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Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told

Tiresome piece of art
Yes, interesting for a short while, but soon gets boring and after two hours of propaganda it's nauseating and makes one fall asleep. Yawn. Good for people who don't read history books.

Tasher Desh

Mistress watch
What is this movie this means nothing I like dog star man and crazy moves like this but really this is not a good movie is not logic in being crazy and because of this nothing about movies interesting I would rather spend a few months reading the original form then to read and match this crazy nonsense again.

Uilenspiegel leeft nog

Lots of things can be set against this movie and of course the main point about it that we can hold against is that it's really not interested in it's boring but also the way they are acting is all in over acting and they cannot act like into normal movie or something in reality and that is the really sad sad thing about it because otherwise it might be interesting even a little tiny little bit this is not interesting at all and another example of the Belgian movie in the street totally goes down in no time especially because of all of the different influences on the techniques that are coming up nowadays.


Wonderful going all the way
One of the most beautiful movies I've seen in a long time and it made me feel very connected because of childhood abuse that I witnessed myself. This movie contains it all and how we all want to have her revenge on around doors and yet how this might not be the correct solution Indians. A love nudity everywhere it is remarkable that you can see these money images still and corrupted by left wing society nowadays you wet yourself ok don't bleed on my face I love you you so anyway to continue it's a beautiful movie and it's it's going deep to the problem in our society nowadays and because of this we need all to watch this and for children on the chairs to see this kind of movies The Truman show is what life is all about: love and children. The rest is but second base.

Siglo ng pagluluwal

Rewind and Review
It's a beautiful movie about an artistic man and a young woman getting to know each other, falling in love, despising one another and yet feeling attracted to each other all throughout their lives with and without one another, beautifully put to the screen in real time by master director Diaz. Also magically portrays the spirit of the country. Rewind and review!!


Great soundtrack for a Terrible rip-off
I can't believe they just ripped off Jaws completely and nobody battered an eye or complained about it. Great actors are really wasting their time in this one. Marvelous soundtrack nevertheless.

Better Watch Out

This is a stupid movie it is boring and all that things why would anyone want to even begin to watch such pure and utter nonsense the acting is bad the story is predictable the total is plainly silly to see and again how sad that Hollywood is actually evil.

Little Monsters

The Glory of Kenya: Damnation of Hollywood
See a beautiful woman Kenny is a beautiful country and lupita definitely is a beautiful woman but that is a terrible thing to see that it's definitely the way when it brings the culture of our children so down and makes the children get used to all these negative things and that is what Hollywood and the chaitan is doing terrible terrible destroying the world just for money and this is where the devil comes from ladies and gentlemen and that are the real zombie lords that you should be fearing the ones from Hollywood the ones who make this movie and eventually you yourself to watch this kind of thing and that is sent really sad and because of this this movie should only be getting criticism and not praise.

Die Wannseekonferenz

Beautiful movie about an event which could have changed the world for the better but unfortunately took a leap to the bad as history always pulls our leg. Great performances once again that easily remind us as viewers about Downfall 22 years later (though in reality it was much closer, of course).


This is Australia now full film nobody would like this movie but that's the way it goes nowadays with people who have a lot of money can make crappy films and of course it's a whole point in the movie industry nowadays but especially in the 80s and before that the wrong people with the right money got to go to do mistake and places.

Spalding Gray's Map of L.A.

Luke watching clouds.
This is perfect to fall asleep on. Really boring but relaxing. Strangely nice but not interesting. Great soundtrack. Like watching clouds. Not gray's best.

Heart Shot

Beautiful Insanity
Perfect choreography but sad this is available for young children to see at Netflix so insanity gets brought into the heads of our kids in the neighborhood.

Pedal the World

The sad side of a good idea
This is just an incredibly boring movie which could have been produced much better with better quality but unfortunately it's done variomatic mystically everyday any talents and because of this it is is a sad thing and because it is a sad thing it's not a nice video to watch it's very annoying to hear a guy only talk about themselves himself himself he passed through so many beautiful countries but we barely see any of them it's like he constantly box to a junkyard this is the feeling he gives and yes definitely find somebody to love the don't we all and then again it is very easy and nice to love a director whose famous and all of these things but that doesn't make himself a good person and definitely here he showed himself like a true days and respect and kudos for death he does the best team does for what he proves to be himself and of course we can only say that the true nature of this feature is that he presents his own character not the world but his own character so the question is do you like the character that is presented namely that one of the director of which we have been speaking before then of course we can only say that we don't like this man very match because he's only talking about himself and because he's only talking about himself we do not see anything about the world around them and indeed he is constantly in the screen and less of the surroundings by which we really have the feeling that we don't like the world we live in and we have no more hope so people or places to see because always sees his face and he claims that is everywhere while little he's nowhere else but inside of himself. And that is the sad side of a good idea.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

No ethical background but great movie
This is really nice movie it has all the right ingredients with fighters and all this kind of things and it's definitely interesting enough so why the low points are definitely wouldn't know and all these things are definitely great but it can be said this movie unfortunately does not have the right ethical background.

Hei tai yang 731 si wang lie che

Nothing happens in this movie but literal reruns of the previous films. Very disappointing. Please spend your time on something else than this mashed potatoes.

Fever Dream

Reminiscences on Kenneth Anger's Puce Moon Nr 1
Beautiful music also present in Kenneth Anger's Puce Moon Nr 1 while a person is washing herself. Remarkable viewing not only for the Eastern ones among us. A magnificent work of art.

Artificial Paradise

Swimming in the Pool
Someone jumps in a pool and fantasizes about how it could be to live in in Mexico. This among many other interpretations are possible. Chick Strand is one of the only great Mayan/Aztec people who could perform/show this the way it truly happened. Bravo.

Het geheim dat bloed zag

A bit disappointing total of mashed feelings here
It starts like a comedy then quickly be it becomes drama Danny dance up in a crime novel the question really is is is it interesting and there it is not function well because of course the sad thing is that it's not coherent in the style all we see our missed efforts to complete function of very want to go to.

Horse Girl

Great film
This is all true, the movie is telling the truth. Wonderful story, great performances. Bravo. Superb soundtrack. Philosophical total. Give this film an Oscar.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Pros and cons
Great storyline, unfortunately too many special effects and dreary ending. Because of that I give it right instead of nine stars. One of the better superhero movies nowadays though.

Wheel of Fortune: America's Game 1
Episode 46, Season 37

It was funny!! The guy was nice. The black woman was bossy and authoritive. The gameplay went fast though, a bit too quick to fit my liking. Lots of money being handed out.


Frequency to depress
Why is this movie so highly rated!? It's really negative in its whole atmosphere. Still makes me want to puke. Just because it's not joyful. Possibly uses that kind of frequency to depress its viewers, the kind of noise John Lennon was working against.

The Flesh Eaters

Not much worth. Bad everything. Only good thing about it I'd its cinematography. Got the rest, it fails to integrate you as viewer. Early science fiction lore.

Vivre est une solution

pure music
A bit strange lots of music everything up and down bizarre music then all of a sudden the biography part of it sinks through you and you get it yes what a wonderful movie inshallah.

Daughters of Chaos

Nice movie and how to become a woman of young girls growing up jumping in the river and all these kind of things definitely nice done great story good experimental movie magnificent documentary and all these things by the wonderful Marjorie Keller.

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