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Princeton: A Search for Answers

Utter junk
What an utter junk. Camera sucks, color too, geeks speak like robots on drugs. Totally rejectable, this movie.

Toast of the Town: The Animals, Pat Boone, Sid Caesar, Joyce Jameson, The McGuire Sisters, Totie Fields, Guy Marks, Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs
Episode 6, Season 19

Disappointing Japanese Rendering
What's the use of seeing a bad episodes I mean what's the use of seeing badly edited show I saw this in the Japanese or Chinese anyway Eastern performance of the editing in the show and it was really not good you know I would like to see it in the real thing in sha Allah there is no God but Allah.


Original, hands
A nice movie about life seen through hands. Original. Bravo.

Boran Women

Kenyan women... How do they live?? Find out in this beautiful short movie, mashallah!

The Making of 'The 7th Guest'

Most possibly the worst documentary ever: it makes one feel ashamed to have been a fan of the end product after seeing it.

Pulling Up Roots

Visualisation of Insanity
As always, the director delivers a pretty personal insane movie filled with double meanings and perversion. Great for those of us who care enough to waste our time on it.

Exploding Plastic Inevitable

I dunno what to think of it. It's a music clip before the invention of MTV, but post-scorpio rising. That's all there can be said about it.

Listen to Britain

Muslims about War
The question is disease documentary represents the conditions of a warlike State and of course we cannot understand Laura doll and let's be honest and the state in which you were wise and in this director Humphrey Jennings did it very well to show it all to us the way it was before while and after and all these things is just wonderful eShop very great with people the lands the circumstances of war for the people who made the boy and all the things the soldiers the country's the song the condition the means of transport all of this is of course been easy to say that the movies great inshallah Allah Akbar there is no God but Allah.

Swing Parade of 1946

Great songs, less great movie
Great songs, great lyrics and funny situations; unfortunately this is where it ends for this flick, which is not so interessant but only worth viewing for the song performances.

The Eruption of Mount St. Helens!

Interesting in a Boring Way
Told to us as if we were children at school, it doesn't leave that much of an impression, this film.. too bad. It could have been better.

Paris Follies of 1956

You supposed to really a boring movie to see and to understand that the people we're not really there in Paris adult but trusting a Hollywood living room where they were all acting and it was not even acting that was interesting with all the people singing and swinging and doing but it was not interesting the lyrics for an equator sounds was known as the stage was amateur ristic it was all very very very send and because of this we can say that the movie itself has very bad as well and that is all that we can see about it because it was very sad and bad and not good.

Don't Talk to Strange Men

Ultimately boring. Nothing interesting about this movie. Insha Allah.

The Big Parade

Jesus Christ, one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Totally boring and it's just a few scenes that keep the picture from collapsing into infinity.


What a crappy movie really. Did I really waste my time watching this nonsense for let's say two hours??! Nice images, it's not that, but so incredibly slow... Great to see where Orson Welles got his inspiration for certain scene transitions though..

Play for Today: Robin Redbreast
Episode 9, Season 1

Polanski a Gogo
Great beginning, mixing Rosemary's baby a bit with other Polanskiesque themes. Unfortunately the Performance and Editing and Camerawork (or is the location?) leaves the total as being very uninteresting; and that's a shame, for it. Ould have been so much better.


Rocku and Rembo on picnic in Japan
Say okay let's take everything that is Rocky and make it more Japanese but only better because Japanese people have style and looking fortunately is very very very American siletz removal the American of Rocky and let's give it a more Japanese eastern-style years and then we have all these beautiful things chords the movie if Rocky wouldn't exist this movie would be great but unfortunately for this movie Rocky does exist or thank you God and then we can only agree to acknowledge that it is easy to see let the realization of defect performs itself within the depths of the inner sides how's the boxer by this creates director from the East did Matt some or whatever his name is and it's of course a beautiful thing everything about the movie is great because he does is beautiful music and his beautiful singing the beautiful inside and acting and everything about the movie is great then I can move very much it is to I fell asleep during the movie almost or even a little bit that tells because I hadn't slept much previews day but the movie itself is great you should all see it it's beautiful beautiful like Alana summers day inshallah and all these crazy things yes yes yes

Fires Were Started

I can't hear you.
I searched 21 years to find this movie and it really turned out to be nail-bitingly boring. Such a disappointment. Nothing happens in the movie whatsoever.


Great Experiment on how not to pay the Ticket NlSrller (but get on board anyway)
How to skip in line the machine? I've often seen this movie. Great experimental value!! Yaaay!!!!

La cabale des oursins

Lies, Lies, Nothing but Lies
Don't let the title fool you: this is not about Jews and this is also not about little bears: lying to us on so many ways, Luc Moullet or whatever his name might be therefore leaves us with nothing but his enervating voice to guide us through the forests and hills, but even in this he failed completely. Very much the example of a failed film, however short it might be.

The Letters

Beautiful Noir
Very beautiful music. Great actors. Interesting story. Everything about this movie is deliciously perfect. Bravo! I love all about the noirish drama type here. Real life like.


Alice in wonderland like, this fantasy movie has not much new to say and in this it socks, but the effort of it is to be appreciated.

Les minutes d'un faiseur de film

Buy olive boring can eat get see a man doing nothing but playing with the pictures and it looks kind of bored but also happy and you don't want to know him really and then at the same time masala is as a great thing badu nothing but he such a ball and because of this the hold movie also shutting nice terrible black and white even in the mother and days inn dogs days it's so incredibly boring and you can tell the the green that the movie itself is not a good fun in Charlotte a lot of there is no God with all.


Nothing happens but Philosophy on the Road
Stranger is strangely attractive as art, but certainly not interesting as a movie. It is nuts fascinating to see the main character do nothing at all; yeah. Unfortunately this is all we get to see in this movie which of course is sans what does the AR level of the film is very high and philosophy moments behind it all is great like wow.

Yet should we really need to see it? I don't think so. Way too boring for me at least.

Terres noires

Muslims in Green
Nicely done. Child doing the narration. A bit fastly edited though. Sad. May Allah punish the infidels.

Knights of the Highway

"The only shift that's good ain't on the menu."
To promote the safety and skill of truck drivers this movie has been made. All the other people at home seem to have been lucky enough for this, since it pays off to recognize the qualities of these world series of the buddies of large cars called trucks at night when the sun goes down and you feel like tucking off, this sort of movie always does the job well at the hotel's sofa to feel at home: those hunks sure look good. You don't often have the chance to see these chaps looking so we'll as they do here: a good thing the world's safest drivers feel strong enough to fit the size of those careful machines on the road.

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