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The Two Popes

What a waste of time
1132/5000 I've seen this movie, because it's nominated. I don't think it matters if you are a believer or not, so that you like it or not, the truth. It seemed to me, I will not say soporific, why it would lie, but if they had taken a few sequences I do not think anything would have happened. It gives me nothing. Well yes, just one thing, see how the movie, defines one as a Nazi and the other as a progressive who should be the one to send. How much cinema propaganda.

I don't think either of them is for the Oscar, much less. They have interpretations of the most common, but their characters are the most common, they are Popes, yes, but human after all.

Illumination, it seems to me. How can you illuminate a movie like this. It does not contribute anything, it does not put you in its history, and it is also ugly. It looks like a movie for TV, only that it is nominated for an Oscar.

The work of the director. Of the most common. Put two very good actors to talk. But it does not get them to be sublime. He comes to make you think the movie ends. But it doesn't end. Your camera is the most neutral.

Anyway, it's already seen, to something else

Jojo Rabbit

It is not for the Oscars
Not much less, it's a movie, that you watch it, enjoy it, entertain yourself, and in the end, you feel good and that's it. It has neither the charm, nor the smell, nor the sensation of being watching movies.

In no time, you enter the game of being in a Nazi Germany. They have preferred to show them as idiots to show them as what they were and thus they would have given greater force to the children. It is what this type of cinema has. As it does not put you in the skin of some, then you cannot put yourself in the skin of others and enjoy the good things.

The kids are great. They are not like other children, they are fine, they do take you with the movie. However, the elders, well, apart from ridiculous, I imagine it is what he wants, but you do not believe them or give you anything. Nor is Scarlett for Oscar, papers like that, there are thousands during the year.

I don't deserve any of the nominations.

The lighting, surely everyone who has seen it, thought it was at war, or rather, on the beach.

The director's job, because apart from the children, the rest is no wonder. If it is true, that the slow motion of the end, was at great risk of being passed and has finished very well, even being too long. The narration with the camera is null and although the tone does not fade, it fails to convey what it should, to my liking.

It is a movie, to watch and entertain.


A pity
The movie is fine, but it could be much better. Personally, I don't like the musical, but of course, it doesn't take full advantage of the movie. Above all, the end is very badly finished.

The actors are amazing. Renee is great, in every way, as she has lost weight and everything on her face shows what this person has been through. But it is that the girl and the producer, are of cinema. With a sequence, the producer and the girl, you get goosebumps.

The truth is that he manages to show you how his life was, that if it is well achieved.

The beginning of the movie has one of the best character presentations I've seen in a long time. From a close-up showing you, with a movement of crane and actors, on your pitch, it shows you everything, for what has happened.

I imagine that really the costumes, hairdressing and makeup will be based on reality, but, at least, I don't think it's great.

The lighting is also very good. As it puts you in its time. It takes you from cabaret.

I don't like director's work at all. It focuses too much in the foreground. Even in the final part, or it goes from first to general and you don't see anything that happens. He did not want to end with applause which is well thought out, but what he could have achieved, he has not known how to roll.

I have not seen all the actresses, but this year the Oscar, I think it will be very difficult.


There is still good cinema
And I'm glad the truth. I had heard many things about this movie, but for me, they were not right. I think when you start watching it, you know you're watching a good movie. It is seen in each frame that has an air of cinema.

I do not know if they will give the Oscar to Joaquin, but I think he is very close to achieving it, although I have not yet seen all the films. The change in all aspects he has in his character is brutal. There is only one thing that I do not like, that blames society for how the character becomes, in addition to saying that it is bad in the head.

The lighting is very good, in fact it is one of the things that leads you to believe that you are watching cinema.

Although I don't like how he handles the camera, I think the director's job is pretty good. He knows how to maintain the tone and rhythm of the film. Get all the actors are very good. He has made a great movie.

The film had the difficult job of making another version of the Joker, after all there is, and it has worked out very well.


What I mean, because the first hour and something is very good, but it starts to fall and does not stop. There is a moment in which it seems that it goes back when it returns the first time, but from there, the rest is already as if I were watching so many movies together that I don't know what I am seeing.

There are sequences that seem to be rolled in a hurry. It seems as if they have not taken it seriously, as for what this plan counts, do it and finish.

When a character is applauded in a movie like in this one, it is a moment in which, either it is known to do very well, or you are going all down, and in this case, everything went down.

I did not know the case of this woman, and at the end of the film, apart from its interpretation, which I think, very good, it is almost one of the best nominations I've seen in several years, I think I saw the movie seen, just to know that it existed, but the entire first half left me.

The lighting seems very beautiful and very special. It puts you fully in that historical moment. It accompanies you.

