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Resident Alien

Northern Exposure
Not as brilliant as the beloved Northern Exposure and different, but it immediately gave me the same vibes. Quirky amiable characters in a remote place, protagonist who is also a "doctor" who is reluctantly there and feels "alien" (like Joel Fleishman) at the beginning, local indigenous people and culture, confidant who is a single independent, strong woman, etc... I just love it. A real refreshing change, pace from all the wokeness, virtue signaling, .... which is all the trend lately and totally ruins it.


Great Nordic (Suomi) Noir
If you like Sorjoenen (Bordertown), Broen (Bron), ... you will like this. Though I often got annoyed by Sofia's impulsive incompetence, her often not thinking straight, I still love the series. Though different, the relationship Sofia - Sakari reminded me a bit of Mulder (Sofia) and Scully (Sakari).

Enola Holmes

Disnified Sherlock
Arthur Conan Doyle would have nightmares after watching this. Will appeal to the dumb masses who spoon up things with dumb infantile Disney Channel level quality. Painful watching a wannabe desperately trying to emulate Robert Downey, Jr. I hope Cavill got a good paycheck wandering totally lost in this, just cringe. Hoping for a new film with Robert Downey, Jr. or Series with Benedict Cumberbatch to rinse away this complete awfulness.

Proven Innocent

One word: PWS
It can be described with 1 word PWS = Pure Woke Sh.....

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Hire an Accent Coach or hire British actors.
Decent but partially ruined by terrible accents. Get a bloody Accent Coach or hire British actors or competent people like Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., etc.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Just perfect and gets better rewatching it.
Everything is great, script, cast, acting, editing, etc. Rewatched three times and everytime it gets better. Proof how awards in Hollywood are just a farce, no awards at all (same happened to The Shawshank Redemption). Meanwhile nobody remembers the winners of 2012.

The Frankenstein Chronicles

First 3 episodes great and very promising and then it goes to sh..
Problem is the the plot which goes everywhere and full with holes, and the lead character who is just so incredibly and annoyingly dumb, incompetent and really does everything wrong. Struggled through last 2 episodes to finish season 1. Definitely not going to watch season 2. Also, though well acted, the role of Nightingale a black officer and nobody notices his race, really in that period, come on for crying out loud.

Raised by Wolves

Missed opportunity
Story concept is interesting but some really annoying elements: 1) casting could be better, some cringe acting by typical American style child actors. It can be done well if you look at Stranger Things and IT. Worst is "Campion" child actor, so annoying, redefines overacting, terrible. 2) all those hidden ridiculous woke elements: of course typical inject as much as possible female and black actors (although very well acted by the 2 main mother/father android actors), veganism while starving, yeah right, religion-atheism (idiotic sol this, sol that,..), etc. 3) I won't elaborate, but numerous plot holes. Watching 4 episodes was enough, better series to watch or re-watch.

Sneaky Pete

Great show, great acting, great script and... NO woke crap.
I always enjoy watching Giovanni Ribisi esp. with a great cast and script. And a rarity these days NO left woke crap.

The War with Grandpa

Total Cringefest
Bad acting, bad script, not funny, lacks humor, just plain dumb. As for De Niro, he has always been completely over-rated, mono-dimensional and always plays the same old same. He should retire with a little dignity. This is the guy who is wagging the morality finger at us, really. Better watch Home Alone I and/or II instead of this garbage.

The Alienist

Started off promising and turned into a complete mess
Such a shame, so promising the first couple of episodes of season 1 and then turning into an utter mess with a arrogant bumbling doctor, a naive drunkard, an implausible female character, 2 Jewish stooges and a lot of moralistic BS.

The Alienist: Many Sainted Men
Episode 7, Season 1

Always the need to rewrite history to woke standards.
That little speech by a Black and even a Black Woman in the 1890's? Most media these days suffer of historical revisionism to suit woke fairytales.

Valley Inn

Low Budget, Slow but well done and enjoyable
Yes it is slow, but that is the point because it about that typical piece of Americana which is slow pace and where people and life itself matters. If you don't like this subject with some odd characters don't watch it. It is well acted, no cringe acting which often occurs in low budget films, well made and it leaves you with a warm feeling.


