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Men in Black: International

Just pure fun entertainment
There are films which are made just to make us have a fun time at the theaters without much need to think and this is one of them. The equal to junk food on film or fast food in film and honestly we all love it.

Not everything has to be thought provoking or be super deep. This flicks only intention is entertain and it accomplished its goal. It's fun the chemistry between the actors is really good and all our characters are very likable.

I had a great time watching it and I got exactly what I was looking for in it.

Avengers: Endgame

The most difficult film to rate
Ok I have to say this is my most difficult film to give a rating.

My MCU fan side gives this a perfect 10. All the fan service is very well placed. It's a roller coaster of emotions and final Battle feels so epic.

All the actors performances are incredible really the original 6 Avengers give their best performances in this movie.

Best Moments When Tony reunites with Peter.

Tony seeing his father again

Tony's interactions with his daughter

Thor getting his hammer back

Captain America of the present vs Captain America of the past

Natasha and Clint in Vormir

Avengers assemble. It was really epic seeing all our heroes together for the first appearing in those rings strange did

The battle with all the Avengers so exciting and suspenseful and everything you wanted in an MCU film.

Now the tricky part.

well as a regular standalone flick is an 8/10 especially if you look for superhero movies for the action.

It has very little action compared to Infinity War and most of the best moments are only really cool if you are a fan of you are not all these great moments of the film will feel like nothing special.

Another small problem in this film It was really nice seeing all the girls together but it served only as nice photo nothing really big happened with them after that moment.

I was excited seeing them all together against Thanos but ughh it only worked as exposition.

Another interesting point in this film it's that if feels like a film of three different genres. One genre per hour.

The first hour Is a drama, the second hour is a heist movie like Oceans 11 or the Italian Job and the third it's finally that epic action adventure superhero movie.

Iron Man

A superhero film for The whole Family
One of the coolest things about this film is that you can really enjoy it with the whole family. Even when some will say they don't like superhero films.

It has great action, romance, comedy and a little bit of drama as well.

IronMan not being a true superhero makes it easier to enjoy for fans who don't like this genre. IronMan is a character who never got super Powers, he built his suit and improved it with time.

The acting is great and They couldn't have chosen anyone better for the Role of Iron Man than Robert Downey Jr.

He was born to be IronMan. He is incredibly charming and his timing to go from comedy to drama Is just perfect so he can go from saying a very cool one liner to serious moment in a matter of seconds.

The romantic chemistry between Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow is great which helps to make the romance look believable and not put in just to make women happy.

The whole is really good.

It's really a film you will enjoy with everyone. It might be hard to convince people who don't like superhero films to watch this but once they see it they will love it.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

A very fun and entretaining film
The Marvel cinematic Universe has The their small scale and big scale films and AntMan and The Wasn't is on the small scale category.

This film might look underwhelming compared to Infinity War which is The biggest film yet of the franchise and maybe Marvel made mistake on the release order.

Maybe AntMan and The Wasp should have come first so it wouldn't feel that underwhelming or disappointing.

But still I have to say it's a really fun and entretaining film.

It has humor, some nice touching moments and lots of action. The film delivers what it promises to be and left me with a smile on my face at the end.

I love both films of Marvel.

their big scale stuff like Infinity War, Civil War and The Avengers And also their smaller scale films made just for fun like: The First IronMan, AntMan And SpiderMan.

If you enjoy the smaller scale films you will be not be disappointed but if you always except the grand spectacle of Infinity War then this one will look a little underwhelming.

Captain America: Civil War

Great SuperHero film though not a huge fan of The Ending
I just watched this film and loved it. Has a very good story and great performances by the whole cast, even though it's a Captain America film all the Avengers shines.

All have their great moments and great job to introduce Black Panther and SpiderMan for the First Time

My Favorite Avenger is IronMan/Tony Stark : I love his sense of Humor and How he looks for for the people he cares the more like SpiderMan and Rhodey.