The costumes, makeup and hairdresser do the film a great favor. They are very well achieved.

The director's job is well below expectations. He wants to tell too many things in a short time and he does it wrong. It does not hold attention. The camera does not know how to use it. Leftover movie or at least, I should have done another one counting the last half hour.

The truth is that the film is saved by the actress.

The Lighthouse

This is crazy
The truth is that I do not understand anything, it leaves me many doubts unresolved. The film is credible, yes, the actors are, on acting, but it is, I imagine what the director wants, and that goes very well for the film. But for me this kind of movies, which doesn't have a logic, I don't like them.

The two actors are very good, if that is what the director is looking for. It must have been a very hard shoot, that if there is a scene, eating sand, that can not help laughing at me, thinking what the actor would be thinking at that moment.

Black and white photography is very grateful. It is not like in color, that as soon as it is not well done, it looks like a television lighting. In this case, the lighting does not put you in a world of terror, because it is not a world of terror, it is not known what it is, but it is beautiful.

The makeup and hair work is brutal. What the actors have had to go through must have been hard.

The job of directing, as I don't know where he wants to go, I don't know if he gets it. I have finished watching the movie, to do my Oscar pool, if not, I don't know if I would have finished it. But I don't like how he handles the camera, why he doesn't. And I don't know if he takes the film well, because I don't understand anything.

Anyway, I wouldn't see it whole, if you want to spend that time, it's your business.

Marriage Story

Nominated? Doesn't deserve it
Actually the movie is good, it's a part, the actors are pretty good. But he doesn't have the movie anymore. He has heard that it is fatal and that you are very bad at the end of the movie, but the truth is that I did not feel bad and I have spoken with divorced and they have not found anything special. It is a simple divorce.

They are fine but they are not wonderful either. There are other much better divorce movies.

Photography leaves much to be desired. It is independent cinema and it shows.

The most interesting thing about the movie is to know how the system works in the US and how the lawyers get it wrong.

The work of the director does not seem any wonder. If he tells the story. But he doesn't know how to place the camera or make it interesting. It is still an entertaining movie anymore.

Maybe he doesn't win anything in the end, I think that's what should happen.

The Irishman

The worst thing he has done in a long time
Personalmente no es que me guste Scorsese, no me llama la atención, pero normalmente consigue imprimir en sus películas un ambiente de puro cine y te mete en la historia. Esta vez, para mi gusto, no ha hecho ni una cosa ni la otra. No tiene la película, en ningún momento un aire de buen cine, mas bien de televisión. No consigue mantener el nivel de atención, y es que mantener la atención durante tanto tiempo es muy difícil. No conozco a nadie que la haya visto sin pararla.

Los actores estan muy bien, es de esperar, son magistrales, pero se nota mucho el acartona-miento de los efectos en sus caras. Les quita naturalidad y realidad.

Para mi gusto, como le pasa muchas veces, no sabe terminar la película. No solo es larga, si no que le sobra al final unos minutos. No hacen falta los últimos planos, la película ya ha terminado con la llamada.

La fotografía, que era una de las cosas que mejor tenían sus películas, esta vez, le da un aire de televisión increíble. Solo las secuencias de restaurantes tiene una fotografía espectacular. El resto no es cine.

El vestuario, el maquillaje, estan muy bien. Normalmente esta es una faceta que la hacen siempre maravillosa. Pero su trabajo de dirigir, pues como siempre, no me gusta. Le encanta hacer planos secuencia, siempre sin justificar y que no estan bien hechos. ¿desde que la vi, me estoy preguntando a quien le cuenta la película? En el primer plano de la película, muestra a De Niro solo en una silla, pero la cámara gira y empieza a contar la historia. Pero esta solo. Consigue dejar demasiados bajones en la película. No sigue el ritmo. Va cambiando el protagonista y eso tampoco ayuda. La cámara, como siempre la usa mal, no la sabe colocar, o hace planos simples.

Bueno es una vuelta un poco escasa

A Simple Favor

No consigo meterme. I can not get myself
El problema de hacer películas en las que se juntan varios géneros es que unos no pegan con otros. Estas viendo una película comedia romántica y luego la haces thriller y tienes todos los ingredientes de la comedia y claro el resto de ingredientes, ya no sirven.

Las actrices están estupendas. Hacen sus registros muy bien. Tienen varios cada una y los bordan, sí, pero solo ellas, los ingredientes faltan.

No puedes contar un thriller con esa iluminación. Hay un momento en el que te recuerda a películas muy recientes, va tomando ese camino, pero vez escenas de miedo con una iluminación de comedia y no pega, todo parece de mentira.

Si a ello le sumas que al final, los efectos han sido malos, pues se rompió todo.

