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Mr. Marumakan

It was bad but not that bad.
I watched this movie mainly because of Dileep and his skills to make me laugh. Just forgetting his personal life matters for a bit and despite all the negative feedback, I still enjoyed watching the movie. Not one of the best but it was somewhat fun to watch..I was surprised to see all other skillful actors in here. I do agree with few reviews stating that this movie is not well put together, and it's not. But that doesn't mean you won't have fun watching it.

Red Wine

Worst movie I have seen in a while.
Worst movie I have seen in a while. Cheap acting, just lost of words, was the director high on meth?

King Liar

Fun movie to watch, just a lot annoying twists
Fun movie to watch because of unique characteristics of Dileep. He played this role well. just a lot annoying twists in the story like 70% of all other films that comes out of india. I will still watch this again, somewhat a good message if you have marriage problems. But everyone's problems is different and spouse is different. Would you reconnect with the person who's been giving you death threats or physical abuse? Even though it's coming from a Christian and a female ? You can never change a person but only god can. Blah blah blah How long is that wait ???

God's Own Country

What the hell did I just watch.
Complete waste of time! They crammed way too many scenarios in this in a messy way. What's up with all the car accidents? Laaame! One of Fazil's worst movie, I watched it because of him thought it would be great like his other movies. I have a headache watching this!


Mohanlal becomes the Mollywood style Daredevil
Great production quality and cinematography, great music. Had potential of 9 or 10/10

Mohanlal becomes the Mollywood style Daredevil, the superhero in American comic by Marvel Comics. ballerina spinning Jackie Chan and that was the drawback I felt, it was a bit too much how he's blind whooping out 4 rowdy policemen in the room. That's when it hit me, of course they'll add this scene in here, it's Bollywood! you know when all is going dandy and normal there's a questionable scene coming. This abnormal activity blew out whatever the realism that was there. I am glad they didn't make him fly as he's fighting with all them ropes and pulley system.

I will watch it again

First Cow

6.5 / 10 little slow that's all
The movie was fun after the first 30 min, little drag throughout the movie. Make a run, Just stealing jug of milk the risk is death. True friendship, helping each other to survive til the end.

Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets

What the heck did I just watch
Don't watch this garbage.

What the Sodom and Gomorrah crack sniffin movie is this? I am glad I didn't choose this to watch with my fam based on the ratings. The whole movie was the drag, kept skipping 30sec through entire thing, never changed. If this is considered as a movie I can make one this weekend. This is like those paintings that sells for thousands and all it is a white canvas with few dots in the center. And I can't ask why, it's art lol They should've fallowed the black veteran dude around more, can't believe veterans get treated that way in this country. Saddd!


First one hour is a drag
Movie had potential, just boring the first hour. Takes a while to get anywhere. Why is all of a sudden he turns into Rambo?? It would make Sense if he was an ex combat veteran. This girl was preaching about how barbaric the locals are yet she stayed home alone and went out by herself. little stupid, not well written. Cinematography was somewhat good hence the reason for my rating of 6/10 But I wouldn't watch it again


The movie had potential
It was somewhat going OK, then flopped towards the end. The action is too fake regarding physics, I guess the gravity doesn't affect when you shoot with these cameras. Overuse of strings and rope people swinging around like crouching Tiger hidden Dragon, I saw one person flying attacking lal. Commmon guys! I was enjoying the tiger story and the village settings, it should've just continued that way.

Ayalum Njanum Thammil...

Not worth more than 6/10., so it's somewhat watchable
Not worth more than 6/10., so it's somewhat watchable... that's it

The acting was weak except for mani and Dr. Samuel.

I tried very hard to connect, The movie was falling apart after 30 minutes. It seems the reviewer's are getting paid to rate this movie 8/10. Or some sort of a favor, because I just don't see how this is rated so high.

Also the last song was good. Adding that to my playlist

Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

Just waste of time
Just waste of time

Just so many deleted scenes in here, kind of figured the entire movie after watching the first 15 minutes. Just a draaaagg & cheesy!! OK I get it...you know how to ride a bike.

Few nice scenery, that was about it.

How Old Are You?

I like the idea but could've been better.
It was just ok. Drag throughout the movie, lost interest Acting was just ok, especially the daughter was annoying. The last 30 minute of the movie was worth watching, which should've been stretched a bit. Her struggles on providing this large meal for the wedding, Little instruction on how to grow vegetables starting with the pot. Expressed on the beauty of having the grown vegetables on the terrace. Expressed more about the change she brought to people.

This movie could've been better.

Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu

7.5 don't mind watching it again.
7.5 don't mind watching it again but It's a long wait until you see the twist at the end, till then it's a drag.

Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal

Beautiful movie to put me in tears
Beautiful movie to put me in tears.

The love of family how important they are in your life how brutal & haunting when they are absent. This movie showed me how close the friendship of a father and son can get, so close that they forget time & people around them.

