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Incoherent storyline. Otherwise meh
The whole movie doesn't really make sense at all in that ghosts exists due to trauma and/or events that happen withn their lifetime. They can't choose to be mad after they die or before they can form a coherent though of how and why they died.

Somehow the writers want us to believe that people killed by a winchester firearm got angry post mortem/after death so they all hunt down and haunt.. Guess who? Their...killers? Nope. The parents of their killers to prevent the killers birth? No way, dude. This is "progressive" horror so the people who they hated so much was obviously the creator of the gun itself, Sam Winchester.

I guess if you can get passed this the acting and everything else was easy on the eyes. 4/10 from me and 3 of those stars are for the presentation/production


More self hate and moralizing from (((guess who))).
I am tired of this agenda based crap that comes out of Hollywood.I mean, it doesn't take a genius to see exactly what type of propaganda this film is promoting. And even though it's not horrible, enough is enough with social engineering us to act against our interests.


Lackluster Torture porn fare with British accents, nothing more.. **Mild Spoilers**

I was taken in by the good reviews for this film hoping something in it would set it apart from the 1000 or so other torture porn reject films, but its really no different than any American torture porn film with inbred rednecks. Its not really funny at all nor scary either in the east. While its not bad per se, its not really great either, just average and a bit below that to boot.

There's Just a bunch of unlikable characters running around, doing stupid things and getting their just rewards by your run of the mill inbred rednecks.. We have seen it all 1000 times before and better.

For some reason when an unoriginal movie is made in England,Ireland, and especially foreign languages people tend to up vote them and I just don't know why. You would think by some of the reviews here that this movie was something special, but I promise you its not.


Examples of the ridiculousness, when they're driving the truck away they just stop for the redneck with the shotgun instead of ducking and running him down, or the really annoying guy with the blonde wig opens his mouth for the gas tank filled with mud/feces/whatever.

The gore was okay, acting below average, sets good for a indie film. Film is way too long at almost 1 hour and 40 minutes(1st kill not til the 46 minute mark, yawn*). Not much of a story to speak of. Overall I would say a 4/10 film.

If you like Wrong Turn,Lake Dead,etc you may like this, but it offers nothing new at all to the genre.


Surreal treat for those who like surrealism.
This film is guaranteed to draw differing opinions as to how good/bad this film is. This film is very surreal with strange artistic imagery and dreamlike sequences that come as close as you can get to being in a dream yourself.

It follows Ulysses Pick, a career criminal and deadbeat dad as he goes through some deep self exploration sometime in the early 20th century. After a robbery and shoot out, Ulysses(played by Jason Patric) and his gang decide to hold up in an abandoned old house, but nothing is what it seems as this house hold a lot of forgotten secrets for Ulysses and the ghosts from Ulysses' past haunt him deeply. Sorry no spoilers here you will have to see is and figure out the rest for yourself.

The whole film itself is one big dream sequence that is guaranteed to fly over a lot of heads and anger the casual movie watcher while being an absolute treat to those who love artistic horror/thriller films with hidden/multiple meanings and interpretations. Each scene is carefully woven together to make you think and make you giddy with anticipation of whats going to happen next or what it all means.

Final synopsis:

Definitely not for everyone and not a cookie cutter film by any means. It's a surreal journey into the mind of Ulysses, a man with a lot of regrets and a past that haunts him deeply.

8/10 stars.

The Incident

Meh..Average Horror yarn
I just finished watching Asylum Blackout. After seeing the IMDb rating I have to say I was expecting a lot more then what I got. I mean we had an Asylum with inmates on the loose, decent acting and production, how could this go wrong?

I don't know, but the movie just didn't do it for me. Some call it torture porn, whatever its called a bunch of people torturing other people just isn't enough to carry a storyline anymore. Maybe for some, but not for a seasoned horror fan like myself.

That doesn't make it a bad movie though, quite the contrary. This movie will find its audience and its good and high quality for what it is. It has some good gore and some sadistic scenes, but to me it lacks rhyme and/or reason. I guess some could argue that its in an asylum with a bunch of nuts and there doesn't have to be rhyme or reason, but I disagree as this is still a movie. There should have been some side stories, something to keep the audience involved and interested, but there wasn't and the so called twist? Ill just say unfortunately it fell short with me.

