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The Promise

Falls a bit short
The "love" storyline distracts too heavily from what should already be an enthralling topic. Couple that with some of the historical inacuracies and it opens itself up to further criticism than it already receives for covering such a contraversial subject. Well written a watch but it really fails short of its potential by trying to be all things to all men and it loses its impact. This is especially disappointing considering the stellar cast!

Ready or Not

Does exactly what it says on the tin
Anyone that has rated this low is not rating it in context. It's funny, creative and ticks all the right boxes


I'm an ultra-lefty feminist and even I eyerolled. Why couldn't it be a genuine dramatic tragedy. It didn't need this type of girl power remake. Such a shame, because the score and visuals are lovely.

Power: Exactly How We Planned
Episode 15, Season 6

"I'm you dad!"
No. No you are not Tariq. You're an annoying, spoiled, poor wanna be. Changing Ghost into a sanctimonious wife beater overnight didn't work. It was painfully obvious. Poor writing.

The Politician

Great premise but ultimately disappointed

There are so many fantastic things about this show. The Wes Anderson aspect, music, insight... I really loved it until S01 conclusion. But rich people ultimately leaving their wealth behind to find themselves just ruined it for me. It's just a bit too "Common People"

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