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Supernatural: Lebanon
Episode 13, Season 14

One of the best episode.
I just say about this episode: Best ever EP from season one until now. They finally together. Thanks for this episode. Go ahead.

The Lone Ranger

When Johnny Depp play, do not worry about that movie
Very beautiful and evocative as ever, the legendary film actor

If you 're looking to have some fun at Western , I definitely recommend you see this movie . Different style and very informative yet funny, you can see a Western movie .

Excellent Tips to Play Johnny Depp film can be noted. The usual cast of characters in a way that can be played in any movie character created for the film . In fact, the actor is part of the scenario . Film with a style that defines his game . As the set of Pirates of the Caribbean , it can be clearly seen in the film is too . Acting in movies that no one has played a role can not be changed by others . In fact, the film makes identity .

Django Unchained

remember kill bill
Django Unchained released with a different and deeper depth look at the issue of slavery in the years of oppression that is happening in the world . From the perspective of topics about this movie , it can be considered one of the finest compositions in this category .

The interesting thing about the film shooting techniques, it can be noted, a unique technique that makes the viewer remember the movie Kill Bill .

The end of the story, despite violence too, but somehow it can be accepted

In recent years , producing a film that is about the freedom of blacks in America is very high . This shows the importance of this issue in Hollywood. Jamie Fox also played in the film is admirable and definition .

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Everything is perfect
The second part of the story of The Hobbit , a significant increase compared to the first part , one of the best films of 2013 that every viewer will fascinate .

Does not need to be defined in terms of the story .

And in terms of the story is extraordinary .

The special effects are also very hard to choose between The Hobbit and gravity . In any case , both are wonderful But the point here is distinct from the previous episode , action scenes and scenes added to it is attractive . Elves also added to the story, the characters were improved . Costume design , stage design, exquisite and dramatic nature , all represent a big effort to make this film .

Overall , we can see another masterpiece from Peter Jackson

Toy Story 3

Above an animation
Toy Story 3, perhaps the best animation made in cinema history has been, because after seeing this animation, each viewer feel that the characters of interest. The animation really neutral in terms of content and is unique. When you see that, like see professionals movie.

Toy story 3 is not well a certain age-specific, anyone can see and enjoy.

Other benefits include the animation can be pointed sense of unity and friendship.

I think this animation become win best picture in this year.

You can see anything in this animation, emotions, courage, love, comedy, action, drama and .... together. Before see this movie, I thought the best animation was "Up" but now, just Toy Story 3

In the End, bye bye dear Toy Story 3 ,Thanks Pixar

10/10 Best animation ever

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