6/10 stars. Great acting, Great production, decent gory shots, but a weak script and sad storyline with not much going on besides.

I would recommend this movie to those who like a good torture porn flick.


Self Exploration, not Urban exploration.
I can see why this movie flew over so many peoples heads. You have a lot of people that actually believe this film is about Urban Exploration and are mad that they didn't get it. Its about exploration alright, but if anything self exploration.

I'll be the first to admit this movie does require the utmost attention or you will get lost quick. This isn't really a watch with friends type movie. It starts with some Urban Exploration and quickly morphs into strange dreamlike sequences. I am not going to spoil it so all I can say is if you have a really good attention span and like surreal horror/adventure movies then give it a shot.

This movie also has a strong re-watchability factor. I have seen it 3 times and know there are frames and sequences I have missed.

Excellent, one of the most underrated horror films I know of.

The Yellow Wallpaper

Excellent highly original Horror time piece
I was highly skeptical after seeing the trailer for this and all the 10 star reviews, but I have to say it was definitely worth ones time. The Yellow Wallpaper definitely had budget restraints, but that didn't really matter here. The acting and overall ambiance gradually drew me in deeper and deeper to these people's lives. The movie really had an old feel to it that a lot of Hollywood films lack. I actually felt like I was watching these people.

With that being said, The Yellow Wallpaper is a bizarre movie that has some shades of Lovecraft in it. It strays from the original short story into a full feature that stands out on its own. Im glad it took the direction it did because so many people were talking about the short I figured I pretty much already knew how it was going to end. I'm glad I was wrong.

This film is a bit of a slow burn, but it carries itself well. Its creepy, bizarre, and bleak. I recommend this to anyone who likes time pieces and Lovecraft stories.

Solid 7/10

Madison County

Decent slasher. Surprised.
This is actually a pretty decent slasher with a decent story. Myself, I haven't really been a big fan of slashers since the 80's because they're all mostly repetitive with predictable plots. Still, every once in awhile something comes out worth watching. Madison County is worth watching.

Madison County is different in that it does have a story that was well written with good actors and decent production and sets. It doesn't have to resort to trying to become a comedy to keep the users attention. The mystery of the well written story does that which makes this movie stand out on its own.

The couple of complaints I do have is the lack of any serious gore. Could've used way more of that seeing as its target audience will definitely want to see some gore. My second gripe was the ending which seemed rushed and lacking.

Other then that the ride itself was great. The Old woman was delightfully creepy and the mystery of it all kept me interested though out the whole movie.

6/10 stars. Slasher fans should be proud. Had the ending been acceptable and gore had been more I would've given it more. Oh well, still worth a watch if your a genre fan!


~Great movie from/for someone who Hasn't read the book~
You can almost never be satisfied when you expect a movie to be as good or better then the book. So really, critiquing a film for not being as good as the book is always going to happen. Stephen King's The Shining is the only situation, in my opinion, where the movie was actually on par with the book. We had Stanley Kubrick doing the directing though and Jack Nicholson.

But I digress, Livide takes an old premise and puts a decent new spin on it to create a very interesting and intriguing story. The production/style was outstanding, the acting decent, and story is extremely well thought out.(It must really be a good book)

Still, If your a Horror genre or even a non genre fan that likes dark supernatural/horror/fantasy mixed into modern day life then this definitely deserves a watch. I liked it.

NOTE: Its best to not watch any trailers before watching this movie and just experience it like I did first hand. It was a great mystery that the trailers ruin. Don't watch the trailers:(

8 out of 10 stars

Enter Nowhere

Good stuff!
About 20 minutes in to this movie I thought the movie was going in the same direction as so many others that I have seen, but it didn't and it really took me by surprise as the story slowly started to unfold. The movie went in a totally different direction and I highly recommend this to true fans of the horror genre. This is quite a treat for people like me who see tons of horror flicks and are constantly looking for something good to watch, but are constantly let down.

