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Not a great movie, but the best in the franchise...
After the less than impressive three prior "Candyman" movies from 1992, 1995 and 1999, I must admit that I was not overly thrilled about this 2021 movie from writers Jordan Peele, Win Rosenfeld and Nia DaCosta. But still, as the opportunity presented itself to watch this movie, I opted to sit down and do just that.

And as luck would have it, then the 2021 version of "Candyman", from director Nia DaCosta, actually turned out to be the best in the franchise. Now, hold your horses, because I am not saying that this 2021 movie is a great masterpiece or anything. Nay, not at all. The 2021 "Candyman" is a watchable, albeit slow paced and semi-boring movie, but at least it proved more interesting than the previous three movies in the franchise.

I had initially feared this 2021 version would be a remake of the original 1992 "Candyman" movie, so I was a bit reluctant to sit down and watch it. Thankfully it turned out not to be another pointless remake of something that had already been done and seen before. No, the 2021 "Candyman" movie is sort of a continuation of the first 1992 movie, and sort of doesn't acknowledge parts II and III. So it was actually pleasing to find out that the writers opted to continue on with the events and lore established in the first movie.

The storyline told in the 2021 version was actually fairly good, albeit somewhat of a slow burn. So the movie can be something of an acquired taste. But if you enjoyed the previous three movies, then you will certainly also enjoy this latest addition to the franchise. I found the storyline to be entertaining enough, but it was lacking more pacing and also lacking more horror elements.

And what the writers did with the legend of the Candyman and how it is something that comes about with every era, now that was something interesting, and it made the whole legend feel more alive and added a much needed depth to the legend. I am not going to spoil anything here with the story or legend, but the way this storyline became intervowen with the original 1992 storyline definitely felt good and felt like a wholesome way to go about doing it.

The movie does have a good ensemble of actors and actresses, and I can only claim to be familiar with Colman Domingo, Vanessa Williams and of course Tony Todd. Actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, whom I have never heard of before now, definitely carried the movie quite well with his performance in the lead role.

Visually then "Candyman" was actually good. The special effects were realistic and believable, and the appearance of Candyman was interesting. And since Tony Todd personified Candyman in the 1992, 1995 and 1999 movies, then it is a difficult task to nudge him off the perch, but I will say that this movie definitely provided something of a competitor to Tony Todd.

As I mentioned earlier, then the 2021 "Candyman" was lacking in the horror department. Sure, this would be classified as a traditional horror movie, but it is by no means a slasher movie. And the Candyman character never have managed to step up to line up with the likes of Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and the like.

I found "Candyman" from director Nia DaCosta to be watchable and entertaining enough for what it turned out to be, though it was by no means a milestone in horror cinema. Though, it was a step up for the franchise as a whole. My rating of the 2021 "Candyman" movie lands on a mediocre five out of ten stars.


Entertaining family horror movie...
As I sat down to watch the 2021 Netflix movie "Nightbooks", I must admit that I wasn't really expecting much from writers Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis, given this being a family horror movie. But still, I opted to watch "Nightbooks" as I hadn't already seen it.

Turns out that writers Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis actually managed to churn out a script that was actually surprisingly entertaining. And yeah, "Nightbooks" is a family horror movie, but a very enjoyable one actually. So I am more than happy that I opted to give director David Yarovesky's 2021 movie "Nightbooks" a chance.

The storyline told in "Nightbooks" was interesting and actually rather captivating as well. The story starts out quite nicely and keeps a great pace all throughout the course of the movie. The narrative is rather well-written and provides excellent entertainment.

The acting performances in "Nightbooks" were good. It was actually loads of fun to see Krysten Ritter playing a villanous role as she did here, and she really carried the movie quite well. It should also be said that Winslow Fegley (playing Alex) and Lidya Jewett (playing Yasmis) really were well-casted for the movie and they put on good performance opposite of someone like Krysten Ritter. So the movie definitely had a great cast ensemble.

Visually then "Nightbooks" was interesting and had good effects. I was genuinely entertained and impressed with what I saw on the screen. And for a family horror movie, then "Nightbooks" did quite well for itself.

If you have the opportunity to sit down and watch "Nightbooks", you should do so, because this family horror movie has something to offer everyone in the family. So believe me when I say that "Nightbooks" is quite well-worth watching.

My rating of "Nightbooks" lands on a six out of ten stars.


M. Night Shyamalan strikes out again...
Wow. Just wow.

This movie was laughably bad. There were so insanely many plot holes and things that made absolutely no sense in this movie, that it got more and more progressively difficult to take the movie seriously, much less enjoy the narrative, as the movie trotted on. I just ended up shaking my head in disbelieve throughout the course of this atrocity of a movie, and you can't help but roll your eyes at this attempt of making a mystery thriller.

