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Left Right Left

Solid plotline that crumbled later due to creative differences
If you have seen left right left back then, you can't just help but appreciate the freshness this show brought on television. It was a youth oriented series packaged as a drama for all the audiences at the primetime slot. There were many people who used to follow this show be it children, youth, adults or even old people. For any show or a movie, the basic thing that needs to work is writing, people mostly give credits to actors but they forget if the writing is bad, nothing can save a show which is exactly happened with this one after 200 episodes which is pretty much the same story of all daily soaps. Either you drag it or pull it off, these days channels have become impatient, they take off shows pretty quick but LRL was lucky in that sense, it continued to run with lower ratings for some time.

I liked the basic premise of the show, it was refreshing to see a female lead having an author backed role and having the whole story around her. the rest of the actors, supporting characters each of them did great job. The creatives took the show seriously and in no time it was one of the highest rated show on TV. But like most of the soaps, once the show crossed 150-200 episodes, it went out of steam. Worse, there were creative differences between the actors, crew and producers. Too many replacements and two three major actors were shown the door. If it was not enough, the show suffered with a great creative (Satyam Tripathy, who was initially the creative head and writer left the show midway) and it never came back on track.

There were several loose ends in the show. The Biggest Blunder they showed was Major Nair (Deepraj Rana) Who was a working agent for the mastermind MD Gehlot was seen continuing as the principal of KMA and the whole faculty respects him. WTH seriously! Whatever the fresh wave of new concepts of TV brought by star one shows and LRL was quickly put off. We are back to those silly dramas and it's been a while that I have even seen the face of teleivision.

So yeah thank you LRL for all the memories.

Love to Priyanka Bassi, Vikas Manaktala, Gazal, Harshad everyone...

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Unconvincing, cliched and badly acted!
Surprised to see this one attaining 7+ ratings on IMDB which frankly it does not deserve. There are much better films than this one which needs higher ratings. Had it not been for Shahrukh Khan, the ratings must not have been that high. First things first, the film's story is not even original. It's lifted straight from a track in the YRF produced film Aaja Nachle released a year ago starring Madhuri Dixit that failed.

Aditya Chopra himself had written the story of Aaja Nachle and when that didn't work, he went onto make another film borrowing a similar track from the film that featured a simpleton Vinay Pathak trying to woo his ambitious wife played by Sushmita Mukherjee. The wife finds her husband boring and in order to impress her he takes part in a dance competition and surprises her and win her love. The same story has been borrowed in RNBDJ but exaggerated and stretched to date.

The film doesn't have anything new to offer because it's so darn predictable you know how it shall end from the first frame. Secondly, its unconvincing. How does Anushka falls for her husband in a blink of an eye at the gurudwara and searches for god in him. If it wasn't enough, it was hilarious to find out that the entire city knows about the dual personality of SRK but not Anushka, even though she's shown to be a smart young woman.

Talking about the only few good things. SRK is superb in the nerdy role and gives his 100 percent but acts hideously as the alter ego Raj. He goes overboard in every scene, his costumes are also weird, doesn't make him look sexy or anything for a woman to fall for him. SRK is a legendary actor, he needs a great story. Anushka on the other hand, stereotyped herself in her debut film itself. And that explains why she had been doing those spunky, no-nonsense type of roles. Although she acted fine in this film and looked far more prettier than what she looks now.

Music is just about okay. The cinematography is also good. The film has been shot beautifully but the direction of Aditya Chopra disappoints. Still this one is far better than his last release 'Befikre'. All in all watch this film only if you are a die-hard SRK fan. Otherwise I don't see any reason to cheer for this film

Chai lai

The film is silly goofy fun, why so less ratings?
This film is incredibly silly, a spoof actually and that's why It's very enjoyable. You can't even take one moment in it seriously. You can analyse the absurdity of the whole plot when you observe the 10 year old girl has better martial art skills than the girl agents. Yes, its that's silly. The only complaint I have that the makers enforced a love angle between one of the agents and a guy. That was completely unnecessary. Another problem with the film that it has been promoted more as an action film than a comedy. It would have more popular had they just promoted as a spoof of Charlie's Angels. The acting, by each and everyone of them, is hilarious. There are three beautiful young agents joined by two middle aged women who provide plenty of laughs. I don't get why so many people rated it below 4, it should have got atleast 5+ so I rated it higher. Just don't take it seriously and you'll be fine

Razia Sultan

Distorted history, poor film but great musicq
This is an example of a stupid unimaginable piece of work by a great director having an amazing score. I can't believe how some people giving it rave reviews when it has clearly distorted history. Razia Sultan's romance with Yakut was a myth, it was cooked up the royalties of Razia's kingdom who were jealous of her reign and wanted her to bring her down. Also their main objective was to give birth to seeds of jealousy in Altunia's mind who was Razia's childhood lover and companion.

Mr Amrohi instead went onto make a film based on the affair of Razia and Yakut mainly because to cash on the popularity of Hema Malini and Dharmendra's onscreen pairing at that time. But you can't play with history to satisfy your disbeliefs. The result? the film bombed at the box office and rightfully so, I watched this film online and kept skipping for the sheer audacity it displayed onscreen.

The climax's simply laughable. Dharmendra as Yakut going on a killing spree to save Hema Malini from clutches of Altunia played by Vijendra Ghatge. Razia plays a damsel in distress and Yakut takes her on her horse and they rode off, it's left for the audience imagination whether she was killed or if they made their way to safety. Simply Stupid ! While in reality, Razia and her forces were captured by Altunia and Yakut was killed, later Altunia realized his mistake and they get married.

