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Crossing Jordan

This show cannot be canceled!
I know it has been a while ago that the show has canceled, but I still have the strong opinion that this show is one of the rare highlights under our television series. No other show I am aware of has shown such a development of characters as well as having so many exiting and interesting cases. This show has so many facets, both at the character development and at the professional fonts. In addition to that, it has a hilarious humor at some points and makes you laugh and cry at the same time. Yes, I admit, the whole plot with Jordan arguing with her father and not coping with her mother's death has slowed down the show in the first season. But after they got past that, there were hardly any episodes that I could afford to miss. In my hope that anyone in charge of something reads this: Please bring back the show! There is already a complete season 7 as fan-fiction out there, what further evidence do you need that this show will be watched! The show still has so many fans and supporters, please don't just let this die!

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