The storyline told in "Old", while it certainly had an interesting concept, just fell short of being entertaining, and it was increasingly becoming more and more of a struggle to sit through the ordeal that is "Old". And believe you me, this is definitely not a movie that I would recommend you rush out to spend your time, money or effort on.

Sure, the acting performances in the movie were adequate, and there were some talented performers on the cast list. But they had precious little to work with in terms of a proper script, and it was restricting their performances.

The character gallery in "Old" was interesting enough, but again, too many things just made no sense, which ended up reflecting poorly on the characters, due to some seriously inferior writing.

I was lured in to watch "Old", given the movie's poster and its interesting enough synopsis. But with it being an M. Night Shyamalan movie, I can't really claim that I was thrilled or having much of any expectations, as I haven't exactly been a fan of his movies.

"Old" was a dud, another swing and a miss in the track record of Mr. M. Night Shyamalan.

I am rating this heap of a laughable attempt at writing a mystery thriller a generous three out of ten stars. Sure, the movie was nicely produced and edited, but in terms of script, story and entertainment, this was just not cutting it.

Candyman: Day of the Dead

The franchise that should have ended in 1992...
Granted, as I was not particularly impressed with the 1992 "Candyman" or the 1995 "Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh" movies, then I wasn't really holding much of any hopes or expectations to the 1999 movie "Candyman: Day of the Dead". Yet, I sat down to watch it, since I hadn't already seen it, plus I was going through the back catalogue in order to warm up to sitting down to watch the 2021 remake later on today.

And just as I had expected, then the 1999 movie "Candyman: Day of the Dead" from writers Alfredo Septién and Turi Meyer was as bad as the predecessor. So the franchise wasn't really seeing a much needed uplift with this third movie in the installment. And "Candyman: Day of the Dead" was a pretty dull and boring experience. Again with the horror elements being almost non-existing throughout the course of the entire storyline.

And I didn't really understand why the writers went back to made changes to the backstory of the Candyman character. Sure, this was an urban legend, so of course it could be subject to changes in between the travel from mouth to mouth. But come on, you don't re-write a backstory like that.

I wasn't particularly impressed with "Candyman: Day of the Dead", much less entertained by what director Tury Meyer churned out with this semi-pungent slap to the face of a movie.

The best thing about "Candyman: Day of the Dead", and we all know that, is simply Tony Todd's impressive frame, appearance and voice.

My rating of "Candyman: Day of the Dead" lands on a bland three out of ten stars.

Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh

A serious step back for Candyman...
After having watched the 1992 original "Candyman" movie again here in 2021, of course I went on to watch the 1995 follow-up. Oddly enough, then I hadn't already seen "Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh" before now in 2021. But I found the 1992 movie to be bland, so I wasn't harboring much of any expectations to this 1995 sequel from writers Rand Ravich and Mark Kruger.

But still, I opted to sit down and watch it.

And as sequels go, so did "Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh". The movie was watchable, sure, but it was even more slow paced and boring than the original 1992 predecessor. And for a horror movie then "Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh" was a serious swing and a miss. While the 1992 "Candyman" was light on horror elemenets, "Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh" was lacking them almost entirely. So that made for a poor viewing experience for me.

This movie did, as the first movie, not really feature much on-screen time for Tony Todd in the role as the oddly iconic Candyman character. Personally, I don't get the hype that there were or is about this franchise or the character, because it is not a particularly interesting tale or character concept - not in comparison to other slashers such as Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger, to mention but a few.

"Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh" felt like a step back from the first movie, and it made for a way more boring and pointless narrative. Sure, it was nice and interesting to see the origin of how Candyman came to be, but aside from that, then the storyline here was just bland.

I am almost afraid to sit down and watch the third movie in the franchise, much less the 2021 remake. But I will, as I haven't already seen them. But those will be reviewed when seen.

My rating of the 1995 "Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh" from director Bill Condon lands on a generous three out of ten stars.


Over-hyped early 1990s horror movie...
I saw the 1992 horror movie "Candyman" back some time in the early 1990s, then I haven't seen it again since before now in 2021. Truth be told, I couldn't really remember the movie, just mere fragments and the general concept of the storyline. So, I sat down to watch writer and director Bernard Rose's 1992 movie again.

Truth be told, then "Candyman" is way too hyped. The movie is not really all that good. Sure, it was watchable, but only mildly entertaining in terms of being a proper horror movie.

