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Beautiful poem of a film!
This film is showing at the Maine Jewish Film Festival in April and I was fortunate enough to see it early. The film is a unique offering from Israel where you do not often see poetic films like this. The acting is excellent, too. The story may be a bit abstract for some and others may think it is a bit derivative. But all art derives from life or reflections of life and this film is a wonderful look into the lives of these women and a mysterious little nymph from the ocean who wears a float ring. Well worth the awards garnered so far: Cannes Film Festival,Bratislava International Film Festival, and Israeli film Academy. A movie worth seeking out!

Eleventh Hour

Only reason for two stars is the acting!
How on earth can you have such fantastic actors in such a miserable creation? This is one of the most stylized pieces of rubbish I have seen in a long time. Not only is it poorly written, it is a product of shoddy direction and editing. The cinematography is so horribly manipulative and unoriginal and the montage jumbled beyond belief. The actual ideas behind the plots (cloning, toxic waste, climate change) are all fine to begin with but where the production/direction team takes them is a big cesspool of filth, the likes of which are seen in one episode. And this is a Scientific series? I am a physician and all I can say is that the science in this film is utter crap, almost embarrassing to watch. I really felt bad for the actors involved since they were all extraordinary.

Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust

An excellent documentary!
I am perplexed that this documentary has not reached more people. And I am equally confused as to why the IMDb "weighted" rating is below 6 when only TWO people gave it less than a 6! Does this make sense????? Will IMDb publish this review? Anyway, this is an expertly made documentary on Hollywood, not just how they handled one topic, but how they are embroiled in current politics. There will be some surprises to some moviegoers and clips from some relatively unknown gems, some of which I have never seen and will now seek out! I am a big fan of Gene Hackman but I think his narration was a little lackluster. Otherwise, I have to give this documentary a big thumbs up.

Wondrous Oblivion

Mix Jamaica, Judaism and Cricket, and what do you get?
This is a gem of a film which was the opener for the Maine Jewish Film Festival. But it is not about just one of these topics. It is a wondrous story which could take place anywhere in the world. The film succeeds because it uses tired themes ("there goes the neighborhood") and puts a fresh slant on them with terrific acting and cinematography. You do not have to know anything about any of the subjects, Jamaica, Judiasm or cricket, but you will learn something about humanity when seeing this film. Sure, it is not perfect but it is rare to see a bigger budget film handle these themes so well. This film is definitely worth seeking out.

The Manchurian Candidate

Why be prejudgmental and look like a knee-jerk jerk. See the film first! I just saw it in a sneak preview in Maine. It is nothing special but deserves a 6 or 7 for being somewhat creative in its cinematography and excellent acting. Overall it is very a predictable Hollywood movie with large holes and uninteresting dialogue. Even the Oedipal theme was obvious from the beginning. The references to current political events is pretty funny. But come on folks! We don't need such sci-fi schemes to put corporate megalomania in the white house. AHEM...WHO IS IN THAT HOUSE RIGHT NOW?????????!!!!!!

BOTTOM LINE: It's worth viewing if you have nothing else to do.


Does Not Deserve a TOTAL Bashing!
Sure this is not a great film. But it is an interesting take on the original Russian novel by Lem. Definitely worth watching for the cinematography and music (Cliff Martinez). I believe part of the problem is the mainstreaming of 'independent' talents like Soderbergh and Jacobs when they get access to big Hollywood wallets. Also the involvement of a 'titanic' mush-maker like James Cameron is not going to help in the creative sparks department!

The Hired Hand

The Best Western since Seven Samauri!
I just saw this film at the Maine International Film Festival and it was a real surprise. Sure it's not perfect but it is the most realistic, sensitive portrayal of the west I have seen on the big screen. Jane Fonda called it the first "feminist western" but I disagree. It does have the strongest female role you may see in a western and Verna Bloom is fantastic! Peter Fonda is excellent in his role, also, and does brilliant direction. The cinematography is a big heavy handed on the special ethereal effects for such a realistic film, but it does not distract too much from the underlying story and excellent acting. A must see!


One of the least creative pieces of film ,one star
I really just wanted to vote on this film. Contrary to what many say, this film does deserve the worst ratings and does NOT deserve to be in the top 250 or 500 or 5,000,000 (including Hollywood and Bollywood). Come on people, get some life experience and develop the right side of that brain!!!

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