So give it a shot if your a die hard genre fan like me and are into strange supernatural horror. There isn't a ton of gore in this film, its more of a cerebral supernatural thriller which is good every once in awhile. I have no idea why this movie is rated so low here, but I'm not surprised. Truth be told, its a solid 7.

I gave this 9 stars to help give it a push out of the hole its in. It does great with the small budget it had. Good production, convincing actors, and an overall intelligent story. I won't stick my neck out and say cult classic like another reviewer here, but definitely a great way to kill an hour and a half and definitely an excellent low budget horror film.

Hell, Id have even paid for it!

Urban Explorer

Meh, no subtitles killed this movie for me
Yeah, I know I'm a dumb American. I downloaded this film expecting so much after reading how it won LA's ScreamFest and the movie was probably great, but I was like the poor American girl not knowing what the hell the German Guy(Speaking Dutch) was saying as he went on and on for about 30 minutes. Had I known Dutch and German I may have enjoyed this. The psycho was very animated in his speeches and I probably would've gotten a kick out of what he was saying, subs.

So, hopefully this will be released with subtitles for the large gaps of convos between foreigners. I love foreign Horror flicks, but when a movie is marketed as in English and there are 30minute gaps of Dutch/French with no subtitles it ruins the film. I don't know nor care if was supposed to be like the dumb American girl who couldn't understand, thereby supposedly making it more scary, or again perhaps I got a bad copy.? Either way as it is w/ no subtitles its not worth ones time.

To be fair, I will keep a look out for the Subs and if they're released then I'll be back and change my rating and review to reflect the movie, but in the meantime my review and rating stands.

In the movie, as stated there's an American girl who is saying every 5 minutes, "Whats he saying", to which we get no response for the most part so if your dumb like me and only speak English look for subtitles. If there are none, don't bother.

4 stars out of 10, If this gets released with an English sub file I'll probably change my review.


Decent Flick. Good gore.
Ill start off by saying,if your the kind of person that's always looking for connections in movies(Most people on IMDb who think their intelligent, but just young) then you may not like this one, but if your old school like me and have seen everything already and don't care too much if movies draw slim similarities to others as long as they're good then I would say have at it.

There's some great gore, naked girls, and a twisted little story line that doesn't steal 'too' much from other movies, but taking just enough to get the troll's panties in a bunch. The similarities are sparse, trust me.

What really bugs me is not one of the fake reviewers, the "Changed my life" review along with the griper who yells at people with fake reviews(due to only one review history) when he himself is a shill. And thats the flaw in IMDb voting system. The fact that any nitwit can make multiple accounts and trash any movie before it even has a chance to get out there. This makes even more stupid people run around saying, "Oh yeah I heard that movie sucked!"

Well, I actually SAW this last night, I was expecting nothing good after reading reviews here. I have to say was surprised with the movie's pace, acting, and GORE! Storyline, Basically 15 years ago a kid murders his family. Fast forward to today and another kid decides to unravel the mystery for a school paper. Yes it has that familiar sound, but no this is no "The Ring part whatever". This borrows from a few movies while keeping its own individual style. We have Christian Slater playing an "interesting" part to say the least along with a creepy kid who likes to go through old film in his spare time. Again sounds like Chinese Ghost stuff, but this actually has Gore, Nudity, things Chinese cinema lacks. Basically it earns its R rating which means a lot to me in Horror.

I for one will admit that this will win no awards, nor will it become a big block buster. Its a genre movie aimed at genre fans. Nothing too great, but not bad at all either..

I gave it 7 out of 10 because of the sh%*storm of idiots who will undoubtedly ruin the rating/reviews of this movie(as they do to so many) all because one person left a good review before everyone else did so everyone assumes there part of the crew and its their duty to make 3 accounts and post fake sad peoples lives must be. In reality this movie is a Solid 6.

Another thing, don't run out and buy this, wait till its on cable or Netflix.Its worth a watch when you put it up against the crap that true Horror fans have to sift through to get a decent watch, but its not a must see.