The next day they set off to get the throne of Delhi back where they encounter a huge force by Balram Shah. After a fierce battle, Altunia loses his life, Razia continues fighting but gets outnumbered and hence lay her life in the battle. Her story deserves a great film. Mr Amrohi has only insulted her Image and nothing else.

The only good thing about this film are the songs by Khayaam Sahab. They are unforgettable. Simply outstanding. Watch the film for just the songs if you really want to, otherwise go read Amar Chitra Katha comic of Razia Sultan that's far more interesting than this trash.

Student of the Year

SOTY2 makes the original look like 'Sholay'
I saw this film on my birthday on 7th of November 2012 and that time I simply thought it was a wastage of a film. A rip off of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander and wondered why the talented filmmaker Karan Johar did not opt for a better campus movie to launch the three youngsters. Anyways, the film did its job, it gave a perfect platform to the three youngsters to make their careers. That's it ! It serves no purpose as a film whatsoever.

However, the funnier part was that the makers actually went onto make a sequel for this movie, Ah..ah ! don't call it a sequel. A sequel is a continuation of a previous story to the next level which the new movie is not. So I would call it the second installment of the franchise. It released this year with Action star Tiger Shroff and is so bad that it succeeds in making the original look like a blockbuster movie. No Really! The biggest proof of that is that I am here after 7 years posting the review of the original after watching the new installment to take down its torture.

The concept of original film has no novelty, its the same old rivalry between students, a love triangle, and a competition between them that is ruined by cliches and stereotypes. Picture this - the glamorous, rich and sexy girls can't participate in the Student of The Year Competition because it requires physical skills to perform. So they get ousted in the dance competition so they don't get to perform in the races and cycling. LOL seriously! And yeah there's a tomboyish girl and no prizes to guess she gets qualified in the last round only to get beaten because of course she can't win.

In Karan Johar's world, clearly your biggest crime is being poor. All the actors that plays friends of the rich brats want to be in their exclusive clubs to get benefits for life. Even the leading man of the film wants to become a millionaire, and even though he hails from a middle class family he can still afford the brands, leave the brands too, if he doesn't have anything to wear, he flashes his swanky black trunk while coming out of the beach. This is Johar's world for you.

Anyways the biggest thing that saves the original is its sense of fun. It does not want you to take anything seriously. Just laugh and have a good time but you don't expect a product like this from a Karan Johar directorial. Most of the critics have hailed the three youngsters the best thing about the film and said that they make the most out of it. I agree partially. Malhotra, Bhatt and Dhawan give their best and their hardwork shows. But to say they held the entire film on their own is not entirely true. If you actually give the film entirely on their shoulders, you would know that they still got plenty to learn. It's the key supporting players who elevates the film to greater heights.

The actors who plays friends of the three are very well cast and entertains you throughout, I can't recall their names but Sudo, Jeet, Shruti(Mansi Kacch) Tanya (Sana Saeed) Dimpy ensures that you have a good time. The veterans are superb too - Rishi Kapoor steals the show while Ronit Roy brings dignity to the role in the coach's role, Ram Kapoor is efficient as the stubborn businessman father, while others lend good support too. A special mention for Manini Dey and Farida Jalal's cute banter.

All in all, I just want to say this film served no purpose when it was made but since they have actually created a new and a very bad installment, you might end up watching and liking the original even more.

Student of the Year 2

Recycled Trash
OK first things first, some reviewers have said that the people who have disliked the film are jealous of Tiger Shroff? seriously? To Tiger's Credit he has done his job well, he's great at dancing and so in fight sequences but is it enough to make a great film? NO ! Sorry We are not in 80's where people would flock in theaters just to watch Amitabh Bachchan bashing a couple of goons. Audiences are becoming smarter and looking for better content.

And there's no content in SOTY2. This is a recycled version of the landmark bollywood film 'Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander'. Just add some random songs, different situations or scenes but the film is more or less the same. The original SOTY was nothing great but Karan Johar knows the pulse of his audience. He knows how to get them in theaters. So he provided the right dose of entertainment, skin show and songs and people somewhat did like the first part.

But Punit Malhotra is no Karan Johar. He has missed the mark totally. OK I get it that they wanted to throw a fantasy world of students right in front of us which we can accept given if we are really entertained, but where is the content? The reason why Baaghi series work because Tiger does exactly what he's known for. He's loved as an action hero but sorry ! how can he play an action hero while playing a student? And even if he does, the situations are hilarious to believe.

Secondly, both the girls are a waste. I don't understand about the appreciation Ananya Pandey is getting. All I could hear is the word 'duffer' from her mouth atleast 60-70 times in the film. She acts like a papa's princess which can be hardly called great acting. And for Tara Sutaria, oh boy! what were the writers thinking? The poor girl didn't even get a proper developed character so its hard to expect any great acting from her. She switches boyfriends in the film but is never really sure whom and what she wants.

The actor who leaves some what impression is Aditya Seal but then again even his character is riddled by cliches. Music is a Big Letdown. Not even a single song is worth remembering. Also the film drags in the portions between Tiger-Ananya-Tara. They just don't leave an Impact.

On the plus side, some scenes do make you laugh and they come mostly from Tiger's gang of friends. The scene at the pub in the first half and the second one when they ridicule Aditya Seal during the opening ceremony of The Dignity Cup. But they are very few and far in between.

