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Incredibles 2

I-2 KILLED IT. Best sequel to a great movie I can recall
The adherence to the loving family theme just makes it more better. Characters are true and develop better. How they show family dynamics is excellent, the script was strong, effects for a cartoon are top notch.

I wanted to hide in my seat and watch it again. Excellent movie. Must watch !!


HATED IT, just more anti bigotry training
Was decent for the first few minutes then they started on the Orcs getting beaten on thing like they were animals bleeding and crying and poor orcs. The only victims in the country are those who watch garbage like this

How to Be a Latin Lover

Different funny with great characters and a great ending
My daughter wanted to watch this and the characters and story were so fun and engaging I ended up having a blast. Salma is as always superb and lovely. Eugenio was a riot, funny lovable and useless. The story was completely original and very funny which is rare.

Hollywood would like to think they have the corner on the world but truth be told Hollywood is run by the demographic committees. Thats what makes films like this one, so superb. Its just good fun with great characters a little lesson and a perfect ending.

I would even watch it again (don't tell anyone I said that)

Män som hatar kvinnor

This movie is superb start to finish
Trying different things I stumbled on TGWTDT subtitles and all. From the start I will have to admin I was intrigued which last all of a few minutes until I was flat out hooked. Noomi Rapace and Michael Nyqvist formed a super hero team, piloting us through this intriguing story or tragedy and fighting back. The two are such likable people even with all their other sides brings you into the story in a way only the best of storytellers can manage. BY the end of the play, I found myself rooting for them both so much I wanted to walk into the screen and be part myself. Not only is this a magnificent telling of a very difficult story, this is the movie that gave America Noomi. I can watch this over and over. Fantastic movie, one of my life's favs !!


A whole new kind of Hybrid flick
Forget the book version reviews, they like their own voice.

I was very surprised at this movie. The depth of the character development for animated people/animal things. The number of characters was complex but complimentary. The thorough plot and plot twists. And then the music, singing. Super heavyweight Jen Hudson, pros like Reese Witherspoon, Tori, Jennifer Saunders, John Reilly. The singing built up throughout. And shocker to me Scarlett Johansonn was awesome. Its got fart jokes, jiggly pig bellies, sad family tales and a really super ending.

Pay your dues, have no expectations, sit and enjoy. Sing my arse, they Jennifer Hudson'ed this flick. Awesome !!

Jupiter Ascending

I said WOW more times than any movie before
The critics leave out one very critical piece of information. To have fit so much story and so much action with so much new and amazing effects in so short a time is just short of miraculous.

To fit so much story it is a VERY fast moving plot. If you can't absorb complex plots quickly, you won't be able to keep up. To move from simple earth girl to universe royalty in 127 minutes is a huge undertaking and it was well done. When I read it was over two hours thinking it was only 90 minutes tells you how fast this movie goes by. Its an amazing ride!

The action is immense with breathtaking scenes just as ridiculous and unbelievable as the best Avengers, Matrix and Batman can come up with.Difference is the immensely advanced effects.

This movie moved the computer effects scale up several notches over anything I have seen and integrates those effects so matter of factly as to leave you in awe. I am still reeling at how much artwork went into this film. You become so used to the barrage of amazing vistas and generated imagery that you have to focus on the characters to keep from missing the story. Simply have to see this a few more times to get more of the awesome work done in this film. The break from the licensing sequence was fun and funny. The makeup and proppery of the alien characters and devices throughout is phenomenal.

The cost of packing so much into so short a venue is in the number of characters. There are fewer characters than a slow movie would have and the story is rushed to fit in a 127 minute film!! A sacrifice I am willing to take. Channing did an amazing job of legionnaire and While Mila's character is too casual about adapting to the universe she is always a lovely fun and absorbing actress!!

Huge plot holes in a 127 minute film that could have been 4 hours, gave it 9 of 10, but JA sets the bar for explosive fantasy sci fi films of this era. Wuchowski's skills are developing way past Matrix. Watch these guys, they have a monstrous future.

Thanks for the amazing film Gentlemen!! WAHOOOO !!


BEST Modern Godzilla, better than 2014
And thats including the 2014 version which had some moments but was pretty bad overall.

This Godzilla monster was the best believable version ever, as an irradiated lizard. The shape of the monster, his gait, motions and action were excellent especially weaving through the city in chase, superb. Digging under the city and getting lost was also a good idea. The French aspect taking responsibility of the disaster was an awesome addition and of course Jean Reno was superb, usually is.

