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Not Your Usual Hammer Outing!
Well I am a regular, repeated visitor to the World of Hammer. But this time, I felt I had put a wrong movie on. We are faced with a young and arrogant Oliver Reid, drinking alcohol (yes, really!) It reminds me of so many other films about Oliver Reid being a devious young guy, surreptitiously doing one thing and acting like he's doing another. I won't give anything away but I will say I found it predictable and more than a little boring! And I LOVE hammer horrors. LOVE THEM! It's funny, as other reviewers are saying it is the difference in this that makes it great. Ahem. I like my Brandy to be sharp, I like my Potatoes to be lightly salted, I like my Hammer Horror to be...well, just, English, sometimes Gothic, always unpredictable. And never taken over by personality. Oliver Reid is a little too large to contain in a small film like this.

Nueve reinas

Go it!
There are a few movies that have the premise found in this movie and that is the old 'sting' or the 'con'. 'The Sting' with Paul Newman did spring to mind at certain scenes whilst watching this but, to be honest, this film is very original and has something all of it's own. Very well acted by the main actors as well as the rest of the cast, the plot was superb, seemingly predictable at first, there was a moment when during the film you suddenly realised that you didn't have a clue who was conning who and what exactly was REALLY going on?!

Very well written and as some have said here already, the twist is wonderful and surprising, by then I had suspected every possible scenario as the reality but failed to get it right!

Recommended watching. There is a reason this film is included in the book '1001 Movies You must see before you Die'.

No Quarto da Vanda

People on Drugs? Well, there's a bit more to it than that!
I would love to say, like I read on this very site yesterday, before watching the film, that this is 'the best drug abuse film' but it really is not.

I don't want to come across as if I am saying this is lighthearted or lessen the impact of it in any way. It Is a harrowing study of some pretty messed up people. A woman who is immersed in drug-taking and nothing else in life. The people around her, everyone with the same story or problem, they ALL take drugs. It's sad to see.

Somewhere, behind those eyes you can see a pretty woman who must have had dreams once, her sister too...they are beautiful women gone sick and twisted.

I do agree that this film should be shown everywhere though, this is what drugs do to you! Or perhaps that should say, this is -what society that doesn't care does to you?!

Watch this. You will never see another film like it and for better or worse, you need to know it exists.


Long, boring and the most irritating soundtrack ever!
Let me first qualify my title here by saying the music they picked for the sound track, whoever the band is, that irritating female vocal, it was truly nauseating! I will have a look and find out who it is, so I can avoid them in future! OK I now know the music was made by a Steve Benwell who has his own page here at IMDb. Only credited with this movie! Forgetting the awful music for a moment, what was the movie like? Well, I have watched many films of people who are homeless, drug addicts, people with major issues affecting their lives, drugs violence abuse and more. This one was different. This film didn't really 'touch' me. I always see some redeeming quality in people, even the nastiest person can be truly loving, or truly generous or innocent, there are many qualities of the human being and these people do actually possess them too! Strangely, Mr Jackson did not appear, to me, to have such qualities. The guy was, well, boring! It's a shame I suppose but on paper this guy is a superb documentary subject. However in reality he is a bore!! He talks of nothing much all throughout the film. When he is helped he almost seems nonplussed! Then later, when he steals from a friend, I realised the disregard this guy has for others. For many years of his life seemingly. OK, I may be being harsh, the guy must have SOME qualities?! Probably. This film does not highlight them, nor does it make the viewer warm to him.

Please don't get angry or say I am being horrible to the guy! I mean, there are boring people in every sector of human society. This guy happens to be one of them.

This left me cold, bored and almost asleep.

I'd avoid it if I were you but well...don't be swayed by me, or anyone:

Watch it for yourself and find out what YOU think!