Problem of the film is predictability, the same story we must have seen so many times before which is why the audience has rejected this recycled piece of trash and rightfully so. And it's high time our producers should empower good writers who can deliver good stories and directors with better execution

India's Most Wanted

Arjun Kapoor should RETIRE
This film could have been so much better had they really invested great actors into the project. They took Arjun Kapoor who looks overweight and completely disinterested into the role and does not have any acting skills to boast of. He has survived on YRF projects initially but now people just do not like or root for him. You expect better from a director of No One Killed Jessica and Aamir. You missed the bus totally this time Mr Gupta and as for Kapoor, I am already worried about the losses Ashutosh Gowarikar shall face after the debacle of Panipat.

The Tashkent Files

Shweta Basu Prasad should get NATIONAL AWARD!
The death of our PM Lal Bahadur Shastriji has enough mystery behind it and if a filmmaker decides to make a film on it, it becomes even more challenging. The concept itself is so intriguing that it has the power to excite people. However when you'r making a film and your characters are fictional, you have to be really smart to provoke the audiences in the correct manner.

The Tashkent Files is a movie definitely to be watched out for. First things first why, take it as a film, watch it as a film. Don't go into political conclusions that you want to watch it because you hate this party or that party. Naseerudin Shah has completely different ideologies with that of the director of Vivek Agnihotri. Yet he did the film because its a creative job. He's an actor first..and he praised the script as its well researched and layer.

Another thing, I don't like Vivek Agnihotri as a person frankly. He sounds more like a politician than a filmmaker and his social media handles show that he becomes way too aggressive to prove his point sometimes however, the fact can't be denied that he has made a great film. The effort his research team has put in the film displays his courage as a storyteller. Also, the commercial success of the film is another proof how his vision has been received so well.

But his biggest achievement is the cast that he has taken on board. Each and every actor gives a performance of a lifetime. Mithun Chakraborty, Pankaj Tripathi, Pallavi Joshi, Rajesh Sharma every actor has put their best foot forward. The committee scenes are extemely delicious and keeps you on the edge. The arguments seem valid and the discussions excite you. Only thing is the length that could have been trimmed. Also technically, the film suffers from quality. It shows the makers didn't have much of a budget but at the end, when the film's good enough, you may tend to overlook these things.

Now coming to the biggest PLUS of this film is the actress Shweta Basu Prasad. The way she takes the role of a journalist is like a fish takes to water. Her character has her own journey which starts from a journo hungry for fake scoop to realizing the respect for Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji. She has a meaty role and she takes the opportunity with both her hands and gives out a GOLD performance. Kangana Ranaut it seems now have a competition this year if Award juries taken Shweta's acting seriously. She should get a national award. In the climax especially, she takes your gut out. Simply mindblowing.

And for some people complaining that all actors went over the top in the film, well it was the nature of the film, the content should be provocative enough to bring you to the theaters and send you home satisfactorily. I think the success of the film in this manner speaks for itself.


Good performances alone can't salvage a film
Watched it in theaters finally and it's not as BAD as it is made out to be. Surely, the minuses for me are the same - length, hardly any story, only costume designs and huge sets on display. The film's mediocre considering the budget however, what saves the film to a major extent are the performances. I'm no Varun Dhawan fan but would still say he has done a nice job. He has intensity in his eyes and revenge on his mind. His character has layers but they all crumble in the second half. Alia looks beautiful, but here she is not Impressive as her role does not allow her to show histrionics. It's all there but doesn't come out totally. Aditya Roy Kapur is fine but his character runs on one single narrative. Sanjay Dutt, despite a short role looks convincing in his part but he doesn't have much to do. You could expect the makers to show his weakness, motivations, guiltyness but that doesn't happen. He's a talented actor and they wasted it totally. Ditto for Madhuri Dixit, its a pleasure to see her onscreen and her character has a lot in herself like pain and anguish but again, it's all inside..nothing surfaces on the screen which is why you feel cheated and disappointed.

But the biggest problem in this film is lack of Romance. Varun's character has been shown a casanova but once he falls in love there's hardly any romance. It does blossom but does not reach a conclusion. The same story we might have witnessed in so many movies earlier. The Audiences have become smarter and Impatient.

Anyways the plusses of the film are music, some dramatic moments and the climax. Its a one time watch but you don't need to go to a theater and buy ticket for it. Can be enjoyed on digital. But it's a lesson for the filmmakers out there to not compromise with the content any longer

Maine Dil Tujhko Diya

No words to describe this mess
When a superstar's brother makes a film to make himself a superstar by directing, editing, shooting, acting in short doing everything in the entire movie and that to say he's just plain bad, you can expect the horrendous results. I have been through this torture on satellite cable and just wonder how people must have survived this mess in the theater. It was a box office anyway

Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi

Best Film of The Year !
Its strange that it took so long for a film to be made on Rani Lakshmi Bai. Although, there is a film made in 1953 but that version is rather forgettable. This film is an absolute delight. Kangana Ranaut is totally on fire in this one. Other actors have also done an amazing job. The cinematography is brilliant and music is effective by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. The only hiccup is I felt they could have added some more battle scenes, especially there's one scene in the final battle where Lakshmi Bai initially defeats the British. But that is not an issue. It's a must watch fro every Indian. If you have skipped it till now, do watch it and if you are giving it a skip, you 'r making a huge mistake. This is definitely the best film of 2019.

The Meg

Given almost everything in the Trailers
Ok..this movie is a big blunder. Not just a blunder but a fake ad campaign to bring you in theaters in bait of a good shark movie. But let we warn you, if you have followed all the trailers of this film vigorously, you are in for a major disappointment in the theater. Of course ! If you are a Jason Statham fan, there are couple of cheesy action scenes to entertain you but what about those who would come for the shark.