El director parece que no logra entender el problema de los géneros y eso lastra la película. No te aburre, pero tampoco te atrapa y al final te suelta. Solo cuenta como otro espectador. No usa bien la cámara.

Es una pena, pero seguro que si hubiese hecho un thriller habría salido bien.

The problem of making films in which several genres come together is that some do not stick with others. You are watching a romantic comedy movie and then you make it a thriller and you have all the ingredients of comedy and of course the rest of the ingredients, they are no longer useful.

The actresses are great. They make their records very well. They have several each and embroider them, yes, but only them, the ingredients are missing.

You can not count a thriller with that lighting. There is a moment in which he reminds you of very recent films, he is taking that path, but sometimes scenes of fear with a comedy lighting and it does not hit, everything seems to be a lie.

If you add to that, in the end, the effects have been bad, because everything was broken.

The director seems to be unable to understand the problem of the genres and that hampers the film. It does not bore you, but it does not catch you either and in the end it releases you. It only counts as another spectator. It does not use the camera well.

It's a shame, but surely if I had done a thriller it would have gone well

Scenic Route

Con poco bien aprovechado. With little well used
Es una película pequeña, pero ha conseguido hacerse una buena película. No es que sea una película larga, pero si fuese mala se haría muy larga ya que no tiene ni muchos personajes ni localizaciones.

Muestra muy bien el mundo interior de las personas. Hasta donde podemos llegar y como nos gusta meternos a todos en la vida de los demás hasta decirles como creemos que deben llevarla porque no se acopla a nuestras formas de verla.

Los actores están estupendos. El cambio de personalidad en ellos está muy bien llevado.

Tiene una iluminación bastante buena. No suele ser típica del cine independiente americano pero esta vez sí. Te mete en la película totalmente.

Los directores, la llevan bastante bien. No me gustan los planos que hacen pero por lo menos no aburren y saben hacer que tenga ritmo.

Es una película interesante.

It's a small movie, but it has managed to make a good movie. Not that it is a long movie, but if it were bad it would be very long since it does not have many characters or locations.

It shows very well the inner world of people. How far we can go and how we like to put everyone in the lives of others until we tell them how we think they should take it because it does not fit into our ways of seeing it.

The actors are great. The personality change in them is very well taken.

It has a pretty good lighting. It is not usually typical of American independent cinema but this time it is. It puts you in the movie totally.

The directors, they take it pretty well. I do not like the plans they make, but at least they do not bore and they know how to make it rhythm.

It's an interesting movie

At Eternity's Gate

Garantía de nominación. Nomination guarantee
Tener a Willem Dafoe entre el reparto de una película se está convirtiendo en garantía de tener una nominación al Oscar para la misma. Otra cosa es que la película sea buena o no.

Tristemente en este caso, la película no es buena. Digamos que todavía hay gente que no entiende que en esta vida hay diferentes artes, uno es la pintura otro la poesía y otro el cine. Pero mezclar los tres, rara vez consigue hacer una buena obra y este caso no iba a ser distinto. La película es un canto poético con planos muy Van Gogh de la vida del artista, pero el problema es que no tiene ni vida ni interés.

Se ha dejado en el tintero tantas cosas interesantes de la vida del artista que la película casi no sabe a nada. No consigue transmitir lo que tenía en su cabeza, lo especial que era en su vida cotidiana, el mal genio que tenía. Parece que los genios no se pueden mostrar como malas personas, pero en la historia ha habido muchos así.

Los actores están bien, no espectacularmente bien y es muy probable que este año tampoco le den el Oscar.

La iluminación en algunos momentos es bonita, pero en general, no consigue transmitir todo lo que se supone que intenta hacer. Es demasiado blanca para la historia, precisamente si algo tenía el genio es que usaba colores vivos, y la película no.

No me gusta el director. Creo que se confunde en muchos aspectos. Tanto en el tempo de la película como al colocar la cámara. Creo que llega a aburrir muchas veces. Tener a este actor y taparle la cara como hace muchas veces es como un desastre.

Imagino que se vera la película, aunque sea por la nominación.

Having Willem Dafoe among the cast of a movie is becoming a guarantee of having an Oscar nomination for it. Another thing is that the movie is good or not.

Sadly in this case, the movie is not good. Let's say that there are still people who do not understand that in this life there are different arts, one is painting, poetry, and cinema. But mix all three, rarely get a good work and this case was not going to be different. The film is a poetic song with very Van Gogh shots of the artist's life, but the problem is that it has neither life nor interest.

It has been left in the inkwell so many interesting things in the life of the artist that the film almost does not know anything. He does not manage to transmit what he had in his head, how special he was in his daily life, the bad temper he had. It seems that geniuses can not be shown as bad people, but in history there have been many like that.

