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Charmeur d'oiseaux

The Woman in White
When I see movie always see the greatest details about the movie and details are definitely those things we should be talking about in this particular flick because what we see here is such a total of experience sister be really don't quite understand all the things that are happening to us while we are watching this peculiar picture namely and more precisely that the man at the back in the white is walking in a very strange way all the attention is Tower the birds but real question is who is the man in white in the back or is it not a man perhaps it's all of woman so that is the real question who is the woman invites in the back?? Motobatt majority of people didn't even notice the woman and thereby only focus on the birds in front of the camera and this is exactly how the media works nowadays if you don't realise what's going on then might be happening a murder right at the back and you wouldn't even notice it because all you're doing is watching the little birdies in front of the screen.

Dune: Part One

The Horror, the Horror
Did anybody see Marlon Brando's colonel Kurtz or wtf ever here in Dune? Did anybody see the sand? Did anybody else fall asleep? Shiiiiiiiit... Very sad. Think about Orson Welles trying to make Don Quixote: some stories are so good on paper you don't need to try to make a movie out of them.

Soleil des hyènes

Everything is just the business and this movie is very philosophical it makes you see that all the love and light in the world is just fake and the left wing movement behind those hotels and all the big things is of course all nonsense and illusion of course every smile is actually stab in the back in the way that you can see it very clearly shown that is beautiful movie that everyone should really see inshallah there is no God but Allah. A very intriguing thought provoking picture.

Amours d'automne

Some individuals there to criticize this movie here while I definitely think it's one of the better movies of the Belgian movie industry. Everything is perfect about movie the camera point of use the music the dancers the acting story everything is really great and it's filled with this beautiful magic that you cannot find anywhere else. I say let's go for more of this quality.

Familie: Episode #1.4
Episode 4, Season 1

It's wonderful to see later superstars like Heldenbergh and Hans in extra roles like this, it really makes one feel satisfied. Definitely worth seeing again. Insha Allah.

Familie: Episode #1.3
Episode 3, Season 1

Old Days
The good old days of Family, Belgian's number 1 soap ever. How could anyone have any objection against those first episodes of those days!? Everything was still simple, but beautiful back then. Nice to see again now and then...

Zonder Meer

Boring child nudity
Weather terrible boring movie it is not worth to be seen this unless you would like to see an Andy Warhol movie take place in real life inshallah you have other things to do. And what is the obsession of the director with naked children!?


Really the worst of the worst the actor is in this movie are not even real actors and they cannot act but yeah to you expect over country like Belgium where there is no professional listen and so on it is just plain bad and the story sucks the editing is bad the camera angle is all the time wrong there is over acting all the time it just sucks and is a very bad bad movie.


It was just plain boring. Remakes ought to be better, not worse. Tim Curry is so much better as the clown. And it is very vulgar.. young children don't make sexual jokes. The only good things about this were some special effects with shoes.

All Hallows' Eve 2

Good says Allah
I really enjoyed it, and beautiful music. Almost made me fall asleep. Wonderful movie. Allah loves this sort of films. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

A Strange Love Affair

This movie is so incredibly boring. Intriguing in a way, but boring. And that is sad, for I'm a great fan of Mr De Kuyper personally. His naughty boys is way better than this one; but credit be where credit due, he must have been talking out of personal experience here.

Brahms: The Boy II

Katie no Holmes
Katie Holmes used to be so hot but now looks like yesterday's news. That really breaks the movie completely. She should have remained married to Tom Cruise. Broke the poor man's heart.

Kasper in de onderwereld

Johan Daisne vs Islam
As is always the case with Johan Daisne, this filmic example of magic realism doesn't make sense at all. By Allah, this is not possible!!! There is no will nor power than with Allah!!!

Easter Eggs

Bad film
Everything about this movie is bad from the drawings to the story to the way it was spoken everything is bad the actress cannot act everything can be done much better if it's simply not interesting and camera of point-of-use are also not nice everything is just terrible about this movie if you have any class do not watch such a low and dirty movie such as this one inshallah there is no God but Allah.

Cremaster 3

You need to be serious hypocrite to lie this movie it being present in The Book of fashion concerning experimental movies it's really something I've been looking forward to for so long so many years and I finally I said after my 10 years and it is such a disappointment the movies playing boring and it's nothing to say just some scenes that have nothing to do with one another brought together.

Cremaster 2

Jesus Christ this is boring movie. Nothing happens in it at all; and all of this is said with respect to Barney's great Cremaster Series.


Granny on the pot
This movie was bad. The acting was done as if with a stick up their ass and the story was old like a grandmother on the toilet.


Here is my suggestion: this movie sucks. You can do your thing over there behind the bushes and hand me the cup.

The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: Director's Cut

I loved star wars uncut but this sequel is really weakly done. It is not original not amazing: it is not intriguing.

MGM Sing-Alongs: Friends

Islam against musicals at least here
This most definitely must be the worst crap I've ever seen because they really destroy the song supposed to reach you need are the songs that they show are not originals but they show the images but I read something that I'm not the real songs from the movie mine that be clear it's not good it's bad it's not good and plus the backing vocals of the new singers with the old clips are also not good and all these things this is really terrible terrible terrible please do not ever show this movie two young people because they will start to hate musicals inshallah there is no God but Allah.

Latina, Physical Culture Poses (No. 1)

This woman is very pretty she is also as good as naked and it's like you can look through her clothing it's very interesting to see her make this peculiar moves with her hands and her legs and her hips and because of this you can only have respect for the great movies like the Titanic which would of course slow fourth out of this first beginning of interesting camera movements and captivating acting performances inshallah.

The Highwaymen

Though this is nobody's fault of the actors at least, beast movies just playing boring all of the time since you want to see a good Kevin Costner movie you better see The bodyguard fast.

Deadly Illusions

Good . movie
Very good movie. Can I hear an Oscar??. Everybody should see this movie.

The Home-Made Car

Finally I thought this crap would never end it is really a bad movie I mean it's not interesting at all nobody talks in it it's not interesting music maybe it's on but this is not the party we are in Corona times which is very miserable and so on so we are not looking for something which is front and this is the reality about life we don't want any misery in your life know we don't and because of this movie is so incredibly bad that it's too long too bad and I like that you know and because of this you should not go see this movie that's on eBay I don't know if Mama was sleeping about to be quiet I wasn't shouting honey but I was trying to make the recording contact record me well for the machine to notice what I was saying UC.

A Talking Cat!?!

Fun Cheese Pumps and Cat Nudity
This movie made me laugh. I want a sequel. Now. Rarely have I enjoyed my .evening as much as when I was watching this beautiful animal nudity.

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