Though he has big flaws too like his Ego and how stubborn he can be. He was about to forgive Bucky and see He was brainwashed when he did what he did those awful things and then He sees that video of his parents and Changes his mind for the worse.

But at the end all are great good. This Cinematic Univerese took took me out of the stigma that SuperHero films have no good stories and it's just mindless action and CGI

I'm not pretending they are the deepest films but they have well thought out stories with very engaging characters.

The action it's incredible The film has great action scenes with very tense fights which gets us completely glued to the screen.

They give all the characters the proper time to their fights and see what's happening with each one of them.

Great job on presenting both sides of that civil war and explain the arguments in favor or against the agreement. While I'm an IronMan fan during the whole film I kept switching sides and didn't want any of them get really hurt.

Now the only thing I'm not happy with is The Ending.

I'm used to the MCU always getting for us a very happy and uplifting ending which leave us with a smile in our face, so I don't like that they don't give us this time.

Sure no one dies but I would have preferred the last part avoided and then see them all fight together again as a team against the Villain.

It would have been much better that Tony rescued The Avengers from that prison and all went against Zemo and Tony to not watch that Video.

So everyone would live happily ever after like we are used to with The MCU.

When We First Met

Bedazzled and In Time mixed in one film
This film is a good choice when you are looking for something to chill and not think too much. It's entreating and fun to watch with a nice happy ending to leave you very satisfied.

It reminded me a lot to Bedazzled with Brendan Fraser and In Time with Rachel McAdams. To bedazzled because no matter how much he tried to make the girl of his dreams to be with him ended up always regecting him so he learns that girl is not his destiny and In Time well because of the time travel and always did something different to get her.

I guess these stories try to teach us to let destiny run it's course and not get too obsessed with someone because that person is not meant to be with you. And our protagonist learns the hard way to do this and open his horizons.

I would give this a 7/10 because you will have a great time while watching it but the theme of this film has been done a thousand times.

The Greatest Showman

Style over substance but still very enjoyable
I went to see this film last week and I enjoyed very much.

The musical numbers are just perfect with great music and choreographies.

The costumes and cinematography are very good. The whole film is a visual fest it really has that woow factor you want from a musical.

The soundtrack is the best I've heard from this decade. All the songs are good and very catchy. These are songs you can listen to a thousand times and won't get tired of them

All the actors are really good in their roles

especially Hugh Jackman who was born to do musicals apart from Wolverine , it's clear he is in his element, his comfort zone which is perfectly fine. When an actor feels good in a genre it's transmitted and makes everything much more enjoyable and believable.

And this one of the few musicals where everyone does a great job at singing and dancing. No one is mediocre at it and it's something to appreciate very much.

What makes this film go down to a 8 is The Romance and the whole story. The story feels weak and rushed it lacks a lot of development, as for the Romance.

Both love stories feel shoe horned, there is no chemistry and you don't feel like they are madly in love with each other.

At the end it's a very fun feel good movie with a great soundtrack and musical numbers but it's one of those cases of style over substance.

Cinderella Man

Better than Rocky
I know most people consider Rocky the best film about box but I liked Cinderella man more because it's based on a true story so it gets much more involved with the main character. It's much more exciting seeing him win you want him to succeed and see his dream of coming back become true.

Braddock's story is more moving because he wants to fight for his family to make them feel secure and never be hungry again.

The performances are fantastic especially Russell Crowe and the actor who played his trainer. He is funny and you like him as much as Braddock because he also is doing this for his wife so you see him having a lot in common with James so his care for him is genuine not just coach and boxer but you see a real friendship between them.

Rocky is not bad by any means but like I said this one is much better mainly due to being based on a true story


Style over substance but it's worth it
OK I have to admit this is a film with great style but not much substance and yet I loved it.

The original Cinderella is one of my least favorite Disney romances for how plain it is and nothing has been fixed here in that aspect but it's almost impossible to fix Cinderella so not much complaining here.

Nothing they would have done could have worked.