Les maîtres fous

This rare and interesting piece of film really struck me when I watched it. I was already expecting something like those old National Geographic films I remember seeing now and then as a kid, they must have shown them on TV at some point. This however is a bit different in that you are presented at times with quite horrific imagery and scenarios. As long as you have an open mind and are not going to get squeamish at the ritual sacrifice of a chicken, (a dog too but you do not see this at least), then I would say that everyone should watch this! These Africans are showing a quasi-religious ceremony that is an obvious reaction and mocking of the British colony masters. Each Hauka is dressed to represent some Colonel or General etc and they mock them whilst at the same time, showing a very intense and, at times, frightening display of trance and 'spiritual' behaviour. Watching this movie has opened my eyes to what I already loved to watch but did not know the term for it: Ethnographic Cinema. Ethnography. There are so many great films of records of Africans and Tribal peoples around the world and I find them so interesting. In fact this one isn't as good as a couple I already got a hold of and have just watched (Turkana Conversations Trilogy (1974) - Three films by David Macdougall & Judith Macdougall - Shot in Turkana, Kenya.) I highly recommend you checking those out if you find yourself being fascinated by this film.


Boring and Inconsequential!
Well! This was NOT what I was expecting. I don't know quite what I did expect, I think I read about this on some website which was obviously by someone who thought a whole lot more of the film than I do now, that much is for sure otherwise they would never have tried to persuade anyone of it's credit. It has very little to credit it with. The movie, as you will already know is about a guy who has been in an institution for years since he was a kid. He obviously 'did something terrible' (there, no spoilers here!) and we meet him on the very day he is released.

There is where it ends.


You see not a lot more happens for us lonely viewers. We then are expected to sit back and watch each minute detail of someone (and it could be anyone, there is no other plot line going on!) as they wind their way on a journey to god knows where, for god knows why, in an unbelievably long amount of time, with little to no dialogue, dark camera and odd angles but no finesse...

To put it another way, this film really sucks.

If a movie is about a painful subject then that doesn't mean the movie maker has handled the subject well OR, indeed, made a good movie! In this case, delicate subject or not (for the whole movie you are pretty much unaware of what the subject is!) the movie maker failed miserably.

Also, I am never watching a movie again without at least a look at a trailer if this is what I end up wasting my afternoon with!


Sayonara CP

A must see for today's society!
This is a difficult film. Difficult to review, difficult to watch and difficult to convey everything of the experience to someone reading this, who has yet to see the film!

These people suffer from Cystic fibrosis.

It is not pretty. They know this. They want to show us what it is really like to have to live under such a difficult restriction as CP.

You cannot watch this and not be affected by it, not be forced to look at yourself, your own humanity, your selfish ways, your supposed 'problems' etc. You are forced to look at them differently and with a new perspective. If you can sit through this film and NOT do any of those things then you really would have to be callous, emotionless and perhaps, thinking about it, just like many many people are when they are using the internet!

Anyway, I urge you to watch this and it may be painful or difficult to do so.

That really is the point. Force yourself to watch. there is nothing gory or frightening in the film, just the disfigured contorted bodies of these people and the laboured way in which they speak, which is disturbing to our ears. That is why you MUST make yourself watch.

Give them the credit they deserve for even making the movie.

It is a sad film and I will never forget it.

Ônibus 174

Utterly Incredible. You CANNOT afford to miss this!
I never claimed to be any movie reviewer, I just like to come and comment after I watch a film and if someone reads it, they read it. All I try to do I suppose is convey something of what that movie made me feel. I have to say that this movie is probably one of the most difficult ones I have ever tried to comment on. It is hard to know where to begin. Obviously, the plot is simple (I know it is a real documentary! Don't misunderstand me using the word plot), there is a young guy on a bus with some innocent people and he is holding them at gunpoint. they are his hostages and he quickly lets it be known that he is in control here.

Everyone's fate is in his hands.

That lays out a taste of what you are in for when you sit down to this, right at the beginning you are sucked in and are listening to his words, wondering why and what makes a man come to a situation like that.

The great thing about this film is that the creators didn't miss this. they spend a lot of time showing us why. Trying to uncover the multitude of reasons why a man would find himself in a situation like this. it makes for a fascinating yet harrowing story.

