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Nicole Kidman BOTOX
Seriously this woman can't even smile anymore, she's 52 but in this movie she looks like a porcelain doll. Her face must have been CGI to death....avoid like the plague

The Food That Built America

Campbell Scott the narrator is outstanding
The narrator of this very entertaining story is Campbell Scott, he is one if not the best at telling stories, love all the background stories on the major characters, a well deserved 10

Hot Pursuit

Two unfunny hags
Ok Sofia Vergara used to look hot 30 years ago, no more, now she looks like a drag queen. Reese Witherspoon used to be a great actress 30 years ago, now she is terrible.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Really? This is a music movie and.....
I really hate it when they don't pay attention to details....We Will Rock You was released in 1977, Super Freak by Rick James in 1981...YET Freddie Mercury is shown at a party dancing to Super Freak in 1976!!!!! Really this took me out of the movie....not impressed.....


Worst casting ever
So the father is only 8 years older than his son!!! The mother is only 10 years older than her son!!! Seriously! The father and son looked like brothers..... hahaha


Really bothers me when they want you to think that this trash was filmed in Miami at the beginning of this movie, cars in Florida Do not have front plates, yet these do....this was not shot in Miami but somewhere in California....the rest sucks

The Challenger

Why would you cast the champion to look like a bigger version of the skinny young boxer? They looked so much alike I didn't know who was who unless they were together and you saw the 2 foot difference in height

The Dark Knight Rises

I want my money back!!!!!
what can I say that has not said before??

I heard co-workers talk about how amazing this movie is, etc, etc, but really? I was totally bored and mad at this stupid movie.

The first batman movie was great, the second was a acting treat from Ledger, then this rubbish????

I could not care less about this movie it was too long and stupid no acting whatsoever....

It really pisses me off how this time they went to NYC and in the chase sequences they got shot either in LA or Toronto..WTF??

Bane's character...his voice dubbed?? horrible....

I am a New Yorker and I know my city, but whatever..the movies sucked.

The Taking of Pelham 123

What the F*ck is wrong with the camera man???
OK, I HATE it when these directors go for the shaky, really annoying shots! I was sick from the start. This movie is so bad in many technical ways, I am from NY and I know the train system well, who are they kidding? There is a scene where the run away car is zipping by the old She Stadium in Queens and this is supposed to be the Bronx!! HA HA HA they used the 7 train line for many shots but when I saw the old Shea stadium in the background I lost it. In the final scenes where the hijackers leave the Waldorf Astoria Hotel they walk together and get caught???? there are thousands of people walking around park avenue everyday yet the idiot cops knew who they were??? gimme a break I am glad I only rent it from Netflix!

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