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Delhi Belly

Welcome to new age irreverent Bollywood cinema
Put your Hands together for the week's latest offering, Delhi Belly. It is Bollywood's most blatant, irreverent and abusive film to date. From the house of the so-called Family Entertainment production house of Aamir Khan, this film is certainly not for those expecting family entertainment. As the promos suggested, this film targets the multiplex audiences who are young at heart and don't find abusive language offensive.

Most part of the movie deals with the three leads, Tashi (Imran Khan), Nitin (Kunal Roy Kappor) and Arup (Vir Das) who have their own problems to deal with but a mix-up between a stool sample and a bag of diamonds gets them involved with the smuggling mafia headed by a dangerous Somayjujlu played hilariously by Vijay Raaz and his comic henchman.

To start of with, the film's director Abhinay Deo, comes all guns blazing and makes up for his previous miss. He has crafted every scene perfectly and the slow-mo climax reminds us of those of Guy Ritchie's. First timer, Akshat Verma, has given us a script which is tight for the most part, even the smallest gags aren't forgotten and it is not hard to see that he has graduated from Los Angeles, since the film is for the most part in English.

Of the cast, Imran Khan's performance as Tashi stands out as he portrays his character with a charm that immediately gets you hooked. Of the two female leads, Shenaz as Sonia has a more important role and has portrayed her character with ease and some life into it.

Ram Sampath's music is already the talk of the town, though no song appears as a whole in the film. The background score is exactly what you would expect for a movie of this Genre.

On the flip side, the cussing and the fart gags becomes labored after a point, and the film goes all Farrelly Brothers style. Though this movie has Delhi in the title, you wont see any real Delhi in it. If you want to have a look around Delhi, watch DIbakar Banarjee's films which have a more sardonic feel to it.


I'm Going with three out of five for Abhinay Deo's Delhi Belly. It is an abusive irreverent crime-comedy which gives you a tasted of videsi in a desi feel. Watch it if you don't mind a lot of cussing, and you might be engaged till the very end.


Not the usual British crime Flick
This film is directed by famous Short film Director Neil Thompson(that's Thompson with a 'p') and written by famous boxer and philosophical genius, Geoff Thompson and stars talented Brit, Mel Raido as a factory worker in the 1980s dealing with divorce and fear in his own ways until he meets a boxer Louis, played by Colin Salmon, after which his life gets a new meaning.

To put it in a nutshell, this movie isn't your usual Brit Gangster flicks in the lines of Lock, Stock…. or Layer cake or Britain's Godfather, Get Carter. This movie is more of a redemption story and the changes the main character faces. Though this movie sticks to the drama/crime genre and has nothing new to offer, this movie works because of it's in depth character analysis and the director takes his own time to develop the main character on who's life the entire story is focused upon.

Unlike other British films which usually have tons of movie references, this one has tons of Literary references, mainly in the form of voice overs or visual aids in the form of books(written by Geoff Thompson himself!!). There is also a parallel track about Sparky, one of the boxers played by Scot Williams who doesn't follow the gang's discipline and will go any distance to make easy money.

Though the film is mostly uphill, it has its own downsides. Well, for starters, the beginning and the ending of the movie is a paradox and doesn't make sense no matter how you look at it. Also, after the movie shifts focus on the other characters, after, half-time, the movie loses it's grip and becomes somewhat predictable. To top it off, the director who has struggled and succeeded throughout the movie to avoid clichés has broken the deadlock and given us a very predictable and clichéd twist.

On the technical front, the editing is crisp and the camera-work captures the very surroundings of Danny's life with cinematic elegance. Though this movie takes its own time to unfold, you wont be bored because at the end, you feel sympathy for the character and you welcome the change in the him. The director has done well in establishing the depthness of the protagonists and also the other characters.


I'm going with three out of five for Neil Thompson's Clubbed. It is not your usual British Gangster flick but is a great tell of redemption and change.

Aaranya Kaandam

A Path Breaking film in Tamil Cinema
I usually don't write reviews, because I feel, the reviews of a film I have watched which are already available are true and I couldn't write better.

But this time, I've decided to step it up and write a review because I feel, this movie deserves one and the reviews out there are good but very few indeed.

So, Aaranya Kaandam written and directed by first timer Thiagarajan Kumararaja and produced by S.P.Charan's Capital Film Works is an experimental gangster flick to say the least. But that's just the style of the film but to state the goodness of the film, I think it should be among the top films of the year because it keeps you entertained till the very end. For those who have been following this film from the time it won the grand Jury award at the South Asian Film Festival, you would know the difficulties this film had undergone pre-release. Frankly speaking, I was not surprised to see the vacant seats in the theater because this film is clearly for mature audience and lover of pure- cinema and not for the masses.

To start with the plot, it is a simple story about a gangster head Singaperrumal, played with class by yest year heartthrob, Jackie Shroff on a conflict which arises with his senior henchman, Pasupathy,once again played superbly by Sampath Raj on a dealing of cocaine and several other parallel tracks and motives. As the trailer correctly stated, it is about the decisions each of the six protagonists make and how it affects the plot.

There is no single-hero in this film, but if I were to select a hero, I would definitely give it to the superb script by the director. The director has avoided all clichés and given us a somewhat unpredictable film. The dialogue especially is very simplistic, at the same time realistic and humorous at times. The climax is hard hitting and definitely not expected.

I am not sure if You can call this film as a noir, but the lighting and camera suggests so. Commendable camera work by P.S.Vinod and editing by Praveen and Srikanth keeps the film's raciness and edginess to it.

One of the biggest advantages of the film is the music by the always dependable Yuvan Shankar Raja which has a Kill-Bill feel to it. Avoiding Ear impairing background and giving us a more mature score, Yuvan has not disappointed us and coping up for the lack of songs(i dint want them though).

This film has Tarantino written all over it. With the quirkiness, Dark tone and the parallel story lines, this film takes its time to unfold which is sort of an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. I had a lot of expectations for this film and I wasn't disappointed. Though it gets predictable at times, for the most part its ahead of you.

In the acting department, everyone has an important role to play and everyone has done a neat job with special mention to the son played by the Master Vasanth who has done his role without any hesitation.

In the words of my idol, I'm going with 3 and a half out of five for Aaranya Kaandam. It is only for the mature audiences and it puts Tamil Cinema back on track at the global stage.

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