The actors are well, not spectacularly well and it is very likely that this year they will not give him the Oscar either.

The lighting is sometimes beautiful, but in general, it does not transmit everything it is supposed to do. It is too white for the story, just if something had the genius is that it used bright colors, and the film does not.

I do not like the director. I think it gets confused in many ways. Both in the tempo of the film and when placing the camera. I think he gets bored many times. Having this actor and cover his face as he does many times is like a disaster.

I imagine that the movie will be seen, even if it is for the nomination


Lo obsesivo la pierde. The obsessive loses it
Cuando usas un recurso para contar algo, pero no sabes pararlo a tiempo, al final el recurso te desborda. Terminas de la pantalla de Mac harto. Se basa en el recurso, pero llega un momento que está agotado y sigue con él, ahí te saca de la película si no estabas fuera ya. Está bien que el padre busque en él ordena, pero cuando ya no es el padre el que busca si no que le ves dentro del ordena, es como ¿pero entonces por qué seguimos?

Todo esto disfrazado de drama social, que no mantiene la tensión durante mucho tiempo. A ello ayuda que los actores tampoco es que hagan su mejor interpretación, o eso espero.

La iluminación de un Mac no creo que sea suficiente para meterte, al menos yo no me he metido en ella.

El director, que no sabe que está terminado, que no logra mantenerte pegado. Hace una película sin usar uno de los recursos del cine, la cámara, solo coge una pantalla de ordenador, ese puede ser uno de los problemas. No tiene tensión.

A mí al menos, no me llega.

When you use a resource to tell something, but you do not know how to stop it in time, in the end the resource overflows. You end up on the Mac screen fed up. It is based on the resource, but there comes a time that is exhausted and continues with it, there it takes you out of the movie if you were not already out. It is okay for the father to look for him in order, but when it is no longer the father who seeks, but that you see him within the order, it is like, but then why do we continue?

All this disguised as social drama, which does not maintain tension for a long time. It helps that the actors are not to make their best interpretation, or I hope so.

Lighting a Mac I do not think it's enough to get you in, at least I have not gotten into it.

The director, who does not know what is finished, who can not keep you stuck. Make a movie without using one of the resources of the cinema, the camera, just take a computer screen, that can be one of the problems. It has no tension.

At least, it does not reach me

In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts

Pues esperaba más de ella. Well, I expected more from her
Cuando escuche de ella, me pareció muy interesante y me entraron ganas de verla de verdad. Ahora la he visto y bueno, si se ve, pero esperaba mucho más. Es una película conseguida, te la crees, pero se desinfla pronto. Ves, lo que ya sabemos todos, lo mal que se vivió en aquella época en esos sitios donde estaban ese tipo de regímenes, pero es que una vez que ya lo has visto, la película se cae.

Los actores están muy bien, ese no es el problema. Están todos estupendos.

La iluminación ayuda a meterse mucho en la historia, te traslada a aquella época, pero no es del todo buena. Hace a la película lejana. No es que la haga fría que también, es lejana.

La parte de arte, vestuario y maquillaje, esta fenomenal. Parece que se han trasladado en el tiempo.

El director, no llega a mantenerle el pulso a la película. No se da cuenta, que llega un momento en el que te da un poco igual. Cuenta la película desde fuera, no se mete en ella, no sabe usar la cámara. La hace demasiado larga, hay cosas que no me interesan, quizá demasiados personajes, con el tiempo que conllevan.

Para ver el momento histórico sí, pero poco mas.

When I heard from her, I thought it was very interesting and I really wanted to see her. Now I have seen it and well, if it is seen, but I expected much more. It's a movie made, you believe it, but it deflates soon. You see, what we all know, how bad it was at that time in those places where those kinds of regimes were, but once you've seen it, the movie falls.

The actors are very good, that's not the problem. They are all great.

Lighting helps you get into history a lot, it takes you back to that time, but it's not all that good. It makes the film faraway. It is not that it makes it cold that is also far away.

The part of art, costumes and makeup, is phenomenal. It seems that they have moved in time.

The director does not manage to maintain the pulse of the film. He does not realize, that there comes a time when he gives you a little bit the same. Tell the movie from outside, do not get into it, do not know how to use the camera. It makes it too long, there are things that do not interest me, maybe too many characters, with the time they entail.

To see the historical moment, yes, but little more

Dead in a Week (Or Your Money Back)

Decepcionante. Disappointing
No la conocía, la encontré por casualidad, pero me ha decepcionado mucho. No llega a la media inglesa ni mucho menos. Ni siquiera técnicamente.

Es una película aburrida hasta decir basta.

Los actores parece que no se lo toman en serio. Salvo la mujer del asesino, que es típicamente un ama de casa.