What starts off as a mad shooting incident then becomes a different kind of film. a study, a documentary in the proper sense. a documentary of some poor guys non life. Before I get accused of sympathising with the guy as if he was innocent, don't think that. It is just interesting to learn, like when you watch this, that there is always a few more layers to a story than you might ever think!

I cannot recommend this film enough and gave it 9 stars!

This is about humanity and emotions and cruelty and greed.

It is about us all.

Watch it!

Hei tai yang 731 si wang lie che

Give this a miss!
Well after seeing the much lauded (amongst my weird friends at least!!) 'Men Behind The Sun', I ventured to watch the second in the series of films. The second one was good, I will leave the rest for my review on that. Now, on to this one, the strangely supposed 'third' movie in this series but I find myself wondering if it really is, it has so little in common with the other two.

Firstly this movie is not like the others in that they are seriously disturbing, they try to shock and, mostly the first film succeeds. This movie has some clips right off of the first movie just thrown in randomly and not even to good use either. this film meanders from one thing to another and never really keeps a grip on a solid plot. the plot is spread thinly over many different sub plots and weak, uninteresting characters that I think we are supposed to care about in some way. Most people watching this would only be looking for more liquid nitrogen hands being chipped away or more screaming and experiments but nope, this movie tries to give us plots and it cannot even do that!

It was so slow that, at a few different points in the movie I was distracted by a blank patch of wall opposite me. I think the way the light was hitting the paint was just ... fascinating, relative to the movie that is.

Like another guy here says, this is NOT WORTHY of the Man/Men Behind The sun name. AVOID!

Hei tai yang 731 xu ji zhi sha ren gong chang

Interesting...maybe shocking..
I liked this film. I have seen the first one too and unlike what others have said, I don't think it mattered that much, I still enjoyed both. The worst scenes are not as scary or shocking as I had expected, still, on a par with the first movie so you won't be disappointed! I didn't find the film slow at all, the story was actually quite interesting and filmed with such a macabre/melancholy atmosphere that it worked well. Pity the English dubbed version I watched would have taken away the atmosphere from hearing the original audio track and dialogue. Still, it managed to convey the feeling. I am now going to get the third one and I expect it to be worse than either of the first two as there are only so many ways of telling the same story right...?

District 9

Very Entertaining!
Amazing to sit and read some of the reviews here. Either people love it or they really have some vitriolic sniping against it!!!

Why all the worry and seriousness?!

I watched this film with my girlfriend and we expected a sci-fi movie about aliens. We hadn't looked up any further information or read any reviews so we were pretty much at the mercy of the movie.

Yes there were nods to apartheid, racism and other slight slithers of social commentary... I didn't expect too much as it was a sci-fi film, NOT a documentary!

At the end we both agreed that it was a great movie, it made you feel good. It brought out something human in you whilst you watched. It was a feel good movie with a few feel bad parts in it.

I think it said a lot more about the human condition and our tribal/selfish ways ... how WOULD we react in a situation like the film puts us in?

The answer could very well be quite similar to the way the film's characters acted...not exactly welcoming!!

All these people saying 'Go watch Gandhi' or other silly comments ... No one is here to watch a film like Gandhi! They were looking for a good Sci-Fi film.

That is what this is.


So go and enjoy it and please, don't take life so seriously!

The Invention of Lying

The invention of Ricky Gervais as a Hollywood Failure...
Absolutely awful. I have been a Gervais fan right from the very early days. I watched his own show years ago when he managed to get a chat show. It didn't last long but I found it funny. I knew he was a great talent to watch.

Then when the office hit the screens I was hooked. I regarded him as a comedic genius from those days on!! I have watched, listened to (podcasts), and read most or everything he has done or had anything to do with creating. Extras was clever and a great series too. I even bought his bloomin' 'Flanimals' books so I was probably a little over the top!!

I wanted to make the points above to set the background for what I am about to tell you.

I want you to realise that I am not coming at this from nowhere and just attacking on grounds of being insulted or upset based on my religion or anything. I have no religion by the way, if it is relevant.

This film lacked just about everything!

The plot was very weak.