When I turned 10 yrs of age, I Lost my father to six bullets by thugs from the streets. It was way of getting into the gang, to take someone's life to be a member of the gang. That night, a year after fam & I moved from Kerala to houston his life was taken. Til today it hasn't been the same, always wonder how different it could've been and I felt that love and warmness watching this movie at the same time painful which comes down to tears. The entire absence hits you all at once. There's much much more to the story I can write on why and how this movie will be on my top list.

Thank you Lohithadas & Sathyan beautifully crafted representation of this love. And jayram, thilakan, and to beautiful samyuktha varma the reason why I watched this movie. Wish you did more movies in your younger years.

Beware the Batman

Love this show, Batman fan.
Beware the Batman show is right next to my other favorite which is Batman animated series. Love the intro and music, love the giant bat cave with giant wrap around screen. The bat car is also great but favorite is still from "The Animated Series".

I'm just hooked onto the CGI Batman the action is superb & stories is great, I know possibilities are endless with use of CGI with different angles and perspectives which really shows. The CGI also shows details and texture and not all toys and rubber like, you can see the fibers on shirt, and separation on Batman suit from flesh & and other materials. I love the Batman suit The voice over by Anthony is perfect for a young Batman. Ton of new villain characters I never knew about. I hope they make a season two, I am ready to watch. Watching on HBO max.

The King of Comedy

May be highly rated when the movie came out
It was just OK for me, but at the same time satisfying. There was a lot of drag, for a long time I thought people around him are imaginary characters, and I was waiting for that Reveal. I hope this doesn't give any ideas to the up-and-coming stars. The comedy skit was actually funny. This is like a prequel to the movie joker played by Joaquin phoenix.

Taxi Driver

Very slow at time, subtle vocal put me to sleep.
Very slow at time, subtle vocal put me to sleep.

I was expecting a bit more, He should've took out more criminals while he had the chance. Maybe I might be comparing more with the joker movie by Joaquin phoenix . I see a little similarities especially towards the end where he puts the finger to his head mimicking a gun blowing his brain off, with similar loneliness lifestyle. Also noticed lamp table covered with medicines- I don't think those are Tylenol . About to watch the movie "the king of comedy" From 1980 to Bob Robert De Niro , also similar to the joker movie.


I almost fell asleep
I almost fell asleep

This made no sense whatsoever, very boring maybe way too calm where I said I hope this guy runs a bus into something. What's up with the twins everywhere? His lonely wife also wants twins or dreamt about it. The only funny part was dogs reaction to things. He wrote poems.

Aha aha

Living in this boring town and those guys in the car breaks into his house robs his Dog and something happens to his wife? Is this how do you transform into Kylo Ren?

The end

The Great Outdoors

I don't know what I just watched
I don't know what I just watched

After watching uncle Buck thought this might be also good. But instead it was a waste of time..

Sound Thoma

Yes I rated 8, here's why
Sound Thoma

The movie was just so much fun to watch, it was very stress buster too.. Funny as hell, Yes there are ton of corny scenes but something still got me glued on to and that have to be the comedic side and a pretty girl like namitha & a beautifully shot (scenery) watched on amazon prime.. But for me this was a relaxing and entertaining to watch. I started to pick up on Malayalam movie few years ago and after few movies I noticed Indian movies have disabled/ special needs characters way too often. But I've never seen anything thing like this funny which tied to a watchable story with that slight twist at the end, with that I want to say Dileep did a great job. I wish the movie focused little on the early age of Thoma, or this could be a prequel.

I don't mind watching this again at all.


Love the revenge here than the original.
Watched the Korean version of this movie. Josh bro did a decent job on acting some ares true emotions weren't really there especially at the end when he's on his knees begging to Adrian, Dae-Su from the highly rated version of this movie did a far better job in acting/ expressions/emotions. BUT as far as revenge that I was looking for from a person who's been kidnapped tortured and prisoned for 20 years - Josh Bro definitely delivered the revenge, also it was less of drag comparing to the original, but some areas little too rushed with josh Brolin. I like the ending in this movie better than the original maybe since it's less depressing also josh didn't cut his tongue off to prevent him from spreading rumors again. Also josh looked happier to be back in the cell, where he spend 20 years already, better there than getting caught by the laws then going to a real jail.


Could've been better
This movie was a fun movie to watch but there's a ton of unnecessary scenes that should've been deleted. I don't mind watching it again But I most probably will forward through those unnecessary scenes

Amrutham Gamaya

What a slow dragging movie!
What a slow dragging movie! Acting by lal is great as usual. But this story to come into sense took a while, almost quit the movie.

Mumbai Police

It was ok
Prith's acting was a bit over the top, Manning overacting which was a bit corny to me. You can tell by the same facial expression throughout the movie, it's that same smirk on his face. maybe this why I think Antony should've been played by another actor, maybe even a new one.

Unpredictable at first, but then last 20 min predictable.


Great acting, weak ending
Great acting, weak ending The ending could've been better. Little corny only the last 10 min or so, could've been better. Last 3 min, rushed. Maybe show how many people got the news to quarantine them selves, show process. Show a better defeating the virus process. Acting was great, story was great. Don't mind watching it again?

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