But what it lacked on substance was compensated by great style and the getting the perfect actors for each role.

for the first time the actors they picked for Cinderella and the prince look like people coming from a Disney Fairytale.

Lily James is such a beautiful actress with a lot of Grace and Richard Madden is really dreamy and well Charming.

Cate Blanchett was very well cast as the very classy but evil step mother and so were the actress picked for the evil step sisters.

Now the spectacular visuals and the scenes which made this movie a masterpiece. Looking like real Disney Fairytale.

1 Ella Meeting her fairy godmother and preparing to get to the Bawl

Elena Bonham Carter was a great pick to play the fairy godmother who was very funny at being not that expert on her magic and having a few mistakes at the beginning giving it some humor to that scene.

The transformation of the mices To horses and lizards to human beings were just perfect

Ohh and the transformation of the dress was jaw dropping, you see Cinderella being impressed and feel like she was in a dream having such a beautiful gown which does look like one made for a princess.

The glass sleepers were the perfect touch to such a beautiful dress.

The Bawl scene it was more than perfect. Cinderella arriving, kit recognizing her and their dance just perfect. The chemistry between them and the way they dance looked effortless. Just that scene scene gives the movie 8 points.

Cinderella and Kit had great chemistry you see them happy and enjoying every single second they were together

Last but not least. Cinderella Trying the glass slipper and proving she was the girl who danced with the prince to latter them getting Married and Ella having another beautiful gown which makes her look like a Disney princess.

As you can see This a film completely saved by three great moments which make you feel The Disney Magic and why it gets a 10/10 even if the story is a dull and plain as they come.

House M.D.

A great show of two halfs
OK this is a great series of two halfs and both are great its just that i prefer a bit more the first but there might be some people who might prefer the second.

The first half from season 1-4 is much more procedural and light hearted, it has a much more comedic tone with good drama in it where House is always right, we see him dealing with the patients of the clinic who go the clinic for silliest problems.

The second half from season 5-8 while it doesn't loose completely the sense of humor its gets much more dramatic , its when we see much more character development and see House's addiction and personality have real consequences.

The whole 8 seasons have great acting from The Whole cast and the greatest thing is that non of the characters are really completely good but non is totally evil. All have their moments where you love them or hate them.

Hugh Laurie is incredible apart from doing great the American accent he can go from comedy to drama in a matter of seconds he has great timing for both genres and like everyone else here Sam makes you love this character that could have been hatted of played by someone else.

This is a show for everyone even if you don't like medical shows.

Schindler's List

A great film about a real life hero
Many people would agree with me that this is one of the best films of all time.

For everyone what standout is where we differ a little.

Some will say that what makes it special is the impeccable black and white cinematography, for others it's the realistic shots of the horrors of the holocaust and for many others are the amazing performances by the three leading actors: Ralph Fiennes Liam Neeson and Ben Kingsley.

Well even tough agree that all of those aspects are just incredible what makes this film stand out for me is the great story of a real life hero who saved thousand of life in such tragic times and even better the very clever way he did it where all the Nazis realized their "betrayal " too late.

Another thing which Schindler so interesting is how he changed from being a man who just cared about himself to man who risked everything he had to save all the Jewish people on his factory.

I guess if I Siam everything I admired and loved about this film( if love is the right world for such a disturbing film) I would never end so I'll close my review saying.

Maybe this is movie that you won't be able to watch more than once but it's still a most see.

The English Patient

One of the greatest romances of all time
It took me a while to decide to write this because I didn't know how to start it.

Well I when I first saw this movie a gave it an 8 because of the slow peace and length but days after watching it and I knew how this stayed in my mind I decided to give it a perfect 10. The two most important things for me in a good romance it's a great story, great chemistry between the main couple and great performances this film definitely has all of those ingredients.

The chemistry between Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas is out of this world you just want to see them together even though we know they way they started their relationship was wrong since the very beginning.

Ralph Fiennes does a great job playing Almasi a man who first doesn't want be owned like says but latter becomes obsessed with Katherine and ends up doing everything to be with her and of course we can't deny how gorgeous and sexy he is.