This was great effects for its time, funny, super characters, worm guy, , Marie Petillo animal and his lady, funny comical and had a cliff hanger end.

Even the new Godzilla for all its expense is a terrible story with poor acting and stupid monsters it fights.

This is my favorite since the guy in suit Japanese movies.

American Sniper

PERFECT depiction of that war from the eyes of US Soldiers
We saw a small picture of that war from a US soldiers eyes. A very straight forward but gore removed version for the faint of heart. Apparently many well educated people fit this category.

Anything else hating war, Americans, guns, sand or camouflage clothes are not about this movie but from angry people who are free to write what they want whenever they want conveniently disconnected from how and why they have that kind of freedom.

Chris and many other soldiers lead a very harsh life trying to preserve the safe life of both people who recognize this and also people who live unaware of how fragile our safety is. The personal cost to our soldiers I have grown to respect even more with age.

Thankfully most liberals live in the cities the terrorists are likely to hit first. In other words gross ignorance may be self cleansing through evolution no matter how many safety nets our socialized nation has erected to support those burdens on society.

The Cabin in the Woods

One of my all time favs, super original, great characters, awesome ending
I CAN UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE COULD WALK OUT it took me about half an hour to get going since it is such an odd storyline but once I gotit, I was in love. The second viewing is immensely better since there is so much you need to understand to see what is actually happening

Very very funny take on the horror story where there actually was a purpose to the madness. Wonderful characters all throughout and the library of supporting monsters simple rocked. I would actually love a sequel where the "customers" liked the entertainment and forgave.

To have Cabin in the woods, Arkansas, Mexico City, Germany, Japan. The possibilities are endless.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Great start, odd turns in the center and completely miserable hack of an end
To have taken the Preeminent Fantasy story and hacked it up with additions of ridiculous things like an elf love story, dwarf/dragon action sequence was horrific. It is understood to summarize the story and cut off many parts but leave the main thread of the story. It is understood to take small, reasonable liberties with elements and creative license.

The entire dwarve dragon action sequence in the end was a detestable joke. I haven't bought this movie because it is so horribly distorted. The addition of Tauren and a love story to the story is as ridiculous.

Instead of becoming one of the greatest magical stories every told you've have hacked it up and maimed it. It is as forgettable as the cartoon hobbit. Absolutely Tragic. Mr Jackson needs to hang up his hat.


I have no idea what this was supposed to be
Other than a few names the boat and rain, this bore no resemblance to the bible story of Noah and the flood OR the fairy tale version. It was not an action movie, not a love story, not a drama, did not have a message. Christians would hate it, atheists would be embarrassed by it.

Russell Crowe rocks, Emma Watson is awesome, Anthony Hopkins is magical, IN ANYTHING ELSE. The lines, characters, action, all horrible beyond description.

Whatever went wrong with this movie should be the text book example of what can go wrong in a movie. Nothing is worse.

OMGosh. Throw it out.

House Hunting

very original idea but NOT worth watching, sorry
PROS it is an original idea, I've never seen another plot that is similar to the story line in this flick. The actors often do a fair job with weak dialog and scene construction, Sometimes the acting is very good. The story is very difficult to read into. it is not predictable in most instances. You do try and figure out what the ^&*% is going on with the characters. The end was strong

CONS it is too often slow the time-line is not believable, The story need more supporting scenes and less slow build up. It had more than enough slow scenes The story line takes a few odd turns that didn't seem to support it. For such an original story they could have easily blended int supporting scene content.

SUM A good idea that was not fully realized in the screen play We ended up FFWD to the end because it was so darn slow. Not worth watching the whole things through. Sorry

Un monstre à Paris

QUITE amazing in many ways
Clearly NOT an American production. The graphics are decent, the characters are fairly developed, the motions of the characters is a little stiff. SO why did I like it so much ?

The culture is very cool. The humor is subtle, you must pay attention. The hints woven throughout the story are subtle. The artwork arouns France is very beautiful. They paid super attention to foggy, turn of the century Paris. Nicely done

BUT the real magic is in the singing, music and dancing. The characters, particularly Lucille, come to life in the song and dance. Lucille's motions while performing are better than anything I have seen come from any other animated movie. The subtle swirl of her dress, her hips perfect movement in rhythm, her facial expressions, hand motions are immensely cool. My daughter and I cranked up the stereo and watched her first number several times over and over. If this is what we can expect from French animated movies. BRING IT ON.