First things first, there is no horror, no chills, no excitement or even thrill to begin with. There's not even a single scene in the film where you would jump with excitement and cheer for what's going on. Some reviewers and fans are really funny, comparing this film with Jaws. Comeon ! I'm unlucky enough to born in 1985 and in a foreign country who could not get a chance to experience the terror of Jaws on big screen celluloid. I am just hoping and praying if the film can release here in my country but that looks tough.

Coming to The Meg, it's not even a patch. 10 Years people will forget this film pretty sure even if its sequels would continue to drop by. In comparison, The shallows and 47 meters down with low budgets have enough chills and scares against this giant budget fish film.

The biggest mistake/drawback/weakness that made me really mad that the makers have dropped every damn shark scene in all the trailers/tv spots/ promos. Like I said earlier, If you have followed them all, you'll find there are hardly any new shark scenes in the film except the climax may be or here and there. But everything is in the trailer, so if this is it, why should I pay a good sum of bucks to watch the same thing on celluloid. I can wait for the digital release.

I think the film has now exhausted its run of course if anyone of you planning to go to watch it. Better save your money. A DVD is much preferred in this case.

Avengers: Infinity War

Packs a Solid Punch before the ultimate finale
This movie is beyond awesome, and I call it awesome not just because I have to, as so many people have liked and given crazy 10 ratings. I genuinely feel it is. I think the Russo brothers have done a commendable job in bringing so many superheroes in one film and Indeed it must have been crazy. One wrong move and it could just go wrong. Remember how Spiderman 3 and The Amazing Spiderman 2 went wrong in the similar manner. The directors just couldn't work with the idea of using multiple villians in the script. Thankfully that does not happen here. There are many superheroes and many supervillians and works just fine. Credit should go to screenwriters because the main job is always handled by them.

The biggest strength of this film is that you don't have to watch the previous MCU movies to understand the storyline. urrmm..ok you must watch some movies but not entirely because I haven't seen myself. And it was one of the reasons why I was a bit doubtful whether I would like the film or not as I am having the lack of knowledge. But the makers have pulled off a superb job. The film is so gripping from start to finale you won't even care what happened previously. Every character is well defined and moves you. Heck! didn't even watch the two galaxy movies before this film but still could understand everything. That's the magic this film got.

People hating on the ending especially on Quill's part is childish and annoying. Quill loved Gamora to the extent that he could not lose her. His action was understandable and inevitable. Ditto for the part of Thanos, He had to be victorious, and its fine considering the next movie is coming next year (fingers crossed)

Coming to performances, everyone has given their best foot forward. But I have my favourites. Josh Brolin as Thanos dominates the show with a commanding presence and engaging act while the best performance comes from Zoe Saldana as Gamora, She moves you completely and takes this film to an time high, kudos to the makers who thought of giving her such a strong arc this time. The next day I watched Both guardian movies and her performance in those films were nothing to write home about. So yeah ! Gamora rules

Next comes Okoye, she was simply fantastic as the General of The Wakanda Army. Her role is quite short but she manages to make a mark ditto for Nebula who is striking in a small role. Emotionally distraught, she is ready to take on her evil step father even if it means her death. Last Comes Black Widow who sadly didn't get much to do not even proper fight scenes she is known for. But her presence is enough to ensure light. Rest all were great. I wouldn't call this one a masterpiece but its certainly a great piece of cinema. Go Watch it !

Black Panther

A Complete Satisfying Superhero Experience
Wow wow wow ! What I am really seeing on the first few pages of the review thread of this film. So many negative reviews and most of them coming from a viewpoint that the film has been overrated by critics. Seriously ! when you buy a ticket, you never really ask a critic for consideration. Sometimes you enjoy even the worst movie in theater. Judging on the basis of Critics's opinions seems dumb and totally childish. Anyways this is my opinion. I recently watched the film and to be really frank, had not really bothered about the reviews. I would have watched anyway even if they were negative.

Like all Marvel Superhero films, Black Panther follows the traditional route of Good Vs Evil but with style and substance. It's not a flawless film. The pace dips many times in between and the editing could have been crisper. The CGI also looks unimpressive at many places. But this film truly belongs to its actors. Each and everyone of them is an absolute marvel on Screen.

However, the two actors although very good and performed extremely well didn't leave a lasting Impression I was expecting throughout. Chadwik Boseman (Black Panther) and Letitia Wright (Shuri). The latter's performance has been applauded like crazy and I found her overrated. Don't even understand how she's given more Importance that Okoye and Nokia who were far better etched characters than her.

Anyways Micheal Jordan is simply superb as KillMonger. Hope he now has understood that he suits the image of a larger than life supervillian than playing a dumb Johnny Storm in fantastic four series. I also felt they could have avoided Morgan Freeman's Ross character as he barely has much to do. The action sequences, fights are another highlight. The choreography is simply stunning.

For me the stars of the show are Danai Gurira as Okoye and Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia. Both are extemely brilliant actresses. For the previous, she has such a commanding presence on screen and her dialogue delivery is top-notch. Although she remains tough, she comes alive even in small emotional bits. The Latter nailed the part of Nakia with great balance of vulnerability and emotions. Both the characters stay with you even after the screening has concluded.

I really enjoyed the film, although this is not a perfect film by all means, but its a deeply satisfying superhero experience.