La iluminación es mala, los ingleses hacen esto mejor. Ni es bonita, ni te mete

El director, no consigue que la película te atrape todo el rato. Te aburres al cabo del rato. No se por qué la he terminado.

Hay demasiadas cosas para ver como para verla.

I did not know it, I found it by chance, but it has disappointed me a lot. Far from it. Not even technically.

It's a boring movie to say enough.

The actors do not seem to take it seriously. Except the murderer's wife, who is typically a housewife.

The lighting is bad, the English do this better. It is not pretty, nor does it get you

The director does not get the movie to catch you all the time. You get bored after a while. I do not know why I finished it.

There are too many things to see to see it.

A Star Is Born

Está bastante bien. It's pretty good
Tiene una de las mejores presentaciones de personajes que he visto en mucho tiempo. Como presenta a Bradley en un solo momento es genial. Con Gaga no le pasa lo mismo, necesita varios planos pero no está mal.

La verdad es que no la quería ver, otra película de amor, pero como está nominada pues toca verla. Y me ha sorprendido para bien. No es la película del año, pero está bastante bien. La química entre ellos es increíble. Si bien la música, para ser una película de músicos, no me hace que baile en la silla.

Es curiosa, o al menos yo lo he entendido así, la critica que hace la película a los tipos de música actuales en los que importa más la imagen que la música.

Los actores están tremendos, todos ellos, no sé si para nominar a Sam, eso ya me parece excesivo, pero solo por cómo están los dos si lo merecen. El parece que realmente esta borracho toda la película. La iluminación está bastante bien. Salvo algunos exteriores que tienen demasiada luz, pero el resto está de maravilla. Te mete en la película y ni los conciertos, que sabes que es ordenador, ni se notan.

Como director, no le habría nominado. Si bien tiene cosas muy buenas, sobre todo para ser su primera película, pero no creo que sea para Oscar. La cámara es un mero acompañamiento, solo observa, no cuenta. Pero sí que es capaz de contarte la historia sin aburrirte y eso que está demasiado tiempo con los temas musicales.

No me gusta nada el final. Se le ha ido. Lo ha hecho sentimentalista. Los dos últimos planos no quedan bien. Imagino que no sabría como terminarla.

It has one of the best character presentations I've seen in a long time. How he presents Bradley in a single moment is great. With Gaga the same thing does not happen, he needs several plans but it's not bad.

The truth is that I did not want to see her, another love movie, but since she is nominated, it's time to see her. And it has surprised me for good. It's not the movie of the year, but it's pretty good. The chemistry between them is incredible. While music, to be a movie of musicians, does not make me dance in the chair.

It is curious, or at least I have understood it that way, the criticism that the film makes of the current types of music in which the image matters more than music.

The actors are tremendous, all of them, I do not know if to nominate Sam, that already seems excessive, but only for how are the two if they deserve it. He looks like the whole movie is really drunk. The lighting is quite good. Except some exteriors that have too much light, but the rest is great. It puts you in the movie and not even the concerts, which you know is a computer, or noticed.

As a director, I would not have nominated him. While it has very good things, especially to be his first film, but I do not think it's for Oscar. The camera is a mere accompaniment, just watch, it does not count. But he is able to tell you the story without getting bored and that is too long with the musical themes.

I do not like the ending at all. It has gone. It has made him sentimentalist. The last two planes do not look good. I guess I would not know how to finish it.

Black Panther

¿Cómo se puede nominar esto? How can this be nominated?
Igual que me queje cuando nominaron a Lady Bird, me quejo este año por esta nominación. Pero es que la otra al menos tenía cosas buenas. En esta película, es que no se libra nada. Como se puede hacer tan mal una película. ¿Qué diríamos si nominaran a Iron man? Pues lo mismo le pasa a esta película.

Los actores están terribles. No se libra ninguno. Que mal están todos.

Los efectos, no pueden ser peores, pero si es que no están integrados ninguno. Los cromas se notan todos.

La iluminación es lo único que no es malo del todo. Pero que tampoco es para tierra cohetes.

El director no sabe por dónde se mueve. La escenas de lucha iniciales, no hay quien las vea. Después mejora eso sí. Con ese material podría rodar espectacular y lo hace muy sencillo.

La he terminado de ver para hacer una crítica en serio. Pero es terrible. Es predecible. El guion es horrible.

Just as I complained when they nominated Lady Bird, I complained this year about this nomination. But the other one at least had good things. In this movie, nothing is being waged. How can a movie be made so badly? What would we say if they nominated Iron Man? Well, the same thing happens to this movie.

The actors are terrible. No one is spared. How bad they all are.

The effects can not be worse, but if none are integrated. Chromas are all noticed.

Lighting is the only thing that is not bad at all. But that is not for earth rockets either.

