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The Taking of Pelham 123

Pelham 1, 2, 3 Times a Disappointment
Tony Scott is obviously obsessed with the "F" word to the point of not being obsessed with logical details regarding his story. His goal was apparently to replace Scarface as one of the top "F" flicks of all time. Note to Tony: A good thriller flick is, in large part, based upon the believability of the story-line and the situation at hand.

1. Why would you deliver the money across NYC in mid afternoon by car vs. flying it by small helicopter (when facing a 38 minute deadline)?

2. Even then, surely you would know the best car route and block off the intersections in advance (vs. using a rolling roadblock) and thus, avoid two collisions (and potentially killing pedestrians on the most crowded sidewalks in the country).

3. You've got snipers surrounding the train car and can clearly see two men sitting in the front and two men standing in the back with guns. Give the signal and plink all four at one time.

4. A truly well-trained negotiator would have taken command of the scene and never let some smuck supervisor tell Denzel to go home. The negotiator knows that whomever establishes the initial report with the terrorist leader is critical on the scene.

5. Someone that Wall Street savvy also knows the SEC can trace and track activity that amounts to $307 million in a single day. How'd he think he could run from that?

I could go on but.., why?

This is simply another remake that disgraces the original.

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