It's a good watch but inconsistent
I liked the series from episode 1. It's a fresh change from usual over the top sexual comedies that are plaguing the Internet today. It's totally youth oriented and it can be enjoyed by both the sexes. My only problem is with the makers that they are quite inconsistent with the series and do not deal with it properly. After 3 episodes, the series stopped and there was no confirmation whether it would return for another season or cancelled halfway. I really don't follow their other series so I don't know if they follow the same procedure with others as well. The second season came out after one full year. And even second season the run is not smooth either. At the end of 2nd episode, they notified the audience about the next episode coming on 17th August and here I am writing this review and there is no episode uploaded today, and no idea about the date or their consistency. However, the content is really good and the girls are great actors and they look appealing as well. Srishti Srivastav's comic timing is impeccable. The only one who can match her level is Nidhi Bisht who is the director of the series. Ronjini brings a pleasant surprise in this show after her saucy act as Zara Ahmed Khan in TV show Paanch. A show that is still remembered. Prajakta Koli was very good in Season 1 and no doubt she is being missed in Season 2. Akansha Thakur has replaced her and although she plays it sober. She will definitely catch up. All in all this is a good series but too short and inconsistent. If you can keep up with it, you will be just fine.


Not just an Underworld or Gangster film
Satya has been regarded one of the finest films of Indian cinema. No doubt, everytime I hear about it, people regard it as an underworld or a gangster film which is unfair and unjustified. Reason? Satya is not about underworld but the story of a poor innocent immigrant who comes to the city of dreams to earn an honest living but tragic consequences lead him to become one of the most dreaded gangsters. The film no doubt, is based on the underworld yet it sticks to the story of the man that becomes a gangster and even tries to quit the world of crime for the sake of woman he loves.

I don't understand what has really happened to the once maverick director Mr Ram Gopal Verma who have given the Industry some amazing films like Rangeela, Kaun, Ek Hasina Thi, Ab Tak Chappan, Jungle, Company and of course Satya. I have been a huge fan of his work in the past and it feels sad that he has lost focus in the craft he once mastered at. Anyway Satya shall remain his finest work.

It's the most realistic take on the world of crime. The film was made with the tight budget and hence it adds up to the realism with the absence of glitz and glamour. There are few scenes in the film where you may question the logic of the makers but it has been shot so amazingly that you would not blink your eye during the proceedings. It's a must watch.

Performances are Top Notch. The star is of course Manoj Bajpayee who steals the show but let me put it here that JD Chakravarthy wasn't any less either. I have read reviews including some on IMDB where people have complained about Chakravarthy's performance and called him 'average' at everything. Perhaps people could not understand Satya's character. RGV wanted a south indian actor who doesn't show much of expressions yet has the feeling of anger like fire. JD has done complete justice to his character and It feels bad that he hasn't gotten his due as a performer.

Urmila Matondkar is simply superb, she is my favourite actress and I have grown up watching her films. Her innocence and refreshing presence are the only bright spots in this out and out dark edgy film. She is simply outstanding in the climax sequence. Ditto for Shefali Chaya who was exceptional. Just a small complaint that makers didn't bring her up for the reaction after the killing of Bhiku Matre.

Music by Vishal Shekhar was a rage at that time, I still remember. Sapne Mein Milti hai is still popular. But it's Sandeep Chowta who has done a remarkable job as the composer for background music. Saurabh Shukla is excellent as usual . Paresh Rawal in a small role is very effective as the Commissioner of Police. The other actors have nailed their parts well. Satya is a film that should not be missed. It's a hugely recommended film for the subject it takes, the execution and the reality it shows. Go Watch it if you haven't.

Wake Up Sid

An Underrated Classic !
Let me be honest at the very outset, this film has its flaws. several portions could have been edited out to make it more Impactful. The real rating for this movie shall be between 7-9 but I am settling for nothing less than 10 because it's the objective of the film that delivers successfully and it's truly satisfying. The movie has a tremendous repeat value and if you watch it over and over again, you wouldn't mind giving it a 10/10 yourself.

The biggest victory in this film belongs to first time director Ayan Mukherji who struck gold. He's also credited with the story and the screenplay. It may not have great novelty to begin with but it does have freshness. The film seems like a cross product between the lines of commercial and parallel cinema which is great. Especially when it comes from a production house like 'Dharma' which is only known for producing over the top glossy commercial flicks.

The story is simple. An aimless young brat Sidharth Mehra doesn't know how to take his life further as he has been born with a silver spoon. His hard working rich dad does everything to fulfill the demands of his son but expects him to grow with life which he doesn't. He shares a bitter sweet rapport with his mom and a great bonding with his two pals - Rishi and Laxmi. Sid confesses to enjoy his dad's money as long as he can till it lasts. In short, he's happy living being an aimless life.

Things take a different turn when Sid meets an aspiring writer from Kolkata who has just arrived in Mumbai - Aisha Banerjee. Aisha is an independent, career oriented girl who has her dreams and goals to fall back on. Just the opposite of Sid. Sid gets instantly drawn towards the dusky beauty as he can't help but admire her guts. He helps her setting up her house, her job everything. Sid's closeness to Aisha reaches a point where he has to take shelter at her house after leaving his own house following an argument with his parents.

Aisha treats Sid as her best friend. But for Sid she is his muse, an Inspiration. To prove himself worthy for her, Sid slowly transforms into a responsible, caring, mature young man who also sets out to become Independent. Aisha realizes Sid's potential and her feelings starts to grow for him. Sid manages to confront his parents and win their love again. He is called back home.

