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Pride and Prejudice

Which Version is the Best????
Hi this is gaterboy111; I can see that the select few 10% of the world's population are very into Pride and Prejudice. I have seen all the versions and I do agree and disagree with some of the statements made about the different versions of the movies.

The first version I watched was the 1979 version, I do agree the movie could have used a lot more help, better costumes and better lighting. The actors did a pretty good job portraying the characters. I still dislike the Mr. Darcy in this version. I don't exactly warm up to him by the end. He is just to cold. The lighting and costume are just dreadful in this version, quiet ugly and worn out. If you're going to make a movie for millions of people to see you put your best costumes hair makeup and acting on the line and lighting. It's important to remember that. The 1995 or 1996 Version by A&E is a great version, even though it adds in a few things and portrays characters a little more steroid type, its still the Best version Out there. The first time you see it, if you have not read the book it is quiet confusing. I just love the clothes and the hair, everything is so well done in this movie, and it's a pleasure to watch. The lighting is good throughout most of it. Only a few times is it bad. In Film production it's not important to talk a lot but when you do the dialog is very important. Good movies can show more feelings then words by a look or a smile. Most people that must sit through a film like pride and prejudice are doing it for school, or enjoyment. I do know the polls are not true, because most of us won't go to vote on a movie we thought was terrible. Trust your own judgment you know what you like. The 1940 Version is acceptable according to the time period, its light hearted, bubbly and very fast. They condensed the book and made it sappier. I know this time period a lot of the movies are like this but during the argument Sean between Lizzy and Darcy I could not help but laph, because both actors talked so sweet and kind to each other. When is should be a Hurt Lover and angry women, hurt by His harm to her most beloved sister. The costumes are Victorian, and if you saw little women from this time period you'd think it was them again. Shot in Black and white, the lighting is good, the sets are okay.

May be all of the Pride and Prejudice experts should make there own version and then they would see how difficult it is to make a movie. All versions are charming in there own ways. But still the best is A&E version.

The Importance of Being Earnest

Spoiler of the movie
I simply loved the new version of The Importance of Being Earnest, I thought it was very well done and the included song is very charming. They play is 10 stars and the actors did a 10 star job.

Spoiler **** the story line is simple if you pay attention to it the first time you watch it. It's about Jack our main character has a pretend brother Name Earnest in town which gets in all sorts of trouble, and Jack pretends to go to the city to help his unfortunate brother Earnest. Jack is free to leave his home when ever he feels like it to visit his friends in the city. He is Earnest in Town and Jack in the Country. In town he has a friend named Algy (which is his brother but they don't know this) Algy often does get into trouble and is always running from bill collectors. Algy has a beautiful cousin named Gwendolyn she is in love with Jack and he her. Except she has this Aunt Lady Bracknell which is very picky who she lets get married. Jack asks Gwendolyn and she consents, but the Aunt says no because Jack has no parents. He was found in a large hand bag in a train station Victoria. Unless he finds his parents or at least a relative he can not marry Gwendolyn. But the two lovers plan to meet at his home in the country, but there is a problem he has not told her that his really name is Jack. Gwendolyn says to him that she always wanted to marry some one named Earnest!!! So he must 1 change his name or 2. tells her the truth. Algy always wanted to go to the country to meet Jack's Little Cecily (a young lady that is under Jacks care his ward like his younger sister.) So Algy goes to the country to meet Cecily pretending to be whom? Earnest the knotty brother she has always heard of, but never seen. She doesn't get out much, so she pretends a lot; Cecily has pretended that Earnest and she have been together for quiet some time. That they are actually engaged to be married. (You will love this Sean it is the greatest). So Algy of course falls madly in love with her because she is beautiful.

Next Jack gets home he pretends his brother Earnest died so he can marry Gwendolyn. But Cecily tells him that Earnest is hear! Jack meets Algy and is very upset, that his dead brother is alive and at his home. Next, the two brothers are gone to take care of some business and Gwendolyn shows up and meets Cecily, where both confided in each other that they are getting married to Earnest and start fighting over him. The men show up and the girls now know the truth. That neither of them are engaged to a man name Earnest (he does not exists). Both of the ladies are up set and go inside of the house. Algy and Jack think about the situation and start fighting over muffins. Eventually the girls forgive them, and the boys decided to get Christened to the name of Earnest for there sweet hearts. Next Aunt Lady Bracknell shows up and forbids the marriage of Jack to Gwendolyn. And who is Cecily? Jack tells her and of course Lady Bracknell wants Algy to marry Cecily because she is rich. But Jack won't let Cecily marry until Lady Bracknell lets him marry Gwendolyn. So both couples can't get married.

Next, Miss Prism comes in and Lady Bracknell asked her what happened to the baby she was in charge of 20 years ago. Miss Prism lost the baby at the train station Victoria and the baby is Jack. Jack finds the hand bag which proves that he is the child and to find out his real name he goes through books and His Name is Jack Earnest. Every one is happy because now both couples can get married and Jack knows who he really is.

I did leave out a lot of information and jokes but you will simply love the movie. It's so much fun, for every one. It's very Cleaver and entertaining.