Once you get past the rough edges of the character animation and some of the character development, the story and music have a pizazz dialed in that makes this a classic. VERY COOL. give 'er a spin.

Zero Dark Thirty

SUPERB portrayal of history. Riveting
In an age when so much of what we hear is intended to influence opinion, seeing a reasonable portrayal of actual history is a breath of fresh air. The brutal torture scenes (thats what it is) show reasonable free Americans getting whatever they can from people as brutal as they are naive and simple minded followers of the most mentally ill people in the world.

The dedication of our intelligence people is great to see portrayed clearly. Too often we hear the failures of intelligence without much support FOR them and their god awful lives and dedication. ZDT does a fair job of showing what kind of conditions they work in, often thanklessly and without any credit. I pray Maya's life after UBL is rich and rewarding. She deserves to coast for the rest of her life.

The SEAL teams who drop themselves in harms way with particular American humor and diligence are the best in the world. Not just their skills but their humongous selfless sacrifice. Their reaction to having gotten UBL is very real shock and awe at what they just did. When most of our leaders are actors and news organizations are special interest groups, seeing the VERYbest of the mankind in action is totally inspiring.


Total Recall

Not bad but compared to the original this wasn't good either
All by itself this wasn't a bad movie. Decent story, acting was OK, directing was kind of poor slow and uninspired. The changes in story would have been fine but not as motivating as the old version

Compared to the original Total recall and this movie pales in comparison. The original was fast moving, inspired, fun, funny, full of great one liners and strong well developed characters and exceptional acting. Lori is evil and sexy. Melina is amazing deep and so sweet. Quaid is confused angry and believable. Cohagen is nasty and ruthless. The goal of the first movie was so much better and acting was 10 times better than this 2012.

I watched the new one and immediately after the old. The old was so much more fun and entertaining. How could you lameify a story so much after having such a superb example to build on.

Total Recall 2012 is regrettable forgettable. BLAH

Red Dawn

Much better than expect. Excellent movie !
The first reviews were pretty negative so I expected not much. They must have watched a completely different movie than I saw. This was a great flick.

From the start the characters were well played, decent and believable regular mainstreet people. The attack happens quickly enough to keep you guessing. What at first seemed to be a ridiculously implausible attack is explained using technology so readily available today as to be very scary. I do computer security for a living and what is cited in this movie not only exists now in many ways it is a real threat. I read this movie was made two years ago and sat on the shelf. Whoever made the decision to halt this movie should be fired.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor) did a particularly fine acting job. His Thor and avengers fame was not luck, he is quite good. All throughout, the characters are very well developed, likable and believable. The situations they suffer through are real and the loosing battle situation they face is very likely. By the end of the movie I was still riveted and really fired up as was the rest of the theater, whistling and speaking out. I was not much a fan of the original but this was excellent. I loved it. Go see for your self


Entertaining, mostly excellent work with some things to ignore
The period history is exceptionally done. The amount of effort it took to portray the often brutal, calculating undercurrent and intrigue of the time was an excellent work. Visuals and acting is also mostly excellent. I was surprised how enthralled I became watching the very difficult and cruel life they lived. Costumes are excellent. Sets are excellent. Props and carriages and towns are excellently done.

What are a little odd for me are Elsebeths dreams. Even though I now recognize the coloration changes indicating her dreamstate it was sometimes hard to determine when she was dreaming and when not. This may have been intended as she had the same difficulty. The thing that did not belong at all in this movie was a very minor comic relief (yes comic relief) from the 2 monks who for some crazy reason had rollerskates, key wound power shoes and other technology that had no bearing on this movie at all. While the film is Czech and possibly "different" ,whomever had the idea to do this did not belong.

What was done nicely was the wrap up at the end of that Elsebeth was likely framed by the Hapsburgs. That to me is the most believable explanation of what she was accused of. To have killed 650 or even 50 maidens and bathed in their blood while everyone feared Gods wrath at every corner and everyone in the town would have know is a pretty ludicrous idea. It is more likely she was innocent and framed for her wealth and power. Worth watching for any history buff, but be forewarned, it is a long ride.

John Carter

Great Characters & effects, but please shoot the screen writers
I have read all the Mars books but I am no purist. The screen writers of JOHN CARTER unfortunately made a continuous stream of unbelievably horrid mistakes. The Princess of Mars book this was supposed to have been based on had way more than enough amazing scenes to fill a movie twice over. The writers added in parts of other books and flat out changed and created things. They totally over complicated what had been a grand and majestic story with heroic characters and amazing plot lines.

