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Heart warming
There are three stories, connected very loosely, if at all. One professor day dreams about a date with an acquaintance he has made before the journey, and also serves as the kind uncle to poor kid whose formula has been spilt by a really rude, and may I say heartless, Army Officer. Then there are the General's widow and her much abused helper. the lady insists on being rude with everybody - reminds you of some people you meet on trains. The final story is of three Celtic fans on a trip to UCL match vs AS Roma, and a pack of Albanian refugees. The first story tickles your heart. The second story is the reason I gave it a 9 and not a 10. The third story reaffirms your faith in humanity - not in some loud way, but in the common man sense - the sort of humanity that is expected from the guy next door. A good watch, over all.

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