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Red Dwarf

The Smegging Best.
Red Dwarf is undoubtedly a classic, with its perfect blend of extraordinary sci-fi plot lines and down to earth British humour proves a great combination for sci-fi fans and general TV lovers alike. The show is set in the future and is based around the scruffy Dave Lister (Craig Charles), the pessimistic coward Arnold Rimmer (Chris Barrie), the mutant cat (Danny John-Jules) and the clumsy android Kryten (David Ross and Robert Llewellyn) and their adventures in space when they are trying to find there way home. Countless are the times when you will be watching red dwarf and you will literally have to pause the DVD because you are laughing so much. I personally recently purchased the entire Red Dwarf collection and I am very content with my purchase. The only thing left to say about it is that young or old you will easily fall in love with "The Boys From The Dwarf"

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