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Best Western I have seen!
I saw trailers for this western over the past couple months. 2 of the actors Trace Adkins and Kris Kristoferson I am a fan. Trace Adkins is a country music superstar AND also a veteran actor. Trace Adkins with a 20 year career in country music and climbing has millions of fans worldwide! Yes I did watch this movie because both Trace and Kris were in this movie, however, wow this is indeed the best western I have ever seen! action from beginning to the end! trace was flawless in this movie he definitely went above and beyond! I have to also mention the casting for this movie, excellent choices! If you like westerns you will enjoy TRADED!

A Country Christmas

A Country Christmas
I have known about this Christmas Movie for a long time because I am a huge Trace Adkins fan.

I saw the trailer for this movie several times and YES Trace Adkins is in the movie so the combination was the reason I bought the movie.

I waited until Christmas to watch the movie. I give it 10 stars.

This is a movie for a whole family to watch together. I will be purchasing more copies for Christmas gifts for next year.

I highly recommend! I really like the movie!

After the movie is over keep watching there is more to see!

You can also insert the DVD into your computer for more fun.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Twightlight fan's review of Ne Moon
It is awesome! New Moon is better than the book! If you are waiting until the crowds die down rent Twilight then go see New Moon. I saw it the first day it came out and I plan to go see it at least 2 more times! My granddaughter has all the books, I saw the movie Twilight, then I read the book. Next I read New Moon and waited for the movie. After I see the movie again and again I will read the next book in the series! This movie Taylor Lautner are Kristen are the stars. Rob Pattison has less of a role, but his acting was flawless!

You can see the chemistry between Rob and Kristen on the big screen! I now have a blue ray player. So I will purchase Twilight as blue ray. Will look forward to buying New Moon when released on blue-ray.

This movie has it all, action yes, suspense, yes, love story yes. Go see it soon!

Not a movie for kids-too scary!

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