The Oregonian

Independent awesomeness. Morbid Acid trip
People are either going to love or hate this one for a few reasons. It definitely left an impression on me, but a good one. It tells most of the story through imagery and the occasional assault of the viewers hearing and sensory perceptions. The scenes in the movie seem to carry you along and its strangeness fits with the experience the director is trying to take you on. Its all in the feeling with this movie. You are definitely going to have to be in the mood for this or it will probably rub you the wrong way(Or you will just turn it off after 10 minutes).

My advice to potential viewers is to skim through it before watching it if you can. You will get an idea of what your in for. Then you can either watch it or save it for a time you think you can get into it. I would encourage to watch this when your in the mood to see something weird and out of the ordinary and have the attention span to keep up with it. There's definitely a good story there and an interesting interpretation of the subject its ..interpreting?(Cant spoil it, sorry:P) 8 stars, Good stuff here. There's a time and a place for it, find it and check it out.

Mummy an' the Armadillo

An independent Supernatural Horror gem!
I have to say I don't understand how this film is rated so low. So right off the bat, if your a die-hard Horror fan like me I would tell you to ignore any bad reviews and its low rating because its a doozy that seems to have been overlooked.

Right off the bat this movie has a great cast, great acting, great script, and great scares. The story keeps you wondering and guessing whats really going on till it all comes down. The film is a supernatural horror film which happens to be one of my favourite Horror genres, but its also much more then that. Its a mystery/suspense and a thriller also. It has a great back story and characters which makes it the forgotten creepy horror/thriller gem that it is.

Some personal history, I bought this film about 4 years ago and watched it once with my Wife. Now, the first time I watched it I had just finished working a 12 hour shift so I kept falling asleep so I missed it.. My wife told me how she loved it and that I should take the time to watch it again, but it began to collect dust on my movie shelf. Finally one day, about 3 years ago, I was bored enough to watch it again. Since then I have watched it about 5 times and I'm not the usual person to give a movie multiple viewing unless the movie is very complicated and requires more then one view to really* understand everything going on. I don't know if I could classify this as that type of movie, its just a great flick that works.

Now, I will not spoil the plot by being pretentious like most the people on IBMD, I never do, but basically its about a bar on route 66 where some strangers with secrets are brought together and a bunch of weird stuff goes down.

If your more into slashers films then this may not be your cup of tea,but if you like GOOD supernatural Horror/thrillers then look no further,you will definitely like this.I give you my personal guarantee.

I gave it 9 out of 10 stars and I would say for an independent horror it deserves every star.


Very Decent micro Budget Sci-Fi/Fantasy Horror Film
I felt there were enough non-genre fans saying how bad this movie is that I felt compelled to tell other die hard genre fans(like me) how good this movie is. Actually its a like it or hate it type film depending on your taste, but the script does deliver and the cast/director does their best with the micro budget they had. Everyone is wining about the camera they used, but to be honest I have no idea what everyone is talking about and I don't see the problems. I saw this on my laptop and my flat-screen TV and nothing about the camera work makes it any worse then any other low budget independent SciFi-Fantasy-Horror film. To me it does very good for the budget.

This is, to me a cult movie and it may only have a cult following, I don't know..? I have seen it about 10 times on cable and I admit its very decent, its far the best and I definitely wouldn't run out and buy it, but if you have nothing better to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon and it comes on cable give it a watch you may find yourself liking it:)

Gave it 7 stars, it deserves 6, but because the IBMD rating is totally undeserved that's what I gave it.

Satan Hates You

Excellent movie if you take it for what it is.
I just watched it and while it will not win any awards, it is a great independent effort. It has a great cast and a nice grindhouse touch. First of all its not a movie that pushes religion in any way though religion does fit into the theme. While religion is what this movie is based off, its still very interesting and kind of a trip.

To me it was the 1970's grindhouse style that got me. Im a sucker for and exploitation file, and that is exactly what this is.

I give it 8 stars because I can see there is some kind of closed mindedness going on with this film. I encourage you not to make this a religious debate and just enjoy the movie for what it is, A Grindhouse 1970's style exploitation film that was independently made.