How the West Was Won

a much too long western
They did a great job on the music and the acting is okay, it is just too long of a movie and so many of the actors that I really like are hardly in it. I don't know why they copied high noon at the end but I think the script writers should have put more thought into what the actors were saying. Not my cup of tea. Great music and beautiful landscapes.

First Knight

A great Pick for a Date
First Knight is first Rate, the first time I saw it I was thinking this doesn't follow the book at all so throw out the book and watch the movie. I really Love the great mix of Action and Romance. Some of the Best fighting chorography¬Ö I've seen in a while. Richard Gear is charming for the ladies and Heroic for the Men. Julia is beautiful and does such a great job as Lady Guinevere. I give this movie 9 stars and two thumbs up.

What can I say this is a great action adventure Romance.

Pride and Prejudice

The best Version of a beloved book
This is the best version of Jane Austin's book pride and prejudice. The Movie is the most out standing version I have ever seen. This movie is so good you wish it was longer. Elizabeth is so sweet she is quiet the best character I have ever seen adapted to the screen. Mr. Darcy is just like you would picture him in the book. You'll love this movie. Even though it's not rated I give it a G. This movie is for the gentle, sweet, smart people of the world. Jane Austin is a best. I simply love her.

Hit the Deck

Last attempt to revive Musicals, a waist of talent
Hit the deck This film is a poorly written script. The Musical numbers are okay, but not impressive. Of course Ann Miller is good looking, but what a waste of talent. In this film they put musical numbers where there should be none. The songs are annoying and it looks like a last attempt to revive musical. If any one wants to make a musical they better have a darn good script and great musical numbers to compete with the great musicals of all time. If you want to see a good musical rent Singing in the Rain or An American in Pairs or Seven Brother for Seven Brides. Save your money and DON'T RENT HIT THE DECK!

A Date with Judy

Don't watch this movie if you dislike women being dumb
Don't watch this movie if you dislike women being dumb

I strongly dislike it when a film comes out portraying girls as dumb annoying busy bodies. The girls are pretty, but the acting is terrible not to mention the dorky clothing and the annoying talking, stupid run on gags and lets just put it this way don't waste your time on such a boring dumb film. What a waist of talent. The Director good have done so much more. The shots are boring and have no imagination at all.

Pride and Prejudice

The best Version of a beloved book
This is the best version of Jane Austin's book pride and prejudice. The Movie is the most out standing version I have ever seen. This movie is so good you wish it was longer. Elizabeth is so sweet she is quiet the best character I have ever seen adapted to the screen. Mr. Darcy is just like you would picture him in the book. You'll love this movie. Even though it's not rated I give it a G. This movie is for the gentle, sweet, smart people of the world. Jane Austin is a best. I simply love her.

The Heiress

Great movie and worth watching
***(Spoilers)*** It's not often when I like a love story gone south of the equator, but this movie is good. It starts out kind of slow but it really picks up and soon you can't wait to see what happens next. Very great acting by Olivia, she plays the quiet shy girl, which is very sweet and will do any thing. It's amazing after her heart gets broken she becomes so mean.

The script is not very predictable so it makes for a great movie. Camera action was very good and so much symbolism. Watch the part where she finishes her tapestry and then cuts the last thread. Symbolism of the very best kind, cutting the last shreds of love to the man that pretends to love her. Your heart will break when you see her alone, but you find courage as she breaks his heart. I kind of wished she would find a new lover, but as we all know to well many hearts are broken and many wishes are wasted.

The Strawberry Blonde

Not every one's cup of tea
The strawberry blond has a great script, But I just wish Errol Flynn was in it instead of James Cagney, he's not the person for the part. I do think Olivia did a great job. This movie is also a day dream wrap around, so it's hard to follow. I don't like the male character attitude; the way Cagney presented it was just off. I give it a 3 for poor acting by main male character. ( If you like tough ruff men that like to fight all the time and argue then this is your movie). The Strawberry blond would have been better if the main character had more of a positve attitude, and change the script so he is happy he's with Oliva.

THis movie points out Money does not bring happiness, women right jokes. Plain and simple not the best movie, but every one must decide for themselves.

Gentleman Jim

Every one, will want to watch this movie again and again.
The lovable Errol Flynn Plays a young man who wants to become a boxer. Jim, is a charming charter that all the young lady's wish they knew. It's so much fun to watch Errol and Alexis have the love dislike relation ship. Rent or Buy this movie tonight. I give it a nine for the fun lovable characters and the fun story line. You're never a lone with a friend like Jim.

(Spoiler) This Jim, becomes a boxer by introducing himself to Victoria Ware, a daughter of rich man. Jim invites himself to the Olympic Club, where he is so showy every one wants to see him get whooped in boxing. Victoria Likes him, but his showy attitude is almost too much for her to take, and since he gets every thing he wants, she pretends to dislike him. Victoria's father will pay an Austrian boxer money. If he beats Jim in boxing match held at the Olympic club. Jim of course beats him. At the party of Jim's celebration his friend, gets tipsy, and is asked to leave. Being a gentleman he isn't going to ditch his best friend. So he say's good bye, and he and his friend leave. Next thing you know there in Salt Lake Utah! They ended up there because of too much part'n. So Jim meets a boxer coach and together they make money to get back home. Jim becomes a great boxer and he challenges John L. Sullivan the greatest boxer ever! He is challenged a sided bet of a huge some of money. Jim has no money and can't fight him until he gets the money. Lucky, his boss gets some and the fight goes on Will Jim beat John L. Sullivan. If he does he gets a lot of money, if he does not then he's a big joke and Victoria will be there to rub it in. So go see if Jim wins.

