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George Washington

Watch it patiently, yes it's worth it! What might it be rated if.....
This is a movie with a story, not an action movie. It's a movie that you WILL talk about after seeing it. The kids don't act "Hollywood", but that's not bad. They do act like real kids. So real, in fact, my 7 year old son, (I started playing the DVD at his bed-time, being a 'non-rated' movie and not knowing what to expect) seeing only the first few minutes, asked me if this movie was really happening! The style is somewhat comparable to an improved 'Stimie', 'Farina' type "Little Rascals" episode - kids were kids! Though coping and reacting to death is certainly a heavier subject than "Our Gang" would ever tackle, thus ends the comparison. A very professionally done film, very scenic. Hollywood couldn't have done better! Of all the comments on this board that I read, no one got very detailed as far as how "Family-Friendly" the unrated movie is. So for those like me, with out giving away any of the story..... As far as I remember, there were maybe 5 or so 'h*lls' and about as many 'd*mns'. Otherwise the language, even the few 'bathroom' words, was acceptable. 3 mild sexual references, no nudity (except underwear?). One scene of a boy taking a puff or two on a cigarette, and a little blood during an accident. I'm not the MPAA, but it would most likely be a PG movie. I hope this helps for those who want to know! I'm glad I got the movie.

Night Crossing

Great Movie, still, not so 'Disneyesque'
I was surprised as I watched this movie, how much it had 'encaptured' me. No the actors didn't act like typical 'Hollywood' actors, but that's not always bad either, as this film proves. Quite different from the Disney standard, it is a refreshing turn none-the-less! They also give you a taste of what it was probably like without being 'educational'. A movie everyone should both see and enjoy. Many people love arguing over 'accuracies' in any movie of this type, but just getting the basic idea has plenty to offer. Mild gripe; East and West Germany, viewed on any map, would have West Germany on the left side, East to the right. The movie at times, sets you back slightly, because about half of the scenes have West Germany on the right side of the screen, and other times on the left side. Even during the same events, they shift back and forth. Perhaps, just a little more consistency would have avoided this mild distraction. Go See It!

The Guns of Will Sonnett

Great show now on DVD but rotten video quality, No Slurr - Just Fact!
I was really glad to see "Guns of Will Sonnett" was on DVD. I got the first season and wow what a disappointment! It's the worst color TV video transfer on DVD I have ever seen! My guess is every show was from old 16mm prints that were either edited for more TV commercial time or ripped and snapped so many times and spliced back together with large pieces missing, too many obvious cuts and jumps. The film was very faded and 'washed out'. A first for me, as you watch you notice the left side of the screen is out of focus and slightly (only slightly) sharper on the right side. At times you can see some one must have been adjusting the focus even while the film was being transfered! I wonder if they were being transfered first to videotape because many times you see 'lines' going across the picture just as you see when you watch a VHS tape after it was eaten up! Each DVD even warns you about the limited abilities in digital mastering at the start! Thanks for the warning! You can guess - poor sound quality. Since "Sonnett" is now released you can be quite sure no one else will re-release it and do it right! Gul-dern shame! The show is great and it's better we have this over nothing, or is it?

Green Acres

TV's Funniest Show ever!
What a pleasent surprise when I first saw the "Green Acres 1st Season" DVDs on display, one day at a shopping mall! It was one of my favorite TV shows in my youth, which I've nearly forgotten about until that shopping day. I'm happy to read EVERY comment made on IMDB is highly favorable of the show! With no second thoughts and its rather low sale price of $29.99, I eagerly snagged it up to watch every show. It only took a week or so till we got to see every episode, laughing and enjoying each one. Definitely worth the money, though I must say the discs have left me with a few disappointments.

First, all 32 episodes are written on only two double-sided discs. A personal pet-peave, true, but having two grade-school-aged boys that get into everything, I don't mind having one side for any potential "unwanted abuse". Further, since this leaves no room for labels, there ends up being no way to identify what side of what discs has the first episode, ect.... You must either guess or use the 'trial and error' method.

Next, perhaps one of the reasons for the lower price tag than most other TV-Show-DVDs, is that it looks as though little or even no time was spent on restoring the quality of the video. Each episode was plagued with dirt spots, dust, scratches and other poor quality film elements, even an occasional hair popping up on the screen from 'projecter lint'! In episode 22 "The Day of Decision" for instance, is very grainy-looking as if it was taken from a poor quality 16mm film print. The focus and audio isn't quite as sharp and clear as say, even older TV-Show-DVDs like 'I Love Lucy" or 'Dick Van Dyke'.

A surprising oddity; we couldn't use our computer mouse to click on any of the 'menu' or 'episode' selections. We could use our keyboard at least. We've never encountered such a situation on any other of our DVDs. Hopefully they'll fix that on future releases.

Lastly, no 'Bonus features' - Biographies, Trivia, Behind-The-Scenes, Audio Commentaries or anything atall like that!

"Green Acres 1st Season" DVD is still a good package for the price and a real treat for any 'Green Acres' fan. Hopefully the following seasons will be out soon. Although I wouldn't mind waiting a little longer or maybe paying a little more for the many potential improvements these discs could use. After all, that is why we have gone to DVDs in the first place.

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