The director does not know where he is moving. The initial fight scenes, there is no one to see them. After that, it improves. With that material could shoot spectacular and makes it very simple.

I have finished seeing it to make a serious criticism. But it is terrible. It is predictable. The script is horrible.

Leave No Trace

Me gusta esta directora. I like this director
Al menos me gusta lo que quiere contar. No viviría yo como los protagonistas, pero si ellos quieren vivir así, ¿por qué hay que impedírselo? Me gusta el alma libre que tiene.

Lo malo es que deja demasiados departamentos sin usar y eso no me gusta

Los actores están muy bien. Te crees la película por ellos. Te llevan completamente

Lo malo es que la iluminación es mala. No existe y eso no ayuda. Si la usase mejoraría su cine.

La directora, cuenta la historia. Te lleva por ella. No usa nunca la cámara para contártela. Deja la cámara a su aire y eso no me gusta. Pero no te aburres con ella. La disfrutas estés de acuerdo o no

Es interesante verla.

At least I like what you want to tell. I would not live like the protagonists, but if they want to live like that, why should they be prevented? I like the free soul that he has.

The bad thing is that it leaves too many departments unused and I do not like that

The actors are very good. You believe the movie for them. They take you completely

The bad thing is that the lighting is bad. It does not exist and that does not help. If he used it he would improve his cinema.

The director tells the story. He takes you for her Never use the camera to tell you. Leave the camera at your leisure and I do not like that. But do not get bored with her. You enjoy it whether you agree or not

It's interesting to see her

Los Perros

Podría ser mejor. It could be better
But it's weighed down by things I do not understand. I think it is a film that invites us to continue forward, without forgetting, but without being stuck, although there will always be things to worry about. But I do not understand the character that has been assigned to the protagonist, or at least some of its facets. I would rather say that they come from the producers, there has to be sex to bandage more.

All the actors are very good. If they are all. You believe them and they take you, although the movie does not take the same, sometimes it creeps

Lighting of course, what to say, nothing at all

The director, well in his line. Tell a movie, with the actors, without worrying about the camera. Sometimes it becomes heavy, sometimes it is lost. But hey, he tells you more or less well.

It shows

L'emploi du temps

El caso es que te la crees. The fact is that you believe it
Si es una película que la estás viendo y te la crees, pero que me aburre muchísimo. Te la crees porque tienes unos actores que la llevan para adelante. Porque la película se repite mucho todo el rato.

No me gusta la iluminación, es muy francesa. No te cuenta nada y no importa nada

Este director, como siempre, hace este tipo de películas. Tiene su forma de dirigir, cuenta una historia sin plantearse otra cosa que los actores y el resto nada.

Pero bueno, este tipo de cine gusta a mucha gente, espero que la disfruten.

If it's a movie you're watching and you believe it, but it bores me a lot. You believe it because you have actors who carry it forward. Because the movie repeats a lot all the time.

I do not like lighting, it's very French. He does not tell you anything and nothing matters

This director, as always, makes these kinds of movies. He has his way of directing, he tells a story without considering anything other than the actors and the rest nothing.

But hey, this kind of cinema likes a lot of people, I hope you enjoy it.

First Reformed

Es como una locura total. It's like total madness
La verdad es que no es un director que me guste, es cierto, pero es que no me gusta porque se lo gana a pulso. Entiendo que haya gente a la que le guste mucho, pero su cine es muy especial, y a mí no me gusta. Tiene un tempo especialmente lento, pero es un tempo que no le va a esta película. No creo que tenga un guion tan especial, ya hay muchos guiones sobre el cambio climático, y seguramente mejores. Y no entiendo esos finales que parece que se han cansado de montar. Menos me gustan las paranoias mentales que se hace.

Una cosa muy característica y fea de esta película, es la forma de poner la cámara. Le hago un párrafo aposta porque me parece muy característico de la película. Aparte de estar hecha en un formato horrible. Pero es que no dice nada, aparte de aburrir esa puesta en escena y esa posición de la cámara.

Los actores están bien, si te los crees, están un poco como el resto, paranoicos.

La iluminación es muy fea. Además de no meterte en la película y no contarte nada es especialmente fea.

El director no me gusta, está claro. Pero es que para mi gusto, no tiene ningún departamento bien dirigido. Me aburre mucho, si no estuviese nominada, no la habría terminado de ver.

Llegará a verse por la nominación, si no, no la vería nadie, estoy convencido.

The truth is that it is not a director that I like, it is true, but I do not like it because he earns it to pulse. I understand that there are people who like a lot, but their cinema is very special, and I do not like it. It has a particularly slow tempo, but it is a tempo that is not going to this movie. I do not think it has such a special script, there are already many scripts on climate change, and surely better ones. And I do not understand those endings that seem to have tired of riding. Less I like the mental paranoia that is done.