Aisha gets heartbroken to know that Sid would leave. She lends her frustration out but Sid is incapable of realizing her feelings even though he loves her dearly. Following an article in the magazine where they both work, Aisha confesses her feelings for Sid through the Article to the entire world. Sid gets moved by this and reaches out to Aisha and confesses his love for her and its the end.

Ranbir Kapoor is one of the brightest stars of Indian Cinema and there are no two doubts on that. The way he brings depth, innocence and warmth in his character, you just can't imagine any other actor doing that. But the film also belongs to its other cast members who are beyond fantastic. Imagine any other actress than Konkona Sen Sharma in the role of Aisha? You just cannot. She's simply outstanding. Additionally, since this is a dharma production, she has been presented with cool outfits, make up and hairstyle. Those close up and moving shots, the makers make sure the lady looks gorgeous and yes ! she does...It's a winning performance and the soul of this film.

Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak are pitch perfect as Sid's parents. A special mention to Namit and Shikha Talsania who are excellent as Sid's friends. They look so natural and never go overboard. Mumbai has been covered beautifully by cinematographer Anil Mehta. Lastly Ayan Mukherji has made a brilliant product at such a young age. The way he has displayed maturity in his writing and execution for the subject is praise-worthy. This is a small, breezy, entertaining, light film. Do not expect anything else. Try this on a Sunday Afternoon and it will make your day. Dear Dharma Productions, we expect more films like these from you.

O Gujariya: Badlein Chal Duniya

What a Mess out of a Good Show!
This is a classic case of how you destroy a good storyline in order to get quick eyeballs. But not everything goes as planned sometimes your plan backfires which happened with this show. In order to increase the ratings, the makers changed the storyline and plot of the show so erratically that it hits you like a brick. The result? The show ended pretty much sooner even after the changes. The excuse given were the creative differences between the channel and the producers but who suffered at the end? The loyal audiences that were hooked on to this show since the start.

Now I am not gonna that the show was pathbreaking or very Interesting. It had a dated and cliched storyline and a sluggish place. But still, given the content that runs on Indian Television. It was a decent watch. The show spoke about women empowerment, friendship, moral values in good way. But the makers and channel never felt interested to give the show a chance to stand on its feet. Just two months, and you would know the show was taken off air. Whew ! This is one of the reasons why good content driven shows don't last long on Television. They don't have an audience and the cliched shows run for years. If you are sensible enough, save your time and look out for some other option.

The story is about an eighteen year old girl who comes back to her town with vengeance in her heart. She has to avenge those people who wronged her father, framing him to be a traitor while he was a good IAS officer serving the nation in Ammunation Factory of Jabalpur. The men in question are his father's best friends who happens to be the trusties of the same college the girl takes admission in. This is of course the same college her father had graduated in and she must become an IAS officer like him to prove his innocence.

Meanwhile she befriends two girls who happens to be the daughters of the same two men. Initially they hate each other and it takes a lot of time for them to become friendly just like it goes in all shows. Anyways three guys enter the picture who serve mostly as a filler for love stories. All three guys study in the same college and predictably so, all three falls for the young women. But out of 3, only love story takes shape (Kabir and Natasha)

The show gains pace when Vaibhavi pushes her planning to fast mode. Before you know it, if she would be successful, the lead actress of the show gets replaced and another walks in. Reason? her angry young woman character didn't identify with the audiences so they made her a sober and soft girl. Fair enough? Even if it takes time to accept her, she still looks OK. But all breaks loose when they replace even the lead actor. His character had known about the girl's identity and It was Important that he had stayed. There was no official confirmation whether he was replaced or quit the show but he was OUT.

A Guy with an attitude of a Goon enters the show. Now he is the production house favourite and they thought it was great to have him in the show so it will become a HIT show now. Now the story was changed. They showed scenes including violence, there was even a scene where the guy slaps the girl or twists her hand or something like that. It was horrible. Within 20 days, the news broke out the show was coming to an end citing the differences between the channel and the show makers.

Now what would you say? they could have ended this show as a mini series instead. But good content only lives in dreams. On television, it is sold, if you are buying the makers are happy and if not. Then be ready or either a replacement or a closure. SIGH

She Spies: Date to Mate
Episode 5, Season 2

Good Episode from an under-appreciated series
She-Spies is one of my favourite TV programs. The plot of three beautiful women fighting crime is enough to have me convinced to watch but this was witty, funny and cleverly written. However, for some reason, the makers toned the humor down in the second season which was a little bad but still the series was still watchable and definitely deserved more seasons.

Talking about this episode, it happens to be one of my favourite from the show because it has good action and the pace is fast. it keeps you on the edge thinking what is going to happen next. DD Shane and Duncan visits a reality show as an audience when a group of terrorists attack the studio and take everyone including the she-spies as hostages.

Now She-Spies must use their intelligence and brains in order to save the hostages. The episode still has some humor which shall remind you of season 1 but this season takes itself seriously unlike the previous one. All in all this is a pretty good episode, some good fights and the suspense is pretty slick. However at the end of season 2 the makers didn't know how to take the season forward and started using flashbacks of season 1 in their stories which was very bad and enough to put the audiences down. But this is one of the best episodes from the series and you must watch it.

What's Your Number?

Love vs Sex
OK let's get something straight. The film isn't great. The plot is quite simple. A woman has had a number of relationships and now wants to settle with one of them considering they must have gotten better with time. But things do not work out for her when she finds that most of them are either still douche-bags or not her worth. To help her in this cause is her neighbor Colin played by wonderful Chris Evans who plays another douche sleeping with a new woman everyday. When Ally played by Anna Farris rejects his advances, he ultimately realizes over that he has fallen for her and wants to settle with her and Guess what, the woman starts feeling the same and they end up happily. Quite a simple show BUT I do would say that this isn't that bad considering the criticism It has received. The film surely has its moments. The sad thing is the makers didn't invest much into the characters. This has been projected as a romantic comedy but unfortunately there's hardly romance between the leads and there's where the film goes wrong. I saw this film because of Chris Evans as he's my favorite actor. I hadn't seen a single of Anna Farris hence I didn't know about her.

