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Hammer of the Gods

Another piece of putrid filth from SciFi
For whatever reason, I have not given up on the SciFi channel yet but this film comes close to doing it for me. I advise people NOT to waste their time on this. Not only was Zach from Home Improvement hopelessly miscast as a Viking hero but his acting is no better than when he was on the series. There were some moments--unfortunately the moments were badly acted, ripped off from other shows and not very interesting. This was almost an embarrassment to watch. I felt bad for the actors because they didn't have a chance with that badly written script. Fans of SciFi/action will be angered by some of the blatant lines stolen from other shows like Highlander. I thought about skipping this because it looked like it would be bad. I should have trusted my judgement.


Not bad for a SciFi network movie
This film is about an Alaskan town just entering a solstice when a giant Norwegian dragon awakens from its slumber to attack the townspeople. I'm sure that I'm one of many SciFi fans who have become increasingly disappointed with original SciFi movies. Wyvern is actually pretty decent. The acting is fair and the dialog is amusing. The good thing is that they mean for the dialog to be amusing. I found myself chuckling a few times because the characters are unusual and just a bit peculiar. Don't get me wrong, the special effects are a bit cheesy but I have seen much, much worse (Sharks in Venice anyone?). The cinematography is actually quite good. I give this a 6 out of 10 because the actors really gave good performances.

Ice Spiders

Giants spiders again?!?
OK to start with--this could have been much worse. The acting was fairly lame--picture stereotypical surf dude dialogue-- and the story itself is one we've seen repeatedly. I think the coolest thing about it was Stephen Cannel. I kept thinking that it was just someone who looks like him. He had a bigger role than I had expected. I have to admit I liked the ending. If anyone has seen the end of the 2nd feature of Grindhouse---I didn't cheer as much but it was OK. :) Don't watch this expecting too much--if you are watching anything on the SciFi Original Saturday nights---surely you wouldn't be doing that anyway. It is an OK way to waste 2 hours if you have nothing better to do.

Grizzly Rage

this really bites
I watched this because I had a free movie pass. Even for free I felt cheated by this lousy excuse for a scary movie. The bear is the best actor in the film and there are not any decent gore shots. The dialogue is dumb and the story line is pretty unbelievable. I don't know if this is going to be on SciFi (like all sucky movies are) but don't watch it unless you are uber bored. I can usually sit through some pretty inane movies but this one was really bad. The ending is probably the biggest losing part of the story. You have been warned. I just hope others don't waste their time like I did on this piece of crap. I probably shouldn't blame the actors. This kinda reminded me of one of those "revenge of the ..." movies that got popular back in the 80's and that we all overdosed on.


Just not buying it
Sorry but I just can't buy a show that tries to evoke sympathy for criminals. I'm tired of having television present the underbelly of life as being attractive and exciting. It does have a great cast but I will not be watching this show again. I would love to see this wonderful group of actors in a better vehicle. The story line is weak, the action is fair and the entire time I kept wondering about the purpose of this series. Ray Liotta seems to be walking through his lines without really believing in them. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets yanked before the end of the season. There are better shows out there in which to invest viewing time. Heroes is excellent and does not have any big stars. Jericho looks like it has promise. I think I'll be sticking with some of the usual mainstays such as all the Law & Orders and CSIs. All in all--not worth watching this dud.

Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep

Pretty lame...
but I watched the whole thing. Unfortunately full of errors regarding diving as my daughter kept commenting on throughout the movie.

Charlie O'Connell is definitely not the actor his brother is (not that his brother is a great actor). The Kraken was not much of a scare. I hated the underwater shots where it was hard to tell the difference between the good and bad guys. The best part of the movie was the jokes we made about it. Watch it if nothing else is on but don't have any expectations about quality. The tentacles of the Kraken are supposedly razor sharp but they only cut some of the time. The ending sucked the big enchilada. You gotta give the folks at SciFi some credit, they keep churning out these films so we can relive the whole B-movie thing of the 50's.

Kyle XY

Not bad at all
I must confess that I'm a nut for supernatural fare and was not expecting to enjoy Kyle XY but it's summer and there's nothing much on. I was pleasantly surprised at how much this pilot teased my interest. Sure the script might seem a bit familiar but the story is tantalizing and I'm hungry for more. It originally aired on ABC Family but don't let that fool you. It is not a strictly kid's show. Give it a chance especially if you have a taste for the unusual. This show is a combination of drama, family fare and supernatural. Any X-Files fans will have a pleasant jolt when you see the mysterious man watching our hero. I also have to admit that I felt a slight tug at my heart at the sight of how this family takes to helping this strange...and I do mean strange...teenager who appears from out of nowhere.

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