The storyline is pretty straight forward, and yeah, it does have some nice enough concept ideas to it. But it was just a bit too bland and mundane actually. So the movie wasn't even half as scary or interesting as I remembered it to be from back in the day.

The acting performances in the movie were good, and the movie is nicely carried by lead actress Virginia Madsen. And yeah, Tony Todd does make for an iconic horror figure, for sure. But the Candyman character is not all that impressive or scary. The movie also have the likes of Xander Berkeley and Vanessa Williams on the cast list, and even a short appearance by none other than Ted Raimi.

Visually then "Candyman" is actually good, and there were some nice special effects throughout the course of the movie. But again, for a horror movie then what was delivered and seen on the screen just didn't really make for an outstanding or particularly memorable horror movie. Especially since there were so many other horror movies from the early 1990s that far outshined this one.

Watchable, sure, but "Candyman" is not really the legendary horror movie it has been hyped up to be.

My rating of this 1992 horror movie lands on a less than mediocre four out of ten stars.

Teenage Vampire

Didn't pack much of a bite...
When I sat down to watch the 2020 movie "Teenage Vampire", I must admit that I wasn't really harboring much of any hopes for this turning out to be a particularly great movie, given the title of this movie. But still, with it being a movie that I hadn't already seen, of course I opted to give "Teenage Vampire" a chance.

And as I had initially anticipated, then writers Aaron Lee Lopez and Paul Matthew Lopez didn't really manage to deliver a movie that was entertaining to me. I suppose I was just not the right target audience for a movie such as this 2020 movie.

The movie had a nice enough production value to it and good editing, sure. But the storyline was a swing and a miss in terms of providing me with much entertainment or enjoyment. And truth be told, I made it about halfway through, then I just gave up on it because I was growing more and more bored.

The acting performances in the movie were adequate, but again, there wasn't much in terms of storyline, character gallery or dialogue that appealed to me, so it was difficult to get submerged into the performances put on by the actors and actresses in the movie.

My rating of "Teenage Vampire" lands on a mere four out of ten stars.

Trip Slip

Oh, it tripped and slipped alright...
As I sat down to watch writer and director Crystal Ellis' 2021 comedy, I must admit that I was expecting just that; comedy.

But it dawned on me pretty early on in the movie that the were be no comedy to be enjoyed here, at least not for me, because "Trip Slip" was a swing and a miss of a movie that just failed to have any appeal to me in any way.

The storyline was just too mundane and slow paced, and with nothing much of any interest happening, I have to say that my interest in the movie was waning quickly. And I didn't even make it halfway through the ordeal that is known as "Trip Slip".

The dialogue in the movie was just not cutting it, and I suppose it it because I am not exactly the target audience for a movie such as "Trip Slip". But I weren't finding any enjoyment in the dialogue that writer Crystal Ellis had conjured up for this movie.

And little did it help that the character gallery had the appeal of a leafless tree. Wow. Just wow. The character gallery in "Trip Slip" was insanely bland and it was hard to tell where one character ended and the next started, as they could all essentially have been portrayed by one and the same performer. And since the actors and actresses virtually had nothing to work with here, then the performances put on by the involved actors and actresses just ended up being every bit as bland as the rest of the movie.

I have zero interest in returning to watch the rest of "Trip Slip", because the movie just fell way short of providing me with the kind of entertainment and enjoyment I expect when I sit down to watch a movie and invest time in watching it.

My rating of "Trip Slip" lands on a generous two out of ten stars.

Death Drop Gorgeous

Yeah, thanks, but no thanks...
Wow, this was something else.

And it certainly wasn't what I had expected after having read the movie's synopsis. I must admit that I was expecting a murder mystery of sorts. But nay, that is not what writers and directors Michael J. Ahern, Christopher Dalpe and Brandon Perras delivered.

Instead I found myself in for a movie of showcasing aging drag queens and what not in the gay community. Sure, I got nothing against drag queens or the gay community, but this movie was just as far from what the movie's synopsis promised.

The acting performances in the movie were dubious at best. But it certainly looked like those involved were having fun making this movie.

I am quite sure that there is an audience out there for a movie such as "Death Drop Gorgeous". I, however, just wasn't part of that particular audience. I managed to endure a staggering 50 minutes of this 2020 movie before I just called it quits. And I have zero intentions of returning.

My rating of "Death Drop Gorgeous" lands on a three out of ten stars.

Bad Candy

Watchable, but generic horror anthology...
"Bad Candy" is a horror anthology with a Halloween theme, so this is something of an acquired taste. Normally, I do like horror quite a lot, but sadly many of the anthologies found in the horror genre tend to be subpar, if not downright horrible. So it was with some reluctance that I sat down to watch the 2020 horror anthology "Bad Candy".

