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IMO, best movie of the century
Everything important has already been said, so I'll be brief. This is the most amazing movie I've seen in a long, long time. Normally, I dislike watching good movies in the cinema, since the dub is never quite as good as the original audio, but even that couldn't throw me off this time. When the credits were rolling, I was sitting there for about 5 minutes, speechless, because it had been so much better than my already high expectations. There is brilliance in every aspect: action, suspense, effects, coolness, soundtrack, intelligence, controversy, dialogs, emotional conflicts, and all this packed in an incredibly complex and challenging story.

This is my new favorite movie of all time, and I have a huge amount of respect for Mr. Nolan for writing this script AND directing the movie so perfectly.

Do not miss this one.

A Serious Man

High class cinema lacking entertainment
Well, everybody knows the Coen brothers by now. They don't do "bad" movies, in the sense that they are great at directing, casting the right people, using original dialogs and believable characters and generally fulfilling every need that most Hollywood flicks are not, because those are centered around entertainment rather than sophistication. This movie is no exception to that rule.

That being sad, I would have really liked to see more entertainment in this one. As an atheist I can't relate to the religious problems and questions addressed in this movie, but even if I could, I'm sure I would not really have enjoyed it.

The plot is, for lack of a better word, boring. There were a few funny moments, but nothing really hilarious, and black comedy is the only genre this movie seems to fit. I know it's chic to end movies right in the expected middle of the plot nowadays to add a certain artistic feeling to the movie, but I hate unresolved story lines that cut off right when it starts to get interesting, and I know I'm not the only one feeling that way.

Long story short: Great film-making and directing, lack of entertainment and excitement. Lots of religious references, mostly Judaism.



Drenched in exaggerated drama and clichés
If you combined Independence Day and The Day after Tomorrow, took out the cool one-liners and added the most amazing SFX you have ever seen, you would get something like this.

It has all the characteristics of a bad mainstream action movie. The plot, characters and dialogs are so predictable I found myself laughing during some supposedly dramatic scenes. Every time the protagonists make a close escape from the Cataclysm happening around them, it's in the last possible second. Every time the vehicle passes a potentially deathly obstacle, it's by a few centimeters. Such close escapes CAN create drama, but they are happening throughout the entire film, at every possible moment. At some point, you will get bored with the predictability. The whole movie is so full of clichés, part of it is actually painful to watch. While most of the actors are doing a solid job, they can't overcome the awful script.

The special effects, however, are what makes this movie worth watching. You can overlook the terrible stuff that usually makes up a good movie when you watch the destruction of a whole city, a huge wave rolling over the Himalaya or the eruption of what was once the Yellowstone National Park. These are truly the best SFX I've ever encountered in a movie, and they are the reason you should watch it regardless of its bad, well..., rest.


Good Indie movie with an amazing ending.
I must say I've rarely been torn about a movie that much. First off, for a low-budget indie production, this movie is great, no doubt. But how does it compare to the Hollywood productions with similar ideas?

The beginning is very strenuous to watch. It takes a long time before you will understand anything that's going on. This will not change until somewhere between the middle and the end, and thus frustrate many viewers.

The story itself is creative and refreshing, but very confusing, I guess you could call it an adult fairy tale. The movie raises questions about family values, moral obligations, self-esteem and shame, all of them well developed and executed.

The actors are mostly doing a good job, although some of the supporting actors' (one actress in particular) emotions are a bit too extreme to be believable, but this does not really disturb the illusion and is merely a minor inconvenience.

The effects are worth their money and quite impressive for a low-budget production.

What ultimately makes this movie worth watching, however, is the truly great ending. If you are patient enough to sit through the movie as a whole and pardon the few flaws in it, you will be rewarded with an emotional, surprising and heart-warming ending.


If you liked Wall-E, don't miss this. Screw that, don't miss it for any reason.
Truly one of the best animation films ever made. While being more emotionally deep and contemplative than Wall-E, it still has many great laughs in it.

I almost cried during some scenes, which happens rarely. The mimic and feeling of peace displayed in the old couple are incredibly detailed and just delightful to watch. The various animals once again prove that Pixar is just getting better when it comes to the technical aspects. The movements look so realistic one could mistake some for real life animals when seen from some distance.

The overall message of this movie is just heartwarming, when I grow that old, this is how I would want to live my remaining life. I recommend this movie to everyone, regardless of age, gender or preferences.

Oral Fixation

I made it half way into it
I'm getting more and more convinced most of the comments to this movie that are on here are actually written by people affiliated with the making of it. Nobody in their right mind could give this 10/10, not even 5. The idea isn't new, the actors, especially Kerry Aissa, deliver the generic, painfully predictable story boringly and just plain bad. While some of the self mutilation may cause you to cringe, it can not remotely make up for the rest of this terrible movie. The camera work is static and can not add any suspense to the overused cliché situations that have been done countless times before.


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