But the film is about her and not him. He plays her love interest and his screen time too is apparently shorter. But to compensate this, their chemistry is nice. Anna Farris is good in a couple of times but sometimes she goes over the top and too loud. Other characters are well etched and acted nicely. Special mention to Ally's mother - She is hilarious. Her dad and her friends are good too. Her Sister Daisy and her relationship with her lover is well etched. The feel of the film isn't bad at all. It's only few moments that do not leave an Impact which is why you feel bad.

The biggest drawback is where Colin immediately falls for Ally. If a man's already sleeping with women everyday and if there's something that is influencing him in form of a woman IT would take time for him to change his ways but Chris falls for her in one day and has a heart change. OK Even if we consider this, It wasn't that affecting. However the scenes between them particularly the basketball scene and the others that follow are nicely pictured. Music is effective. Every song almost leaves an Impact and that really goes into the favor of the film. Special mention to Neon Lights that play at the end.

The film's thought however is noble. Love's better than everything. Sex only gives you satisfaction till you realize the Importance of being with someone and spending time with them. The only wish if they Invested more into the subject. The film could have been really really awesome. But still it's good. Definitely a one time watch. My Pick scene from the film is when Anna and Chris are engaged in a brief fight. Their emotions of the characters truly come out in that.

My rating 6/10


Sharks not scary enough!
Ever since I seen Jaws, I had been always looking out for Good Shark movies. Unfortunately, this couldn't happen, which is rather surprising. Even with the best CG and filmmaking techniques, not even a single decent shark movie could surface up. The only exceptions have been Jaws 2 and Deep Blue Sea but they are far from what Jaws gave us. Apart from the sharks, the stories too have been a little off the mark and the characters not helping either. It has been a long long wait for that Great Shark film. Anyways cut it off to business and talk about Bait here.

OK there is not much heat while discussing about this movie. The plot is rather simple – Some people from different paths of life walk into a supermarket like a normal day. Everything seems normal when two thugs attack the store for money and a tsunami storm strikes into the store and messes everything up. The store has now been flooded with double trouble – Water and Sharks. Now it's all about the survival of the few people against the sharks and how they finally save their butts. Performances are just about OK. Xavier Samuel acts decent and the supporting cast just supports well. Bit surprised to see Julian McMahon, who has been a part of A list films like Fantastic Four. The Special effects are OK, and some thrills do deliver. All in all it's just about an OK film. It can be called better in terms of comparison with other low grade shark flicks like Megalodon and Shark Night. The biggest disappointment in this film, I would say were the lacking of sharks to scare the audience. It seems they were taken straight away from the sets of Jaws 3.

Every time a Shark opens its mouth, there lies all the scary moments. We don't need to remember what Jaws did in this department. On that front, the sharks in 'Bait' disappoints even if they carry so much blood in their mouths compared to other movies. All in all would give it a fair 5.5/10. Heard they are making a sequel and I hope this time they would come up with a fine thriller.


Get yourself Pushed !
OK, let's get something straight. This movie got a lot of negative reviews and not a commercial success either. Then what is so great about this film? Well I think Its a good film. And I am not pleased by the Idea of almost every movie pulling it down by saying that 'It just doesn't make any sense'. Well the first premise of every movie is to entertain the viewer first. And this movie did that for me. Actually more than that. Its no masterpiece material but the environment where it is set in, gives a raw, real edge to the characters that you sometimes root for them even if it is not believable.

Push works on many levels - The plot is actually Interesting as it doesn't boast of providing superhero cartoonish characters, Instead some ordinary people with their undeveloped super human abilities who are on the run for their lives. These characters have some special Identities as well. Watchers who can see the future, Movers can move objects with their minds. Pushers can push their own thoughts into other's minds and make them believe what they want them to believe. Stichers, bleeders, Shifters, Sniffers it goes on and on...You must watch the movie to know more.

Performances are almost Top Notch. Djimon Hounsou as Henry Carver makes up for a Great Villain. The Supporting Cast is great too. However, Camilla Belle disappoints as the spark required for her character is missing. She looks gorgeous though.

Chris Evans is great and you can't picture any other actor playing Nick Grant with such ease. He packs the punch of a great action hero and has more to show than his 'Good Looks'. He alone makes this film a worth watching experience.

But the Show Stealer is obviously the Amazingly Talented - DAKOTA FANNING. you can't Imagine anyone playing a 13 year old watcher with such conviction as Dakota does. She grabs your attention from the beginning where she explains about the characters in the titles. She has the biggest mission to settle in this film and she connects with characters one by one to achieve an Impossible triumph. She owns Cassie Holmes.

Also would like to mention the film stands on chemistry of Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning. Their chemistry is adorable and even though the pairing is very much unlikely. 14 year old with a 27 year old guy (in 2009)It is remarkably effective. Their first Interaction, Dakota Getting drunk..and sharing a warm goodbye hug makes it all a great viewing experience. Too Bad ! the film didn't work because most of the people who might have seen Push would be expecting a sequel but due to its under-performance at the box office. It looks really difficult now.