OK a world without lying and one man starts to lie and use it to his advantage. Great stuff. Only it is basically one single joke and, after ten minutes or less, it was tired out already.

The supposed 'profound' religious message in the film was no way profound.

It wasn't subtle, intelligent or even interesting. It was puerile and boring.

The apparent 'deep meanings about people' that I have just read from another commenter in the forum(!!) seemed to have passed me by. Yet those things didn't pass me by. It is blindingly, PAINFULLY obvious that the film is telling you how society isn't really free; people don't think for themselves; religions are bunk, but for me, all of that is known fact!! So to call it 'deep' is ridiculous.

Do not waste your money going to see this and if you value your time, skip it on the grounds that you won't get those minutes back. Ever.

I am almost sad tonight. Here I am sitting having just had my favourite comedian serve up a plate of utter tripe!!

Like inviting Gordon Ramsey into your home to cook you an amazing dish and then to have him hand you a McDonalds!

0 out of 10



Even if you're not into Sci-fi ... this is a great film about humanity.
I just wanted to add another positive comment here for this film as I just watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

There are many elements to the movie but it's real bullseye is the space/moon location with it's loneliness and isolation, as you watch you get sucked into a world that, although far from anyone's reality, you kind of feel inside that one day people could be living lives like this. I even found myself wondering just if I would be able to cope with such a life. Probably not! My reference to this film saying a lot about will have to watch and go through the experience, to understand my comment there.

It's hard to comment on much of the film without giving anything away so I'll just say that the acting was really good, superb. The direction and script, again, great. The screenplay was also highly rated for me, in fact I struggle to find anything negative to say at all so I won't!

Thinking about seeing this film? THINK NO MORE!

7 stars.

Go see it!

Surviving the Game

Badly scripted, a fun journey all the same...
This really could have been a great chase/action movie. It has all the right ingredients with the hunters, the hunted, the unwilling hinted man being chased for his life through the woods...the claustrophobia, the suspense, the psychological element, yeah it had enough in there to maker a really great story. What happened then? First let me point out that I thoroughly enjoyed this film!! I enjoyed it when I realised it was not as professional as I might have thought at first, so I sat back to enjoy a good old action flick in the manner of Schwarzenegger or something and it fitted the bill well. The doc, Gary Busey, was just perfect in his role and I was a bit saddened when his character was no longer. He could have brought more to this movie.

I haven't had the 'pleasure' of watching Ice-T in a movie until now.

Ice-T is a bad actor! He also had such bad lines that maybe it wasn't exactly his fault. Either way he was quite a part in the downfall of this film. For someone who is a streetwise homeless guy he seemed to lack a bit of judgement and was as gullible as they come.

OK OK OK forget all that. If you want to enjoy this film then you must suspend disbelief, don't ask questions about this or that character or why this happened or didn't happen, just get yourself cosy, sit back and have a good night in with this eclectic bunch of weirdo's trying to kill each other in the woods. It is as simple as that. For that it deserves at least 5 stars. Enjoyable but could definitely have been miles better.

Oh and remind me not to watch Ice-T again...

Angels & Demons

Good all rounder with a fast pace!
Well I can't say this is in my top list of movies. I don't think it would even come close to making it. However, I am most definitely giving this movie a POSITIVE review. The reason for this is that it is simply an enjoyable ride from start to finish! The description I read from another comment of the movie being 'A Roman Cat and mouse with Forrest Gump' is close although maybe just a bit too harsh as I felt a bit more entertained than that would give! I watched 'The Davinci Code' too and like many others I really didn't think too highly of it. This time around, different movie I know but similar in m,any ways and of course the obvious one being the backdrop of the Vatican and all its glorious architecture. Some might say it is worth seeing the movie for that. I wouldn't. :-) I'll just say if you want a nice, enjoyable watch, nothing too serious and scientifically and historically, complete fabrication (although there are lots of nods to real events etc, the whole premise is fantastical!), plus you like a movie to have the mysterious killer (although it was far too predictable at times!) and the high speed chases to save people, the big ending and want to waste a couple of hours, ...