A very characteristic and ugly thing about this movie, is the way to put the camera. I make a paragraph because I think it is very characteristic of the film. Apart from being made in a horrible format. But it does not say anything, apart from boring that staging and that position of the camera.

The actors are fine, if you believe them, they are a bit like the rest, paranoid.

The lighting is very ugly. Besides not getting into the movie and not telling you anything is especially ugly.

I do not like the director, it's clear. But it is that for my taste, it does not have any well directed department. It bores me a lot, if I was not nominated, I would not have finished seeing it.

It will come to be seen by the nomination, if not, nobody would see it, I am convinced

First Man

Demasiado movida la cámara. Too much moved the camera
La verdad es que la película no está mal. No es apasionante, pero no está mal. Eso si durante toda la película tengo la sensación de que necesito que el plano me muestre más y nunca lo hace. Por el contrario en algunos momentos me llega a marear, no creo que sea la forma de narrar una película. Este bastante mal dirigido, ya que no tiene momentos emotivos, no realza nada, no le da fuerza a ningún momento. Es bastante plana en ese aspecto.

Ryan, imagino que el director le querría así de plano, pero a mí, es un personaje que no me atrae nada. El resto de actores están en su sitio, sin sobresalir ninguno, pero sin hacerlo mal.

La iluminación te deja que te metas en la película. Este bastante bien, seguro que es mejor que algunas otras incluso que las nominadas a la iluminación.

No me gusta como lo hace el director. ¿Quién no quiere ver ese momento de pisar la luna más especial? No consigue transmitir la fuerza de ese momento, ni de ningún otro. Consigue marear mucho en muchos momentos con la cámara. Hace planos demasiado cerrados y a mí al menos, me produce cansancio donde no debería hacerlo.

Lo que está muy bien logrado es toda la parte visual, realmente parece que estas en una nave en el espacio. Parece que estas en la luna. Es lo mejor de la película.

Pero creo que después de todo, después de los Òscar, la olvidaremos todos.

The truth is that the movie is not bad. It's not exciting, but it's not bad. That if during the whole movie I have the feeling that I need the plane to show me more and never do it. On the contrary in some moments I get dizzy, I do not think that is the way to tell a movie. This quite badly directed, since it does not have emotional moments, it does not enhance anything, it does not give strength to any moment. It is quite flat in that aspect.

Ryan, I guess the director would love him that way, but to me, he's a character that does not appeal to me. The rest of the actors are in their place, without excelling any, but without doing it badly.

The lighting lets you get into the movie. This pretty well, it sure is better than some others even that the nominated to the lighting.

I do not like how the director does it. Who does not want to see that moment of stepping on the most special moon? It does not manage to transmit the force of that moment, nor of any other. Get a lot of dizzy in many moments with the camera. It makes plans too closed and to me at least, I feel tired where I should not do it.

What is very well achieved is the whole visual part, it really seems that you are in a spaceship. It seems you are on the moon. It is the best of the movie.

But I think that after all, after the ,scar, we will forget all

The One I Love

Pues la voy a aprobar. Well, I'm going to approve it
No porque sea una película estupenda, no, no lo es. No resuelve nada, no da explicaciones, te deja todo en el aire y eso no me gusta, pero sí que hace algo bueno, tiene una buena idea. No la lleva bien a cabo del todo pero la idea en si esta divertida. Es un estudio de las decisiones que toma cada persona delante de una situación, ¿te diviertes o la investigas?

Con muy poco dinero ha conseguido hacer una película como de ciencia ficción y eso es bueno Lo malo es que tiene demasiados campos muy mal.

Los actores están geniales. Tienes frases y momentos estupendos.

La iluminación es una pena. No da para nada. No te cuenta nada. No te mete en nada.

El director, pues bueno por lo menos ha conseguido que me interese la película. No sabe hacer un plano bonito que transmite y cuente pero no me ha aburrido. Pasas un buen rato.

Not because it's a great movie, no, it's not. It does not solve anything, it does not give explanations, it leaves everything in the air and I do not like that, but if it does something good, it has a good idea. It does not take well at all but the idea itself is fun. It is a study of the decisions that each person takes in front of a situation, do you have fun or do you investigate?

With very little money he has managed to make a movie like science fiction and that's good The bad thing is that it has too many fields very badly.

The actors are great. You have great phrases and moments.

The lighting is a pity. It does not give anything. He does not tell you anything. It does not get you into anything.