Well, as it usually is with anthologies, then there are stories that have more appeal to you than others, and of course such was also the case with "Bad Candy". Some of the stories here were adequate, while others were bland and sort of dragging on, with only the first of stories actually standing out as being particularly interesting - for me, at least. In terms of storylines for the anthology, then writers Desiree Connell, Scott B. Hansen and Thacker Hoffman delivered a very mixed bags of nuts here.

Visually, then I must say that "Bad Candy" was actually quite alright. The special effects seen in this anythology were actually quite good and complimented the stories nicely.

The acting in "Bad Candy" was adequate, though I can't really point out anyone's single performance to outshine the others. But all in all, the performances were good.

My rating of "Bad Candy", ultimately lands on a mediocre five out of ten stars. "Bad Candy" is watchable, sure, and will provide adequate entertainment for a single Halloween evening in front of the screen. But in the long run, then "Bad Candy" just didn't have anything outstanding or memorable to offer the audience.

House Shark

So bad it become glorious fun...
Sure, when I sat down to watch the 2017 movie titled "House Shark" from writer and director Ron Bonk, I have to admit that I was expecting absolutely nothing. But still, it was a movie that I hadn't already seen, and the movie here seemed like it could be one of those low budget movies that are so bad that they actually transcends into becoming enjoyable.

Lo and behold, and that was exactly what "House Shark" was. Man, oh man, this movie was low key and low budget, ultra low budget. But it was the cheesy and lousy effects, the terrible script, insanely laughable characters and dialogue, and the home-made special effects that all contributed to "House Shark" and made it into what it was. And what was it? An enjoyable low budget shark movie.

The storyline here was pretty much out the window from the beginning, but it was so terrible a storyline and plot that it was actually fun to sit through and watch "House Shark". This is the type of movie that you just laugh at and shake your head in disbelief.

The characters and the dialogue in the movie were bad. Very, very bad. But trust me, it added to the charm of the movie, because it fit right into the movie alongside everything else that was equally bad.

The acting performances in the movie were as to be expected. But again, it fit right into the movie and the overall feel of the movie.

The special effects were off the roof, in a bad way. Yes sir, this was hilarious to watch. That shark was among the worst I have seen, but it was so grotesquely bad that it was fun to watch it on the screen. Then there was the thing with the flooding and underwater scene. Wow, that was definitely unique, and it was worth sitting through. The idea behind that scene was just brilliant. And then there were the strings that held things afloat in some scenes, hilarious. The fake beard needs to be mentioned too. I could go on and on here, but it is something that needs to be experienced and seen firsthand.

"House Shark" is something you definitely have to sit down and watch, should you have the chance. Especially if you enjoy these low budget, cheesy bad movies.

The movie's cover over-sells the movie by several light years.

My rating of "House Shark" lands on a six out of ten stars. I was quite entertained by this low budget movie.

A Closed Book

Entertaining thriller...
I had the chance to sit down and watch the 2009 thriller "A Closed Book" (aka "Blind Revenge") here in 2021. Sure, I hadn't even heard about this movie before now in 2021 as I sat down to watch it. But of course I opted to give it a chance, as it was a movie that I hadn't already seen before, and it also had Daryl Hannah on the cast list.

The storyline told in "A Closed Book", as written by Gilbert Adair, was actually interesting. Sure, this wasn't by any means groundbreaking material, but the story provided me with adequate and proper entertainment, so the movie did what it was supposed to do.

The pacing of the storyline was good, and director Raoul Ruiz did a good job at slowly piling on to the ongoing events and keeping the audience in the dark, guessing at what is actually going on here. So the movie wasn't a linear or predictable one, which certainly worked in favor of the movie.

"A Closed Book" is nicely carried by lead performs Tom Conti and Daryl Hannah. Now, it should be said that "A Closed Book" is a movie with a small cast ensemble, so there is a bit more pressure on each performer to deliver, and they certainly did so.

I am rating "A Closed Book" a six out of ten stars. This is definitely a thriller that is worth spending about an hour and a half on watching.

The Bite

Definitely well-worth a watch...
I happened to come across the 2021 series "The Bite" by random chance. I hadn't heard about the series prior to getting to sit down and binge-watch all six episodes of season one. And trust me, once you start on this, you just gobble down one episode after another.

I was more than genuinely entertained by what "The Bite" delivered. And I dare say that this is a series that definitely pack a bite, pardon the pun.