... then I would say you really should watch this movie.

It's good. Just not great.

6 stars from me.

Confessions of an Innocent Man

Not the most shocking
..documentary I've watched, which isn't to say that I was wanting it to be shocking; I just expected it to be after reading about the subject matter and the torture etc. I am glad to say it was much more than that and was done really well.

The story is of a guy who is taken hostage by Saudi Arabia and, as you will learn, is completely innocent of any crimes and, is tortured so much that he kind of retreats into a place, mentally, where he can at least feel a sense of control and cling on to the part of himself that makes him human.

Almost like going into madness, he ends up in a very strange place that none of us, hopefully, would ever have to put ourselves.

They really took away all of what made him human up til' then with the absolute brutality of the practises they subjected him to over and over. You get a lot of talking head shots of the guy as he is after he went home and you can see it in his eyes...he still suffers to even talk about it. The film is made of reconstructions and a lot of talking heads, he was captive with some others at the time and so they tell their story too.

This is a very good film and I recommend it.

Gadajace glowy

Very Captivating.
This one I think either the very first, or one of the first films by Krzysztof Kieslowski I had ever seen and I remember thinking how incredible this was. So simple. No flashy camera work, three questions and some fascinating answers. Asking ordinary working people some simple questions and yet, you get more of an understanding of real life and the plight or happiness or torture or emotion of the human condition than you will find in any other film.

The end is even clever in that it leaves you not knowing whether to feel sad or happy.

I loved this film.

Only gave it a 9 because there really ever a ten?!


Not bad
OK. This movie seems to have divided opinion quite strongly around here! Which way am I going to go? I'm not sure to tell the truth. I have to admit to finding the movie a good entertaining afternoons watch. I have seen horror movies that chill me, make me jump, make me feel shivers. this was not one of them. However, it came close more than a couple of wasn't totally off the mark as some suggest in other comments.

It is quite hard to classify this film along with other like say, SAW or something along those lines, as this film had a good story, albeit clichéd, great acting and some brilliantly done effects made for the whole package. It all depends what you want in your package I suppose. (Ahem) If you want Jack Bauer in your package then here he is, acting well and bringing us a good all round entertaining horror movie.

Oh and the nakedness in the film is very sweet...indeed. I hadn't heard of Amy Smart until now but I just looked her up. She's a nice lady and she shows her bottom which makes the movie even better.

I gave this a 7 as I found it so entertaining but I wouldn't be surprised if most people rate it lower and don't think so much of it. It being sop clichéd etc, if you can't look beyond that then this IS NOT the movie for you. If you can then just go ahead and rent this - you'll enjoy it!


Unbelievable, Un-entertaining, unwatchable and Uninteresting
This film, was awful. I note how many comments are saying the same, that the film is awful, but, they are meaning it is hideous and gruesome and they seem to be saying it is very entertaining and awful. Sorry, it's awful but not in any kind of entertaining way. This film was so dull I actually wanted to rip my own skin and torture myself. The filming is very stylised and artistic, you could say. I appreciated that. Almost like 28 days later with the speed-ed up camera cut-shots all over the place. the sense of movement was brilliantly carried over to the viewer. However that's about where the praise ends. This film lacked so much and yet drew from many other horror movies that are good.

I'm not even sure where it went wrong. Was it due to the whole story being a cliché? I don't think so: 99% of horror movies are, yet they work! Was it due to the main characters being so weak and transparently unbelievable? In a word, yes. The stupid idea of some Nazi leader (I won't say any more, wouldn't want to spoil it for you) is such a pathetic part of the 'plot' that it only adds to the horror of the watching experience. There are only about two places where you might actually get a chill or feel scared but it quickly passes. The torturers are pathetic and just seem stupid with not much of a plot to work with. The tortured are uninteresting and, again, very unbelievable. This film stinks. To compare it like some have here, with Chainsaw Massacre or any other highly successful and entertaining movie is a folly. If you're reading this for advice then heed: AVOID.