Push is definitely a Worth One Time Watch. and chances it might grow on you. Except the climax which was disappointing. May be they left it out for a sequel which might not happen. But you can surely get yourself PUSHED once with this one.

The Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan steals the show - Completely !
I saw this movie recently and there is no doubt that Vidya Balan Steals the show completely. But there is more to her bold skin show, non stop sexually filled dialogues, and fake orgasms. She lives a woman who is determined to make it big at any cost but she has a heart too. She is in love with an ageing superstar who is already married and set new records in affairs with women. She also comforts his brother who apparently is in love with her, but fails to understand her when she hits low. She is a center of hatred for a Director because Initially she is held responsible for destroying his career. But Little does she know that she holds a special place in his heart which later turns into love and he becomes her real 'Man'.

OK let me tell this straight, The Dirty Picture is not an extraordinary fare that can it a memorable film for decades. It has its share of flaws and sometimes it goes beyond to provide shock and sex value. There is nothing new that has not been presented on screen before. But What makes it a delight to Watch is Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin and Emraan of Course. But I can understand very well the intentions of filmmakers that they had to put the entertainment value to receive bonus points. The same thing Naseer says to Emraan in the movie that 'Good Movies can make names in film festivals but can't get success in theatres.' Because they need masala. And which is exactly the reason reviewers have been a little hard on the movie but it a got thumbs up from the audience. Mission Accomplished LOL !

I read some reviews where people said that Emraan - Vidya's track slows the narrative and is boring. I completely disagree on this. When you watch the movie then you will realize that Emraan's character has been perfectly matched with Vidya's character because at the end he was the only one who could understand her but he couldn't propose her. The time Silk realizes when she is in love she gets doomed. That's life, That's tragedy. There is no sudden change of heart, Silk always had a place in his heart but he showed his hatred in public only. He was smitten by her beauty but her speech at the award function makes him realize that she does not do all this intentionally. Its what 'they' wanted to her do - they stands for the filmmakers and the audience.

And I also would like to disagree with people who ever calls Vidya vulgar or offensive. Because She is the only one which brings class to the show. And I think the reviewers on IMDb who has written her cheap, turn off etc must be hired by Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif. Vidya has been showing middle finger to these ladies for three consecutive years. its high time that these ladies first learn to act in their movies. Coming to Vidya again, she is marvellous because she has surrended herself completely to the director which is a very brave step that any actress would think twice or thrice before doing. But having said this, she is dignified. Watch her in the scenes where she exposes the mindset of people and dirt at the award function. The scene where she performs in a song with the hunter to get attention. Her scene with Emraan in second half on the beach where he starts to like her. The scene where she stops the traffic to destroy the journo's party although kissing the lame Tusshar Kapoor was a turn off, but superb scene in total. Vidya does a 'manly' job in the movie which is admirable at the same time demands a standing ovation. Please watch it for Vidya, She just doesn't bare it all, she performs too with Conviction.

Joan of Arc

Remarkable Experience of A Journey of The Legend !
its always difficult to make movies on history. Especially when you don't have the exact facts related to it. But if you make a movie with a right blend of all the ingredients of film making, it does the trick. 'Joan of Arc' is one such film that deserves a standing ovation. When you are watching it, the feeling is quite authentic and you really feel for the characters. I saw this when I was around 14 at a TV Channel, That time I hardly paid any attention but the movie did strike in my mind. And several years later, I got the movie on DVD through a friend and I watched it and this time I was blown away. I am always in love for historic characters especially the ones who achieve martyrdom at their early age.

The Performances are extraordinary. LeeLee, the actress who plays the title role really looks the part and delivers a marvelous performance, sometimes you may find that she is lacking the expression field, but the feel of the film makes you forget everything. Every other actor has done his/her job brilliantly. The Music is Epic. It glorifies the movie even more.

One thing that made me shocked that this movie wasn't a theatrical one but instead made for TV. I think this movie deserved to be on the theaters, as It deserved to be. After Watching this, I want to salute the spirit of 'Joan of Arc'.


Point out a single 'Good' thing about this Film and get paid from me.
I seriously don't know what to say about this highly disastrous movie ever made in Indian Cinema. Seriously where are we heading to? Is this a movie we are taking to raise our bars in International Markets. Then its definitely the biggest joke I have ever heard.

Liking an actor and Liking a film are two different things. Wish Shahrukh Khan had realized this and made a movie ahead of his caliber but unfortunately it comes nowhere to the work he has done before.

Seriously I couldn't understand the reviews giving 4.5 stars to this DUST. *Face-palm*. What makes a good superhero movie? Good VFX and a great story. Sure this one has some limited but good special effects but what about the story man? Where was it? Also a story is required that could bring out all the emotions together. This film evokes only one expression - laughter, poke and fun. A woman's husband gets killed but after one day she is seeing happily with a robot and her son and fighting the goons.

A superhero gaming character has to save a fast racing train to death. yet he saves it in the comical way ever seen. The background score of RD Burman's mixture of songs can be heard during his mission of saving lives and it gives us a proper picture that this film is just made to make fun of itself.

IF U JUST WANT TO ENTERTAIN...then why do you put so heavy amount of money on special effects just for this? If its all about entertainment then shahrukh could do this without going the superhero way, i am sure that movie would have made much bucks than this waste.

Sometimes when a movie is released, we often say don't believe the negativity just go and watch the movie, this time its just the opposite..if you want to go for a good movie than is definitely not that one. The first half of the film is somewhat tolerable, But believe me after the interval, You will beg God to finish it as soon as possible. If you don't believe me you can go through the experience yourself.

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