Rest Stop

Great movie that sadly a lot of people don't seem to get
This is really a great genre film that has the best of both worlds in Horror: Slasher and Supernatural. I think it is because it was televised on sci-fi that people are giving it such a bad wrap, but the raw uncut version of this film is truly nothing short of a great horror film.

Not a cookie cutter movie at all, I highly recommend this to genre lovers who like a good story and a decent mystery. It took me a few viewings to fully grasp all the angles and clues given and I think those are the best kinds of horror movies. The characters are solid and acting top notch. Jaime Alexander is sexy as always as the victim of a macabre supernatural horror fest.

I, like another reviewer gave it 8 stars not because I think this movie is fully worthy of 8 stars, but much more worthy then the 1 star votes so many, I can only say sorry individuals left. This movie is far from a 1 and there is nothing left unanswered. There is not one plot whole if you take the time and pay attention. This isn't your loud explosion, kill a minute horror fare, but it has its share and some decent gore for the gorehounds. Most of all it has suspense which is lacking in a lot of today's Horror fares. There is some decent character development which is always welcome to me. I'm a little older so the explosion a minute thing is just not enough for me anymore. I am a die-hard Horror fan who loves a decent back story.This movie doesn't disappoint in that way either.

The Final Storm

Don't be so fast to jump on the IBMD bandwagon..
I admit that I was never a big Uwe Boll fan, but his newer stuff is starting to grow on me and this movie really isn't that bad. Its pretty good actually. And in his last few films his style has matured abit so it appears that Uwe Boll is finally growing as a writer/director. The film has a nice amateur feel to it and it sticks to what it is, filming most of the conte

OK, the movie. A mysterious, but hospitable stranger looking for a little "Shelter from the storm" is taken in by a family. The hospitable charismatic stranger starts make the family a little unnerved with his pushy belief system.

The movie starts off a slow burn, but builds. You don't have to agree with anyone's view points in the movie. If you ignore the message you feel the film is giving you can really enjoy it. I never hated a movie over subliminal film messages be it, political , religious or whatever. I just let myself be entertained because after all, "Its just a movie".


If your a crabby athiest who looks down on and can't live with the fact that there are other people with other belief systems you probably won't like this because it requires you to turn your beliefs off for an hour and half and have an open mind. I am an athiest, but tolerant of these kind of movies because there almost like Sci-Fi to me(I love Sci-Fi) Oh, that and the fact that its a movie only not a political/religious ideology.

I gave it 6/10 and it deserves it. I wouldn't run out and buy it for $15, but if you catch it on cable late one night, or in the $3.99 or under bargain bin give it a shot.

It would definitely be nice on a dark rainy night :)

Apollo 18

Great movie,Destined for greatness,but then those Horrible jiggly camera shots. I HATE mockumentaries!!!
Bearing absolutely NO resemblance to Blair Witch or Paranormal activity outside of the aggravating camera angles(my chief complaint), this movie showed great promise,but half the shots weren't of action they were of people shoes, crotches, and moon landscape jiggling up and down with a mess of blurry shots. I would've really loved to have rated this film much higher, but this "film style" reflects badly on the overall film. I really liked what was going on I just couldn't see enough of what was going on.

I guess what film people don't seem to understand is you can make a believable mockumentary without making it appear like a 6 year old did the filming. They could've easily stationed a camera outside the ship and in areas inside the ship which would've given us a birds eye view and some good shots,but no. The camera is constantly shaking up and down, focusing on background shots and the whole thing gets a bit disorientating after awhile trying to follow what's going on amidst a mess of half drunken camera shots.

You can hear the great stuff going on, but again the damned camera's blocks the effects and everything else that makes a great horror movie great.

Now, don't get me wrong here. The premise and everything else around the film itself was just great and by now we at IBMD should be getting used to the useless, usual IBMD child reviewers spouting,"This movie is a ripoff of that movie" and this is paranormal activity in space." Please STFU and go home..or review the damn movie for what it is. You kids haven't seen enough movies to call ripoff. This was an excellent effort that was poorly executed. I hate saying words like poorly executed it sounds so pretentious, but its true. And they had the $$ to so there was no excuse.