The storyline is one that is rather interesting. Now, of course one might argue for or against the thing about the series setting the COVID virus as being the root of the infection, albeit a new and more potent strain, of course. Personally, I found it to be okay, because it definitely reflects how the world has been for the past year and a half.

The characters in the series are nicely detailed and fleshed out on the screen, which means that it is characters you can connect with and go through their ups and downs with. So the writers definitely managed to do well in the character gallery department, as well as the dialogue department.

Visually then "The Bite" was good. Sure, this wasn't top of the line special effects and CGI. But the special effects were working as intended and were good, so I was content. Now, the thing about the infected being able to extend their jaws further than humanly possible, as seen in the not-so-great movie "I Am Legend", that was just beyond me. It added an unnecessary element of stupidity to the series, and it made the infected come of as being more of a comedy-relief than dangerously infected individuals capable of spreading a deadly virus.

Something I really enjoyed about the storyline in "The Bite" was the fact that the writers actually offered a plausible origin to a zombie outbreak here. That is something that is most commonly avoided doing in series and movies that have a zombie theme. So that was definitely something that worked in favor of the series, and it was something I enjoyed having included.

There is a good amount of jabs at social situations, governmental situations, political situations, medical situations, the general situation of the world, etc. In this series. And that was something that definitely also added a subtle layer to the storyline.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed "The Bite", and I sat through all six episodes in one rapid succession, watching them back to front. So yeah, "The Bite" was definitely a nice surprise to stumble upon here in 2021. And talk about being left off hanging on a cliffhanger as the sixth episode ended. I am definitely returning for a second season, provided there will be one.

I am rating "The Bite" a well-deserved seven out of ten stars. If you have the opportunity to sit down and watch this series, you should do so.

400 Bullets

Watchable, but forgettable action movie...
I must admit that I initially found this 2021 action movie titled "400 Bullets" to have an interesting cover/poster. And with it being a movie that I hadn't seen, of course I took the time to sit down and watch it.

I didn't know anything about the movie prior to watching it, aside from it being an action movie.

Writer and director Tom Paton delivered an okay enough movie. And by that I mean that the movie was watchable, but it wasn't an outstanding or particularly extraordinary movie. For me, it turned out that it was just a bit too generic.

The movie was troubled by having a small cast, which meant that the performers had to put on additionally strong performances to carry the movie. But since they only had a subpar script to work with, then the movie wasn't all that great.

I am sure that there is an audience out there for a movie such as "400 Bullets", however, I found the movie to fall somewhat short of properly entertain me. As I mentioned earlier, the movie is watchable, sure. But this this hardly a movie that I would recommend you rush out to get to watch. Nor is it a movie that I will ever return to watch for a second time.

My rating of "400 Bullets" lands on a generous four out of ten stars.

Jakob's Wife

Interesting take on the vampire genre...
When I sat down to watch the 2021 horror movie "Jakob's Wife" from writers Kathy Charles, Mark Steensland and Travis Stevens, I wasn't sure what I was in for here. Well, aside from it being a horror movie and it was something with vampires, from the movie's cover/poster.

But of course, I opted to sit down and watch "Jakob's Wife" given the fact that it was a horror movie that I hadn't already seen, plus it also had horror icon Barbara Crampton on the cast list. And I have always enjoyed her movies since back in the 1980s when seeing her in "Re-Animator", "From Beyond" and other such classic horror movies.

The storyline told in "Jakob's Wife" was actually good, and it provided a nice, new approach to the vampire genre. So the writers definitely managed to churn out something that broke the usual stereotypical formula that is often used in vampire movies. And it was a storyline that proved entertaining and enjoyable from beginning till end, and the pacing of the movie was nicely constructed.

The special effects were good, and it certainly was nice to see that writers Kathy Charles, Mark Steensland and Travis Stevens took a Nosferatu approach to the appearance of the vampires in the movie.

"Jakob's Wife" does have a good ensemble of actors and actresses, with the likes of Barbara Crampton and Larry Fessenden. It was also nice to see Bonnie Aarons in the role of The Master, as she really portrayed that character rather well.

If you enjoy vampire movies then "Jakob's Wife" is certainly well worth giving a chance. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie from director Travis Stevens.

My rating of "Jakob's Wife" lands on a six out of ten stars.

Lady of the Manor

Good entertainment...
The 2021 comedy "Lady of the Manor" actually proved to be more enjoyable and entertaining than I had initially expected it to be.