The director, well at least he has got me interested in the film. He does not know how to make a beautiful shot that transmits and counts but it has not boring me. You have a good time

The Place

No está mal. Not bad
A mí no me gustan este tipo de películas en las que la puesta en escena no existe, pero tengo que reconocer que el director se las apaña para mantenerte en tensión y atrapado durante toda la película. A veces me preguntaba por dónde iba a ir, para no aburrir, por que llegaría un momento que tendría que dar respuestas, pero sale bastante airoso.

Debe agradecérselo principalmente a los actores, que estas estupendos todos, desde la camarera, que te atrapa y estas esperando saber más de ella, ¿Quién es? ¿A qué viene? Hasta cualquiera de los personajes

Eso sí me quejo de que no me gustan los finales abiertos y este es así. Imaginaba por donde iba a ir, pero no lo deja claro.

La iluminación es mala. Para este tipo de películas poner una luz blanca, pues como que no. Una película de este tipo se merece una luz que te meta, que tenga tensión, que te cuente algo.

El director, la verdad es que me ha sorprendido, para bien. No sabe hacer un plano bonito y no lo intenta. No hace puesta en escena, ninguna. Solo cambia de plano para no hacerlo todo en uno solo. Pero no te aburres. Tiene la maestría de atraparte

Para pasar un rato entretenido esta bien.

I do not like this type of movies in which the staging does not exist, but I have to admit that the director manages to keep you in tension and trapped throughout the film. Sometimes I wondered where I was going to go, so as not to bore me, because there would come a time when I would have to give answers, but it comes out quite gracefully.

You should be especially grateful to the actors, that these are all great, from the waitress, who catches you and you are waiting to know more about her, who is she? What is she coming for? Up to any of the characters

I do complain that I do not like open ends and this is the case. I imagined where he was going, but he does not make it clear.

The lighting is bad. For this type of film put a white light, well no. A film of this kind deserves a light that puts you, that has tension, that tells you something.

The director, the truth is that I was surprised, for good. He does not know how to make a nice shot and he does not try it. No staging, none. Just change the plane to not do everything in one. But do not get bored. It has the expertise to catch you

To spend an entertaining time is fine

Bitter Harvest

Cine hay poco, pero da nociones de historia. Cinema there is little, but gives notions of history
Es una mala película. Todo está hecho para salir del paso. No reconoces ni a los personajes históricos. Pero como película para dar a conocer a mucha gente que hoy día todavía no sabe lo maravillosos que fueron los comunistas, está bien. La película no da para mucho y es hasta difícil criticarla.

Los actores, es que ni te los crees.

La iluminación no llega tampoco, se queda a medias en casi todas las secuencias.

Todo lo que es maquillaje, vestuario y peluquería, es muy fallido, si bien no es fácil hacerlo bien, pero está muy mal.

El director, lo ha hecho muy mal. Hace de vez en cuando un plano bonito y que te cuenta algo, pero por lo general, todo es torpe. Si quieres ver la historia que te cuenta no te aburres, pero vamos poco más.

Vela solo para aprender un poco de historia, si no la sabes ya.

It is a bad movie. Everything is made to get by. You do not recognize the historical figures. But as a film to let people know that today they still do not know how wonderful the communists were, that's fine. The film does not give much and it is difficult to criticize it.

The actors, is that you do not believe them.

The lighting does not arrive either, it remains half in almost all the sequences.

Everything that is makeup, costumes and hairdressing, is very unsuccessful, although it is not easy to do well, but it is very bad.

The director, he has done very badly. Every now and then he makes a nice shot and he tells you something, but in general, everything is clumsy. If you want to see the story that tells you do not get bored, but let's go a little more.

Sail only to learn a little history, if you do not know it already

Ana, mon amour

Repetitiva, mal montada y demasiado sexual. Repetitive, badly mounted and too sexual
La verdad es que a mí la película, en el momento en el que empieza a ir de un lado para otro temporal, me empezó a cansar. Al principio es interesante, sí. Pero luego entre el sexo explícito, que no hace ninguna falta y que todo el rato es lo mismo, me da pereza. Luego por supuesto, ideología de género a tope.

Los actores están bien si, no fenomenales pero bien.

La iluminación es nefasta, como suele ser en ese cine.

La dirección, no se da cuenta de que cansa tanto vaivén temporal. Los planos son demasiado cerrados. Es demasiado larga.

Podría haber sido una película dura, pero el director la ha lastrado.

The truth is that the film, at the moment when it starts to go from one place to another temporary, began to tire me. At the beginning it's interesting, yes. But then between explicit sex, which does not need any and that all the time is the same, I'm lazy. Then, of course, gender ideology to the fullest.

The actors are fine yes, not great but good.

The lighting is disastrous, as it usually is in that cinema.

The management does not realize that it is so tiring so temporarily. The plans are too closed. It is too long

It could have been a hard movie, but the director has ballasted it

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