Other then the horrible,terrible, nasty cam work, the movie was great and filled with suspense and some genuinely scary parts. I only wished I could see more of what was going on instead of looking at pictures of the wall and ceiling. Had the camera work been good I would've easily given this a 9, but its too distracting the way it is. Ill give it another chance when it gets put on DVD to see if it improves, but I don't see how it could with all the above forehead, wall, and shoe shots.

So to close this out to my Horror meisters:

If you like shaky camera jobs and great horror/Sci-Fi/suspense flicks then this is for you.

Myself,its just not my thing and I am so angry because this genuinely could've been such a gem... I still liked it, but the camera angles just ruined what could've been epic and unforgettable and made it forgettable..

Too bad. Great movie, please cut the sh@!@ with the crappy mock cams Its no longer "sheik?" as Hollywood puts it(Does Hollywood say that?). I don't know, but still, Its played out. Find another fad.

6/10 stars that deserves 9/10, but was ruined by bad camera work to give it a "real"(lol) feeling.

Super Hybrid

Great little movie!
If your not a real horror fan then you probably won't like this movie. I can't understand the bad rating here on IMDb as this movie as at least a 5 1/2 6. At the least. Its not perfect, but it is an interesting,premise has its share of gore and a nice little script. The movie is actually about a shape shifting predator then can morph itself to anything it wants including great looking,but generic no named cars. This "car" finds its way onto a police impound and after a bad accident and chaos ensues.

...if your me and love independent horror, you'll enjoy this. I have to admit I had virtually no hope of a decent movie after reading some of the reviews here, but luckily a trailer was available so I knew it wasn't bad student project style horror and decided to give it a chance. I'm glad I did. You can ignore the bad reviews, if you think you may like this you will.

Its a solid 6, but I gave it a seven for all the unjust reviews here and overall bad rating. This is not a bad movie. I wouldn't go spending $20 on it or anything, but if you catch it in Redbox or some discount shelf give it a watch.

Super 8

Mediocre. Unimpressive..Only an 8 if your 8 or have the mentality of an 8 yr old
You can tell Spielberg was really going for an ET 2 here and you could say he achieved that fame(again) I guess. But to me, and to any intelligent adult this movie is just mediocre. It doesn't break any new ground in any of the genres it whips in and out of. I mean the acting is top notch, but thats to be expected in a gazillion dollar Hollywood movie like this. The characters are likable to an extent, but its just not all its hyped up to be. I have to say, I'm disappointed in the fact that so many people get all warm and fuzzy and jump on the bandwagon at these types of,low on the story, high on Popcorn action and explosions types movie.

I understand that its nice to turn your brain off every once in awhile, but movies like this are what they are..100 million dollar Hollywood cotton candy, doesn't really matter who wrote it. Good for the kids, or a family night out, but thats about it.

So if you love loud,silly over the top explosions then by all means go out and see this. The kids will love it I promise you that. Your average dimwitted adult may also praise this, but if your like me and like a little substance with your action, or a story with your movie then you can pass this one over until its on TV or cable.

6 stars is an honest rating for a movie like this. Take the budget away and what would you have? Crap thats what. So 6 stars for the presentation. Anyone voting 9 and 10 has their hat on too tight. Wake up people!

No Time to Fear

Decent indie effort. Worth a watch if you like independent Horror.
I,like always,came here to check out the reviews before watching this movie because The cover looked cheap and bad. I almost just passed it up before noticed James DeBello's name of CabinFever(and many more) fame on the roster. Now don't get me wrong Mr Debello probably wont be winning any awards for his acting anytime soon, but he always manages to make me laugh or tick me off and he tends to be able to pick decent entertaining rolls even if they aren't box office hits.

"No Time to Fear" didn't follow the 'in' trend of the flood of horror comedies lately. Now don't get me wrong,I like a good Horror Comedy as much as the next guy, but sometimes I just want an old fashioned scary movie thats eerie and delivers. Some of it was a bit over the top, but these guys did a decent job in the end and you can tell that, "No Time to Fear" is definitely a micro-budget Horror flick. I cant argue that this movie does have noticeable similarities to other horror and Sci-Fi movies so it doesn't really offer anything new to the genre as a whole, but if you like low budget supernatural horror I would say that this movie is still worth a watch.