Les anges exterminateurs

Quoite Arty but a bit farty too!
I gave this a 7. I don't agree with some of the comments here that it was a 'turkey' or a really bad attempt at an arty film. It was an arty film...but then aren't all French films? Hehe. This film does show some pretty erotic situations and, in a form of humorous way the director is playing with us. The scenes are being shot as a test for the actresses to show undiluted, un-acted true passion through orgasm on camera...and it really does seem that we, the viewers of the real film, are watching just that very movie. Clever stuff. That, however is unfortunately is as clever as it gets. The story moves along slowly but it is a nice and relaxed pace. Enough happens to keep your interest easily. .

There are a few holes in the plot; strange irrelevant people; twists; turns; ghostly figures that I could not follow, but that could have been a bad attempt at making it more 'Arty' as another commenter said. .

If I said any more I would have to use the Spoiler warning but I will leave it now. The stuff I mentioned already is in the trailer so not a spoiler!! . I would say Go and watch this movie. Just don't expect to completely understand it though.

I just HAVE TO say one more thing

The women and beauty you witness in this movie are, well, just that: Beautiful. . A pleasure! .

As for the debate on if it is porn or art. . It is neither.

It always confuse me, why we have this big 'downer' on sex, nudity and well, the discovery and display of the human body!

It is just life!

High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell

This is unmissable yet harrowing
While the other commenter got it right about this being a great documentary, I am almost insulted by the way he is so flippant about this film. This is one of the most, in fact THE most emotion-wrecking, harrowing, saddening documentary I have ever watched.

In my earlier days I used to move around places, living on the road, playing guitar etc. This lifestyle brought me into areas and situations not unlike the main premise of this film: In and around 'druggies' and living on the lowest rung of the ladder. I saw so many things, met so many people from freaks to weirdos to the worst drug addled morons you could imagine and yet, this film brought the true reality of the situation to me as if for the first time. It opens your eyes to what it is truly like for the individuals that have ended up being 'those druggies' that everyone knows of or might even have known at some point in their life. I was shocked that it affected me, after all I have seen and places I've slept, etc...yet I had -as I suspect most people do- just glossed over it and never really noticed the disintegration of the human condition as is presented to the viewer of this film. At the start you are not concerned for these people. You have the usual blinkers on and will most likely look at them with a sneer whilst considering switching the film off and doing something more worthwhile. Then, keep watching of course, you are taken in by the subtle and blatant situations and conversations of these three addicts. the pain and screams behind their eyes is regularly apparent throughout. You empathise at times. You get angry at them too. In effect, this film is so powerful because you become so involved that you really do care for these people by the end. You want them to clean up. You want them to do well. I would never laugh at this movie or describe it as a train wreck. I wouldn't want to watch such 'heavy' stuff very often either but I think it is good to be made aware of someone else's reality, especially if it is as common and cursed as the crack problems of the world. It wouldn't harm you to take a real look at it and see how stripped of everything a human can become - by their own making.

It is profound.

If ever there was a way of showing kids that taking (certain) drugs can do them untold harm, this movie is it. I wouldn't recommend showing it to young kids but, if my kid ever was suspected of taking any drugs (higher than weed I mean) then I wouldn't hesitate in showing him this movie. In fact I think I WILL show it when he is about 12 or 13.

This is a simple documentary with a basic camera following subject approach with the odd questioning from the cameraman/woman. It is probably the best documentary you will ever watch.


Greater Southbridge

Life takes all kinds
This film is about people. It is about life. I know that isn't as profound a statement as I am making out but, if you just watch this movie with an open mind and, possibly, an open heart, you will feel enlightened and a warm glow afterwards. This simple little film brings you the whole spectrum of emotions and almost has you crying more than once, although it is hard not to laugh at the characters and their ways...the Vietnam vet guy is particularly funny. yet even he has another side that you can't ignore: Who was he, why did he become the man he has become and even wonder what he might have gone through in wartime that possibly made him lose his marbles..? anyway I recommend this film to everyone even if you just want to see some 'crazy folk' and laugh. But it really does go a lot deeper than that so look closer.