The storyline told in "Lady of the Manor", as written by Christian Long and Justin Long, was actually rather enjoyable. This was the kind of story that just had a feel-good vibe to it, and it is one that puts the audience in a good mood too. So that was quite good. And it is a storyline that is easy to follow and has something to offer for audiences of all ages.

The movie does have an interesting cast ensemble, with Melanie Lynskey (playing Hannah) and Judy Greer (playing Lady Wadsworth) in the lead roles. The movie also have the likes of Justin Long, Luis Guzmán, Patrick Duffy and Ryan Phillippe on the cast list. And it should be said that the actors and actresses in the movie definitely put on good performances in bringing the character to life on the screen.

"Lady of the Manor" has a good amount of comedy to it, though it is not the type of comedy that will have you keeled over with tears streaking down your cheeks. The comedy was good and well-used to bolster the storyline.

If you enjoy a good old feel-good comedy, then "Lady of the Manor" is definitely well worth a viewing.

My rating of "Lady of the Manor" lands on a six out of ten stars.

Killer Rose

Watchable, albeit mindless action flick...
Of course when you sit down to watch a movie such as "Killer Rose" (aka "Cold Blooded Killers") it is mainly because it has low budget movie stars Caroline Williams and Felissa Rose on the cast list.

Well, first of all the storyline told in "Killer Rose" is actually not all that bad. Sure, it was plagued by subpar dialogue writing, but the concept idea of the storyline and plot was actually adequate. And it certainly made for an okay action movie.

Let's face it, the storyline, while being entertaining enough, just wasn't exactly rocket science. It was not a storyline that challenged the intellect of the viewer, nor did it require much of an attention span either to keep up to speed with what was going on. This was, pure and simply, mindless action.

The movie does suffer from a couple of things dragging it down. The dialogue for starters, it was just immature and hollow writing, which added very little depth to the characters that had to spew forth aforementioned dialogue. And also the fact that neither director or performers seemed to be well-traversed in knowing how firearms and recoil functions. It was just painful to watch the performers mill about throughout the movie and firing pistols, shotguns and rifles left and right, and yet there was little to no recoil at all. Actually, not much of any reloading going on either, come to think of it.

Some of the camera-work throughout the movie was definitely interesting and added some interesting angles to some scenes.

It should also be noted that the music they had in the movie was definitely good, and it was something that complimented the movie a great long way.

"Killer Rose" is a low budget action movie that definitely has spirit and potential. It could have been much more enjoyable, if they had tightened in the belt and upped the production and paid more attention to detail. And, of course, by having the dialogue completely re-written into something more fluid and believable.

I was actually adequately entertained by writer and director Rickey Bird Jr.'s 2021 movie. And I am rating it a four out of ten stars.

Girl Next

Boredom First. Girl Next...
I sat down to watch the 2021 horror/thriller "Girl Next" from writers Zeph E. Daniel and Michael Muscal without ever having heard about the movie. But I must say that the movie's cover/poster seemed interesting, and of course the fact that the the movie was a horror movie that I hadn't already seen made me want to watch it as well.

Well, I gave it a shot, and made it about halfway through, then I just gave up out of sheer and utter boredom. Man, this movie was a swing and a miss from director Larry Wade Carrell. It felt like an art project gone wrong, and as if you were tripping on a bad batch of mushrooms while watching it.

The storyline told in "Girl Next" certainly had pontential, I will say that much, but it quickly fell to the ground and never recovered, as writers Zeph E. Daniel and Michael Muscal took the story into some kind of psychadelic rollercoaster ride.

The acting in the movie was actually fair enough, despite the fact that the actors and actresses virtually had nothing solid or wholehearted to work with. Marcus Jean Pirae (playing Heinrich) and Paula Marcenaro Solinger (playing Misha) carried the movie well enough with their performances.

"Girl Next" fell short of providing me with much of any enjoyment or entertainment. And I wasn't fan of that whole pseudo-drug vision that the movie had going on.

My rating of "Girl Next" lands on a mere three out of ten stars.

9/11: Life Under Attack

The tragic events seen from the bystanders point of view...
Sitting down on September 11th 2021 to watch the documentary "9/11: Life Under Attack" was sort of an emotional thing, so it turned out.

Now, I am not an American and had no relation to the events that transpired 20 years ago, aside from it being a catastrophe and of course knowing that lots of people suffered from those terrorist actions. But having been alive during that time and remembering very well where I was and what I was doing when the news flooded in, of course there is some connection to the past as it is a part of the world history.

I have seen a couple of documentaries about the events already, but I have to say that this 2021 documentary from director Karen Edwards was one that struck hard. Why? Well, because this shows the events as the unfolded from the every man's point of view, as we see it from private records and such.

