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Excellent movie!
This is a surprisingly very good movie that lets the spectator submerge in the internal world of main character, Xenia. Especially the (dis)balance between the search of self-fulfillment and the surrounding anti-utopian environment of future Netherlands re-shaped according to Chinese standards (yes, its somewhere towards the end of the movie where the huge school class of Xenia is taught Chinese on a large scale). Apparently this standard took over after the "flood" which is hinted at by the brother of Xenia, who is probably the only person she really can talk to besides the old lady "guide" that she regularly visits on the "island".

While watching the movie I have strongly felt a feeling I also get when watching Tarkovsky's Stalker (the depiction of the nature of the Netherlands is superb) and when reading anti-utopia like 1984, Brave New World and We (by Zamyatin).

Skazka stranstviy

living on the spine of the beast?
I have not much more to add to the reviews - this movie gets a 10 from me. This flight episode, together with Tarkovsky's flight episodes from "Andrei Rublev" (opening) and "Solaris" (closing) is IMHO the most moving and inspiring moment in film history.

A small remark for the former Soviet citizens among you;-)

Has anyone also felt some well-concealed allusions to the life behind the Iron Certain as much as I did in the episode with Don Quixote and the knights on top of the dragon?

Just like in a "communist" system, for many it was actually quite warm and sweet while for some it was not quite as easy to get out as it was to get in (most likely the same could be said about a "capitalist" system too though). I think such allegories were quite common in Soviet movies and it is often a sport to find and interpret them.

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