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Full Metal Jacket on Steroids and Gulf War
Jarhead is the finest war movie I have witnessed since Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. I was lucky enough to be able to see a special screening last night. Before going into see this movie I was already as psyched as can be with very high expectations. I must say...these expectations were met and then some. I am just constantly being surprised at how Mendes grows with each new film, which is tough to say since his freshman film was American Beauty, but, dare I say it, this is his best film yet. The acting is top notch all around with Gylenhall giving an Oscar caliber performance, Foxx going steady off of Ray, Sarsgard is a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode in his climactic out burst, and pretty much everyone else who was involved turned in amazing performances (i.e. Lucas Black and etc.). The cinematography was just breath taking in a horrifying way with Mendes' glimpse into what hell must look like (when the oil is lit...hold on to your seats for those shots you might just fall out in amazement). The best thing about this film is that there is very little action and a lot of character development, comedy, and drama. This movie brings you into the soldiers' life and you just can't help being horrified and yet amuse by what you see. This movie is definitely a triumph and should be viewed by all. WELCOME TO THE SUCK!

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