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Thuppakki: Honestly and Proudly, A Distinctive Vijay Movie Ever
Among all the 54 movies including Thuppakki, this one stands separate as the best performer. Poove Unakaga, Kadhaluku Mariyadhai, Ghilli were huge turning points in Vijay's career and set new benchmarks. And now Vijay has put himself into more trouble by raising the bar higher in Thuppakki.

For second movie in a row Vijay's name came after the movie name, which in my view is good and the title cards was good, showing different places in Mumbai.

A decent introduction song, Kutti Puli Kootam but the next song, Antartica came rather quickly and chilled me a lot. I never finished listening Alaika Laika song but in my view that was the best choreographed song in the movie. Google Google meets expectation, Vennilave okayyy, poi varava was heart touching.

The movie flows well in first 20 mins with the regular hero heroine introduction comedies. As soon as antartica song is over, movie enters main story and rest is just THE GAME. A game with thrill, ideas, lot of smartness, team work and the Gun.

Interval block amazing, Vijay's Hindi superb, stunning camera-work, enthralling background score, pacy editing, perfect climax with a touching end :)

Kajal satisfies with her role, Vidyut is smart, Jayaram was too good in his comedies and Ilayathalapathy Vijay was just the best in his career, with his attitude driven performance.

Undoubtedly to be the biggest hit in Vijay's Career... Thank you thalaiva :)


A Sensible commercial movie: Indian Style
Indian cinema is flooded by loads of commercial movies and yet people make fun of such movies. The reason is that the movie fails to give the basic stuff, Entertainment. Only those movies turn out well which clearly understands the so called evergreen formula well and make it as per the present generation's liking. Velayudham (2011), is the latest in such list and is sure to entertain any cinema goer. So even if you are not an Indian and do love Indian movies, Velayudham is the kind of movie you are looking for.

Even though the commercial movies looks same, it is not easy to simply mix 5 songs, 5 fights, few comedy scenes, a couple of romantic and sentiment scenes and make a movie. It would fail drastically unless the screenplay is good and unwanted stuffs are removed. One can appreciate the director's brilliancy in Velayudham, who for the first time is handling such a kind of movie. He has clearly understood the need of the story and the need of the people and has delivered the best.

The basic theme of movie being, one should take care of their problem themselves rather than expecting some superhero to come and solve it. The message is delivered but may lack the impact on the audience, which in my view the director should have taken care. The other technical aspects is all fine and one wont expect any big time graphics work for any Indian movie but still the crew has managed to showcase a hi-profile train stunt sequence in a decent way. It will make you laugh, the sentiment scenes are well taken, may be less or no focus on any romance portion but the songs are very well choreographed.

Finally talking about the person on shoulder of whom his movies depend on, "Ilayathalapathy" Vijay, who was not having a good time in his career in recent past. Movies went average, one of the movie's big time success was suppressed to due to political issue. He came back strongly in his previous movie Kaavalan earlier this year, despite all the political pressure he faced for his movie release. Now he seems to be ready to fire all cylinders, Velayudham will mark the biggest hit of his career.

A big thanks to the crew of Velayudham for such an entertaining movie. Special mention about Vijay fans for being with the ups and downs of Vijay and proving that a Vijay movie's ads, his strength are only his fans. You guys are being an example of how to support their guy, which even a Rajnikanth or a Shah Rukh Khan doesn't entertain.

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