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  • I can hardly recall the plot, so tedious was the script and poor the acting. Basically a businessman betrayed by his wife and competing corrupt associates is nearly buried alive in attempts to get his wealth. The whole film is so littered with holes and destroyed by terrible acting, a poor script and talentless directing that I could barely believe I made it through. It doesn't even have the quality of revelling in it's mediocrity; I couldn't even enjoy watching it for that reason. I have seen so many better 'terrible' movies that at least suggested the cast and production teams had a laugh whilst churning it out, but amazingly those involved in this production were entirely convinced that there was some worth to the end result.
  • I could just imagine seeing the usual trash threat that precedes movies... I should let some federal authority know if this is an illegal copy and I will face some serious penalty or another blah blah blah. Nobody should pay to see this. I have to purchase legal copies of government propaganda just for the privilege. ....I would be more concerned about the morality of just watching this BS. Taking the most extreme hypothetical situation is the kind of justification given to us by every barbaric culture that wishes to excuse its atrocities. Such an A-list of actors too. Nice to see where they all stand. Artists are not what they used to be eh?
  • Until I had seen this film I had not realised that propaganda could be all the more painful when it supports one's own cause. I compare it to the experience of listening to a fool who attempts to argue on behalf of an issue one dearly believes in and in the process makes every basic error that allows the utter destruction of an otherwise sensible point of view. I now believe that there is no place for media manipulators, actors or directors in the global warming debate. If ever the argument is to be won it must be by scientists restricted to fact. This film almost swayed me to the opposite pov than was intended, so obvious was its attempt at emotional manipulation and confusion of reality with fiction. So sad considering the gravity of the situation that confronts mankind and the weight of evidence that man is indeed the cause of climate disruption.
  • For some time I had to think about this movie. It certainly isn't a typical 2/10 home made self-deceived fabrication. After numerous people had praised it, I was certainly beginning to doubt my judgement. It is a movie that describes the rather dubious satisfaction of large busted white women by a sexually adept and stereotypical black doll. If this is an acceptable parody of white attitudes to black people then forgive me. But I honestly imagine that were I black I would be offended and very justifiably so. I can appreciate that in certain regards there is some professionalism that has gone into this racist diatribe but nonetheless....get over your fear that the foreigner will steal your women!
  • You know....friends and family of the production team do a movie no favours by unrealistically raising expectations about it in reviews and suchlike. Far better give an honest statement of its strengths and weaknesses. I mean this movie was an OK effort...but then I am very tolerant of formulaic and unimaginative horror movies. Too much time on my hands. But reading the comments so far, I was naive enough to expect something special....which this movie, sadly, wasn't. Still thanks for entertaining me for an hour or so. Kinda. Now to fill up the required ten lines for an IMDb review. To discuss the plot maybe. Pointless really. Nothing too special there. Still. Bourgouis dentist falls prey to unrealistic psychotic woman. She pulls out some teeth. Not very exciting from thereon.