What hit the hardest, pardon the pun, was the sound of the impact when the fire fighters were in the lobby and you could hear the sound of what could possibly by the sound of jumpers hitting the ground. That was really something that went straight in and it was a sound that is not easily forgotten.

Of course, while well familiar with the events that transpired that day, I feel that "9/11: Life Under Attack" brings a more personal approach to the events, given the recordings used, the emotions captured and the sense of being there yourself.

If you enjoy documentaries and have an interest in the events of 9/11, then you most certainly should sit down to watch "9/11: Life Under Attack". This is documentary done right.

My rating of "9/11: Life Under Attack" lands on an eight out of ten stars.

Mount Adams

This was definitely something else...
Wow, just what was this atrocity of a movie supposed to be?

First of all, the movie's cover/poster has the words "based on the true phenomenon" on it. True phenomenon? Dinosaurs with red eyes, huge bugs and spaceships? Sure, true phenomenon. Right...

Then there was the storyline. Wow. Are you kidding me? What were writers Tim Wade, Phillip Wade and Just B. Jordan thinking when they sat down to write the script and storyline for "Mount Adams"? It was just laughably ridiculous.

The acting in the movie was adequate for a movie such as this, and with taking the fact that the script was just god awful bad into consideration, then the actors and actresses weren't doing too shabby jobs actually. There weren't any familiar faces among the cast ensemble though.

Visually then I will actually say that "Mount Adams" wasn't bad. Sure, this wasn't top of the line Hollywood production CGI that will bedazzle you and blow you away. But the CGI effects and practical effects throughout the movie were actually fair enough.

However, the movie was just a swing and a miss in terms of being entertaining and enjoyable. And that was solely because of an inferior and downright stupid script and storyline.

My rating of "Mount Adams" lands on a generous three out of ten stars.

Let Us In

One of the younger audience...
I sat down to watch the 2021 sci-fi horror movie "Let Us In" mostly because the movie had Tobin Bell on the cast list, but also because this was a horror movie that I hadn't already seen.

And I suppose that "Let Us In" is aimed at a younger audience than me, because director Craig Moss' movie fell short of providing me with proper entertainment. But hey, suppose you are a pre-teen viewer, then I guess that "Let Us In" will fall into your liking.

The storyline here was just simply a bit too ludicrous for my liking, and it was so difficult to take the aliens, known as Jungspars, serious in any way. I just gave up on trying to let the concept sink in and sweep me away, it just provided me with no enjoyment.

The acting in the movie was actually fair enough, but the actors and actresses had very little to work with in terms of a proper script and storyline. So it was a struggle to sit through this movie. Tobin Bell wasn't really in the movie for all that long, which I found to be a shame.

My rating of the 2021 movie "Let Us In" lands on a mere three out of ten stars.

Scarlet Diva

Painfully boring and pointless...
Of course with a movie such as the 2000 movie "Scarlet Diva", you sit down to watch it because it stars none other than Asia Argento. And truth be told, that is also why I opted to sit down and watch this movie that was written, directed and starring Asia Argento.

Oddly enough I haven't stumbled upon this movie before now in 2021, 21 years after it was inititially released. Sure, I knew that the movie existed, but it was not a movie that I was in a rush to track down and watch. But I happened to get the chance in 2021, so of course I sat down to watch it and to check it off my movie list.

Sure, the synopsis and concept idea behind "Scarlet Diva" sounds interesting enough, but the movie's transition from script and storyboard to screen was not a particularly pleasing one - pardon the pun. Sure, I get that the movie was about a self-destructive spree of sex and drugs, but seeing Asia Argento simulate her way through one sex scene after another, just grew very stale, very quick. And I ended up giving up on watching the movie to the end. The storyline was just watered down and diluted by the endless parade of sexual scenes.

I am sure that "Scarlet Diva" does have some entertainment value to people out there, however, I sat down to watch a movie for the sake of being entertained by a proper storyline, and not just sit through and watch Asia Argento nude and performing sexual scenes.

"Scarlet Diva" was a swing and a miss in terms of entertaining me. Sure, I will admit that the synopsis sounded like there could be some greater potential here to this movie. But it was just a sleaze-fest, truth be told.

I am not returning to watch the rest of "Scarlet Diva" as the movie fell completely short of providing me with entertainment.

My rating of the 2000 drama "Scalet Diva" lands on a mere two out of ten stars.

Burial Ground Massacre

Burial Ground Boredom...
Right, well truth be told, then I wasn't really harboring much of any expectations to this 2021 horror movie from writers David Gere and Eric Weinstock as I sat down to watch it. Sure, I hadn't even heard about the movie before. But it being a horror movie was essentially all that was needed for me to sit down and watch it.