I can understand why people who had not read the books were confused by the disjointed and meandering story-line. But we who had read the books spent half the movie scratching our heads thinking, what they heck was that ? Thurns ? magic amulets ? WHAT the HECK ? The screen writers drank way too much Red Bull and were totally out of control.

John Carter was excellent Dejah Thoris was beautiful, mesmerizing and powerful but stop the whining and loose the brit accent. Tars Tarkacs was good. Sola was good. Woola rocked. But the only way for anyone to understand the story would have been to STICK TO THE STORY. NO Thurns, NO amulets, NO magic drink that teaches the barsoomian language. These were ridiculous decisions. AND OMGosh Dejah was NOT a scientist she was a gorgeous petulent Princess of Helium. Please publish who wrote the screen play so I can avoid any film they ever touch.

I am sorry but I am already waiting for the remake. The one where John Carter hears a sound behind him in the cave, is immobile and magically travels to barsoom with NO EXPLANATION GIVEN. It is called imagination. You know the Nation where you IMAGINE things ? SCI FY fans like that sort of thing. Its is why the books are called classic ?

Act of Valor

Fantastic move that has real meaning. I was amazed
I have never seen what our people can do like this before. I am amazed.

For all Hollywood's affluence and bravado nothing coming out of their best minds can touch what our real people do every day in horrible places.

The abilities, dedication and patriotism AOV showed are nothing short of miraculous. You can assume our best are smoothly operating, immensely skilled and beyond understanding patriotic, but until I saw it from THEM, I have to admit how humbling it was. Our people are simply the best ! God help anyone who disses them in front of me.

I can never look at military movies the same again. I now have a very small REAL idea of what military heroes are. Some silly Follywood action flick designed to relieve me of my dollars will just look laughable after AOV.

THANK YOU to all those who do this for us!


SO stupid we actually turned it off
I have always agreed with IMDb ratings until this movie. A 7 for this awful, childish silly stupid movie ? WOW

It started weird with a high school group who seem to get beat on by everyone and one geeky kid who is playing with his movie camera making us watch through that shaky "realistic" footage we are all tired of. This group of awfully silly giggly teenage boys climb down a hole to find a glowing rock wall that gives them telekinesis. They discover they have gained powers, so they juggle candy and Lego's and when they get more powerful they scoot a car in a parking lot so the owner has to goto a different space to find it again, giggling and cooing all the while.

It never occurs to them having powers like this is a life changing event, that the rock they discovered is an immense power of some kind. They just continue to giggle and play hokey stupid five year old pranks until one of them pushes a rednecks truck off the road with his mind. After almost killing the poor redneck it FINALLY OCCURS to them they may need some RULEs to help self control their super powers. Really ? All those stellar reviews must have been writ by dopey teenagers who would love to clean their rooms by just looking at them.

We shut this mess off. Way too childish and silly for a sci fi lover. It was such an incredibly stupid and simple minded screen play, it actually became painful to watch. I have always agreed with movies ratings on IMDb and this was a 7.2 when I reviewed it. OMGosh how could this joke be above a 2 ? It must have been written by 10 year olds.

Stupid stupid silly giggly dumb waste of time.


Likable characters, fun story-lines, gets better all the time !!
Of the two "fairytale" shows that exist now, Grimm has the more believable characters, better plots and has immense room to develop and grow.

Starting out with a detective as the Grimm was a great way to add drama and he and his girlfriend are really likable and interesting people (I swear there is something magic about his girlfriend we don't know yet). The wolfen friend was a great start to delving into the Grimm world. Now the wolfman has a girlfriend in the potion business and she is an awesome addition. What has been most enjoyable is there is a continuous unfolding of a complex and magical world where there is drama, mystery and surprise.

I don't like much prime time TV but Grimm is an immensely creative and well developing show. Its not Grimm its awesome ! My wife and I ARE HOOKED.

My only advice is to not limit yourselves to the brothers Grimm stories but feel free to add in new creatures and magic that his aunt had not yet found, like trolls. Tall and burly (not fat) men and women who live away from the cities who are much heavier than they look (they avoid stairs and elevators) who are immensely strong and hardy (like armored), move casually, laugh hard, eat weird things and avoid interaction with most people. Fingers and limbs are thick and often bearded (women too) Maybe we need a group of trolls to befriend our erstwhile heroes and sometimes help in their endeavors.


