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Line of Duty

Simply sublime. The best TV drama ever.
What to say that hasn't already been said. Intricate, cerebral, incredible and brilliant writing that's out of this world and great acting performances from an outstanding cast, including Keeley Hawes who's awesome in this.

Oh, if only all dramas were anywhere near this level. And all without any of the lazy, predictable, woke and man-bashing nonsense that sullies pretty much everything else you see on TV these days. BBC, Netflix, Hollywood et al take note!!!


Irksome dialogue and dire movie
Yet another pile of steaming dross that leaves you wondering why the hell did they bother making it. Just utter garbage in every way and even if it had been half decent I would have still given it 1 star for the fact the lead actress says "I'm so, so, so sorry". Hate this latest Americanism where it seems the more so's you throw in, the more sincere you are (not). Irritates the hell out of me. The other cardinal sin was the movie contained yet another American child called bloody "Sweedie". Sweedie this and Sweedie that. Have they no idea just how absolutely nausiating constantly calling a child sweedie is.

Cleaning Up

Black eye
To the reviewer highlighting a continuity error, suggesting the girl's black eye changes eye from one scene to the next, I say watch again, the first shot was her looking in the mirror lol. Remained her left eye throughout.

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