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  • Everything about this show is brilliant. Like others have said, it seamed strange setting it in this era but my god they got it spot on. The English dubbing is as good as you'll ever get and after the first episode you would almost think it was the original spoken language. The cinematic experience is on a par with the best of Hollywood when needed, and the attention to detail in the palace's and costumes is second to none. I used to watch the walking dead but the zombies became so slow and boring that I gave up on it. The zombies here are on a par with World War Z and then some, and just to make it more interesting they are also ever so slightly evolving through the show. In a nutshell... Its one of / if not the best zombie series I've ever seen and cannot wait for season 3.
  • This is most probably the best of the Popsicle films, though they are all class(1-6 movies, the others are not so good). The laughs come thick and fast and the soundtrack reaches its peak. Benji's parents have some great lines in this film and Huey's scene with them is still one of the funniest scenes I've seen in a comedy