The Woman

Lucky Mckee + Jack Ketchum = one hell of a movie!
First thing I would like to know is why people are getting so appalled when they go see a "Jack Ketchum" inspired movie? I mean these people go through all the trouble to be the first ones to see these movies, but they don't bother to even research the movie there going to see or the prior movies of the writer/Directors?? So, next time find out what movie your going to see so you don't have to be so 'appalled'

As far as violence goes, this movie isn't as violent and appalling as Ketchum's prior Horror-semi Drama gems like the horrifying true story, "The Girl next door" or violent, but hilarious 'The Lost'. Jack Ketchum gives us raw horror stories often taken place during the 1950s. The people involved are almost always nice middle class families. The people that could be your neighbor. These people have usually either have been pushed over the edge or end up the victims of some horrific abuse in a time where you didn't have as many options as one does today.

First and foremost Jack Ketchum gives us characters with substance and a back story. I know am giving all the credit here to Jack Ketchum because he is one of my favorite Horror authors, but one cant leave out Lucky Mckee who brought us movies like the art-house Horror gem, May with Angela Bettis( the same lead actress). and who did Red, another Jack Ketchum story. I would be happy if McKee made it his business to keep putting out Ketchum movies because he does them well.

This movie has some under the surface mystery to it and as it unfolds we see just what kind of family problems this family is faced with. We get little hints and behavioral problems, but nothing prepares us for the finale which if you know Ketchum will be epic.

And to out Appalled friends walking out of screeners, here is some friendly free advice, next time you rush out to be the first person to see a movie, pick up a newspaper or go online and find out just what your going to see. It will save us ALL a lot of headaches.

9 out of 10 stars.

Die-ner (Get It?)

Independent Serial Killer zombie flick!
A very good effort indeed. I was surprised to find myself pretty glued to the screen on this wonderfully done independent horror/Comedy. You can tell they didn't have that big of a budget, but still they did a fairly decent job with the effects and the acting was fairly well too. The serial killer carries a lot of the film and it doesn't wear out its welcome at 80 minutes long. I have to say I was actually sad to see it go and wished they would've made it a bit longer. I do admit some of the humor was a bit corny,but it makes up for it with some very funny moments also and is a great clash of Slasher/Zombie Horror.

I Highly recommended this for Independent Horror genre film lovers with 83 minutes to kill.

The Violent Kind

An almost Perfect Low budget Horror Gem that hopefully will NOT go unnoticed!
I have to say after more and more mainstream crap Horror like Scream 4(Sorry Wes Craven, but Scream 3 and 4 were just monotonous and overbudgeted) and the flood of remakes, its very refreshing to see something new and semi-original come from the independent film industry. I know that the mainstream crowd will probably rate this horribly or say it has plot holes(What everyone says when they don't understand something), but don't buy what they're selling unless your in their category.

Premise: The movie starts off telling the violent story of a notorious biker gang that is into drugs, violence, and crime getting together for a party. Headlines of the gangs exploits are splashed across the screen in the form of newspaper articles of recent arrests. The party quickly comes and goes then some real weird things start to happen after everyone leaves the party house.

This movie definitely is a send up in the spirit of Evil Dead and the Exorcist thrown in with a few other genre Slasher flicks. The movie definitely stands out as a smashmouth, grindhouse Independent, supernatural slasher with a very decent twist at the end that is like the icing on the cake. I can already hear the argument that the film tries to be too much, but trust me, the movie handles everything, including the twist right down to the last minute. It kept me glued to the screen. Then again I love supernatural elements which this movie has a lot of.

I gave it a 9 because its already off to a bad start. It deserves a "solid" 7 rating. Acting is top notch, gore is above par, tense moments are everywhere, and an "I really didn't see it coming", twist. What can I say? I loved this movie and I highly recommend it to the REAL die-hard genre fans who can appreciate good REAL independent horror in the tradition of Evil Dead and The Exorcist.


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