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Against the Jab

What a great film
I recently saw this movie Against The Jab at the AMC theater in downtown Boston. I was amazed by the dual genre the film has that was so powerful. How can someone achieve that? a mix of comedy and drama in the same film that is so well done and successful. When the funny time comes with all the prank phone calls the movie is very funny. On the other side story about DJMike life the story gradually becomes very intense and dramatic. The scenery of Boston was fantastic. By just watching the movie you will see the beauty of the city the aerial shot is mind blowing. I would suggest a little more color correction in the audience reaction shots. Other than that the movie is great.

This is the best film I've seen so far this year. All the actors were wonderful great performances. The entire cast had a great chemistry. Everyone was so natural. the story unfold before your eye as if it is really going on. The movie story line is Awesome. I highly recommend this film Job well done.

Walls Have Ears

I love this movie
I saw this movie at the Landmark Theater last July in Cambridge Massachusetts. The introduction of the film was fantastic with the train ride from New York to Boston with Toutou played by Dahiana Torres with a Blues music playing in the background as the opening credits are rolling onto the screen. Right after the first five minutes of the movie one can tell about the artistic vision and quality of the film. Papa Sam played by Mansur shows great skill and talent after bragging so much from winning two million dollars for Massachusetts States lottery I started to feel annoyed by his character, then later on appreciate the setting. The way the story unfold this setting was necessary and a master part of the set. Madam Sam played by Katherine Woods was the best performance of the film. Her interaction with Papa Sam has great chemistry and helps make the story so believable. From the start I felt when Toutou arrived in the house she was up into something. When Don Pepe followed her to Boston I was wondering how did he know where the family lives? Then the relationship between Toutou and Johnny was a wonderful turn in the story that create a subplot which later on become so dramatic and create tension all the way toward the end of the movie. I've never seen such a great twist at the end of such a low budget independent film like this one. Congratulations to all the performers great acting I'm looking forward to see you on the Red Carpet in the future at the Academy Awards. Love your movie.


A great Film
I just watch this move recently on Encore channel. What a great film, a great cast as well. Flatliners is very suspenseful and unpredictable. The movie has a great opening scene by the ocean then to a series of scene establishing the questions about life after death which provide a very strong upfront story involvement. Therefore Nelson played by Kiefer Sutherland was the first to go through the test to die and come back to life. Then it's gets very dramatic by bringing back his wrong doing from the past to life. Then all of the above mentioned characters went through the same experience except for Randy steckle played by Olliver platt. Then the story unfold into a resolution and basic understanding about life and the presence and meaning of God. David Labraccio played by Kevin Bacon an atheist end up questioning his own belief about God. It's amazing to watch Julia Roberts along with Kevin Bacon, Oliver platt, William baldwin and Kiefer Sutherland at such a prime time of their careers. One can ask how come we don't have such great movie produced anymore. This is one of the best productions from Joel Schumacher. I really enjoy this movie.

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