Not perfect, but loved it.
Initially a bit slow and the miscast of a Indian woman as a American government official. Though no huge budget the special effects were still effective and well done. After slow start it really captivated me till the end and hope they will make a Torden 2. A fresh and nice change from all the Hollywood big budget cinematic this and that crap.

The Secret

Like a terrible, cringe TV Commercial
I won't talk about the content, that's a different matter and is just a matter whether you believe it or not. The film's production, format, storyboard, acting, music, editing .. is just atrocious. I had to fight the urge to stop and needed all my willpower to watch till the end. The message, which I don't criticize, is lost in this cringe-fest of a ....

Ghosts of War

Where is the ENDING?
There is no END, not even open ending. It just abruptly stops. Run out of ideas, no funding, no whatever.... it just stops.

Flying Cars

Enjoyed watching
Script could be better, certain dialogue a bit off, preferably a little more background story about 2 protagonists etc.... Nonetheless, acting of the 2 main actors is pretty good and all in all I did really enjoy watching it and in the end that's what counts. And I learnt a bit about RC car racing.

Gongdong gyeongbi guyeok JSA

Re-watched and after 10 yrs still excellent detective story.
It may be in a military setting, it is basically a detective story. Surprising plot, good to great acting. The latter especially by Kang-ho Song who once again outplays everybody like in most films he is in. The only negative "stain" are the English scenes which are so cringey, just awful, both by female lead with an awkward English accent as well as the supposedly Swedish military, who by the way are actually German actors. They should have left these out. Nonetheless great movie.


Well executed, Action Movie
Great Action flick which keeps you captivated till the end. Acting was good, pacing was good, action scenes are excellent, great production value. Maybe the plot and some characters could have been a little more elaborated but this could have impacted the pace of the film. Obvious this is no National Geographic documentary and why would you expect that? Go to NG channel if you do. Anyway, at the end hallucinating and seeing his dead son indicates he is dying. Yet, hoping for an Extraction II which is not completely out of the question. Remember start of the film, he is used to jumping from high heights into water and staying submerged for longer periods.

Legado en los huesos

Only if you want to watch an annoying incompetent stupid lead character.
Incredibly annoying protagonist whose stupidity and incompetence is only matched with the cringe level of the scenes in English with American husband who is utterly superfluous. So many plot holes. Could have been great, missed opportunity.


Ridiculous and pathetically bad.
Expecting to see one of the refreshingly good Korean movies I got sorely disappointed with this piece of cr... Ridiculous plot, awful acting (one of the girls is plain annoying), awkward use of English with horrible accent, androgynous (seems a characteristic of Korean teen idols) baddies who seems to have walked out of some cheap teen fashion magazine.... only the cinematography is okayish. Don't wast your time like I did because it is just stupid and awful.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Awkward and cringe.
Fred Rogers was a great person and humanitarian who left an invaluable legacy, and Tom Hanks is a very distinguished and likeable actor. Yet this film was just plain awkward with a sprinkle of creepiness.

Jack Ryan

Season Two not as good as Season One which was just amazing, but it is still great.
Not as excellent as season one, it still packs a punch and keeps you fascinated till the end. Luckily not bombarded with wokeness, pc and other bs which is all the trend in the media and Hollywood. Plus we get no more wooden acting of Abbie Cornish (who had no chemistry with Krasinski) which was the only minus of season one.

The Mandalorian

Promising start, then fell short, at the end redeemed itself.
The first three episodes were great and then it suddenly became a typical boring procedural TV show aimlessly going through the motions. Luckily it redeemed itself in the last 2 episodes. First season shows it has great potential but hopefully in season 2 they will come up with great writing, story lines and not fall in the procedural tv show trap.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Marvellous, touching and uplifting
I have to admit at the beginning I was worried and didn't much care for the film. Yet slowly the film got me more interested and it completely captivated me till the very end. Stellar cast, wonderful story-telling, beautiful camerawork. Afterwards you are left with a nice warm feeling.

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