Island of Death

Unbelievable and badly acted: A Poor Movie
I better start this by saying that I am no expert when it comes to the sleaze or exploitation movie genre. I didn't realise there was a specific genre for exploitation until recently but I suppose there would have to's obvious, just me being an idiot. This film, taken on it's own merits with no preconceptions about anything and only the knowledge that it was about a young couple who kill people on a peaceful island, was just what I was looking for. Something a bit like the old Lucio Fulci films I used to love when I was younger. Well this wasn't quite like those. Or it was, but only the ones that were complete trash like the Black Cat Fulci film that is a this! I don't want to spoil it for you so I won't be giving any details away but let me just sum up the movie: The acting is painfully baaaad. I know there are a million B-Movies and especially horrors that have acting just like this so I suppose you can expect it and may overlook it. Then to the plot. What plot? Then on to the dialogue. The dialogue?? Is there an actual worked out script or were they told to not say much and if anything came into their heads then just to mutter it and try and look convincing? The dialogue is poor.

There are a couple of scenes that trouble people it seems from reading the boards here; The 'goat sex' scene. The guy does apparently have it away with a goat but I can confirm to you that you do not see this happening and it is not happening for real (at least that is what I believe!). At least the film makers had the sense to use the Hitchcock idea that 'Suggestion is more potent than graphic display' -of certain shocking scenes in film. You still see him...his face..but try not to get too excited! Then he kills the goat by slitting it's throat. Again here the makers spare us the graphic details but what we see is a goat alive, a goat dead, with tomato sauce all over it. There is sex in the movie and the whole movie revolves around jealousy and to a certain extent, sex. Although most men will appreciate the beauty of the various topless shots in this film, overall it fails to be sexy. I don't think it aims to be sexy ALL OF THE TIME but I do think the director wanted to make you like what they were doing in order to shock you later. It failed miserably. When this movie is over you will return here and agree with what I just told you. You will also wish you had gone and watched something else like a good Lucio Fulci movie or something of the B-Movie genre that really grabs you! 2/10

Raining Stones

Real and Gripping - from 'the off'!
Watched this last night and, not having much expectations I was open minded. I recognised the lead characters name from Coronation Street so that made me wary right away. That UK soap opera has a way of making every actor on it look like a fool. It's the worst! Back to Raining Stones. I won't tell you all about the plot (like so many others here have done and filled their comments with spoilers..grrrr!) as you will get enough from the plot summary pages right here. I just want to write it up to help convince anyone that has come here, looking for a confirmation on the quality of this movie, to help them decide to watch it or not. Well, here goes: Watch it. From the very opening scene i was transfixed. There was plenty of humour (i don't mean 'gags', just real life situations kind of humour that made you laugh along with the characters or at their predicament which, often times, wasn't exactly funny! There was real character development in the way that only Loach seems to do. Reminded me of so many 'kitchen sink dramas' from the 60's to come out of UK: that low level realism and great dialogue that seems to be lifted right out of the street. You really do forget that this is a scripted movie you are watching at times. There is religion and a mans struggle to deal with certain feelings and emotions. The whole story is centred around the lead, bob, trying to save or earn the money to buy a dress for his daughter but believe me, that is not even close to what this movie is about. Definitely a watcher. DON'T MISS THIS ONE.

Simón del desierto

Fun and different - will leave you smiling!
This is the first film by this director that I have seen so maybe I have a lot more to learn, from what I have read it seems that way anyway. Let me comment on this one for now as it was really enjoyable and so different from anything I've seen before. The movie at first sucks you in with the well crafted atmosphere of days of old...biblical times. Very convincing and reminded me of some of those old movies that sometimes come on the BBC a la Sunday afternoon that no one bothers to watch and go on for about 4 hours. Without giving the story away, as there isn't that much to it, I will just say that all is not what it may seem. The main story of the religious man standing atop a column, resisting Satan and all her temptations is a generic tale but is done here with a very unique slant. I recommend this film! Leaves you smiling.

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