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Great Robert Ryan Thriller Finally on Bluray DVD in 3D
I was born the year this picture was made, 1953. I had no idea who Robert Ryan was until a few months ago. What a tremendous actor he was! and Inferno is one of his best! The man never got the recognition he deserved and today he's an unknown to most.

The 3D is exceptional on the DVD even when viewing in 2D which I tried. The Technicolor saturated colors which were a staple of 50's films is amazing. One scene with Ronda Fleming in a purple evening dress with her lover William Lundigan in a deep blue suit just pop out of the screen, they are so vibrant. These 2 characters were despicable adulterers who setup and planned a way to leave Ryan to die in the desert. He survives the hard elements of the desert, meeting many tough events. It moves fast, the cinematography, especially in the desert is outstanding. By all means see it! Highly Recommended!

Not as a Stranger

Engrossing movie with fine acting
I was surprised by how good this movie is, as others have commented. I found it to be. I saw it as psychological character study in addition to a fine medical drama. Of course some of the drama was a bit heavy handed for today's audience but for it's time, this was standard.

Mitchum's performance was spot on. I am a grandson and nephew of two very fine surgeons and I can attest from them, that there are doctors who are very driven and perfectionists who are hardest on themselves and others and extremely difficult to work with. Mitchum's expectations underscore his dedication to medicine and the tremendous responsibility some doctor's bring to the profession.. Unfortunately when a person is so immersed in their work, working insane hours, their personal life suffers affecting all aspects of one's life. Family takes the back seat, self care such as eating is neglected and as Mitchum portrayed so well, some people become numb emotionally, dissociating from their own emotions often to escape a painful past. Mitchum's alcoholic father negatively affected and created a dysfunctional family. The ending, SPOILER ALERT, was quite effective at showing the doctor finally allowing himself to be vulnerable, able to realize he can't be perfect, and feeling real emotions, probably for the first time since childhood. I won't go into other details about the fine cast, as others have done so. Very recommended!

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