Kristin Scott Thomas does a great job portraying Katherine who feels guilty for cheating on her husband but still can't do anything with her feelings for Almasi.

The supporting cast which has Juliette Binoche, William Dafoe and Colin Firth was also great.

The story keeps us interested from the beginning till the end even tough it's slow peace.

Driving Miss Daisy

Nice film about friendship but not my favorite
I just finished to watch on Netflix the Oscar winner for best picture driving Miss.

I liked this film very much but tittle said its not exactly one of my favorites

All the performances are very good, the photography and all the technical and visual aspects were perfection.

The story was very nice and you can see how much the friendship between miss Daisy and Hoke evolved and how their bond gets stronger with time till they she tells him he is her best friend.

So why not a ten well even though I can enjoy very much friendship stories with a nice dialog, well I felt this one was too sugar coated at some points and kind of predictable of what was going to happen.

I know this one was done way before than many others but while watching amour and other films similar to this I felt like knew how this was going to end.

If nominate it yes, if I'd give this the win I'm not sure. Don't get me wrong i don't need too much action to love a film but I've seen better films about great friendships like scent of a woman and the kings speech.


they picked a really boring actor to play Sade
i finally got the chance to watch this flick and it was OK. the story is fine and some interesting moments.

but the performances were so weak and Boring. they all looked like they were asleep, especially the actor actor who played the marquise.

he didn't show emotion and he doesn't have the charisma and personality to play Sade.

Geoffreys performance in Quills may have been a little inaccurate but it still was much better and entertaining.

not only Geoffrey was better also Kate Winslet as The Marquie's muse.

another problem in this movie well there is not a memorable villain like Michael Caine


Great movie but I can understand the people who didn't like it.
I saw this movie a few weeks ago and I finally decided to write my review.

What a great movie it makes you have mixed feelings in almost every scene and like others said it gets darker and more dramatic as the films advances.

All the performances were fantastic and the chemistry between Kate and Geoffrey its great. Their relationship in this film reminded me too much the relationship between Haniball Lecter and Clarice starling in the silence of the lambs

So why do I understand the people who didn't like it. It's obvious this film and Geoffrey Rush with his fantastic performance make the Marquise look like a a very charming sexy(in a different way) smart and heroic character when the truth is the real marquise wasn't exactly that way.(especially not heroic or sexy)!

In short is the right word is Guilt

What It makes us feel so guilty for liking a bad guy like him? The answer is easy Marquise truly existed meanwhile when we like Antiheroes like Haniball or let's say John Milton( Al Pacino in The devils advocate) we don't care because we liking a fictional character, but in this case it's real person portrayed in a fictional and Romanticized way.

The Mask of Zorro

It's on my top 3 movies of all time
First I have to say this is on my top 3 movies of all time, and I loved it since the first time I watched it in theaters with my whole family.

So when it came on DVD I bought it and watched it like countless times.

Latter I gave this movie a long break so when I re watched this movie after so long I discovered so many things I didn't catch when I was younger

Like how sexy this movie and is how strong is the chemistry between Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones.

The tango, the sword fight and the confession scene are so sexy but subtle, kids can watch this movie and they wont notice this.

One of the reasons why this movie is so great this movie is really enjoyable for everyone and appropriate for all ages without being silly

The Legend of Zorro

Good but not as great as the first one
I rated the mask of zorro10/10 and this sequel 7/10

Note: if you haven't seen the first one ,don't watch this one because you won't get why so many people loved the the mask of Zorro so much.

It's sad how a mediocre sequel can ruin a great movie.

What I liked about the legend of Zorro Watching Catherine Zeta Jones and Antonio Banderas together again as a couple and it has some entrtetaning moments, like the Polo scene and their kiss when they get back together again after their divorce

What I didn't like about this sequel The PG rating. It felt like a kids movie, meanwhile the mask of Zorro was really for the whole family.

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