IF you like gentleman Jim you will also like caption blood, the adventures of robin hood, the adventures of don won, and other great Errol Flynn movies.

Dodge City

I guarantee you will enjoy this exciting adventure.
Errol Flynn and Oliva de Havilland do it again in a great Western epic tale. I guarantee you will enjoy this exciting adventure.

(Spoiler) Wad is a cow man which is going to sale his cattle in doge city. On the way he meets Olivia de Havilland and her brother. The brother gets killed accidentally and Olivia blames Errol for it. It's a stamped caused by her brother, shooting and out of control behavior. When the company reaches doge city the place is in serious need of help the entire town is run by a band of cut throats it's just not decent for a family. Errol tries to make a mends with Olivia and after another accident with a local child which dies. Errol takes it a pond himself to become the new sheriff. Can Errol Flynn win over Olivia's heart and capture the bad Guy? If you like this movie try High Noon and The Stage Coach

Make it a family western Night Gaterboy111

The Adventures of Robin Hood

I've seen all of the Robin Hood Movies and this one is the best. The most exciting, and great actors. If ever you just watch one movie with Errol Flynn this is it. I give it ten stars.

Spoiler: Robin Hood is a knight which becomes a bandit to protect the poor people of England. He is doing this because the real king of England is captured in a distant land during a crusade. Robin tells John (the kings brother which is taking over England) that he will fight him with every means in his power. From that moment forth, he is for ever an out law. He robs the rich to help the poor and saves the money to send to the men holding the king. Robin meets Maid Marian when he and his men ambush a party (prince John tax collectors) with the taxes they have gathered from the people. Robin falls in love with Maid Marian , right then and there. He tells her of why he is an out law, and she understands why he's doing it. Prince John thinks of an Ideal, to capture Robin using Maid Marian as Bate. A prize of a golden arrow. ( for the best archer in all of England). Robin knows it's a trick but he can't resist not to see Marian. He disguises him self, but is still captured. He is going to be hanged. Maid Marian discovers this and helps his men get robin free with a very clever plan. Robin thanks Marian in one of my favorite parts. Where he climbs the tower to speak with her. She admits she loves him. She tells Robin she will stay in the castle to warn him of any other treason which might occur.

Next, the king is returning, and the Bishop discovers this and he tells Prince John and they hire a knight to kill the king. Marian over hears this and she tells her maid which tells Robin. John discovers that she was going to tell Robin Hood and will kill her, when he becomes king, in the morning. Her only hope is Robin to find the king and over power Princess John. Will Robin Find the king in time to save Marian and destroy the evil Princes John and his followers? I know I explained what happened in the movie, but you must understand that you will not know how great it is, unless you go see it for your self. My short sum up is nothing compared to the great movie, which is just begging to be seen again. I wish Holly Wood would make more movies like these ones.

Road to Morocco

A must see film...
***SPOILERS*** ***SPOILERS*** A must see film is Road to morocco, Bing and Bob do a great job. The script is so funny you will be talking about this movie for ever. Not only is the music great the acting is so much fun. The entire family will love this movie. I give it 5 stars. Spoiler (this movie is about Two friends and there adventure in morocco Bing sells Bob to a man. Next a princess buys bob, and she is going to marry him. Then Bing comes to find his friend and he is living with the princess. Bing and the princess fall in love with each other, but she is still going to marry bob. One because according to the stars (from her wise man) her first husband will die a violent death. Bob then finds out about this from a girl which loves him. So Bing is happy, but she won't marry him. Then the wise man say's there's been a mistake There were fire flies in his telescope and the princess first husband will not die! This is great news for the couple except. An Arabian sheik wants to marry the princess, and he will kill any one that tries to stop him. So he kidnaps her and jails Bing and Bob. Luckily Bing and Bob out smart the jail keeper and save the princess and get away.

Adventures of Don Juan

A fun adventure for every one.
Don Juan (errol flynn) is a romantic well know lover in spain. He has many storys about him. THis adventure involves saving the queen from a villion, which is trying to control spain. Don Juan wins the queens heart and saves spain. It's a funny romantic Adventure. The costumes are great, the director is great too.

Captain Blood

a movie you will love
Captain Blood (1935) Flynn catapulted to stardom in the title role of this rousing adventure based on Rafael Sabatini's popular novel. Doctor Peter Blood, wrongly accused of treason and sold into slavery, escapes and turns to piracy on the high seas. The twenty-six-year-old Flynn's performance is truly amazing for a starring debut. Basil Rathbone co-stars, as well as Olivia deHavilland (at age 19) - the first of eight films she would make with Flynn This is my favorite film one of the best scripts and books I've Ever read.

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