And yeah, I can't really claim that having Michael Madsen as the headlining name on the cover was doing much to entice interesting in the movie. But still, I hadn't already seen the movie, so of course I found the time to do so.

But as I had initially expected then "Burial Ground Massacre" was a bad movie. The storyline, as written by David Gere and Eric Weinstock was just insanely mundane and mediocre. There wasn't much being offered in the storyline that proved interesting or entertaining. So sitting through "Burial Ground Massacre" was a brutal ordeal.

The acting in the movie was just downright staggering bad. The acting and the delivery of the dialogue was so wooden and rigid that it was almost uncomfortable to look at and listen to. Now, I was only familiar with Michael Madsen, and that guy only added the voice to the movie. So you're not in for an evening of fine thespian acting performances when you sit down to watch "Burial Ground Massacre".

And as for "Burial Ground Massacre" being a horror movie. Well, sure, if you have never before sat down to watch a horror movie, then I suppose there is something gruesome or scary to be seen in "Burial Ground Massacre". But if you, like me, have seen more than your share of horror movies, then "Burial Ground Massacre" was just a dud - a swing and a miss.

Don't waste your time on nonsense like "Burial Ground Massacre", it just simply isn't worth the time, money or effort.

My rating of directors Daniel Dahlstrom and David Gere's 2021 "Burial Ground Massacre" lands on a generous two out of ten stars.

Dune World

Oh dear...
Granted, when I sat down to watch this 2021 movie titled "Dune World", I wasn't really harboring much of any hopes or expectations to the movie. Why? Well, from the title alone, it seemed like a mockbuster cashing in on the new "Dune" movie. So yeah, I figured this would be another movie from The Asylum.

First of all, this movie was not a The Asylum production, for better or worse. Although I wish it would have been, because at least then I would have been in for something significantly better than what Polonia Brothers Entertainment managed to spew out.

And then let me just say wow. Just wow! This movie was phenomenally bad. It was bad in every possible way and aspect. From the storyline, to the acting, to the special effects and to the props and costumes. Everything here was just beyond the scope of what you would think would be passable for a movie to see the light of day in 2021. Yet somehow writer John Oak Dalton managed to pen the script for this atrocity of a movie, and director Mark Polonia brought it to the screen.

The special effects in the movie were so bad that I was let laughing so hard. In fact, my son came to join in since I was laughing so hard, and he was commenting on how fake everything looked at almost every single scene that we suffered through. And the robot was just insanely bad; they had a plus size guy in a silver hooded jacket and wearing a kids toy mask. And the CGI effects looked like they were made in an Arts & Crafts class and slapped onto the movie in post-production.

The acting in the movie was as wooden, rigid and pointless as the storyline itself. So don't get your hopes up for any of the performers to salvage this movie as it sinks into the silt. Needless to say that there weren't any familiar faces on the cast list.

Do yourself a favor and stay well clear of "Dune World", because it just simply isn't worth the time, money or effort.

My rating of "Dune World" lands on a one out of ten stars. This is by far one of the worst sci-fi movies I have had to suffer through.


A great thriller with a nice twist...
I had the opportunity to sit dow nand watch the 2020 thriller "Blinders" (aka "Stalker") here in 2021. Well, I hadn't actually ever heard about the movie, but I still opted to watch it as it was a movie that I hadn't already seen, plus the movie's synopsis sounded interesting.

And writers Dash Hawkins and Tyler Savage certainly managed to compile a storyline that proved to be every bit as interesting as it was entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, as it was quite well written. I do like the twist to the ending, although it was predictable. But it was a good twist nonetheless.

The storyline was a great combination of character development and good storytelling, so it was quite nicely balanced. And there just was a great sense of awkwardness and genuine odd behaviour along the way, which added quite well to the movie. Lots of that was thanks to Michael Lee Joplin's performance.

They had managed to get toget a good cast ensemble for the movie, with Vincent Van Horn in the lead role (playing Andy), and he was joined by Michael Lee Joplin (playing Roger) and Christine Ko (playing Sam). They had great on-screen presences and definitely carried the movie quite well. I was especially impressed with actress Christine Ko's performance here.

If you enjoy a good thriller with a well-written story and intersting characters, then you should most certianly take the time to watch "Blinder", provided you have the opportunity to do so. I was genuinely entertained all throughout the movie, and it is one that I can warmly recommend.

My rating of "Blinders" from director Tyler Savage lands on a seven out of ten stars.

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