that. For someone who likes to play the drums while they watch TV...or maybe someone who just doesn't like to think...or maybe someone who knows enough about computers to be offended by the misappropriation of Syntax (and/or logical properties) then this wouldn't be the show for them.

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