Different, less tech, best characters. I watch it over and over
First time I saw this movie I was surprised at how different it was from the first 2. I later bought it on sale and just cant stop watching it. The characters, their interaction, how they work together and how they settup for continued relationship with the outworlders just amazes me. I love the scene where the criminal jumps on the Predator "F-you space fa&&*t"

Sometimes something different is better. The first movie was exceptional in how different it was and the fun characters. The second movie went to one extreme of bloodiness and how outrageously brave and durable little humans could seem to be. This third movie become the other extreme of really knowing the characters. I love it. If we can see generations of Earth's best matchup against these predators and then maybe even join them against a common enemy later on ? This series hasn't even begin to be exhausted.

Really awesome movie by itself for the military minded AND a great intro to a whole new set of space alien genre films.

These movies get better and better and better. Awesome.

Sinners and Saints

Lethal Weapon on steroids
It has been a long time since I've seen a movie that has a gritty rough exterior with characters subtle enough to have something more in them going on behind the scenes. Mix that with very street realistic dialog and brutal amazing action leaves me wanting to watch it again as soon as it stopped. WOW. The Bad guy was flat hated believable as where his henchmen. BY the end you are so invested into the good guys, if anything bad happens to them would leave me pi@#%ed off !!

What seemed like a B movie from the outset quickly got into the pace of an originally flavored crime action flick with nice twists. A great cop movie/veteran movie/shoot em up and the politically incorrect ending was an unexpected bonus. VERY entertaining, I LOVED IT !!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Barely a shadow of the original
The original screen play with Michael Nyqvist and Noomi Rapace, even with subtitles was riveting throughout. I cannot recall any movie that I was unable to put down like I found the first movie to be.

This movie did endeavor to be different. Maybe it was closer to the book, I did not read it so I do not know. It had some great names in it and much larger budget but it was very unfortunately a typical mediocre Hollywood product. Neither controversial or memorable. A centrist effort to gain a predictable market return.

I give good credit to Daniel Craig and especially Rooney Mara. He gave a credible effort and Rooney clearly put her all into the role. Where this movie failed was the screen play (dialog) and directing. Rooney and Daniel were constricted by poor dialog and inconsistent personality development. A shallow and obvious presentation where the original movie was a subtle and complexly layered plot and character relationships.

The biggest absence was the development of the relationship between Lisbeth and Mikel. For half they movie they do not even meet. None of the interplay that introduced Lisbeth and Mikel in the original was even attempted in the remake. After a brief time together the both say "how they like working together" ?? What? How obvious and hollow. Mikel's daughter earlier blurts out that the codes are Leviticus passages. Lisbeth's superior brain looses the opportunity to figure this out. Lisbeth didn't even kill Martin in the end, we do not know if she would have. All the dumbing down of the key heroine and smoothing of the rough edges made the remake a sad and sorry shadow of the original.

The remake was not as much a Hollywood capitalist venture as much as it is a statement of how arrogant US film makers have become to remake a movie not two years old. DO ignore the glowing reviews that were conspicuously offered FIRST. They must have known they needed to stack the deck to make some money from this mess.

It wasn't as bad as I feared it may be, it was worse. I hope to never have to see it again, even by accident.

Gulliver's Travels

Much better than these reviews said, who thought it was an epic ??
These reviews are rather harsh and critical of a silly movie. I for one am NOT a Jack Black fan. KungFuPanda was great and hes been fair in some other things but most of his namesake movies bore me to tears.

This movie starts exactly as you'd expect, the same annoying BS artist nobody he plays over and over to ad-nauseum BUT later in the movie you get to see that annoying nothing evaporate and change into a reasonable person. It was refreshing for a change for the NICE Jack to win over the useless one in a meaningful way.

The effects are great, I mean really cool in some spots and good everywhere else. Casting was well done, the main actors really having fun in this movie. The screen play is a bit jumpy but not horribly so. Amanda Peet IS exactly what many reviewers thought, a wonderful charming and lovely addition to a decent cast. We have seen WAY too little of this actress.

Anyone who thought a Jack Black move was NOT going to have some slapstick should have stayed home, honestly. I think this was his best film (except kungfupanda) and the other actors had lots of fun too. I took my daughter to it on a date. We had a lovely time. You probably will too IF ... you don't expect Gone with the Wind.

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